Memory Lane Might Not Have Been Perfect, BUT was Much Simpler

John R. Houk

© July 26, 2022

I have mentioned in the past I am age 65 – a Baby Boomer from 1956. For some of you younger folks that means in the rural Eastern Washington State I grew in our family needed one of those big cumbersome looking metallic UHF antennas to choose between two networks – CBS and NBC. The city we could pick up broadcasting from didn’t get an ABC affiliate until the very late 1960s or early 1970s (I can’t recall which decade – I spent most of my free time outside as a kid). And then a miracle – my family decided to purchase cable TV. That upgraded us from two stations (a little three more – ABC, PBS then Fox) from Yakima, one station from Spokane and five stations from the Seattle-Tacoma area – ABC/KOMO, CBS/KIRO, NBC/don’t remember, PBS and whatever channel 11 was (I think KISW). And a few more were added and some deleted due some idiotic local non-compete laws preventing affiliate stations from further away to broadcast via cable competitively with closer affiliates… I was young. Life was simple.

No cell phones. No Internet. A bicycle to traverse my rural community which included a lot of pickup neighborhood baseball games. A bicycle for me to deliver newspapers (an evening daily local newspaper and a morning daily and Sunday morning newspaper). I had to earn my own money and still mow the lawn with a Push Mower and take out the trash. I was fired from dishwashing for dropping too many glasses. AGAIN – Life was simple.

You might wonder the reason behind this old Baby Boomer sharing a small part of memory lane.

The reason: I have come to realize the simple life of my youth has become more and more complicated by divisive politics terminating simplicity in favor of a slow transformation into an anti-Christian godless culture renaming all that was good is now called evil.

No human is perfect, but in the God-plan there is always a path to rectify bad decisions with a humble heart and a sincere repentance of wrong actions (as opposed to insincere “oops, I got caught” offering valueless apologies – God knows sincere from insincere). Under the Left-Wing Humanist-plan, your path is designated by Cultural Marxist thinking and any straying from that path has led to Left-Wing violence and increasingly the force of law is imposed to protect the immorally godless (e.g., LGBTQ, Baby-Killing, Medical Tyranny – just name a few). The simple life ended long ago and that erosion was implemented so slowly many have not noticed or care that one is not allowed to think for oneself or make godly choices that today could land one before a costly court of law.

The Left calls their critics purveyors of disinformation or misinformation. Today the Left has become so emboldened with the reins of power, their critics are even relegated to Domestic Terrorists even Americans observed the hypocrisy of nationwide violent rioting and looting when criminals were killed by police using excessive force. AND YET when protestors were actually peaceful (except when some FBI plants urged on property damage in DC that never reached the carnage Leftist rioting and looting) from nationwide election/voter fraud, those protestors are either still languishing in jail, still being arrested OR forced to plead guilty to lesser charges because a jury trial (by Leftist DC jurors) probably would result in decades long incarceration.

The Left will tell their listeners the simple life I remember was evil. BUT I’M HERE TO TELL YOU, this transformed state of life nearly completed in this Cultural Marxist society makes my memories to appear as heaven on Earth.

I wrote “nearly completed” because I have noticed citizens in the one-time Free World are beginning to rise up to tell their governments this transformed society has gone too far. My disappointment is I am not seeing this widespread dissatisfaction also happening boldly in the USA. Sadly, it’s as if Americans have become so brainwashed to do what their overlords tell them to do, it’s like watching the Sheeple being herded by wolves. And friends, the wolves do not care if the Sheeple live or die. The wolves ONLY care about compliance or forcing a culling.

In case you don’t comprehend what a “culling” is in relation to the human herd. Here is definition number two from Merriam-Webster of the word cull:

to reduce or control the size of (something, such as a herd) by removal (as by hunting or slaughter) of especially weak or sick individuals

I’ve noticed for some time via comments from various Social Media Platforms, that those who noticed this Sheeple Syndrome have become so frustrated that they have lost faith that their fellow Americans have the ability or even the cajones to stop the completion of this Leftist transformation. And that sounds like Sheeple joining to me. Then there are the resolute few who are willing to say, “Screw it!” Calling to meet Leftist coercion with in-kind violence.

I’m here to tell you unless there is some kind of military organization and/or leadership involved to manage a resistance, the slaughter of Patriotic Americans will follow. Unlike actual Patriots, history shows the Communist ideology of the Left feels no moral restraint to murder their way to a secured ruling tyranny. HOWEVER, 1776 demonstrates an organized resistance can defeat tyranny.

At age 65, I frankly don’t care how resistance emerges in the USA: acts of noncompliance to tyrannical laws and edicts, a 1776 organized resistance, or an Early Church style of resistance which many sacrifice their lives for a long term result. Christians had not experienced freedom from Roman persecution until 312 AD from Roman Emperor Constantine. That’s little less than 300 years after the Resurrection of Jesus the Son of God. Which ever path to resistance emerges to this current tyranny, as long as I live I will not comply to godless tyranny and ex nihilo edicts and I will not follow a legal system making the Founders’ Constitution a shredded document.

This is the tyranny information that turned the wheel of my thoughts on this issue, this information the propaganda mouthpieces will not share:

Photos from A Lily Bit & HAF

JRH 7/26/22

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