Natural Immunity & The ‘Cohorts’

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Propaganda Collage

I’m going to share two seemingly unrelated posts. One from Natural News Telegram and the other from Elsa Schieder’s Substack page.

The Natural News Telegram post examines the medical journal Lancet on Natural Immunity being better than the mRNA Jab. In the past Lancet has been the go-to medical journal for the lying “follow-the-science” propagandists. Lancet has had to endure several science repudiations tarnishing its once heralded reputation. The Print examined Lancet credibility in 2020 looking at the HCQ lies. Annoyingly, Natural News on Telegram does not link to the Natural News website when great information is posted. It’s annoying for me for the lack of context sourcing leaving me to run searches. However on 2/17/23 The Defender touched on the Lancet Natural Immunity admission under the title, “‘Finally’ The Lancet Acknowledges Natural Immunity Superior to mRNA COVID Vaccines”. Also on the Natural News Telegram is information about the CDC admitting the Jab provides little immunity against COVID while a Natural News website post on the CDC and Natural Immunity is dated 2/3/23 under the title, “CDC finally admits natural immunity is SUPERIOR to vaccines”.

Elsa’s Substack might seem unrelated, but if you think about it she is questioning the gullibility level of people believe. Elsa’s title, “3 Cohorts. The PREDATOR Cohort. The MIND-CONTROLLED Cohort. The AWAKE Cohort. A BIG QUESTION: What choice do we have?

Whew! Now that is a long title, but it should tempt the reader to dwell on which “Cohort” they belong to. An interesting tidbit is the Elsa post includes the embed of the James O’Keefe tweet explaining his side from removed from Project Veritas (the non-profit he founded) MORE THAN LIKELY due to Pfizer pressure for being exposed as the wicked-greedy Big Pharma company that it is.  The tweet is essentially a 45-minute video. Gee, I wonder which “Cohort” the Project Veritas board of directors submits to?

The posts might seem unrelated, but in the context of brainwashing and disseminating bad science information to manage what people believe as safe is the key.

JRH 2/24/23

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Text from Telegram @NaturalNewsMedia. DATED: 2/23/23 11:00 AM

Immune System (Natural News Telegram photo)

The Lancet finally acknowledges that natural immunity is far superior to mRNA covid “vaccination”

A new study published in The Lancet confirms that natural immunity to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is far superior to the artificial “immunity” generated by the so-called “vaccines.”

The paper includes a systematic review and meta-analysis of 65 other studies conducted worldwide. All of them provide overwhelming support for what many scientists and doctors have been saying about natural infection versus synthetic injection.

According to the study’s funding, acquiring and recovering from covid naturally provides strong, lasting protection against severe health outcomes at a level “as high, if not higher” than the temporary-at-best protection conferred by the experimental shots.

“The Lancet is finally acknowledging what doctors and scientists have been gaslit for saying for years – that natural immunity provides superior protection to experimental vaccines,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

“Only the tsunami of propaganda and censorship from the pharma / government biosecurity cartel and the controlled media persuaded the public that Pfizer and Moderna were better at protecting the human immune system than God and evolution.”

CDC now admits covid jab “immunity” barely lasts at all before turning negative

Even when compared to the immunity allegedly provided by two doses of mRNA (messenger RNA) from either Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, natural immunity from infection lasts much longer and provides much better protection, the study found.

Natural immunity, the researchers found, was at least 88.9 percent effective against severe disease, hospitalization, and death for all covid “variants” 10 months after infection. It also provides 78.6 percent protection against reinfection for all variants except omicron BA.1, for which only 45.3 percent protection occurs.

Back in October, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) met to discuss data on so-called “vaccine-acquired immunity,” which the authorities have been touting all this time as preferable to natural immunity.

What the CDC found and discussed is that after two or even three injections of a covid shot, jab-induced immunity drops to zero after just six months before turning negative. Negative efficacy, just to clarify, means one’s immune system is worse off, and is basically now attacking itself like AIDS.

