Eligah Barrett (not sure if a pseudonym or actual) uses sources to put together a profile of Iran’s agenda. As the title suggests, Iran is seeking to be a military power at least regionally. I suspect an even greater agenda with Iran’s pursuit of nukes.


This yet another reason to NOT TRUST Iran about any nuclear deal WHATSOEVER! Especially as negotiated by former President Barack Hussein Obama, the most corrupt President in American history.


JRH 10/30/17

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By Eligah Barrett

Oct 28, 2017

Posted on G+ Crush Jihad



The article examined how Iran planned to achieve this objective: More troubling to other countries in the area and to the west is the other side of Iran’s plan to achieve this objective: A HUGE REARMAMENT PROGRAM, financed largely by the New oil money.

“The Islamic Affairs Analyst of Gloucester, England, printed an article in August 1994 that said, ‘Iran is pursuing a parallel policy of surrounding Israel with implacable enemies. Turkey is moving closer to Iran. To Israel’s North, IRAN has deluged Hezbollah in Lebanon with money and weapons. With Hamas in control of Gaza, Tehran could ignite another conflict on Israel’s western and northern borders at any moment. Iran is also’ opening another front in the West Bank, which crawls with zealots sympathetic to if not in the pay of Iran. And Egypt, since the ouster of President Mubarak, is moving rapidly toward discarding its peace treaty with Israel as it moves into Iran’s camp.’” [Found at the Trumpet]

Of course, the Shiites controls Iran and are a majority 60 percent in Iraq. The U.S.’s removal of Saddam Hussein in 2003 opened the way for Iran to heavily infiltrate Iraq, providing armaments, financing and training to Shiites militias, sending thousands of operatives into the country and establishing economic ties with it. Moreover, the most powerful political party in Iraq is allied with Tehran. This could be a decisive factor causing Iraq to fall under Iran’s control.

“That 1994 Islamic Affairs Analyst article said further, starting at the foot of the Red Sea, ‘IRAN is set to increase its influence considerably in both Somalia and Yemen. … Further up the Red Sea coast, Sudan is already firmly in pro-Iranian hands with [Omar Hassan] al-Bashir’s military regime no more than a front for Hassan al-Bashir’s Islamists. And it is from bases in Sudan that Islamist fundamentalists are beginning to undermine the stability of the newly independent Eritrea, which, it should be noted, now controls all of what was formerly Ethiopia’s Red Sea coastline.’” [ibid.]

These trends continue today. Iran has continued to send arms shipments to Islamists in Somalia. In March 2008, Iran signed a military agreement with Sudan. In May 2008, it further boosted its ties with Eritrea, signing trade and investment agreements. Again, the following year, in April 2009, IRAN and Eritrea, together with Algeria, agreed to expand their bilateral cooperation. Iran has a frightening influence and control in North Africa, which greatly intensified with the unrest that began erupting in Arab states in early 2011. The Tunisian government fell in January into the hands of the radical Muslims. The Ennahda party, the Islamist party banned under the dictatorship of Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, quickly emerged as probably the most powerful political force in the country. In October 2011, the Islamists party won the nation’s first free elections since independence in 1956. That is almost exactly what happened in Egypt when its first-ever free elections ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood in 2012. However, it didn’t take long before discontent surged against the hard-liner Ennahda. Assassinations of two prominent opposition figures in 2013 threatened another revolution in Tunisia. It was only averted when rival factions negotiated a peaceful abdication of the elected Islamist government. Tunisia then elected the secular-nationalist Nidaa Tounes Party. Its candidate, Beji Caid Essebsi, became president. Essebsi, however, is a former official of the ousted Ben Ali regime. He has come under fire for Tunisia’s failing economy and for terrorist attacks that have crippled Tunisia’s tourism industry. Again, it is a scenario not much different from Egypt’s.

Iran has also heavily infiltrated Yemen and Bahrain, and it is deeply entrenched in Afghanistan. Many moderate Arab nations fear, and are afraid to offend, IRAN.

