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There is a remarkable amount of tyranny being pushed in America and indeed across the entire world once labeled free because they were the victors of WWII defeating the Axis tyrants Nazi-Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy. Some of the fruit of that victory was the imparting of the Western concept of Freedom to the Axis losers.

Today the instruments of governing in nations tagged as Representative Democracies (some Republics and some Constitutional Monarchies) have used a combination deceptive legislation and Bureaucratic rules (not approved by Constitutional constituents) to reverse Freedom and Liberty into government despotic control of lives, thoughts and beliefs.

One act of tyranny being thrust upon people is the concept of 15-Minute Smart Cities. In essence YOU would be required to live/exist in a specified urban area in which YOU CANNOT travel in a walking/bicycle distance of more than fifteen minutes in any direction in the name of Climate Carbon Footprint Control. The tyranny is how this 15-minutes is enforced.

I was saddened but not surprised that Search Engines I used to gather information on 15-Minute City tyranny delivered a majority of information explaining how this tyranny was for the good of humanity and planet Earth. That included Search Engines that promote their privacy (as opposed marketing snoops Google or Bing) such as DuckDuckGo, StartPage, Swiss Cows for example. All the Search Engines bringing 15-Minute City favoritism to the top while seemingly burying or lowering 15-Minute City critics/criticism.

Below are some videos and commentary on the eradication of Freedom and Liberty accomplished in most instances that brainwashed constituents are unaware and accepting of what is happening to their existence.


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Bitchute VIDEO: Sinister Smart Cities

Posted by SlantRight2

First Published February 4th, 2023 16:43 UTC 

I found this video on Telegram but can’t remember which Channel. Glenn Beck & Jedediah Bila on they tyranny behind 15-minute only travel restrictions of Globalist Smart Cities.



Posted by SlantRight2

First Published February 5th, 2023 16:28 UTC

Chris Sky on Twitter video. Twitter link: https://twitter.com/chrissaccoccia1/status/1621967520419975170



Posted by BANNED.VIDEOInfowars

First Published December 31st, 2022 13:52 UTC




[Blog Editor: This article on TruthTalk.uk utilizes pro-Smart City videos in its criticism of the obvious tyranny to be imposed. It was posted on 1/7/23]

What is a smart city, let alone a 15 minute smart city and do you want to live in one?

DreamsTime City


January 7, 2023

Truth Talk

Who better to ask for a definition of what a smart city is than from the horse’s mouth, the WEF? Before you read it, notice that the article was originally published on the World Bank website who are a WEF member.

“What is a smart city? We’ve heard the term in contexts as diverse as urban planning and governance, transport, energy, the environment, health, and education. We’ve also noticed that the notion of smart cities relies on a range of technologies—including the internet of things (IoT), mobile solutions, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. Because of this connection with technology, we’ve had concerns about how smart cities will address issues such as data privacy and social exclusion. We see a risk that urban areas with poor web connectivity could be left out of the smart-cities trend. We’d like to continue an open dialogue on this trend.”

A smart city is basically a “Digital Gulag”. Let me explain. When you see the internet of things (IOT), data, AI and blockchain mentioned in 1 sentence it can be translated as surveillance, social credit scores and digital currencies, no matter how they dress it up. Basically a prison

How long has the concept of smart cities been around? In planning for decades but in actual fact the first mention of smart cities on the WEF site can be traced back to 2016 in an article called “4 ways smart cities will make our lives better”

The internet of things, smart phones and sensors are central to its success. In the article they also say “material and assets” will be tracked. What or who are these “material assets”? We (humans) are the “material assets” that will be tracked

“The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) will help this to become a reality. Sensors and smart phones will be able to trac materials and assets, letting people know when they are not being used, about to break, or where they are. This will unlock huge amounts of spare capacity in the system, creating new business models that will drastically change the way the city functions. The digital circular city would not only save resources but would change the citizen’s experience for the better.”

This has been planned globally for some time. In 2016 the WEF published a white paper called Reforms to Accelerate the Development of India’s Smart Cities.

2 years later in 2018 they posted the following image from their Twitter account. Notice the drones, electric transport, smart roads, rooftop wind turbines. It is all Agenda 2030 driven, with climate change and sustainability being key.

In 2020 the WEF and G20 entered an alliance called the Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA). The WEF say “Our Alliance is creating smart city governance” They have given the game away by using the word governance. What they actually mean is “control”

The 2 minute WEF video explaining the G20 GSCA is revealing. The key word that keeps popping up is data. They sell the concept of “protecting your data” when in fact it is the complete opposite. By having your data tracked everywhere you travel, everything you do can be tracked by your mobile phone. You can also expect 5G everywhere and facial recognition as standard in the smart cities of the future.

