Totalitarian China Bio-war Begins on Own People

Communists Lie to Protect Selves


John R. Houk

© March 19, 2020


If you are an American that truly believes our Founding Fathers established a Republic (NOT a democracy) to ensure a limited government involvement in American lives while hoping to uphold God-given Rights on Individual Liberty with the U.S. Constitution framework; THEN you must become aware Leftists lie. Marxist reincarnations of various forms of Socialism are Leftist entities. FURTHERMORE today’s Dem Party is fairly sold out for Marxist/Socialist ideas. ERGO Dems lie.


Don’t trust Dems for their agenda is a Marxist/Socialist transformation which ultimately terminates American Liberty.


Communist China is a Marxist totalitarian government which evidently has decided to transform from an Asian regional power into a global power. THAT MEANS Chinese Communism as was the case with former Soviet Communism, seeks to terminate U.S. influence on Individual Liberty.


AGAIN, what do Marxists do? Marxists LIE!


The U.S. government is now in the throws of Dem-Marxist transformationism which makes me suspect the Dems could care less about Chinese Communist global domination.


So then … that brings me to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.


If you dare to recall, you should remember China’s deception on the pandemic was to first coverup the virus’s deadly existence within Chinese borders. After the virus began to be too explosive and cross China’s borders, China began to blame the Chinese Wet Markets in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province.


Lost on the free public is that the Chinese Communist Party operated a bio-research lab in Wuhan. Given China’s recent militarist expansionism and expansion into global markets, one doesn’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to make a logical guess that bio-weaponry was a part of the lab research.


Even if it the bio-research lab in Wuhan actually existed to research and develop vaccines for the world’s deadly biological diseases, it is also is not a great leap to consider a bio-accident occurred in Wuhan that has exploded into a global pandemic.


The idea it was a bio-weapon screw-up comes from how quickly the Chinese government went from blaming the Wuhan Wet Market to blaming the U.S. Military of unleashing COVID-19 selectively in Wuhan China to -GASP- bring down the Communist totalitarian society.


For the Chinese government to concoct such a revamped story leads me to suspect the USA (and probably other Western nations) were conducting their own bio-weapon research and like a whining sibling getting their hand caught in the cookie jar, was setting the stage for mutual blame. Mutual blame in this case for a global pandemic.


A respected scientist currently being blackballed by governments and the Mainstream Media (MSM) for stepping on too many toes embarrassing governments relating to bioweapon research, suspects the Coronavirus was a bioweapon research screw-up in Wuhan. That scientist is Francis Boyle.


Boyle divulged his suspicions in a video currently banned on Youtube. You can read the transcript to the banned Youtube video at Natural News. Amazingly Youtube has allowed a Boyle/Spiro Skouras interview which Boyle touches on some of the info in the banned video (The Boyle/Skouras interview is cross posted on my blog HERE).


To make a long story short, Boyle believes labs in North Carolina, Winnipeg Canada and Australia were compromised by Chinese espionage. Labs that Boyle asserts were probably doing bioweapon research themselves. Then CHINA in the process of developing that stolen bio-info, screwed up themselves and unleashed the bioweapon on their own Chinese population in Wuhan … by accident.


My guess is some Communist propagandist came up with the “Blame America” plan to exact plausible deniability by placing Western Nations in the mutual guilt cookie jar of bioweapon research. Which – DUH – is internationally illegal.


I have mentioned that Natural News has the full transcript of the banned Youtube video. If you choose to watch that video, Natural News has used the Brighteon video format for you to watch. I can embed that 47 minute video on my SlantRight 2.0 blog but I don’t think my WordPress blog will allow a Brighteon embed. If that rings true, I’ll place the direct Brighteon video link.


My guess is the reason Youtube might have banned the video is because it is actually a Boyle/Alex Jones interview. Most media outlets regard Jones as too radioactive as a Conspiracy Theorist to be credible which is too bad since Francis Boyle has a storied pedigree as an anti-bioweapon advocate. Indeed, Boyle’s anti-bioweapon advocacy is so disdained he is blackballed by the government and MSM. Also I find it a bit unfortunate that Boyle’s advocacy often places him on the plain where he might sell out his nation to expose nefarious government/military actions. For me there is a fine line between exposing bad government decisions and potential treason. Typically it is only the annals of history where good whistleblowing versus treason will be judged.


