A Weekend at Bernie’s … err, I mean Biden’s?

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

Posted October 28, 2020


Has anyone ever watched the 1989 flick “Weekend at Bernie’s”? In that time period it was hilarious. (I re-watched recently and simply didn’t laugh as much.) Here’s an edited excerpt from the Wikipedia plot:

Larry Wilson and Richard Parker are two low-level financial employees at an insurance corporation in New York City. [Wilson & Parker discover embezzlement who] take their findings to the CEO, Bernie Lomax. … Unbeknownst to Larry and Richard, Bernie is behind the fraud. Nervously meeting with his mob partner Vito …  Bernie asks to have Larry and Richard killed. However, after Bernie leaves, Vito decides Bernie has been attracting too much attention with his greed and his relationship with Vito’s girlfriend, Tina, and orders that he be killed instead.


… Larry proposes he and Richard maintain the illusion that Bernie is still alive, a notion that Richard finds absurd. Only the arrival of Richard’s office crush, Gwen Saunders, a summer intern for the company, convinces him to go along with Larry’s plan. … GO TO Wikipedia to read entire plot or find the movie and watch.


Enter Election 2020 and some political humor AND Sleepy Joe Biden.


JRH 10/28/20

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VIDEO: “Weekend at Biden’s” – Movie Trailer

Posted by No To Joe PAC

1.71K subscribers – Oct 22, 2020


Maybe they should’ve stayed in the basement…


Joe Biden, career politician, is propped up for the Presidential Debate, with strings attached! The radical left and Chinese Communist Party have their hooks into this Manchurian puppet. And the only way they’re going to survive the election is to make it look like Biden has!


Will they make it through Sleepy Joe’s cognitive decline? Or will America and Freedom persist in the face of the radical left, and new world order?


A political ad from No To Joe PAC released the night of the final presidential debate, two weeks from the 2020 US Presidential election.


Help support this project and put this ad on air: www.NoToJoePAC.com


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