Even though all protection from reinfection wanes over time to some degree, jab-induced protection is the worst kind of protection in that it is not protection at all but rather a temporary bandage that destroys the immune system in the end.

Amazingly, the new study was funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Its authors include Dr. Christopher Murray, director of The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), which is also funded by billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates.

IHME, by the way, was “largely responsible for the notoriously exaggerated mortality calculations that overestimated COVID deaths by 20-fold at the COVID pandemic’s outset,” according to Kennedy.

The study comes as some authorities in some areas mull restricting people’s access to travel, venues, and even workplaces based on their jab status. If the jabs do not even work, then how can anyone require them as a condition of living (not that any form of compulsory medicine is legitimate, no matter how “effective” it supposedly is)?

“While framing this as an acknowledgment that natural immunity confers protection, what it is also doing is providing tacit agreement that government-imposed policies restricting travel are acceptable,” commented Dr. Meryl Nash, an internist and epidemiologist, about the findings.

“It furthermore provides tacit approval of vaccine passports.”

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3 Cohorts. The PREDATOR Cohort. The MIND-CONTROLLED Cohort. The AWAKE Cohort. A BIG QUESTION: What choice do we have?

By Elsa

February 23, 2023

Elsa – Thought Creativity Passion Life

A cohort – a group of people with a shared characteristic.


– ONE.
Lacking the capacity for empathy: the PREDATOR cohort (approx 6%) (See Political Ponerology regarding the percentage, and as for the name, see the Breggins’ The Global Predators);

– TWO. With the capacity for empathy and mind-controlled by the PREDATOR cohort: the MIND-CONTROLLED cohort;

– THREE. With the capacity for empathy and awake to what is going on: the AWAKE cohort, which can also be called the NORMAL cohort.

Note: some people call the MIND-CONTROLLED cohort, the “normies.” This is a poor choice of term, because it is inaccurate – meaning, false. These people are not normal. They believe a false narrative – in other words, a pseudo-reality. Due to their belief in a pseudo-reality – that is, a non-reality – they lack common sense which is a basis for morality. Instead they have a paramorality – an immorality. This is absolutely not normal. One could call them the ZOMBIE cohort, but that is both a bit derogatory, plus these people may be very awake outside the mind-controlled areas. So I’m staying with what, to the best of my awareness, is accurate. These people form the MIND-CONTROLLED cohort.

As the PREDATOR cohort makes up approximately 6% of the population, the AWAKE and the MIND-CONTROLLED together make up approximately 94%.

What percentage of the population is in the AWAKE and what percentage is in the MIND-CONTROLLED cohort? The guesses I’ve heard: anywhere from 10 to 35% of us are AWAKE. That makes the MIND-CONTROLLED cohort from 94-10= 84% to 94-35=59% of the population.


The PREDATOR Cohort. Here are characteristics, according to Political Ponerology. They lack empathy. They love power. They prey on everyone else. They manipulate, especially with so-called “narratives” – which are actually deliberate pseudo-realities meant to entrap us. The pseudo-realities connect to paramorality – anti-morality built on logical flaws and unreal pseudo-realities. The intended outcome: whatever they want, which definitely includes the deaths of millions (upon millions) of those outside their cohort, and likely millions of those within their cohort.

Clearly they can not, lacking empathy, choose to feel empathy, even if they should desire to.

What choices do they have?

And what choices do we have regarding them?

I will leave these questions for now.

What about the rest of us? What choices do we have?

As has often been noted, some of the MIND-CONTROLLED are basically unreachable. About 50%, I have heard various times. So it does not seem this 50% has any choice about whether to wake up.

As is also widely noted, many do wake up. More and more are waking up.

The other 50% – there seem to be enormous differences in the capacity to choose. I’ll leave that exploration for another time.

My big interest: the AWAKE. WHAT ARE OUR CHOICES?