The 47 minute Brighteon video:


SMOKING GUN: China Bought Weaponized Wuhan Virus From U.S.


Posted by InfoWars – Alex Jones Channel

Published a month ago (today’s date 3/19/20)


The point for me regardless of the original Chinese Wuhan Wet Market account or if Boyle’s bioweapon screw-up version is correct, COMMUNIST CHINA IS RESPONSIBLE!


It irks me in a terrible fashion that the Communist liars are blaming America for the Chinese pandemic screw-up whether it was idiotic cultural Wet Market practices or a bio lab mishap.


Instead of being concerned for being blamed for yet another virus originating within China, there should have been more concern for their own people as well as the people of the world and got some American know-how to stave the spread of a global pandemic virus.


I have loads of posts for you to look at bibliography-style. But are some abbreviated posts that I find significant:


Chinese researcher escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP investigation; By Karen Pauls;; 7/14/19 3:50 PM CT


A researcher with ties to China was recently escorted out of the National Microbiology Lab (NML) in Winnipeg amid an RCMP investigation into what’s being described as a possible “policy breach.”


Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband Keding Cheng and an unknown number of her students from China were removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab on July 5, CBC News has learned.


A Level 4 virology facility is a lab equipped to work with the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases. That makes the Arlington Street lab one of only a handful in North America capable of handling pathogens requiring the highest level of containment, such as Ebola.



Affiliated with Chinese university


Qiu is a medical doctor from Tianjin, China, who came to Canada for graduate studies in 1996. She is still affiliated with the university there and has brought in many students over the years to help with her work.


Currently head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies section in the Special Pathogens Program at the lab, Qiu’s primary field is immunology. Her research focuses on vaccine development, post-exposure therapeutics and rapid diagnostics of viruses like Ebola.



Cheng also works at the lab as a biologist. He has published research papers on HIV infections, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), E. coli infections and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome. READ ENTIRETY


Canadian Scientist At Center Of Chinese Bio-Espionage Probe Found Dead In Africa? By Tyler Durden; ZeroHedge; 2/8/20 12:33



As detailed earlier, in a very strange turn of events, renowned scientist Frank Plummer who received Saudi SARS Coronavirus sample and was working on Coronavirus (HIV) vaccine in the Winnipeg based Canadian lab from where the virus was smuggled by Chinese Biowarfare agents and weaponized as revealed in GreatGameIndia investigation, has died in mysterious conditions.


Frank Plummer was the key to the Chinese Biological Espionage case at Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Laboratory.



According to CBC, Plummer, 67, was in Kenya, where he was a keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the University of Nairobi’s collaborative centre for research and training in HIV/AIDS/STIs.


Dr. Larry Gelmon, who helped set up that meeting, said Plummer collapsed and was taken to hospital in Nairobi, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.


No confirmed cause of death has yet been released.


Plummer was born and raised in Winnipeg, where he headed up Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory for several years. READ ENTIRETY



Pandemic Espionage; By John Ligato; People’s Pundit Daily; 2/27/20 1:29 PM



Here are recent facts concerning China’s interest in biological research:


In December of 2019, China reported a mysterious pneumonia later dubbed the coronavirus. Information indicates that the virus was effected weeks or months earlier.


One month later on January 28, 2020, the FBI announced the arrest of three individuals in separate cases with ties to China’s government.


  1. Harvard professor Dr. Charles Lieber, the chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, lied to federal investigators about being on China’s payroll to develop a chemical and biological research lab. Leiber received secret monthly payments of millions of dollars and set up his laboratory at the Wuhan University of Technology. Wuhan China is ground zero for the coronavirus (COVID-19).


  1. Chinese national, Zaosong Zhengwas arrested on Dec. 10, 2019, at Boston’s Logan International Airport. He was charged with attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research to China. He has been detained since December 30, 2019.


  1. Lieutenant Yanqinq Ye, of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China was posing as a student at Boston University. The FBI alleges that Ye sent U.S. documents and information to China while conducting research at BU’s Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering.