Youtube VIDEO: GSCA Intro (captioned)

[Posted by G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance

Posted on Nov 18, 2020


The WEF gave an example of a smart city in Toyota, Japan, in 2021. Naturally, they deleted the page. Here it is from the Wayback Machine. The 2 minute video gives a thorough explanation.

Youtube VIDEO: WEF: Japan baut eine futuristische Smart City/WEF: Japan is building a futuristic smart city

[Posted by Die NWO

Posted on Jan 4, 2023


Here is what you can expect. Self-driving cars and robots. 3 types of streets: one for pedestrians, one for bikes and scooters and one for self-driving automated vehicles. Shuttles will deliver goods and robots will be everywhere. Nothing dystopian about that at all.

Interestingly out of the 36 cities that are being used as test beds for smart cities the one that has caused the most ripples recently on social media is Oxford (which isn’t one of the 36).

The smart city concept has now morphed into 15-minute cities. What is a 15-minute city? Every city will be split into sectors. Within 15 minutes by bike or walking there will be shops, bars, gyms, GP practices, schools etc. You won’t need or be able to leave without permission.

This will also mean reducing carbon footprints as there will be less cars on the roads. Sounds pretty awesome? It also sounds like it would be very easy to lock people down. Where have we seen that before? Let’s rewind 2 years.

Think back to 2020/2021 where people spent their lives within 1 to 5 square miles of their home. Looking back and with what we know now, this was nothing to do with a pandemic or public health – it was psychological preparation for “15 minute cities”

Cameras will be filming number plates to ensure compliance. It is simply another name for lockdowns except this time they will be “climate lockdowns”. If you watched the Hunger Games, you will remember that everywhere was broken up into districts. This is the exact same.

Undoubtedly council members will have extra “passes”. Travel now while you can because it will only be a luxury for the wealthy in the near future. The founder of the term “smart cities” called “climate lockdowns” fake news. That’s when you know it’s true.

They are giving us The Hunger Games and telling us it’s healthy for us! Oxford is not the only “15 minute city”, but this is a pilot scheme with a planned national and international roll-out. Canterbury is also on the hit list in the UK.

Truth Talk: Climate restrictions & the rise of 15-minute cities: Is Canterbury a blueprint for your city?

Web Capture of Truth Talk Byline

Maynooth University (NUI) in Ireland is the brains behind Irish smart cities. They are working hand in hand with the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum. Isn’t it funny how their logo looks similar in shape to the UN Sustainable Development Goals?


Maynooth University (NUI) held a conference back in 2016 with a workshop entitled “Creating Smart Cities”. One of the slides was called Surveilling the “smart city”

In 2017 Jamie Cudden, Smart City Programme Manager at Dublin City Council gave a talk on 20+ Smart City Use Cases in 15 minutes (ironic title). The first slide is all about data.

Youtube VIDEO: 2017 Annual Conference – Jamie Cudden

[Posted by Idea

Posted on Jul 19, 2018


Here are just some of the 20 uses and the comments he made when presenting them.

  • Real Time Passenger Information where he says “opening that information out to the likes of Google and AI” Smart Bins “you can put sensors on the bins to count the amount of people in the area, you can also put wifi hotspots in the bin”
  • Smart Street Lights “what you can do with these in terms of connectivity, comms, sensors, cameras, there are huge opportunities” Smart Stadiums “using a stadium as a microcosm for a smart city” (I will come back to this later)
  • Smart Parking “we can put an optical sensor in parking bays and in street lights to scan up and down the road as well as using them for CO2 emissions” as well as “no need to use cash meters” EV charging and Car Sharing “great if you don’t want to own a car”
  • Car Pooling and Autonomous Vehicles “transforming how people use and share trips and how that feeds into the future of autonomous vehicles”
  • Bike sharing “transformed the whole idea of the sharing economy in cities” and “in Chinese cities it is a billion dollar industry where you can put a GPS chip and smart lock on the bike”
  • Have you seen enough yet? If you live in a city you will have seen many of these already operational. You may have thought they were all clever ideas before. But once we start connecting the dots, it all comes back to data and surveillance.

The same Jamie Cudden was the moderator of an event in 2022 called Sustainable Cities and Enabling Technologies. The keynote speech was given by Alice Charles, who is also a WEF member. Cristina Martinez, the other speaker is also a WEF Global Shaper.

