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John R. Houk

© July 11, 2013


I have become a proponent of Conservatives establishing a Third Party because too many RINOs control the GOP to assert Conservative principles and effectively present a case to American voters that eschews Political Correctness for Political Reality.


I used to be so committed to the GOP. I truly believed Conservatives as the voice of voters could turn out RINOs and replace them with Conservative principled leadership. It did not happen in 2010 or 2012. To repeat the hope the minority Establishment Republicans will be turned out of the GOP leadership now comes under the definition for insanity. Keep repeating the same actions expecting a different result defines insanity. Insanity is happening for Conservatives if WE expect a Conservative leadership to step up and silence same’ol–same’ol political agendas with a huge subservience to Political Correctness.


Modern history has shown that a Third Party has never successfully made an impact to put a dent either the Dem Party or the Republican Party. In fact history shows a Third Party that has a membership that is disaffected from one of the Two Dominant Parties hurts their former Party in Presidential elections.


There are two ways for Conservatives to start a Third Party then displace the Republicans and become one of the Two Dominant Parties.


We can form that Third Party with a decent name and not something silly like the No-Nothing Party or the Bull Moose Party. A big effort must be made to form a national structure to that Third Party.


After forming and giving structure to a Third Party THEN Conservatives that are shoe-ins to win a Republican Office in a Local, State or National level to go ahead and run as Republicans. In the Republican Party candidates on all levels of government run via a grassroots organization process. Many Conservative Republicans on the grassroots level are very unhappy with Establishment Republicans that operate the GOP on a National level. Soon after winning their GOP election THEN leave the Republican Party and switch affiliation to the Third Party. The key for this to be successful are local grassroots organizational operation committed to a truly Conservative National agenda. The greatest grassroots political organizations in Conservative America are the numerous Tea Party organizations that loosely believe on the same principles yet are very active on a local grassroots level.


Establishment Republicans, Democrats that understand the future threat and the Mainstream Media will do all they can to propagandize failure of sweeping defections from the GOP to a Conservative Third Party. This is where the grassroots Conservatives become extremely important. Whatever anti-Third Party propaganda flows on a Nationally from Establishment GOP, Dems and the MSM; the grassroots communications that already exist among Tea Partiers and other similar Conservative organizations that have built up a following can pound out the voice of National Propaganda with grassroots Political Reality.


COME ON Americans! Let us stand tall against the Establishment and Political Correctness AND teach American voters the truth on a grassroots level. We will win!


JRH 7/11/13

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The Real Republican Problem


By Judson Phillips

July 10, 2013 at 7:17am

Tea Party Nation


The Republican Party is again in the political equivalent of intensive care.   It is back on the endangered species list.


This is not anything unusual for the GOP.  Like a patient suffering from a severe and perhaps incurable illness, it is back in the hospital again.  The next of kin are debating what to do if the GOP takes a turn for the worse.  Do we try heroic measures or simply allow it to pass quickly and quietly.


Unfortunately, no one is talking about why the GOP is dying.  What is the Republican Party’s problem that is causing its death?


The Republican Party has two major problems.


The first is a massive case of Potomac Fever.


Frontier Labs did a research study and looked at the issue of why Republicans are leaving the Party.  They came up with some amazing but obvious answers.  Republicans are tired of being told the GOP is the lesser of two evils.  People do not like evil, be it a lesser or greater evil.


People do not like being lied to and that was one of the huge reasons people are leaving the Republican Party.  Time after time, the Party Faithful are told the Republicans are the conservative party and will push a conservative agenda.   When these Republican leaders get to Washington, they then do just the opposite of what they promised.  Marco Rubio, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte are some of the most recent examples.  All campaigned in their last election against Amnesty and now have turned around and voted for Amnesty.


Republicans have another problem, almost as large as their evil and dishonesty problems.


What do Republicans stand for today?


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s website features his hashtag “#makinglifework.”  How about a responding hashtag, “#WTF?”


Whatever else anyone wants to say about the Democrats, there is no doubting what they stand for and what their agenda is.   As for the Republicans, no one has a clue.    America has a greater chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa’s body than we do of finding a Republican agenda for America.