“China’s attempts to steal trade secrets: China’s goal, simply put, is to replace the United States as the world’s leading superpower, and they’re breaking the law to get there.” READ ENTIRETY


China’s Real Disease: Not Coronavirus; By Gordon G. Chang; Gatestone Institute; 3/17/20 5:00 am


Last July, five American analysts who have been consistently wrong told us “China is not an enemy.”


Actually, this time they were technically right. China’s communism is not an enemy. It is the enemy.


After the coronavirus pandemic subsides, Americans should not forget Beijing’s malicious campaign against their country.


For more than a month, the central government’s foreign ministry and the Communist Party’s Global Times have been trying to tar the Trump administration. The campaign culminated in a series of tweets from rising Beijing star Zhao Lijian, foreign ministry spokesman and deputy director general of the ministry’s Information Department.



Actually, it is worse if Chinese officials in fact knew where the coronavirus originated. In this case, these officials, by going out of their way to blame the U.S., were demonstrating once again the inherent hostility of their system to America.


Unfortunately, Beijing cannot be deterred. The U.S. State Department on March 13 summoned Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai to protest the foreign ministry’s disinformation campaign. Despite the warning, the Chinese ambassador to South Africa, Lin Songtian, on March 16 continued to promote the coronavirus-not-originated-in-China theory, with a tweet.


From here, it looks as if relations are only going to deteriorate. For one thing, Beijing’s official Xinhua News Agency has been threatening to cut off “medical supplies,” “plunging” America into a “mighty sea of coronavirus.”



Of course, war does not inevitably result when countries “delink,” “decouple,” or “disengage” their economies. Yet China and the U.S. are also moving apart as Americans become wary of an increasingly belligerent Chinese state, one that already has demonstrated that it has, for instance, little reluctance to injure Americans.


China, as we now know, allowed the coronavirus to spread for six weeks in December and January before Xi publicly acknowledged the disease. So, it is no surprise that Americans — and the Chinese people, who are now demanding fundamental political change — realize that the real disease is communism.


Coronavirus proves that for America and the Free World, China’s communism is the enemy — the one that really counts. READ ENTIRETY


China Lied And People Died: Chinese Scientists Destroyed Wuhan Coronavirus Evidence in December; By Matt Vespa; Townhall; 3/18/20 2:30 PM


The Chinese are to blame for this Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Their containment methods were laughable, their officials refused to inform the public, and people died. They allowed Wuhan to celebrate Chinese New Year, exposing potentially tens of thousands to the disease. Some five million left the city before they enacted a quarantine. And now we’re hearing that they knew about human transmissions. …



And now, there are reports that Chinese scientists destroyed evidence about the virus back in December (via The Times UK):


Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news, a Chinese media outlet has revealed.


A regional health official in Wuhan, centre of the outbreak, demanded the destruction of the lab samples that established the cause of unexplained viral pneumonia on January 1. China did not acknowledge there was human-to-human transmission until more than three weeks later.


The detailed revelations by Caixin Global, a respected independent publication, provide the clearest evidence yet of the scale of the cover-up in the crucial early weeks when the opportunity was lost to control the outbreak. Censors have been rapidly deleting the report from the Chinese internet.



The Chinese knew. They tried to arrogantly suffocate this news with a pillow. They kept medical staff in the dark. They strong-armed doctors who tried to save lives and do the right thing. Like all authoritarian governments, disasters of this scale cannot be allowed to happen. Look how long it took the Soviets to realize that Chernobyl was, uh, a HUGE problem. The same applies here. China didn’t want to look weak, powerless, and ineffective in a massive public health situation. They thought if they ignored it, it would go away. It didn’t. And now they’ve unleashed this mess onto the world. It was them.


It’s all their fault, those pathetic communist morons. But what to do about it needs to wait. We have to get a handle of this thing because the market can’t keep taking 6-10 percent hits every day. READ ENTIRETY


JRH 3/19/20

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Bibliography of Coronavirus/COVID-19 to examine:


Chinese Researcher Accused of Trying to Smuggle Biological Material Out of US; By Eva Fu; The Epoch Times; 12/23/19 Updated: 12/25/19


Did China Steal Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponize It? Posted by Tyler Durden – Submitted by Great Game India; ZeroHedge; 1/26/20 10:11


India To Probe Wuhan Institute Of Virology; Dr. Francis Boyle – Coronavirus is a Bio Weapon [VIDEO]; By Pam Barker; Europe Reloaded; 2/4/20