The AWAKE cohort. We’re feel empathy and are awake to a considerable extent of what’s going on – the “narratives” (pseudo-realities), the paramorality (out with common sense and logic), the dangers and deaths happening all around, the entrapment of so many of the people around us, who have gone from everyday people to non-normals who have swallowed the toxic “narratives” and toxic injections – spellbound and often physically spell-damaged.

It’s not our choice.

We can’t choose to be part of the PREDATOR cohort if we have empathy.

Plus, we can’t choose to belong to the MIND-CONTROLLED, the NON-NORMALS who believe the pseudo-realities.

So. there we are. We’re at least somewhat awake, and are often waking up to more and more of what’s going on.



I’d say we have thousands of choices, many of them tiny – daily choices – what to hear, what to think about, how to reach out, what to do to protect ourselves as well as act as well as we can.

Many people are struggling to figure out what we can do, beyond personal awareness, beyond sharing what we know with like-minded people, and even beyond taking some steps for protection against looming food shortages and social breakdown.

I say: keep going further toward a true normal world, a world with common sense and caring, thinking, like-minded people.

I personally love what I call hero stories – people who keep choosing to do what they can. Here is James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas. I’d say, when I listen to him, I am hearing a hero speaking:

This is not everyone’s choice. But it does show what choosing, over and over, to be on the side of truth and justice, can lead someone to accomplish. As we know we will continue.

Anyway, I will leave to you to think, if you like, about your choices, our choices.

Below, a bit on my choices.



A question I keep asking. Given who I am (thinker, explorer, teacher, reacher, mentor, coach), what more can I contribute?

My choice has been to keep looking and writing and trying and building.

I’ve had a blog since 2006, does interview series, changed direction as I learned more, also kept going back to creative projects.

As some of you already know, there’s a project that has drawn me for a long time, that I’ve been developing, and that I have just recently brought into the world in a bigger way: AWAKE in a World Gone “Woke.”

AWAKE in a World Gone “Woke” is a group for people who are AWAKE.

It’s a combination support group, think tank, and lift-off platform.

Why create such a group?

One thing most of us lack is ongoing group connection.

Potential benefits? With ongoing group connection:

– We go further.
– We get more ideas – are nourished.
– We think of more we can do.
– We understand more.
– We may recognize more of where we’re stuck.
– And we have a home base from which to take action, evaluate, and take more action.
– In short, we’re way stronger.

Here’s a bit of, not math, but psychological reality. One plus one can equal much more than two. One match and one piece of paper, for instance, can be the start of a fire (that needs kindling, logs, etc.).

If being part of such a group feels right for you, here’s one option. Try it.


AWAKE in a World Gone ‘WOKE’

PS. By the way, for more on pseudo-reality and paramorality:

© 2023 Elsa Schieder

Pfizer-Google Coverup-Censorship of Project Veritas

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© January 28, 2023

You may or may not have heard by now that Project Veritas has caught a Pfizer employee  – Jordon Trishton Walker (documentation showing title: Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations) – that corrupt Pfizer has been mutating COVID purposefully (some call that illegal Gain of Function – Pfizer calls it Directed Evolution) to make useless mRNA Jabs as a cash cow.

You may have heard because the initial video exposé went viral. YOU MAY NOT have heard because Pfizer and Google has began a huge coverup/quash the information campaign. AND INDEED, Youtube has censored Project Veritas on this exposé.

Today’s cross posting shares are some video commentators relating to Pfizer and Jordon Trishton Walker perfidy and their attempted worming their way out of truth by coverups, lies and censorship – largely with the cooperation of Big Tech Google.

Today’s Shares:

AND HONORABLE MENTION Yet not cross posted:

JRH 1/28/23

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Posted by Banned Youtube Videosspecializedtom

First Published January 28th, 2023 04:04 UTC

James O’Keefe gives update on YouTube Removing Critical Mass #DirectedEvolution Video



Posted by 99Percent

First Published January 28th, 2023 08:33 UTC



Posted by SlantRight2

First Published January 28th, 2023 22:30 UTC

Since Youtube has unsurprisingly Censored Project Veritas exposing Pfizer purposely mutating COVID for gain, I thought it a good idea to upload the Project Veritas share of the Tucker Carlson segment reporting on the expose, Big Pharma coverup, Google coverup participation and so on. Original Youtube link (good as long as it’s not censored):



Posted by Coronavirus Plushie

First Published January 28th, 2023 11:16 UTC



Pfizer Responses to Veritas Expose

Once again, Babylon Bee knocks it out of the park. Never forget the power of humor when operating on Fifth generation warfare battlefield terrain.

