Morsi Tells Iran Peace Treaty with Israel to be ‘Reconsidered’

Mohammed Morsi speaks first televised address to Egypt

President Elect Mohammed Morsi of Egypt says one thing to satisfy appeasement fools in the West and another thing that should put Israel on high alert pertaining to diplomacy between Egypt and Iran.


Arutz Sheva 7 – Israel National News


JRH 6/25/12

So, What about War with Islam?

Khomeini- Conquer the World


John R. Houk

© November 19, 2011


It is extremely politically incorrect to say we are at war with Islam. Things get a bit stickier in attempting to define the “we” that is at war with Islam. Is the “we” Western Culture? If the “we” is Western Culture, this would include Europe (Eastern and Western), Australia, North America and South America.


The part of Europe dominated by the European Union would go into apoplectic spasms at the suggestion that the EU was at war with Islam. Islam has made such enormous inroads into European culture that the doctrine of multicultural diversity makes it anathema to criticize Islam as inimical to a Christian influenced European culture.


As an amateur analyst (meaning more guessing than data) it appears Islam is not yet a multicultural diversity factor in most of Latin America (Mexico & Central America of North America and Central America & South America). Of the miniscule Muslims in Latin America there is significant Radical Islamic influence occurring in Latin America. The Radical Islamic influence is from overt Islamic terrorists (Like Hezbollah) or supporters of Islamic terrorism (Like Wahhabi Saudis, Muslim Brotherhood and Iran). The Islamic terrorist connection appears to be a hook-up with Drug Cartels. It is a good guess that Drug Cartels are clients of Radical Islamists that produce the poppy plants that are then turned into opiates (e.g. heroine) which the Drug Cartels sell to the North American addicts with money. The Islamic Terrorist/Drug Cartel symbiotic relationship is based on messing up America even if the reasons might be diverse.


Australia has shared Europe’s Multiculturalism; however Australia is experiencing a bit of an awakening toward Islam’s threat to Western Culture and even big dog politicians are hollering from the mountain tops about the dark side of Islam.


Then there is English speaking North America – USA and Canada.


Canada is still inflicted with Multicultural Diversity when it comes to Islam. A negative publication concerning Islam or a negative radio/TV piece on Islam will land you in jail, a fine or a civil suit for defaming a religion.


There are many people and organizations in America striving to educate Americans about the dark side of Islam. Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT for America is my favorite and the work of Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs and American Freedom Defense Initiative/Stop Islamization of America (AFDI/SIOA) is excellent as well.


Islamic organizations are active in America to bring Islam to America. In this nation in which religious freedom is considered a preeminent freedom, it might sound odd that I raise the flag that there is an Islamic threat. After all Christianity is an evangelistic religion determined to follow the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior to share the Good News of Redemption by the Blood of Christ. The problem with Islam is that it is not merely a religion that is what Christians would call an evangelistic religion. Rather Islam is as much a socio-political ideology as it is a theo-religious faith. Islamic holy writings desire not only an inner struggle to follow the path of submission to Allah, but also an outer struggle to politically bring the Islamic religion to non-Muslims. Don’t be deceived by such attributions as there is no compulsion of religion in Islam.


There is no compulsion in Islam if the Sharia rules are complied with. Let us take a Christian nation or people in the cross hairs of an imperialistic conquest minded Muslim army. The socio-political instruments Islam developed a system to degrade non-Muslims to sweeten the deal of convert, dhimmi livelihood or death. Conquest was relatively quick by Muslim conquering armies but conversion to Islam was not. Islamic Supremacism, with the usage of humiliation of the non-Muslim, brought converts to Islam over the centuries to the point that Christians ended up as the minority. Additionally, the pockets of Christians allowed to survive became accustomed to the second class citizenship of a dhimmi; hence Christian communities in the lands conquered by Muslims actually developed the brainwashed concept that their humiliation and the jizya tax brought protection from persecution.


If you exclude what is left of Communist nations like, China, N. Korea and Vietnam; the primary persecutors of Christians globally are Muslims. This is where my ire begins to stir! The West is so invested in political correctness that if a Muslim or an Islamic belief is condemned, the Leftists and Muslim apologists come crawling out of the woodwork to cry victim insinuating that prejudicial hate-speech is being leveled. AND YET when Christians in Muslim nations (Middle East and Africa primarily but else ware as well) are beaten, the women raped, the children stolen, a convert to Christianity faces death for apostasy, Christians in general are murdered and sometimes slaughtered for just being Christian and on and on; then where is the moral outrage?


No European nations are standing up with threatening messages to Muslim nations to do something about persecution of Christians. Frankly I am not even hearing preachers, priests, Bishops, Cardinals or the Pope take a stand and have the guts to protest the heinous treatment of Christians in Muslim lands. THIS SILENCE IS REPREHENSIBLE!


Are “we” at war with Islam? Doggone it; we are at war with Islam because Islam is at war with the West. The problem is the West is too comfortable to admit we are at war with Islam. Western religious wars of yesteryear have made the admission that a theo-political religion like Islam would engage with the superior technology of the West causing the strife and the return to national pride that many Western nations have lost. The loss of cultural pride is particularly the case of Europe. The loss of cultural pride is a symptom of multicultural diversity that accepts the uniqueness of diverse foreign cultures rather than honoring the foreign culture and expects assimilation into the host culture.