China-Based Bio-Weapon? Expert and Legal Scholar Suspect Coronavirus Maybe a WMD; By James Kouri;; 2/6/20


‘Immoral and Irresponsible’: China Blames US Military for Coronavirus; By Fred Lucas; The Daily Signal; 3/13/20


The Wuhan Virus Escaped from a Chinese Lab; By Daniel John Sobieski; American Thinker; 3/14/20


China Accuses U.S. Army Lab of Manufacturing the Coronavirus; By John Hayward; Breitbart; 3/16/20


Conspiracy Theories in a Time of Virus; By Daniel Pipes; (Originally Washington Times); 3/17/20


Taiwan, China and the Coronavirus; By Don Feder;; 3/17/20


China’s Disinformation Campaign to Cover Up Coronavirus Failures; By Thomas Gallatin; The Patriot Post; 3/18/20


Yurki1000 Conspiracy Comments

Caution NWO ahead

Yurki1000 added Conspiracy Theory thoughts that are actually quite common in that writing genre. I do not condemn nor necessarily agree with some of these Conspiracies which is why I post them. The thing is there is always an element of possibility that should make all people wary of the world’s power elites – whether in government or the private sector – that indeed pull strings that are an influence in our lives. And I am a firm believer that those strings only benefit we common folk as a side issue to the power elites who have an agenda that is hidden.


JRH 2/25/16

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Yurki1000 Conspiracy Comments to ‘Negative AIDS and Karen Lambert



January 29, 2016 at 1:10 AM
Marge Simpson Predicts Ebola

Marge Simpson Predicts Ebola


Thank you again for your fine work Oneway2day 🙂


– Here we go again America. Another false flag campaign designed to pass more laws to take away your freedoms and establish a New World Order. This time, it’s the dreaded “Ebola virus.” This is just another “swine flu” hoax but most people don’t seem to be catching on. This is yet another lie using crisis actors to try and fool the American public into thinking there is yet another “threat” we need protection from. The government is always trying to pass more and more laws to take away our freedoms so they are always trying to create some tragedy to justify the continual erosion of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. –


[Blog Editor:  Yurki’s quote just above is from the link below in which the title is “THE EBOLA VIRUS IS ANOTHER FALSE FLAG HOAX DESIGNED BY THE ILLUMINATI TO BRING DOWN AMERICA BY FEAR”. Since many of those who read Conspiracy Theory, I’m taking it upon myself to add further excerpts so the dynamics of the theory are clear and perhaps discern better what Yurki is trying to demonstrate. The Editor’s excerpts are below the link provided by Yurki.]




To exert control over the population and obtain compliance (stay indoors, don’t travel, avoid contact with people who might be ill, etc.), they’ll say anything. Every so-called “pandemic” is a test: how well will the population follow orders? That’s the whole point!!!!!


below quote from nodisinfo:




This was predicted back in 1997 in an episode of “The Simpsons.”



Also, in another episode of “The Simpsons,” 9/11 was predicted in 1997. KEEP IN MIND, the illuminati control what you see on television.


Remember the Swine flu that you never hear about anymore that just suddenly disappeared? It was a hoax as well designed to take away laws that protect your freedoms.


Remember the two cards that accurately predicted the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon way back in 1995?


Nonetheless, we expect this to lead to some kind of “quarantine” just like the card says once the gullible public is convinced this will be some kind of epidemic



Nonetheless, we expect this to lead to some kind of “quarantine” just like the card says once the gullible public is convinced this will be some kind of epidemic


Then the “Center for Disease control” needs to get involved! You should be shaking in your boots by now.


… This much more if you should read in entirety.


VIDEO: Hard Proof the Ebola Outbreak is a Hoax

Posted by NoDisinfo

Published on Aug 12, 2014


Text below:


– See this video as hard proof that the Ebola outbreak and also the so-called Ebola cases in the United States, Spain, and more are completely fake. There are no such cases in the Western world. It’s all staged.


Comment: And the script writers couldn’t come up with a better name, the actors name Nancy Writebol, just one letter short of Ebola, Writ ebol, there just sticking it to us right there! –


“In those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.” [Revelation 9:6 from the Complete Jewish Bible. Yurki’s link below is the entire chapter of Revelation 9.]


