How Organic Can Product be from China?

John R. Houk

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Grocer Whole Foods exposed in deceptive marketing! Gets imported food from China and calls it certified organic without PROOF! Yup that’s right, Whole Foods imports so-called organic food from the Wuhan virus capital of the world. The report is from a local ABC affiliate WJLA (channel 7) that broadcasts in the D.C. area. I found the video on Facebook Messenger shared by my wife Diana. I have no idea of the original broadcast but with the Coronavirus from Wuhan China in the news, THIS IS IMPORTANT INFO TO KNOW! I am uploading the Facebook Messenger video to my Youtube channel:


VIDEO: Whole Foods Groceries Deceptive Practices

Posted by John Houk

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One key for health nuts that swear by organic eating, the Whole Foods brand 365 Organic touted as a trusted organic product source is beginning to get suspicious ratings due to lack bona fides in organic transparency. One independent Organic watchdog The Cornucopia Institute is very displeased with Whole Foods 365 Organic.


People who patronize Whole Foods might want to voice consternation with importing foods from a China that has allowed their Wet Markets to reopen. Now personally I believe the Coronavirus/COVID-19 unleashing in China’s Wuhan the capital city of the Hubei Province came from a bio-accident in a Wuhan biolab. BUT after China could not cover up their own Pandemic, the ChiCom government originally blamed a Wuhan Wet Market.


China Reopens Wet Markets reports:






JRH 4/2/20

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