1084 out of 1117 companies stopped advertising at HuffPost thanks to your support

HuffPo is an evil un-American Internet rag. Find out why.


JRH 9/12/19

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1084 out of 1117 companies stopped advertising at HuffPost thanks to your support


HuffPo: A Verizon Company


Email sent by Florida Family Association

Email sent: 9/10/2019 8:01 AM

Web version:  https://floridafamily.org/full_article.php?article_no=831

FFA website: https://floridafamily.org/index.php


1,084 out of 1,117 companies stopped advertising at Huffingtonpost.com thanks to your support.  Huffington Post spews vitriolic propaganda that inspires leftist hate and supports Islamist political agenda


Floridafamily.org subscribers helped influence 97% of corporate America to reject Huffingtonpost.com Islamist and vitriolic propaganda.


One thousand eighty four (1,084) out of one thousand one hundred seventeen (1,117) companies (97%) stopped advertising on Huffingtonpost.com after being encouraged to pull off the website because it defends Sharia law, fundraises for CAIR, defends the Muslim Brotherhood, publishes Islamist propaganda, calls American military racists and disparages Christians, Jews and white people.

Huffingtonpost.com turned to paid member subscriptions and laid off employees as advertiser revenues fall short.  Could this be the result of Florida Family Association influencing 1,084 out of 1,117 companies to stop advertising because of the Huffington Post’s Islamist and vitriolic propaganda?

It appears that Huffington Post’s attempt to increase revenues from subscriptions to cover advertising losses may have failed.  Huffington Post added a special banner to its website that solicited subscriptions from April 20, 2019 through the middle of July.  Coincidentally, Huffingtonpost.com removed the subscription solicitation banner from its website shortly after Florida Family Association reported its desperate attempt to generate revenue and questioned  how  long  Verizon  would  put its shareholders at risk of more losses from the vitriolic website.  While the banner has been removed the offer to subscribe is less noticeably posted on the website.  Click here to read more about Huffington Post’s failed attempt to increase revenues through subscriptions.

Huffington Post lays off more workers.  Businessinsider.com reported on March 29, 2019:    “It’s estimated that 20 employees were laid off at HuffPost last Thursday, including opinion writers, political reporters, and others.”  Huffingtonpost.com reports:  HuffPost unionized with the Writers Guild of America, East in 2017. A spokesman for the union said at least 15 members had lost their jobs. Two full teams ― the opinion and health sections ― were eliminated.


Click here to read the list of 1,084 companies that Stopped Advertising as of August 31, 2019.  This file is too large to post in an html article.

33 Companies that Continued Advertising as of August 31, 2019.  (Linked names have active email campaigns.)


Amazon GAIN Capital – Forex Nadex
Apollo Group – Univ of Phoenix Hewlett Packard Nerdwallet
Capital One Hiscox Nissan 
Citibank Honey Science Pfizer – Lyrica, Chantex
City Beauty Hulu Progressive Insurance
Comparisons.org La-Z-Boy Purple
Dell LCR Health Disruptdeepfat.com State Farm Insurance
Dr Marty Mack Weldon Ultimate Pet Nutrition
Everquote Media Force Weeklypenny United Healthcare
Exact Sciences Cologuardtest Microsoft Volkswagen
Fisher Investments Motley Fool Western Governors University


Why  is  it  important  to  urge companies to stop advertising at Huffingtonpost.com?


  • The Huffington Post’s large number of readers and high volume of pro-Islamist and vitriolic, leftist reports makes it a leading proliferator of Islamist and vitriolic, leftist propaganda in the United States.
  • Islamophobia propaganda is the top tool Islamists use to influence Americans to ignore advancement of Sharia doctrine in the United States.  Unfortunately, it intimidates people to the point of stifling free speech in a manner that hurts public safety and allows Sharia to thrive.
  • The  Huffington  Post’s  frequent  pro-Islamist reporting feeds the Hate America crowd with more reasons to defend Islamists and ignore the harmful direction that results from its acceptance.
  • HuffPost and HuffPost Arab employ several former Al Jazeera reporters and Islamist advocates who have pushed the Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood agenda.


Florida Family Association will continue to vigorously counter one of the top leftist sites in America that publishes Islamist propaganda.

Thank you for supporting Florida Family Association’s email campaigns.  Your support is making a difference.

Your support makes it possible for us to take on these tough issues.  If you would like to support Florida Family Association’s efforts with a gift please click here or mail your gift to Florida Family Association (FFA), PO Box 46547, Tampa, FL 33646-0105.


Florida Family Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 46547, Tampa, FL 33646-0105
Telephone 813-690-0060


FFA About Page


Phone: 813-690-0060

Email: ffa@floridafamily.org


General description


Florida Family Association is a national organization that is made up of tens of thousands of online subscribers across America who share in the same goal of defending American values.  These supporters send close to a million emails every month to corporate and public officials associated with issues posted on this web site.  Florida Family Association’s accomplishments are a direct result of the dedicated people across the country who support the efforts of this organization.  The organization is not an affiliate or subsidiary of any other group.  It is an independent organization with tens of thousands of supporters outside of Florida.

Christianpost.org reports the following regarding Florida Family Association:  Don’t let the name deceive you. Florida Family Association is a national organization that harnesses online  citizen activism through its massive email list to change organizations through economic and public pressure. They urge companies not to advertise on the Islamic terror apologist network Al Jazeera,  remind  universities  to  support  free speech and not cancel films and speakers critical of Islamism, and hold the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) feet to the fire for their leaders past support for terrorism and saying Muslims are above the law of the land.”  Christianpost.org report.


Florida Family Association does not sell online advertising, books or memorabilia.  This is done to maintain independence from the market place that Florida Family Association seeks to influence.   Therefore, all financial support comes from individual donors who donate their resources to help defend America values.


Non-profit status


Florida Family Association’s mission statement in our IRS approved 501C3 application is to:  Educate people on what they can do to defend, protect and promote traditional, biblical values.


Florida Family Association, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Florida as a non-profit corporation tax-exempt 501C3 corporation under the Internal Revenue Service Code. Contributions made to Florida Family Association are tax deductible and READ THE REST


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