Addicts cannot recover until they hit rock bottom.  The first step for recovery is to admit you have a problem.  The second step is absolute brutal honesty.


If the Republican is to survive, it must make some real changes.  If the Republican Party is worthy of survival, it must make changes.


First, the Republicans have to drop the lesser of two evils mentality and adopt a policy of honesty.  Republicans must run on a platform and when a Republican breaks his or her word and turns their back on their promises, there must be consequences.    For Republicans in Congress that means if you promise you will vote against something like Amnesty and lie to the people you represent, then the party must strip that Senator or Congressman of their positions within the Party and the Congress.


If a Republican wants to run on policies like Amnesty or Tax Increases, let them.  And if they get elected and vote that way, the people of that state voted that way.  But if a Republican lies by saying they will vote against bigger government then does just the opposite, the Party must enforce discipline.


Finally, the GOP is going to have to decide what it stands for.  If the Republican Party is going to be a conservative party, as it advertises itself, then run and act as a conservative party.


A bad plan is better than no plan at all and that is what we have.  The Democrats have a bad plan and the Republicans have no plan at all.


Either the GOP changes now or we can start planning the funeral for the Republican Party.  For the Republican Establishment who does not believe that is possible, they should remember, there is an open plot in graveyard politics.


And it’s located right next to the Whig Party.


Grassroots Conservatives – Do Something Different!

John R. Houk

© July 11, 2013


The Real Republican Problem


© 2013


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Palin: I’m Open to Starting New Political Party

Sarah Palin - Maybe 3rd Party

If Sarah Palin puts together a Third Party I am in!


JRH 7/3/13

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Palin: I’m Open to Starting New Political Party

By Sandy Fitzgerald

01 Jul 2013 10:23 AM



Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she’s willing to start a new political party to create a home for conservatives who feel they’re being ignored by the GOP.

The one-time vice presidential nominee was answering Twitter questions on Fox News Saturday, when a user asked if she and Fox conservative commentator Mark Levin would be willing to build a “Freedom Party if [the] GOP continues to ignore conservatives.”

Palin replied, “I love the name of that party: the Freedom Party,” she replied. “And if the GOP continues to back away from the planks in our platform, from the principles that built this party of Lincoln and Reagan, then yeah.”

VIDEO: Sarah Palin Floats Idea of Leaving Republican Party


Many conservatives with “that libertarian streak” feel neglected, said Palin, and creating a new home for them might be a good idea.

She said she expects people toREAD THE REST

The Conservative Aegis


John R. Houk

© November 12, 20123


I have been attempting to frame a situation in my mind that requires the Conservatives of the Republican Party to leave and unite behind a Third Party that makes the GOP irrelevant. I have not arranged those thoughts into something concrete yet; however I will work on it.


The greatest obstacle that I see to form a united political party for Conservatives is that there are numerous political parties in the USA that have long recognized that Conservatism cannot act effectively as long as the Republican Establishment calls the shots of the purse strings. The question becomes – Do Conservatives unite behind one of those already existing Conservative oriented political parties or just abandon the GOP and the numerous Conservative political parties and just revamp the whole thing getting Conservative elites to form a singular political party serving as a magnate to attract Conservatives on a national basis?


Another obvious issue confronting Conservatives is the somewhat monolithic Tea Party organizations that are mostly localized and are federated in similar ideology but fractured in disunited leadership.


There is one thing that is clear. The Republican Party as a vehicle to employ Conservatism into the American vision is now an obsolete non-working option. Rather than doing the insane and expect different results from doing the same thing year after year under the Republican aegis, it is time to change the process and establish a Conservative aegis under which to work.


Even Democrats recognizes that Conservatives are impotent in the Republican Party; however they filter that recognition through a more negative filter. The Dems are saying the Conservative base is the reason for Mitt Romney losing the election for President.


In that blame game Conservatives are viewed as holding back the GOP. The reality is that Conservatives are the reason Republicans retook control of the House in 2010 and maintained that control in 2012. The Senate and House Offices lost were the result of the lack of support from the Republican Establishment more than it was the fault of the Conservative ideology of Candidates.


The Dem view presented negatively is a view that should be retooled viewed as a reason to abandon the Republican Party for a new political party based on Conservative principles.