Earlier I mentioned Smart Stadiums. In 2017 a talk was given about how they were being used as the testing ground for Smart cities. It was titled “Building Smart City Technology Into Smart Stadiums” in collaboration with Intel and Microsoft (WEF).

Youtube VIDEO: 2017 Annual Conference – Prof Noel O’Connor

[Posted by Idea

Posted on Jul 18, 2018


Croke Park has an 82k capacity. It is a test bed for the Internet of Things (IoT) which will then be rolled out to smart cities. One of the projects being tested was “crowd behaviour”. Sound sensors and cameras are everywhere feeding back data on where the crowd “are congregating and why they are congregating” as well as “spotting anti-social behaviour” (his words not mine). Facial recognition will be added as well. Sounds very big brotherish and intrusive. It could never be abused!!

Cities globally are following the agenda mapped out for them and Dublin is no different. A big shout out to @bigmacandwhys who directed me to the City Edge project based in West Dublin. Dublin Council is heavily involved.

Yet again they claim to be housing 75,000 people. Zero carbon and sustainability, however, are mythical concepts. It is also divided into 5 zones (remember Oxford). They even spell it out in their project vision which is based on the 15 minute principle

Sadly, the next generation are already being indoctrinated about smart cities. Jonathan Reichental, author of Smart Cities for Dummies wrote 2 books for kids called “Exploring Smart Cities” and “Exploring Cities” Bedtime Rhymes.

The brilliant Patrick Wood in Technocracy And Smart Cities sums it up best when he says “Traditional urban planners seek to build functional cities that work for people, whereas smart city planners build functional cities focused on controlling people”

When you hear “smart city” just replace it with “data, surveillance and control”. Smart villages are certainly in the pipeline. The reality is there is nothing intelligent about them whatsoever. They are just another spoke on the wheel of Agenda 2030 which people need to wake up to.

All Content Except Where Stated © TruthTalk.UK – All Rights Reserved


[Blog Editor: Changing the tone toward Medical Tyranny]


Posted by SlantRight2

First Published February 4th, 2023 22:42 UTC

By Doctor Doctor McHonk-Honk Telegram Channel (https://t.me/DrDrMcHonkHonk)

Clown & Monkey parody on UK Law aimed at silencing critics of Medical Tyranny. Could Chairman (Dementia) Joe Biden (of Coup Election 2020) or his puppeteers be preparing for America? My guess is yes!


Federal government is accused of using antiterrorism tech to target vaccine dissent

Using it against its own citizens.


By Ken Macon

February 2, 2023 10:23 am

Reclaim The Net

The US federal government is adopting military-grade AI that was used to crack down on ISIS to censor dissent by US citizens on issues like election fraud and vaccine hesitancy, according to the executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, Mike Benz.

Private firms and universities have received millions of dollars in grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), a federal agency, to develop tools similar to those developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Social Media in Strategic Communications (SMISC) program in 2011.

SMISC’s tools were used “to help identify misinformation or deception campaigns and counter them with truthful information,” in the Middle East. In a report, Mike Benz detailed how the NSF and other organizations are using this technology to censor the speech of Americans.

“One of the most disturbing aspects of the Convergence Accelerator Track F domestic censorship projects is how similar they are to military-grade social media network censorship and monitoring tools developed by the Pentagon for the counterinsurgency and counterterrorism contexts abroad,” reads the report.

Speaking to Just the News, he said: “DARPA’s been funding an AI network using the science of social media mapping dating back to at least 2011-2012, during the Arab Spring abroad and during the Occupy Wall Street movement here at home. They then bolstered it during the time of ISIS to identify homegrown ISIS threats in 2014-2015.”

According to Benz, the NSF has adopted DARPA’s technology to target two groups of Americans: those skeptical of recent election results and those who claim COVID-19 vaccines could be harmful.

“The terrifying thing is, as all of this played out, it was redirected inward during 2016 — domestic populism was treated as a foreign national security threat,” Benz said.

“What you’ve seen is a grafting on of these concepts of mis- and disinformation that were escalated to such high-intensity levels in the news over the past several years being converted into a tangible, formal government program to fund and accelerate the science of censorship,” he said.

“You had this project at the National Science Foundation called the Convergence Accelerator,” Benz recounted, “which was created by the Trump administration to tackle grand challenges like quantum technology. When the Biden administration came to power, they basically took this infrastructure for multidisciplinary science work to converge on a common science problem and took the problem of what people say on social media as being on the level of, say, quantum technology.