By Robert W Malone MD, MS

January 28, 2023

Who Is Robert Malone

Just for the record-

An example of directed evolution with comparison to natural evolution. The inner cycle indicates the 3 stages of the directed evolution cycle with the natural process being mimicked in brackets. The outer circle demonstrates steps in a typical experiment. The red symbols indicate functional variants, the pale symbols indicate variants with reduced function. Source: Wikipedia, encyclopedia of the approved narrative.

Gene Library

Wow. What a whirlwind of a week. Still trying to catch my breath, never did make it over to my personal physician for an ECG and prescription to get my tachycardia under control. Delivered a talk/wake up/shock on the fifth gen warfare deployed on all of us over the last three years to 1,300 paying European attendees at a Stockholm conference exactly one week ago. Delayed getting back from Stockholm (via Frankfurt) due to Lufthansa’s ongoing slow decay and inability to adhere to their own flight schedules. Got Tuesday’s essay written on the plane, posted it from the airport on landing, and finally made it back to the farm by about 11:00 PM EST. Wednesday I drag my sorry rear end out of bed, get the obligate three cups downed and begin the day with an out-of-the-blue call from a mainstream New York investigative reporter (that you would recognize) seeking background information on what the heck is going on with the Florida Grand Jury investigations (which I know very little about – they are running a tight ship!). Of course I have to make a few calls to prepare for that before the 10:00 AM “on background only” discussion. Scheduled long format “Gray Matter” podcast recording at noon, requiring some background reading prior. And then, out of an otherwise cloudless blue sky, a lightning strike.

Project Veritas pings me, asks if I would review an embargoed video that they have prepared, and then allow them to record my reaction to the material via a Zoom call. The Zoom hit scheduled so tight that I can barely get through the embargoed material before we start. And boom. We launch the call and I am still reeling from what I have just viewed. Veritas uses a very tight, abrupt editing style, and they compress a half hour of my interaction/reaction with their reporters into a few moments of the most powerful comments. The investigative reporter who did the interview and captured the video is present but off screen. I am told he is a former Pfizer employee. I am told that the drop time for the resulting video product will be 8:00 PM EST, asked to participate in a Twitter Spaces discussion beginning at 9:00 PM EST, and asked to get other physicians to join. I push out alerts that Veritas has something big coming, and to watch for it, including a personal “heads up” text message to Tucker Carlson. Steve Kirsch calls trying to noodle whatever intel I will give him, but it is embargoed and I hold the line on that. The video drops early. The Twitter Spaces discussion goes big, north of 17,000 on-line live participants. Much ado over whether this is real or not. Among other things, another Pfizer whistleblower sends James O’Keefe a Pfizer org chart listing the young physician in question as having the role and title as advertised, and that gets posted in real time. The Twitter Spaces discussion keeps going after I have to drop off at 11:00 PM EST, my brain still being on European time.

Wake up, and overnight the feces have hit the oscillating ventilator. More coffee. Jill is inundated with interview scheduling requests. Then the ping from Fox News, and Tucker has asked me back on the “real” Fox broadcast. First real Fox hit since the dust up with Alex Berenson, after which I (immaturely) called up the producer and chewed her out. Bad decision. Bottom line, important to not screw this one up. A day of interviews following on the Veritas bombshell (during which I cannot reveal the plans for Tucker’s segment), together with back and forth with Fox – are we on or not? Is this a real employee or a dark arts intel set up?