Let’s get on board on dumping the Republican Party so that Conservatives can share a Conservative vision to America without worry of political correctness from the Left and Center-Left Republicans (aka RINOs) to change Obama’s vision of government heavy Socialism. People with thinking caps better than I, need to contact each other to begin the process of this peaceful Conservative Revolution. It is time to declare our independence from Moral Relativist/Living Constitution Liberals.


JRH 11/13/12 (Hat Tip: Western Center for Journalism)

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Conservatives Expand Rank and File

God Bless America

John R. Houk

© November 11, 2012


Are you a Conservative? Are you perhaps the kind of Conservative that believes in fiscal Conservatism, less government, REAL fair taxation, American Exceptionalism of which a strong military is essential AND social conservatism?


Perhaps you are the kind of Conservative that is perceived by Left Wing Democrats as racist bigots as represented by the KKK, various American Nazi groups, violent survivalists preparing to war against the U.S. government and so on.


We real Conservatives view the later group as radical and really not associated with Conservatism. YET Leftists propagandize that Tea Party and Social Conservatives have the same traits as the KKK, Nazis, White Supremacists and aberrant cults that have a militaristic view of Christianity.


After the failure of the Republican Party to convince voters that Barack Hussein Obama is a deceptive Marxist-Socialist on the scale of Gramsci, Alinsky and Cone; I am convinced that the Real Conservatives need to become radicalized. NOT AS THE RACIST-BIGOTS THAT TRY TO CLAIM THE CONSERVATIVE MONIKER!


Have you noticed the political talk now is that Obama needs to seek a compromise-consensus of give and take that both Democrats and Republicans can grudgingly live with? Rep. Boehner as the Chairman of the House has publicly stated that he is ready to get to work on this compromise-consensus of give and take.


Let’s be honest. In the short term compromise-consensus on small details will be essential for government and the rule of law to operate smoothly rather gridlock punishing those in need who lean toward Democrats and lean toward Republicans.


BUT the reality is this nation needs to find the path that ends the polarization in American politics. I am certain Dems and the GOP can both say amen to that. It is the journey of de-polarization that gets Dems and the Conservative GOP steamed. Did you notice I wrote “Conservative GOP”?


There is a reality that Conservatives have lived with for too long after the Reagan Administration. Conservative make up the rank and file of the Republican Party and it is the GOP business as usual elites that make up the leadership of the Republican Party.


It is the GOP elites that willingly push compromise even though the Conservative Base wants to counter Obama transformative change with Christian-Conservative_Values-Limited_Government transformative restoration. In fact I would go so far as to say that the GOP elites are responsible for polarizing America because of the tendency to acquiesce to the desires of Leftist Dems. The Elitist GOP was willing to allow the American Left to chip away at American Values as embodied by Christianity and the Limited Government vision of the Founding Fathers.


This is where a Leftist usually goes hysterical because they want nothing to do with a Christian heritage. Hysterical Leftists take the stand that most of the Founding Fathers had non-Christian Deist religious beliefs and desired to keep the Christian religion out of government.


Of course this is historical revisionism by the Left. American Deism was quite different from the European atheistic Deism particularly of French origins. American Deists had a tremendous respect for the Christian Values that are derived from the Bible. American Deists were simply not big on believing the supernatural acts of Divine miracles.


Even though our Founding Fathers definitely had a penchant for secular government with ideas primarily from John Locke but others of Locke’s contemporaries in establishing an experimental democratic representative republican government, the Founding Fathers also believed Christian Morality was the cornerstone of a good and civil society. Atheism was viewed with disdain leading to an immoral society that ceases to be good and civil.


At least four American presidents have misattributed the following quote to de Tocqueville… “I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers, and it was not there . . . . Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”  Though a misattribution, it does not make it any less so. It touches the core of whom and what we are as Americans. (The Watchman, by Robert E. Freer, Jr; 12-12-2011; For clarity see The Tocqueville Fraud. Bold Emphasis Mine)  


I was taught de Tocqueville said this but it seems President Dwight D. Eisenhower said it in a speech as embellished by a speech writer. It is irrelevant who actually said “… if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”


The Republican Elites (aka Republican Establishment) and definitely the controlling interests of the Democratic Party have lost sight on what makes America great.