“Pentagon’s Plan For Ebola Zombie Apocalypse”


[Blog Editor: Yurki excerpted the second paragraph encased by a dash at the beginning and the end. It is my humble opinion one should read the entire four or so paragraphs because it sets up the video Yurki provides next.]


CONOP 8888, otherwise known as “Counter-Zombie Dominance” is no laughing matter. The U.S. military has always been the one place in government with a plan, forever in preparation mode and ready to yank a blueprint off the shelf for almost any contingency. Need a response for a Russian nuclear missile launch? Check. Have to rescue a U.S. ambassador kidnapped by drug lords? Yup, check, got that covered. How about a detailed strategy for surviving a zombie apocalypse? As it turns out, check.


This is not BS. The United States Defense Department actually has a plan in place in case zombies invade the earth and the military has to destroy them to “preserve the sanctity of human life.” In a secret military computer network, a document called CONOP 8888 provides a how-to defence against the undead. “This plan fulfils fictional contingency-planning guidance tasking for U.S. conduct operations that will, if directed, eradicate zombie threats to human safety.” Finally, the plan provides guidance to “aid civil authorities in maintaining law and order and restoring basic services during and after a zombie attack.”


The “worst case threat scenario,” according to the plan, suggests a rather dark situation: a zombie attack in which there would be high “transmissibility,” lots  of zombies eating lots of people, zombies infecting humans at a rapid rate, and  little or no immunity and few effective countermeasures.


Sound familiar? Did the US Government have a Ebola zombie plan in effect already?


The Government has always conducted inhuman experiments on it’s own people – here is the proof:


VIDEO: Project SHAD – U.S.A. Conducted Biological Warfare On It’s Own Troops


Posted by Trevor Wozny

Published on Jul 19, 2014


Text below:


– In the 1960’s the American military used it’s own troops as unknowing guinea pigs in horrendous biological warfare experiments. They sprayed VX and Sarin gas, E.Coli, Tularamia, Anthrax, Parrot Fever, Q Fever, Botulism, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and other deadly microbes on our countries unknowing troops. Our countries children were intentionally infected with these deadly agents. –


VIDEO: The History of Agent Orange

Posted by SensoryOssuary

Uploaded on May 26, 2008


Text below:


– This is a clip from the French documentary “The World According to Monsanto.” It summarizes the history of Agent Orange, a herbicide produced by Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and other companies. It was sprayed extensively during the Vietnam War, leading to a horrific variety of adverse health effects. Monsanto produced fraudulent studies “proving” that Agent Orange was safe, causing thousands of Vietnam veterans to be denied health benefits. –




Posted by Skizit Gesture

Published on Nov 4, 2013


Text below:


– What is proteopathy? What is Binary Biology? What is an Inducible Expression System? Watch this entire video. Some of the most important info is near the last.–


[Blog Editor: There is more text in the video description that Conspiracy Theory might be interested in reading. Here is that text:


Supporting research at [Link no longer works. Here is the homepage to the link:]


The only way genetic transformations in Morgellons can occur is with the strict tight control by inducible expression systems such as ecdysone.




For more information on gene therapy and human hair in Morgellons, please see


The Binary Biology enables the ecdysone switch to control populations.

Hormones served in food can turn the switch on, combine the two parts of

Binary Biological weapons already installed in people. They can start an

illness that will make you sick in the short term and kill you in the long term without anyone every knowing “Who done it?” This is called “FINGERPRINTLESS WARFARE”. But they know the insects and all Morgellons materials, if studied by genetic pathologists will know exactly where those insects and worms came from. They are CELL LINES which are well known by microbiologists.


This is a narrated expanded version of my ecdysone video. The supporting research will be at in a few days.