Almost immediately after the first Veritas video dropped, we all got a masters class in the amazing power and capabilities to control narrative and information which Pfizer has assembled. Important to remember that it was already well known that there is a very tight relationship between Pfizer and Thompson-Reuters. In fact, revealing that clear conflict of interest was the thing that got me kicked off of Linked-In the first time. The UK-based Daily Mail, one of the largest daily publications in the world, puts out a story summarizing the Veritas video, and it is almost immediately deleted. A decentralized army of internet warriors quickly goes to work seeking any intel concerning Jordon Walker, M.D.. I receive screen shots which fully dox the young physician, including email addresses and phone numbers. Do I dox or do I not, that is the question. Decision = not.

Screen Capture Jordon Walker deleted LinkedIn Acct

People are hitting Google like crazy with queries regarding Jordon Walker, Pfizer and Veritas. As they did when I said “mass formation psychosis” on Rogan #1757, Google manually interferes with the searches, returning wishy washy “these results are changing rapidly” screens instead of actual links. So, now we have a pretty clear smoking gun involving collusion between Pfizer and Google to suppress the story. Then everything, anything, having to do with Jordon Walker, MD gets memory holed. Wiped from the internet, including the Wayback machine. And then the chaos agents, bots and trolls descend on all social media channels. Sowing doubt that Jordon Walker is even a real person. Floating paranoid conspiracy theories that this is all a big deep-fake set up of Veritas, O’Keefe and myself. Which of course get amplified by the usual actors. Now THAT is an example of Fifth Gen Warfare power! And by the way, I gently advise that readers who were aware of this as it was happening set a check-bit in their brains on the names of those chaos agents who actively promoted this false narrative. Some show the signs of true controlled opposition, and some appear to have been acting as pollinating bees. By their actions you will know them. My advice, if you were one of the bees, is to own up and clearly acknowledge the documentation demonstrating that this Pfizer nightmare is real.

The following day, as promised, Veritas drops another amazing video in which James O’Keefe confronts Jordon Walker in some New York city eatery, and Dr. Walker comes unglued for all the world to see (I think that is about the kindest description possible). Veritas provides more documentation that Walker is/was, as advertised, a senior Pfizer employee with global Director-level responsibilities relating to their mRNA vaccine portfolio.

Clearly Pfizer has decided that the best response at this point is no response. They have disabled comments on all of their websites and social media outlets (except for those that they are “following”). Pfizer has managed to block every single major corporate news outlet from covering the story (except Tucker, who has considerable content freedom by contract with Fox). Jill posts a warning basically stating that we should expect the Empire to Strike Back.

Friday, I work my way through five more long and short format hits, trying to add new information and insights as they drop, and go to bed early.

Which brings us to Friday night. Dogs wake me up at midnight, and I find that Pfizer legal has finally dropped a response at 8:00 PM EST Friday night. Again, classic textbook timing. Designed to bypass the Friday PM news cycle and more importantly to give Wall Street maximal time to digest the news before opening bell next Monday.

These guys are professional grade. To recap, they have shut Google searches down, memory holed/scrubbed the internet, deployed an army of bots, trolls and chaos agents to cause confusion and doubt on social media, and almost completely suppressed any coverage of the story by the many corporate media outlets that they have been pumping money into over the last three years. Payback time.

And in the face of all of this, still the social media chaos agents persist with their work, claiming that since they are unable to find the actual Pfizer document primary source which others have found and screen shot, this is all fake news. Are they paid and nefarious or just “dull” and incompetent? Hard to differentiate between those two options. But when all the vectors of their words and actions repeatedly point in the same direction, then it gets hard to make the case against nefarious intent. That said, their seeming incompetence and apparent dependency on Google providing the confirmation of their bias provides another practical fifth gen. warfare schooling lesson. For the rest of you, can you just bypass Google searching on this topic please? I use Brave, but there are many others. When trying to triangulate truth these days, it is often useful to employ multiple different search engines.

For the record, here is the link to Pfizer corporate with the legal statement. There. Can we please all just tell the chaos agents to go pound sand, hit “Block” for those accounts on Twitter, GETTR, GAB, Truth Social, Instagram etc. and move on now?