My fellow Conservative let’s embrace the kind of radicalness that our Founding Fathers embraced. We are not fringe Right Wingers as the Dems paint us. The fringe is reserved for those that place prejudice above Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


Let the Left call us radical standing for fiscal conservatism, limited government and social conservatism. Let’s be radical and depart the Republican Party and together as a political party in which Conservative Principles do not yield to business as usual GOP Elites willing to give up more than we can get from Obama’s Left.


I’ve been watching the Fox News pundits. They seem to be blaming Romney’s loss on the Republican failure to court Hispanics and Blacks that have Conservative Values but voted Democrat based on Obama’s deception that he has their backs merely because they are a minority. Obviously there is some truth in that.


I also heard a Fox News pundit say that over 60% of America’s eligible voting youth went with Obama and 36% of said group went with the Republicans. Conservatives need to tap into the Conservative Hispanics and Blacks. AND we need to convert America’s youth to the reality of just what Obama’s transformative change really is. In regard to the youth cross posting at SlantRight 2.0 right of these thoughts on departing the Republican Party.


How do we Conservatives pull off that kind of radicalism? Those thoughts are for another day. Perhaps you can help by sending your ideas to


JRH 11/11/12 (Hat Tip: Linked in Exposing Agenda 21)

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Third Parties and Laurie Roth

Revolutionary War


John R. Houk

© November 5, 2011


There have Third Parties in America in frequency since the early 1900s. Most of these Third Parties have served as a rallying point for Americans that are disenchanted with the politics as usual in Washington, DC. This means the disenchantment was aimed at both the Democrats and Republicans.


As time has gone on though the fire that attracted people to a particular Third Party in America’s modern era began to feel more enfranchised by associating themselves with the closest elements representing their politics whether it be Democrats or Republicans. I suspect that is the reason fringe Leftist and fringe Right groups never really grow because they represent a narrow political agenda of the political spectrum.


I have noticed though that it seems Leftist fringe political parties tend to have existed longer than political parties considered on the fringe Right. For example there has been a national Communist Party (in one form or another) since the Bolshevik Revolution that brought Communists to power in Russia circa 1917.


Third Parties of the political Right tend to be centered on Christianity and Original Intent Constitutionalism. Some of these political parties may have had a blip of importance in national politics; however one or two things tended to evaporate these Third Parties on a national scale.


The first thing is the ire of voters seems to coalesce on a national grassroots basis. Voter ire seems to dissipate as factions within the Republican Party begin to carry the voice of disenfranchised voters draining a prominent Third Party of national support.


The second thing is a charismatic person attracts Conservatives like a magnate because the person appears to represent the voice of disenfranchised voters on a national basis. Ross Perot comes to mind.


Today’s Tea Party Movement has not evolved into a National Tea Party primarily as the result of the grassroots nature of the Movement. Tea Partiers have wisely kept themselves enfranchised and influential by allying themselves to the Republican Party. Thus there is a local effort to promote Republican candidates that have Tea Party values over the Republican establishment or RINOs.


Still there are Conservative political Third Parties attempting to gain national attention (List of 3rd Parties of Left & Right) to offer a candidate that is able to reject Center-Left to Fringe-Left political ideas that reject Christianity, Constitutional Originalism and Conservative Politics.


The Constitution Party currently has the reputation as the largest of the Conservative Third Parties. I have considered several times to inch up to the Constitution Party; however I have come to the conclusion that the only way to keep President Barack Hussein Obama a one term President is to vote Republican whoever the GOP candidate turns out to be.


Now the whole reason on this little thought process of Third Party politics in the USA is a WorldNetDaily article of the American Independent Party nominee for President – Laurie Roth.


Ms Roth is a radio talk show host from my home State of Washington (Currently I reside in Oklahoma). The whole idea of a Conservative candidate hailing from the unfortunate Left leaning Washington State fascinated me. Washington State is God’s country in beauty, but it is horribly twisted politically – to my shame.