Here is what the Islamic Affairs Analyst of May 13, 1992, said: “The main strategic aim of Iran is to dominate the Persian Gulf and environs. An important step in achieving this goal is to GAIN UNDISPUTED LEADERSHIP OF THE RADICAL ISLAMIC CAMP.” Many of the good intelligence reports about Iran have proven true. Do we see just how powerful Iran is becoming militarily? Prof. Barry Rubin wrote in 2007, “IRAN tries to extend its influence in THREE ways: propaganda and incitement; the promotion of client groups, and projecting the state’s own power. Today, IRAN sponsors radical Islamist groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and among in Palestinians as well as in other countries. Its two most important clients are Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Palestinian Hamas group (Global Politician, July 25, 2007).” [the Trumpet]


Edited by John R. Houk

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Islam is Peace – NOT!

Islam Means Peace toon

John R. Houk

© June 4, 2012


Islam is peace, right? In Islam there is no compulsion in religion, right?




The purist religion of Islam as espoused by its founding prophet Mohammed evidently spoke the “peace” and “no compulsion” junk as a propaganda tool of compassion. There is equal if not more hatred, violence and zero compassion in the Quran and Hadith.


You have to be aware that Muslim-American organizations in the USA that purport to be the preeminent representatives of Muslims in America subscribe  to the purist Islam often described in America as Radical Islam and academically as Salafist and/or Wahhabi Islam. The Salafi-Wahhabi form of Islam though considered a minority is actually a reform movement to bring Islam back to the purity of the founding prophet Mohammed. Many Muslim-American organizations have direct ties to the premier international Salafi group known as the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) or to the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.


Off the top of my head some of these organizations in America are:








§  MAS


§  MSA




§  And Many More …


Raymond Ibrahim believes Muslim Brotherhood candidate for President wants to take Egypt back to the days of Mohammed and the so-called Four Rightly Guided Caliphs in which the Islamic maxim of the day was convert, submit as a dhimmi or die was the rule. Part of this paradigm was if any Muslim left Islam for another religion – usually Christianity – they were to be put to death as an apostate from Islam.


This is extremely relevant to the 21st century because of the Arab Spring that garnered so much attention for bringing down dictatorships. It is turning out that the unified groups that rebelled against dictatorship are beginning to be dominated by purist Islam proponents.


Ibrahim reports such a case in Tunisia which was one of the governments brought down by the so-called Arab Spring. Ibrahim has a graphic video of some Muslims decapitating a man who converted from Islam to Christianity because he refused to recant Christianity and come back to brutal Islam.


I am cross posting the Ibrahim article at my SlantRight 2.0 blog including the video; however I am placing the video at the very end as opposed to the near top and side of Ibrahim’s article. The video is gruesome, wicked and bloody; nonetheless people need to know the kind of Islam that is gaining ground in Muslim nations everyday and the sleight of hand of Muslim-American organization that support this wicked purist Islam.


JRH 6/4/12

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islam-religion-of-peace - Beheading

Global War on Terror is Truly Global


John R. Houk

© January 17, 2011


Al Qaeda is entrenched in Afghanistan and Pakistan fighting a terrorist war against American troops alongside their more powerful Taliban allies. The reason for the war is the Islamic desire to be superior over all non-Muslim aspects of the world by reigniting the evil days of Islamic conquest began by Islam’s founder Mohammed. Muslims such as the Taliban and al Qaeda fight to inspire those known in the West as moderate Muslims to believe in the Quran, Hadith and Sira in its literal sense which was used by Islam’s early Caliphs to build one of the largest empires known to earth.


I have been hearing a bit of news on TV about the rioting in Tunisia which is a small Muslim nation in North Africa squeezed between Algeria and Libya. I received an email from Move America Forward that adds a bit of clarity to the rioting and chaos enveloping Tunisia. Apparently the moderate Muslim government of Tunisia is failing and the al Qaeda interests in Tunisia are inciting Tunisian youths to foment more violence and chaos with the agenda of placing a pro-al Qaeda Islamic literalist government in place.


Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) which has Algerian roots is the Islamic terrorist group promoting Mohammed style Islam in Tunisia. In recent years AQIM has reached out all over the African Continent to bring the early Islam of Mohammed to the Muslim population.


