If YOU Think Peace will Break-out in the Middle East, You’re Dreaming

Israel-Iran war map in German

John R. Houk

© August 18, 2012


I don’t have to be a prophet to predict that a war will explode in the Middle East soon. The Muslim nations surrounding Israel have been trying to destroy the Jewish State ever since their modern independence in 1948. For some Islamic Supremacist jealousy cannot court the concept of a sliver of land that a religion other than Islam sets the parameters for governance in the region.


Couple this with the old Arab League set up of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) which has been legitimized by Western Powers by linking the PLO to a Western created Palestinian Authority (PA). Western reasoning for the PA is idiotically attempting to set up Israeli-Arab peace by grabbing Israeli land by forcing Israel to accept a Jew-hating sovereign Palestine to Israel’s East.  Of course there is PLO-independent Hamas to the southwest of Israel which is a tool of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and there is Iranian client terrorists Hezbollah to the north of Israel. Iran has been rattling swords against Israel for over half a decade. Egypt is becoming a Radical Muslim State as the Muslim Brotherhood tentacles spread through its government. Muslim Brotherhood Clerics have been voicing a call for unity among Muslim-Arabs for a pan-Islamic State with Jerusalem as its capital city. Syria directly north and east of Israel has been an Iranian client rattling swords against Israel ever since 1948 but they are having a problem with a civil war currently. I look to Syria to continue hostility with Israel no matter who wins that civil war. And there is Lebanon to the north which has become a client of the Shia dominated Hezbollah. Lebanon essentially has become a State within a State.


This report from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and written by Christopher Harmer will give you an idea what an all out war in the Middle Eastern region will look like. And by all out war I mean more than the USA and any coalition of the willing trying to use Western concepts in rebuilding a nation-state.


This war will have the appearance initially of multiple Muslim nations and Islamic terrorists attacking tiny Israel. If America honors its treaty with Israel will enter into the fray. If America enters the fray I have little doubt that Russia and Communist China will at first join in the Muslim side because of oil. America’s NATO allies will have to join on our side because an increasingly militant Russia will be a little scary for Europe that has diverted most of its money to Socialist programs that are barely staying afloat PLUS the issue of oil will force Europe to join USA-Israel so they are not cut off by a potential Russia-China-Iran victory.


I might point out the allegiance of nations I am pointing out here is conditional only our Treaty allies honor the military treaty terms. It could go bad for the USA if other variables take place in which treaties are broken.


The first broken treaty that would make a lot of nations very pleased is if America fails to honor our military treaty with Israel. If Obama is around when this war breaks out Obama could very easily throw Israel under the bus to see if another 1948 miracle occurs with Israel surviving multiple fronts of invasion.


Another scenario is that various European nations break away from NATO to join the Russia-China-Iran axis for petroleum and petro-Dollars/petro-Euros with the hope of abandoning America would ease the socio-economic pain that will occur if the NATO is honored on the European side.


When all out war breaks out globally this time it will make the ugliness of WWII look like a picnic.


WWIII Imagery


JRH 8/18/12 (You can also read the ISW text version of “Threat and Response: Israeli Missile Defensedirectly below these thoughts at SlantRight 2.0.)

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Did Obama Arm Drug Lords?



John R. Houk

© July 9, 2011


My friend Vicki sent this NaturalNews.com article about the U.S. government arming Mexican drug lords with 30,000 weapons. I have to be honest that most of the article is a case of subjective conclusions based on interpretation of facts; nonetheless the facts are very glaring.


The fact that the U.S. government provided arms to drug dealers that have exacted so much bloody carnage on both sides of the American-Mexican border is ridiculously insane!


If the MSM finally has the guts to investigate this arming of drug lords called “Gunwalker” or “Operation Fast and Furious,” this could be the Achilles heel for the Obama Administration.


Nixon had Watergate, Ford had giving immunity to Nixon over Watergate, Carter had stupidity, Reagan had the Iran-Contra scandal, Clinton had well a bunch of stuff but let’s high light “I did not have sex with this woman,” Bush 1 had the economy, Bush 2 had all the Constitutional issues surrounding the al Qaeda on our home soil AND Obama much like Clinton has a bunch of unproven scandalous associations. If a cover-up of a link to the White House occurs with Operation Fast and Furious, then even the Leftist Messiah may be in for a spot of trouble. Perhaps this trouble will evolve into a 2012 election loss for Obama or for an Impeachment prior to the November 2012 elections or (GOD FORBID!) the ugly reelection of Darth Vader – err – I mean President Obama.


Author Mike Adams uses examples that demonstrate the Conspiracy Theory politically explained agenda of Problem, Reaction and Solution.


JRH 7/9/11

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