Black Water

From the Company that shall not be Named


John R. Houk

© June 20, 2020


I plug my wife’s coffee network marketing business with every post as a way to solicit support for this blog in a way that’s not just asking for a donation. If you have been involved in network marketing you know these kind of companies typically are jealous how their actual name is displayed with a member’s pitch to sell their product. Hence many an independent contractor/Sales Rep (Networking Marketing has various names for sellers who are essentially owners of a franchise that must follow the rules) will use an independent name that leads to their business site. In my wife’s case that name chosen is Skinny Optimum Coffee ( After clicking the link you redirected to her personal business site which due to the rules I do not mention on this blog format.


I say in jest – the company I dare not name, does have fantastic coffee that is healthy and help one lose weight. I’ve lost 89 lbs. without changing my diet. (Hmm… I wonder how much weight I would have lost on a healthy diet?)


Now I come to the purpose of this particular share. The coffee company I dare not name has several health products for wellness above coffee. You should click my wife’s Skinny Optimum Coffee link to check out some of that health and wellness.


Below is a 30 minute video sent to me by my wife promoting one of those products posted on Youtube by one of the movers and shakers in the coffee company (If you listen carefully a company name-drop occurs).


The video promotes a detox drop that is dripped into a glass of water. The drips turn your water to a kind of black looking strong ice tea but actually still just tastes like water. If you are looking for better health and you are one of persons that uses a detox, this video should pique your interest.


JRH 6/20/20

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VIDEO: Kevin Thomas on M.O.R.E Detox



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