Vaccine Nation


Chemtrail parasites


HAARP, Chemtrails






Posted by Adam 1984

Published on Dec 14, 2013


Text below:


– The Jesuits where banned in 83 countries , so they had to come up with a plan to remain in power) The Bavarian Illuminati was born in 1776 , (Jesuit Adam Weishaupt was trained on Ingolstadt University which is a Jesuit institution) since then all These Papal Jews (Like The Rotschilds and Rockefellers) have gotten all the Important Positions (Knights of malta) , This is why most researchers end up Blaming the Jews in General OR only blame The Zionists while all these powerful Masonic Labour Zionists are Knighted into The Vatican Knighthoods and are all Catholic. Its The Jesuits that control it ALL. The Ptolemaic Papal Bloodlines give advice to the Jesuit generals and are more powerful then for example The English Queen who is part of the Black Venetian Nobility Bloodlines.–


Ps. There is so much more but I’m tireeed 🙂


[Blog Editor: There is more text in the video description that Conspiracy Theory might be interested in reading. Here is that text:




Front Men Of The Illuminati – Doc Marquis ( Part 1 )


Front Men Of The Illuminati – Doc Marquis ( Part 2 )


Jesuit Hollywood Films – NWO – illuminati – Revelations


For more info on the Jesuits, visit WeAreONEbigFamily channel [This channel does not exist]


The Jesuit Vatican New World Order]


VIDEO: Bobby Aro – Donald Maki Song


Posted by TheHumbba

Uploaded on Jun 10, 2010


Finglish – Kapakka in the Kaupunki







February 24, 2016 at 7:36 AM Transhumanism photo Transhumanism photo


Photo from here:

Transhumanist Singularity – The Ultimate Escapist Agenda


By WakingTimes

Julian Rose, Contributor

June 2, 2014


Bare with me, for this may not be an easy read – but we need to crack the code of this much discussed vainglorious chimera.


Which is not to say it doesn’t exist – it does. Yet it exists as a by-product of minds that operate in a sub human vacuum; that have severed their connection with with the normal diversity of emotions – and more particularly – with spirit and soul. Once this type of divorce is sanctioned there can only be deleterious consequences


The current Transhumanist ethos is deeply atheistic, and as such, has no need to replace God, since it doesn’t believe there is such an entity in the first place. But, ironically, it seemingly does have the need to create an all powerful god of its own design.


Such a concept, pursued through to its conclusion, can, according to its proponents, provide some sort of final solution to the human dilemma. So we get the Transhumanist notion that  the realisation of a computer that can outmanoeuvre the human brain will somehow produce a liberated society.


Nothing, in reality could be further from the truth. By handing over responsibility for the management of our lives to machines, we usurp our own ability to shape, alter, direct and ultimately rejoice in the art of living. Instead, we individually elect to become slaves to our own inventions.


Recognising this is most important, as it puts the Transhumanist agenda in its true light – which is actually not light at all – but essentially dark. When given free rein, harbouring delusional visions of power leads on to openly fascistic expressions. The Nazi eugenics programme of World War Two is testimony to this horror. And the attempt to bring into existence an all powerful ‘conscious’ computer capable of outstripping human intelligence  makes Transhumanism into a new form of concentration camp.


The eugenics school of ‘population cleansing’ has never been far from the surface in this corporate dominated era, and READ THE REST



– Morgellons disease is an uncommon, unexplained skin disorder characterized by sores, crawling sensations on and under the skin, and fiber-like filaments emerging from the sores. It’s not certain what these strings are. –


I think Nicholson 1968 has an important and interesting video collection.


VIDEO: What’s In a Number..The Elite Know..Do You?


Posted by Nicholson1968

Published on Apr 13, 2015


This video is for everybody, if you don’t believe in a God,if you are a believer will show you what the Elite Agenda is!


At least take the time to watch and judge for yourself!


Scriptures are so deep..that they pertain to the well as the future..,the problem is that most things taught today are taught about the past and people can’t relate!


Revelation 9:9

They had breastplates like breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle.


Luke 17:33

Whoever tries to keep their life(Transhumanism) will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.(Come as a man,Die as a man)


Hebrews 9:27

Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…


Revelation 9:6

During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.


(Can’t die,because they took the Mark of the Beast( Transhuman Vessel) have to be burnt up or destroyed)


The Elite have a language all their own that is not taught to the general population and with good reason…Knowledge is Power!


All videos,music,documenatries at:


VIDEO: The Real Reason for Chemtrails-NWO’s Project Blue Beam-Extended Version


Posted by Nicholson1968

Published on Jan 9, 2015


Extended version of Nicholson1968’s Video that went Viral on Youtube! Waking people up to technology that will be used against the masses in the future and also that is being used against us today!


2 Thessalonians 2:11 –better figure out what it means!

All videos ,Documentaries and much more at:



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