Stand Up to Militant Atheists in Public Society

In Atheists We Distrust

John R. Houk

© January 2012


Here is an irony about atheism: Atheists are self-deluded polytheists. Say what? That is probably the question of the religious person and atheist alike. Here is my reasoning of which I am totally aware will rile the atheists.


Dogmatic or militant atheists have a belief system. The human species is supreme. Science is the supreme foundation for asking the questions of life. Thus the deities of atheism are the human-self and science.


In denying the existence of God, the atheist is saying wittingly or unwittingly that he is his own god. Since the atheist is his own god only those that have authority over him have nominal control of their life (e.g. employer/management; an executive of local, State or Federal government – i.e. in the USA; the police or whatever socio-political allegiance that is chosen). Science is a deity because science is the knowledge fount for human understanding. That which science cannot measure brings into question the existence of whatever is unmeasurable. Questioning the existence of the unmeasurable is somewhat ludicrous because science utilizes mathematical theory to theorize the unmeasurable all the time and/or to develop some brilliant instrumentation the measure something that is discovered to exist.


My point is dogmatic/militant atheism has a stringent belief system that can easily be quantified as a set of religious values that denies the existence of a supernatural existence which for Christians would be God Almighty that is all and in all.


Most atheists tend to be Leftists (although remarkably I am aware of the existence of Conservative atheists). Hence Leftists are really big on the belief that Separation of Church and State is embedded in the U.S. Constitution in the sense of religious Liberty for all as well as religion cannot have influence or contact with local, State and Federal government. Frankly this interpretation of the Constitution is nowhere within the Document. Indeed, the First Amendment excludes government from establishing a State Church on the Federal level but DOES NOT exclude religion from being active in government. Because of religious Freedom all manner of “religion” then would be permitted to be active in the government apparatus such as prayer, worship on public land and influence in government.


Although I don’t have a problem personally with all manner of religions influencing government, the reality is the Founding Fathers had Christianity in mind when the word “religion” was used in the First Amendment. It is obvious from the writings of the Founding Fathers – whether they were Deists or not – that they considered Christian culture and Biblical values as the foundation for the rule of law in America.


It was not until the mid-1900s did the concept of keeping religion out of government began to be considered a Constitutional issue when Original Intent began to be ignored bowing to the Left Wing/atheist demand to keep Christianity out of anything to do with taxpayer money. You have to know that national mottos such as “In God we Trust” or “One nation under God” must drive Leftists and atheists nuts even the terminology is congruent to the Original Intent of the Founding Fathers, right?


This Leftist/atheist rage can be seen because some of them took their level of hatred for Christianity over a Billy Grahame Evangelistic Association meeting held at the Ft Bragg Army Base in North Carolina, The Evangelistic Meeting was not even held on the Base. YET atheists came out of the woodwork like cockroaches yearning to defile culture to protest the Gospel Message being made available to the Army soldiers if they so chose to attend. Note the key word “chose”. There was no coercion by the Army for the soldiers to show up. Atheists are claiming that soldiers were indeed forced to attend because of an Army Survey entitled Global Assessment Tool / Soldier Fitness Tracker. Atheists are up in arms of the portion of the survey called the Spiritual Fitness section. Somehow the existence of this mandatory survey meant that soldiers had to attend the Graham event at for Fort Bragg. Frankly that is pure propaganda. Attendance was voluntary and open to civilians. If the “Spiritual” section was a pass/fail survey, then I have to agree with the atheists. The First Amendment makes a pass/fail survey appear a bit dubious. On the other hand if the “Spiritual” section was a data collection tool, then I see nothing wrong with it.


The angry atheists decided to respond to a Gospel event by organizing an atheist-secular event. I don’t have a problem with that. No really I don’t! This is America and atheists wish equal time with Christians, I believe the First Amendment guarantees the equal representation. Much to the annoyance of atheists that freedom is as much religious Freedom as it is Free Speech. As I have said already, atheism is a religion without a god or supernatural theology.


I do have a problem that the planned atheist protest at Fort Bragg called Rock Beyond Belief is not there to proselytize atheism. The Rock Beyond Belief event’s purpose is turning out to be a bash Christianity event more than to evoke the praises of living an atheistic life. The atheist event’s about page states this:


Rock Beyond Belief is an ambitious project that will be putting on a free festival consisting of secular speakers and musicians, both big name and small. We are a small grass-roots outfit, but we have the backing of many major secular and military foundations. Currently we are focusing on a large-scale event that will be on the main post parade field on Fort Bragg. Eventually Rock Beyond Belief wants to spread the message to many other military installations.