“And so they created a new track called the track F program … and it’s for ‘trust and authenticity’ but what that means is, and what it’s a code word for is, if trust in the government or trust in the media cannot be earned, it must be installed. And so they are funding artificial intelligence, censorship capacities, to censor people who distrust government or media.”

Benz noted how mainstream media and fact-checkers have become arbiters of truth, determining what is acceptable and unacceptable to post online, and how the pandemic has normalized “censorship in the name of public health.”

“What’s happened now is the government says, ‘Okay, we’ve established this normative foothold in it being okay to [censor political speech], now we’re going to supercharge you guys with all sorts of DARPA military grade censorship, weaponry, so that you can now take what you’ve achieved in the censorship space and scale it to the level of a U.S. counterinsurgency operation,’” Benz explained.

Reclaim The Net HOMEPAGE


Thailand to become first country in the world to declare its Pfizer contracts null and void

Thailand Beach

Natural News – Telegram [In my Saved Files]

February 3, 2023 5:12 PM

A Thai government spokesperson told Professor Sucharit Bhakdi this week that his country could soon become the first in the world to nullify and make void its contracts with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

According to Bhakdi, the spokesperson said, in reference to the company’s experimental covid “vaccines,” that “we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world to declare this contract (with Pfizer) null.”

We are told that the Royal Family in Thailand was directly impacted by Pfizer’s covid injections, which reportedly harmed the king’s daughter, Princess Bajrakitiyabha. Because of this, Thai authorities are working towards ending the country’s relationship with Pfizer.

Bhakdi says he met with top government advisors and explained to them how the entire premise behind the “vaccines” is built on a throne of lies. Pfizer fraud is the only thing backing the jabs as there is no safety data to show they work as claimed.

Upon hearing this, Thai government advisors were shocked and assured Bhakdi that they are making preparations to sever Pfizer’s contracts with the country.

Thailand seeks billions in retribution from Pfizer for fraudulent covid injections

In addition to ending the Pfizer contracts, the Thai government also plans to seek retribution to the tune of billions of dollars in payback from the company. That money will then go towards compensating all Thai people who “lost their existence” as a result of the Pfizer covid jab rollout.

“The discussion he cited having with the Thai government spokespeople, in conjunction with their advisors to the Thai Royal family, is significant,” writes Nicholas Creed for The Daily Bell.

“The monarchy is revered by Thais, to the point of being sacrosanct and beyond reproach; subject to strict Lèse-majesté laws being invoked when criticism is made of the Royal family.”

In short, the Royal Family of Thailand holds great sway and influence over affairs such as this. The Thai people trust its decisions and are sure to support this move to remove Pfizer from their nation.

It was reported back in December that Princess Bajrakitiyabha collapsed from a heart attack after getting jabbed by Pfizer. This is the basis upon which the Royal Family is now moving towards holding Pfizer accountable for its crimes against humanity.

“If anything was going to awaken the Thai people from indoctrinated slumber, incurring their wrath and outrage at the scale of how badly they have been duped – this would probably be it,” Creed says, noting that up until now the Thai people fell for the mass psychosis and “uniformed worship of the new normal ideology.”

“I want to wake up from this nightmare.”

In the comments, someone wrote that Pfizer not only bullied but also bribed government officials, many through blackmail, into buying and distributing Pfizer’s covid shots to their populations.

“Fraud vitiates everything,” this person added, noting that contract law, which is color of law, is chartered under Roman Canon law.

“Common law is superior to color of law. The Magna Carta is superior to Roman Canon law. The Constitution of the United States of America is supreme in America.”

Another wrote that Pfizer and its executives, including CEO Albert Bourla, need to have all of their assets seized, including those being held in banks around the world.

“Go out and arrest all Pfizer executives on your soil,” this person added. “These cockroaches have to be hiding in a country somewhere.”


Mess with the Thai Royal Family At Your Peril, Pfizer

By Clif High

February 4, 2022

The Wentworth Report

Thai princess injured by the vax:

It seems that the Thai Royal family had a Princess who was a good global citizen. She took three of the Pfizer shots. She went into a coma a while back.

Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand

The Thai Royal family is very distressed. Investigations were ordered.

The distress of the Royals was increased by the reports coming back from their investigators. It seems that Pfizer, apparently, did NO safety studies on this shot.

