Here is a Facebook post originating from a former Dem demonstrating how reality woke her up to the Dem agenda.


Ok, full disclosure: This is an obvious chain email. However I enjoyed reading so much I decided not to verify its authenticity. My guess is this has been passed around for some time and perhaps even updated to fit the times. This version is at least updated through Donald Trump’s election as President in 2016.


I doubt it is an exaggeration that 90% of the thoughts are accurate at least in spirit. If a Dem reads this, they should do a thorough self-examination. If you – a Dem – refuse to wake up to where your political party is taking you, you deserve the future of economic slavery to the government and the despotism of believing what you are told to think.


JRH 7/1/19

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Latinas for Trump photo


Shared by Lee Harper 

June 29 at 1:12 PM

Liberal Media Lies Protest Group


By Jackie Lisjuan

June 28 at 11:31 PM


I am a minority, I’m not a Democrat
I am a woman, I’m not a Democrat
I am Latina, I’m not a Democratic
I was born in New York,
I’m not a Democrat
I was raised without a father,
I’m not a Democrat
I have lived most of my life paycheck to paycheck,
I’m not a Democrat
I am a Christian,
I’m not a Democrat
I come from an all-female household,
I am not a Democrat
I believe in equality for all,
I am not a Democrat.


But I was……


I voted for Bill Clinton, I voted for Al Gore, I voted for Obama twice. I didn’t know any better.


I wasn’t paying attention. I did what my family did, voted uninformed.


But then in the whole messy and nasty deal between Hillary and Trump, I started paying attention, and realized the direction our country had been going.


Deleting, not emails, but evidence. Lying about our dead soldiers in Benghazi, allowing the death of babies in the most sacred and safe place they could be: i.e. their mother’s womb. The huge growth on Latinos in census 2010, which wasn’t expected till 2050 and we are only used when our vote is needed.


Obama promoting little boys to go in little girls bathrooms in school was the final straw. We had been turning our backs on Israel, when we are supposed to bless them. Instead we were paying the Muslim brotherhood.


Welfare recipients increasing, companies leaving the country, increasing number of homeless veterans, immigration laws need to be revamped, health insurance forced on us, police are no longer respected or valued, jails are over-crowded particularly with minorities, high school dropout rates continue to increase among Blacks and Hispanics, crime is increasing, especially in cities and states where the government officials don’t back the police or give them the tools they need in these violent times. Lawsuits raining from the sky, and people getting offended over stupid things.


We used to be strong, we used to be respected, we used to be the place everyone wanted to be. Nobody wanted to mess with us.


But we became weak, soft, scared, politically correct, pussified.


Sadly Obama’s 8 years didn’t bring change for the good. it bought more lies, deceit, cover ups, division, and so on. NOT the “change” I was hoping.


I don’t need to bad mouth Obama, or Hillary or anyone who prefers them. I simply don’t agree with their views. So when Trump came along, I wasn’t impressed. I thought he talked too much, and talked before thinking. He was careless with his words, and he had that IDGAF attitude, which made him NOT the candidate I desired.


But after much prayer, and much thought, I realized: You know what? He IS exactly what we need in these times. We need a firm hand, a hardworking man, someone who doesn’t back down, someone who is a smart ass and will talk back and fire back, someone who brushes off his shoulders and keeps it moving.


I know I have a voice. I realized my vote does matter. I make a difference. And I am brave to tell my own Democratic friends and family. I don’t agree with some of the things they believe in, but I love them the same. I don’t have an us against them mentality, and I am wise enough to know that we can agree to disagree and get along civilly.


Yeah, I lost and continue to lose so called friends because I am woke, and I am making the best decision I can make, uninfluenced by my family but because I know what’s right.


I work hard, I don’t want nothing for free. I earn my keep and I am teaching my kids to do the same.


Don’t depend on welfare, housing assistance, unemployment, or anything free unless you have no other choice because of certain circumstances and there is no other way. This way you don’t owe anybody anything.


I’m not easily offended but it did bother me that Hillary and Michelle thought that just because I am a woman I should vote for a female. I don’t need to vote for someone who looks like me.


I want to vote for someone who represents what is important to me, female, Male, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc., doesn’t matter.


We need somebody who isn’t scared to step on people’s toes, someone who isn’t perfect and doesn’t claim to be. I am not deplorable, sexist, homophobe, racist, or any names they’ve called us. The USA is my home. Why wouldn’t I want it to be great?


My advice to Democrats? Don’t lose the message because of the messenger. Get past your hate for Trump, and open your eyes to the bigger picture. I voted Republican in 2016, and I will again.
* And don’t get me started on my second Amendment rights!

God bless you all, and God bless the USA.



Edited by John R. Houk


Probable Chain Email


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