We are not interested in just being a counter-event to the offensive Rock the Fort concert. We are also not interested in putting on an anti-christian, anti-religious, or anti-anything event. Rock Beyond Belief is A Day of Fun and Entertainment for the Rest of Us. (There is more pro-atheist information on the page)


The so-called entertainment includes a secular group that utilizes vulgar language in their lyrics aimed at crapping on the Christian faith. The group is called Aiden. Here is an example of Aiden lyrics aimed at Christianity I found at God and Country:


Christ died for sh–, and was a f—ing c–t

F— your God
F— your faith in the end
There’s no religion



Love how they burn your synagogues
Love how they torch your holy books

Faith whether Christian, Muslim, Jew
Still you all distort the truth
The death of fiction will save us all


Compare these lyrics to atheist event’s about page above: “We are also not interested in putting on an anti-christian, anti-religious, or anti-anything event.” You can watch the offensive anti-Christian Hysteria performed by Aiden HERE. God have mercy on the group’s soul and may God forgive them and transform them into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.



Rock Beyond Belief is an example of what militant atheism is all about today. It is time to confront militant atheism with Militant Christianity. Militant Christianity is showing no fear in public or work about your faith. Militant Christianity is a willingness to share the Good News of Christianity even if atheists ridicule you. Militant Christianity is praying for those who despitefully use you and persecute you – like atheists. Militant Christianity is using the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God effectively – so read it and know it.


Many atheists think they know God’s Word from the Bible; however their understanding is dulled by disbelief. An atheist’s dull understanding is somewhat like the devil telling Adam and Eve that eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil will make you God, when the truth was obey God and continue in the Blessings and the Glory of God. So don’t be disheartened by crafty atheist. Stick to your faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God being fully God and fully Human and ONE with the Father and Holy Spirit in entity. This drives atheists nuts.


JRH 1/31/12

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

7 thoughts on “Stand Up to Militant Atheists in Public Society”

  1. This doesn’t make atheists angry, it makes us laugh. It makes us laugh because, frankly, you are misrepresenting atheism. How silly would I be if I claimed that your particular brand of Christianity is all about a wicked ritual which includes cannibalism and drinking blood of other men? That’s how silly your post sounds.
    Oh, and the Constitution forbids using government funds (taxpayers’ money, that is) to promote or discriminate on the basis of any belief system. It does not forbid religion to influence the government, nor should it. What I mean by that is the following: the government doesn’t have the right to forbid abortion because it says so in the New Testament (hint: it doesn’t.). That would be discriminatory against every other religion and some Christians too. It has the right to forbid abortion because it considers embryos entitled to protection. In this case, religions can solicit the cause. It isn’t based on their beliefs, but it suits them nevertheless.
    You are right when saying that the Founding Fathers considered Christianity when creating the first amendment. That is because they didn’t want to have a war like those in Europe over whose interpretation of the Bible is correct.
    I’m curious if you could substantiate: “[The founding fathers] considered Christian culture and Biblical values as the foundation for the rule of law in America.” I’ve read much about them, yet I recall nothing that would support that. Must be faulty memory. 🙂


  2. You are too funny. First, you lump all atheists in the same group. Not all atheists “deny the existence of God”. Many, like myself, find no evidence for any existence of any God or other deity so we choose not to believe without evidence.

    We definately do not believe science is a deity of any right nor do we believe ourselves to be Gods. Actually, isn’t it Mormons that believe they will one day be Gods? We believe in the natural world and that that can be tested and verified. Nothing more, nothing less. That does not in any way elevate science to a level of Godhood.

    Even the Pope has spoken out on the support of science. I suppose you are calling him an atheist as well?

    Just like when Thomas Jefferson modified his Bible to remove most mentions of miracles that go against the natural world, we see nothing in the supernatural that can be tested, verified, re-tested and re-verified.

    There is just as much evidence that Santa Claus exists as there is God exists. Do you believe in Santa Claus? If not..why? Because its silly?

    The Aiden video was about how religions attack each other. Not about atheists attacking any religion. If you read history, it is full of one religion trying to eradicate another religion because their God is better than the other ones’ God. Aiden is also not performing any song like the one in the video at the event. It is a family friendly event.


    1. If one doubts the existences of God they are an agnostic. A certainty there is no God is atheism. Thus all atheists do not believe in the existence of God. Duh, an atheist would not believe science is a God; nonetheless devotion to science above all else is a form of worship; ergo science is the god of atheists. The Pope is not devoted to science but approves of science. When a devotee of science claims science cannot prove the existence of God, the Pope would not agree with that science. Roman Catholicism and many Protests believe in a mixture of Faith and Reason (science). In matters of God Faith trumps Reason. Santa Claus and the North Pole is a man made myth from an actual Christian person. That person is St. Nicholas that lived in present day Turkey before the Muslims slaughtered the devout Christians and converted the Christians that feared death more than their faith in God. The Aiden video is anti-religion inclusive; however the actual video symbolism is attacking Christianity. You have to keep in mind that wars have been fought in the name of Christianity; however those wars are absolutely contrary to Christian Scripture. Islam on the other hand has violence and war encoded in their holy writings of the Quran, Hadith and Sira.


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