Fast forward to Saturday 28 January, we wake up, more coffee, and get to work writing today’s essay(s). Inquiring minds want to know!

While I have been composing the above stream of consciousness, Jill has been grabbing the best of the best from the responses that I had posted between midnight last night and 3:00 AM after becoming aware of the Friday 8:00 PM drop from Pfizer legal.

I will close this posting with the gems which she has mined, and then begin composing an analysis of the response from Pfizer’s legal team.

  • Yeah but it’s not Gain Of Function though is it… Ok, sure, through various means the virus ‘acquired’ new abilities that it didn’t have before, but it didn’t gain any functions… You see? It didn’t Gain, it acquired… and they were abilities, not Functions… sheesh.
  • This word salad is like renaming a child kidnapping and claiming it was an impromptu adoption. There’s nothing to see here.
  • It’s not a “door”. It’s a rectangular piece of wood, with hinges on one side and a knob on the other, mounted to an opening in the wall.
  • The best place to hide something is often in plain sight.
  • How is this okay? How do they get to do this and we have no recourse??
  • Isn’t this just a smarmy attempt by Pfizer to normalize everything as rare but necessary for their development process?
  • This is an amazing tweet. Every time I click on it the number of likes and Rats goes down. Free speech eh.
  • Your post showed up in my feed, but I couldn’t RT or like the post until I clicked on it and did so on its Tweet page. Just an FYI.
  • Authorized use by Emergency Act. Smokescreen put in place by our elected officials. Biden sold us out!!
  • Was this a joint effort between PR and marketing. It reads more like an advert for Paxvolid! Grifters gonna grift!
  • Unfortunately the narrative was always controlled by big tech & the legacy media, Now with Musk buying Twitter & implementing FREE speech along platforms like GETTR, TRUTH & GAB It’s getting harder & harder to censor the truth Without truth, humanity cannot survive
  • Yes, and if they were doing nothing wrong, why did they disappear (scrub) Dr. Jordan Trishton Walker from every reference to his connection to Pfizer from the entire internet? Actions speak louder than words.
  • Next press release: “We are doing Gain of Function Research and it’s a Good Thing”
  • They literally say they engineer viruses that don’t even exist outside of simulations.
  • If true; Maybe they can call it, “Predictive Immune Escape Research” No comment regarding the legality. It’s not up to me.
  • The way it is worded, this only denies directed evolution as a component of vaccine development, but leaves that research door open for ongoing research supporting Paxlovid.
  • Cognitive recombination technique? Creative tweaking? Genetic massaging? Function manipulation?
  • There is also no direct response suggesting that Mr Walker was lying…interesting.
  • I love how they just assume that everyone’s capable of producing antibodies equally. Those of us with Lyme disease know we are B cell (and Nk cell) immunosuppressed. All risk and no benefit for us to get the  . If they were really concerned about our health, they’d pay for an
  • Yeah they literally admitted to outsourcing the research that would be considered a grey area for pfizer to do themselves
  • Classic misdirection and flooding of unnecessary information
  • And what does it mean where they say “such virus is engineered… for activity… in the cells”?
  • So they just hire people that make up terms and lie? He just pulled that term right out of his ass.
  • Just the letter title headline tells me Pfizer is in full legal defense mode. That is a good thing.
  • Doesn’t look like they denied anything
  • Nuremberg trials and sentences for these modern day Mengeles and Goebbels Frankenstein medical tyrants experiment on other people’s bodies using coercion propaganda and force Justice is long overdue History is repeating itself

And the memes just keep coming…. Badda Boom.

Malone Meme JT Walker Oh Nooo

Directed Evolution Meme

See you on the other side of the fold…..

© 2023 Robert W Malone, MD



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First Published January 28th, 2023 17:40 UTC

Dr. Naomi Wolf Explains Pfizer’s Concerning Genocidal Nature Wreaking Havoc On The American People.

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