An AQIM leader Abu Mus’ab ‘Abd Al-Wadud released two audios: one for Tunisia and one for Algeria. Abd Al-Wadud praises the rioters and invites them to join AQIM to overthrow the secular Muslim governments of Tunisia and Algeria:


On January 13, 2011, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) leader Abu Mus’ab ‘Abd Al-Wadud released two audio clips, produced by AQIM’s media wing Al-Andalus and disseminated on various jihadi forums, in which he called on the Tunisians and Algerians, respectively, to escalate riots against their governments. The clips were released in light of fierce ongoing riots in Tunisia and recent riots in Algeria. ‘Abd Al-Wadud called on the Tunisians to send their youth to join the ranks of his organization, where they could arm themselves and undergo military training. He added that those unable to join should carry out attacks on Western targets independently. (MEMRI)


Below is the Move America Forward email that speaks of Islamic terrorism in Tunisia.


JRH 1/17/11


Could Tunisia Be The Next Target for Al Qaeda Activity?


Sent by Move America Forward

Sent: 1/16/2011 4:48 PM


The situation in Tunisia is so unstable and a possible threat to our own security. With the previous government completely overrun, groups are struggling to form a coalition interim government and stop the violence and chaos in the streets. It’s a very dangerous time, and they’re no telling how long it will take to form a government, or if the rioters will see it as legitimate. This is the ideal opportunity for Al Qaeda to try for a power grab.


Al Qaeda’s brand in the northern part of African continent, AQIM, standing for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, is actively trying to steer the outcome of the situation in Tunisia. In a video released last week, they made their intentions clear. They have been encouraging rioters, actively sowing the seeds of discontent and sparking the violence we’re seeing in Tunisia. And they’re trying to recruit Tunisia’s disaffected youth for their Jihad against the America.


A Video recently released by AQIM leadership said


send us your sons so that they receive military training…We offer our support and our comfort and our help in your distress and your uprising…we will sooner or later retaliate against your torturers and their masters


Al Qaeda has a vested interest in seeing countries like Tunisia, nearby Algeria and any other weak government fall. They are encouraging the protesters to overthrow the somewhat pluralistic pseudo-democratic systems in favor of instituting Sharia Law.


This would undoubtedly lead to an exponential increase in Al Qaeda’s power. A government run by radical Imams who Al Qaeda has direct control over is exactly what they had in Afghanistan, which we stopped, and exactly what they tried to do in Iraq, which we prevented.


Meanwhile, our troops are still fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and keeping the peace in Iraq. Our troops stand ready to fight the terrorists wherever they hide! Send a care package now to some troops who need our support!


So far it seems that the protests are based on economics, but does that mean that Al Qaeda simply using that as the easiest form of sowing discontent? They certainly aren’t the ones calling for peace and calm rational problem-solving. In fact evidence suggests that AQIM has been working inside Tunisia for some time, perhaps trying to set up the right situation for an ugly destabilization to occur.


Way back in 2007, some security analysts could already see Tunisia becoming a base of operations for Al Qaeda in the future and they predicted a violent future for the poor developing nation.


Counterterrorism officials on three continents say the trouble in Tunisia is the latest evidence that a brutal Algerian group with a long history of violence is acting on its promise to organize extremists across North Africa and join the remnants of Al Qaeda to become a new international force for jihad.”  — New York Times, February 2007


In 2008 Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of two Austrian tourists and the region has been on the CIA list of places too dangerous for Americans to travel, at least without taking extreme precautions.




We don’t know enough yet to say if Al Qaeda is directly responsible for the uprisings, the killings, the turmoil in Tunisia and Algeria, but we do know for CERTAIN that the destabilization of these countries is something Al Qaeda wants to see, and will certainly try to capitalize on to broker a better position, expand their influence in those countries, and create a movement of religious extremists to take power there and institute Sharia law.


We can’t let that happen, otherwise this simply becomes another case of Jihadist wack-a-mole, hopping from country to country. It’s in our best interest to take a hard look at Tunisia and see how we can help, strengthen the government or assist in bringing in a new government, but one that does not sympathize with Al Qaeda. We just hope President Obama is paying attrition.


Global War on Terror is Truly Global

John R. Houk

© January 17, 2011


Could Tunisia Be The Next Target for Al Qaeda Activity?


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