Shortly thereafter, Thailand cancels the covid contracts with Pfizer on the basis of fraud. …

Additional rumors:

[Two trusted Americans ex-pats who have long lived in Thailand] have revealed to me that several, different, sources, are reporting to them, that ‘something’, a really big ‘something’, is disturbing the Bangkok ‘underworld’. My guys have contact with it through a couple of martial arts dojos. Both are hearing the same rumors, ‘disturbance in the force’ kind of rumors.

The rumor to NOT listen to says that ‘assassins’ are being ‘recruited’ out of very deep holes in the martial arts world.

Me? I would NOT want to have this logo on my letterhead as an executive.

Pfizer Logo

Just rumors. Interesting if true. The corporate media is hardly going to say anything about any of this.

The Wentworth Report HOMEPAGE & ABOUT PAGE


‘State of Control’: The control society is increasingly becoming a reality

State of Control – The Exposé Photo


February 3, 2023

The Exposé

The Central Bank Digital Currency (“CBDC”) and the digital passport can make our lives easier and more efficient. But new international legislation shows that the purpose of these possibilities, has far-reaching implications for our privacy.

The covid “pandemic” opened the doors to a new era of increased surveillance and control. The era of biosecurity.  The “pandemic” may be over, but the agenda behind the unleashing of one or more deadly poisons and diseases and an even deadlier “cure” is not. The Great Reset is moving forward, and if the populations of Western countries do not wake up, the final part of the central control grid may snap into place – the rollout of digital identities and CBDCs.

“Tracked, traced, and databased….” Behind the QR codes and green passes that governments, businesses, and even churches introduced during the “pandemic” -requiring them as proof of health or vaccination status – an even vaster infrastructure is being built. Once fully implemented, this “digital gateway” will determine your identity, career, currency, liberty, and personal sovereignty.

Pitched to the public as convenient and safe, the machinery of a globally applicable digital ID and its data flows and data farming amounts to a lucrative “economics of total central control” working for the Globalists alone. The promised benefits of having all our personal identification, login, and digital interactions in one “digital wallet” may soon transform into a terrifying captivity under the rule of unelected central bankers.

Released on 25 November 2022, ‘State of Control’ is a timely and factual documentary with skillful cinematography, directed and researched by Benjamin Jonas van den Brink and produced by Max von Kreyfelt of Debunk Productions.

In this documentary international experts such as Edward Snowden, Arno Wellens, Catherine Austin Fitts express their serious concerns and criticisms. James Corbett and Lex Hoogduin give their vision on the arrival of the digital identity and CBDC. It compiles a range of facts and opinions, creating a shocking picture of the future of mankind. A crystal-clear narrative that can’t be ignored.

Youtube VIDEO: State of Control documentary (English version)

[Posted by Ewout van Mansom

Posted on Nov 26, 2022

“State of control”, the control society is increasingly becoming a reality.

What is the price of convenience?

The CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and the digital passport can make our lives easier and more efficient. But new international legislation shows that the purpose of these possibilities, has far-reaching implications for our privacy.

In this documentary international experts such as Edward Snowden, Arno Wellens, Catherine Austin Fitts express their serious concerns and criticisms. It compiles the range of facts and opinions, creating a shocking picture about the future of mankind. A crystal-clear narrative that can’t be ignored.


James Corbett

Bas Filippini

Ken van Ierlant

Lex Hoogduin

Cristian Theres

Brett Scott

Tijmen Wisman

Catherine Austin Fitts

Mahir Alkaya

Annie Machon

Co-Pierre Georg

Directed by Benjamin Jonas van den Brink

Executive producer Max von Kreyfelt

Research: José Bosman, Benjamin Jonas van den Brink

Narrated by: Andrew Piper

Camera: Maarten Langelo, Bram van Spengen, Juul Thielen

Sound Recording: Linne Beck

Camera assistent: Boudewijn Nederlof

Casing assistent: Shohreh Feshtali, Kathie Schene

Animations, Title design: Thijs Dikshoorn

Sound design, Audio mix: Philip Klees, Eddy Steeneken Grading: Eldert Sijmons

Translator: Edward Milhuisen

Web design: Martin Baars

Web development: Martin Koedoot Marketing: Angela Weghorst


If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it for free and support by making a donation at debunkproductions.com.

[Blog Editor: The “Debunk Productions” link above only goes to a Vimeo Trailer. Here is a Bitchute Version in case of Youtube Censorship: “STATE OF CONTROL DOCUMENTARY – DIGITAL ID & PASSPORT, CBDCS, TOTAL CONTROL”]



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