Laurie Roth 3


Laurie Roth’s Profile:


Radio: “The Roth Show” broadcasts to over 45 stations nationally on the IRN-USA Radio Network. It airs 6 – 9 p.m. ET, 3 – 6 p.m. PT.


The flagship station is KSBN AM 1230 in Spokane Washington. The Laurie Roth Show is conservative-leaning talk.


She has hosted successful talk shows on radio stations from Boston to L.A.


Background: Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in counseling and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


She is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit, one track which landed her in Billboard’s top 40 ranks and on the cover of Cash Box Magazine.


She plays the piano, keyboard, and violin.


Did You Know: Roth came back from a devastating deer accident while riding her motorcycle in 2005.


Television: She was the Host and Co-Producer for the popular PBS Show, CD Highway, which was broadcast on 155 stations across the country.


Here is Laurie Roth’s announcement for the Office of President from her Ning site which includes a bit of her political agenda:


Dr. Laurie Roth declares her run for President of the United States


Posted by Rev. LED Dowell

November 3, 2011 at 3:51pm

Roth Revolution Blog

Rev. LED Dowell’s Blog


November 2nd, 2011


Dr. Laurie Roth is officially declaring her bid to run for President of the United States as a patriot, conservative, independent candidate. In California she will be on the ballot, running on the American Independent Party ticket.  Dr. Laurie Roth is a National Radio Talk show host on air for over 11 years She follows and covers the hard hitting issues that affect and infect our entire country. She is a publisher of articles in many conservative journals that put light on critical issues America faces most and media and political power class avoid.


Journals include:


The issues:


* Forced an unconstitutional health care bill.


* Obama sued and stood against his own Governors.


* Threatened and targeted coal plants for closure.


* Breached the war powers act of 1973 and put us in an illegal war in Libya


* Lack of border security. 200 billion in drug trade and between 10-40 million illegal aliens who receive citizen tax payer dollars for health care, education and housing.


* Insulted and turned against Israel.


* Obama is ineligible to be President. He has presented a verified forgery of his long form birth certificate on April 27th 2011.


Dr. Laurie Roth supporters which include companies and individuals, join together in confidence of her candidacy. This will lead to victory for our nation. She and others know she is the candidate who will make the real difference for our country.


Many have prayed about this and are confident that Dr. Laurie Roth is what America needs. In her published book ‘The People’s President’ her platform is clear. It is available at and book stores.


As the leader Dr. Laurie Roth will:


Institute a Federal 2% point of purchase tax. No group will be exempt. 10-20 trillion dollars annually will be collected, while citizens are liberated from massive, controlling tax oppression.


Become totally energy Independent in 4 years. America will be the largest exporter of energy in the world. Disconnect from OPEC. Employ 20 million people in energy infrastructure jobs: natural gas, oil, nuclear, solar and alternative fuels.


Secure Americas borders. Stop illegal aliens. Stop illegal drug trade. Use all technology available. Honor those who choose to be a citizen of the United States who do it properly and legally.


Create Jobs. The 2% point of purchase tax will create millions of jobs in the nation. Infrastructure projects, small businesses and home based businesses will be supported.


Restore international relationships and image. Lead America with the revision of the American Start Treaty. Stand against Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism. Institute fair trade agreements.


Promote Judeo Christian values in America. This includes our nation’s historical strength from God and the Holy Bible – including Christian principles – prayer, freedom, exceptionalism and supporting a movement away from regulation, taxation and litigation. Those who disagree are not assailed.


Dr. Laurie Roth is a patriot and survivor who loves God, family, country and the Constitution of the United States.


For victory we need:


* Endorsements


* Financial contributions


* Volunteers


Roth is running on the party of ‘REAL’ – Responsive, Excellence, Americanism and Liberty. Dr. Roth’s experience dedication and courage will serve America.


You will be a partner to make America great. Your support will be what is necessary to create the momentum to make America the country that people strive to be a citizen of, because of strength, opportunity and freedom.


Join this movement.




Follow:  / @teamlaurieroth


Your emails, endorsements and financial contributions are appreciated.


Donations made out to: Laurie Roth campaign


Thank you and God bless you.




Laurie Roth  /


Sheryl McGrath /


Rev. Lainie Dowell /


JRH 11/5/11