If the West does not wake up soon, the same treatment Christians receive in Muslim lands will be the identical treatment in Western lands for Christians, Secularists and atheists alike.


Raymond Ibrahim inspired my thoughts on Islam and the West. A couple of days ago he posted an essay that examines the persecution of Christians by Muslims for just the month of October 2011. If you are a person that can feel righteous indignation beyond political correctness then you should read what Muslims have done to Christians in October alone.


JRH 11/19/11

Christians Receiving the Same Hatred as Jews

Muslims Torch Christian Homes


John R. Houk

© October 12, 2012


One has read for years about those poor Arabs calling themselves Palestinians about a victimhood blamed by most people on Israel. I have always contended the existence of these populations of Muslim-Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria was the result of the 1948 invasions of Arab armies of the free sovereign Jewish State of Israel. These invading Arab armies are the primary reason Muslim Arabs fled their homes with the understanding they would return after the butchery of Jews. Guess what happened though? The fledgling Israel with the union of Jewish militant underground groups that existed to protect Jews from Jew-hating Muslims and a leaving British military that had swung to an affinity to Arabs over the Jews, miraculously came together to hold off and defeat the far numerical forces of the invading Arab armies.


The result of the Arab loss was the creation of Arabs that were homeless for supporting the invading Arab armies. The irony of the newly created 1948 Arab refugees was that the repulsed Arab nations refused to absorb the refugees they created. Indeed there was by design a plan to keep these Arab refugees in flux as an excuse for future invasions of Israel to champion the return of Jew-hating Arab refugees to homes they previously lived in (but not necessarily owned).


The truth is the invading Arab armies had the intention of creating a sovereign Arab Palestine on the backs of the slaughter of Jews. The Arab nations behind the invading armies had the intention of establishing sovereign Palestine out of the former British Mandate for Palestine; however there was mistrust of each other among Arab nations that participated in the invasion: primarily Egypt, Jordan and Syria (with perhaps some small spoils going to Lebanon and Iraq).


True, Arab armies in 1948 were badly led, badly trained, and uncoordinated. Arab regimes distrusted and disliked the Palestinian leadership and bickered among themselves, striving for individual advantage. This pattern, too, was often repeated in later years. Abdallah secretly negotiated with the Zionists but they distrusted him, knew he couldn’t control the other leaders, and he offered too little.


Still, the consensus was, in the words of a U.S. intelligence report, “The loosely organized, ill-equipped armies of the Arab nations do not have any capabilities against a modern opponent but they do have the strength to overrun Jewish resistance in Palestine….”


It didn’t work out that way. The nascent Israeli forces gained ground against the Husseini and Qawukji forces before the Arab states’ invasion then largely won the ensuing international war. (SELF-MADE NAKBA by Barry Ruben; Think-Israel; May-June 2008 Featured Stories – Emphasis Mine)


Now that most Evangelical Christians are supportive of the existence of Israel, Christians residing in Muslim dominated nations are beginning to experience rising persecution by Muslim rioters oft time instigated by radical Islamic religious elements within Muslim nations.


Does anyone in the West stand up for Christians that are experiencing ethnic cleansing in Muslim nations? As far as I know the closest group of people exposing Islamic persecution of Christians are anti-Islamist educators and the Evangelical Christians often labeled as Christian Zionists due to their support for a strong Israel. NO ONE ELSE in the West in governments or in the private sector has condemned the decimation of Christian communities in the Muslim world.


Carolyn Glick has pointed out that many Christians are supportive of some the despotic governments in the Muslim world because they perceive a modicum of protection from the actions of Islamist inspired hatred toward Christians in Muslim nations. The perception is inaccurate and is based on centuries of dhimmitude.


The basis of Muslim nation dictatorships protecting Christians is based on the ability of Christians using their feet to flee nations because of persecution. Since Iraq was liberated from the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein the focus of religious strife has been on the minority Sunni Muslim population and the majority Shia Muslim population. Little has been said about the near million person Christian population being decreased by acts of Islamic terrorism with very little protection of the current Iraqi regime.  


Recently the head of the Lebanese Maronite Church visited Paris and publically decried if the West topples the Syrian regime of Assad, he fears that Christians will receive the same persecution that other Muslims nations have executed with the toppling of a dictator. This prediction seems to be backed up by Missionary Terry Law that has shared from his experiences in preaching the Gospel in Middle Eastern nations that Christians fear the results of the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is developing into a Christian Winter for Middle Eastern Christians.


The European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ) submitted a report on Christian persecution in Muslim nations to European nations on January 25, 2011. The report (PDF) demonstrates the cruelty that these Christians face as a whole.


One of the largest Christian populations among Muslim nations is in Egypt. Egyptian-Coptic Christians represent 10% of the Egyptian population. With the Obama abandonment of Hosni Mubarak there has been a greater and greater influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) over the Muslim-Egyptian population. The MB influence is evidenced by the Egyptian government and military either looking away as persecution happens to Christians or outright aiding in the persecution of Christians.


The West is so hampered by political correctness and the fear of offending Muslims that there is all the appearance that Muslim nations are enabled to the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Muslim nations.




It is time for Western governments – especially the American government – to become more involved in protecting the rights of Christians in Muslim nations. Protection means more than the occasional press conference publically announcing the verbal displeasure and verbal denunciation of the ethnic cleansing of Christians.


JRH 10/12/11

Palestine! What is the West Thinking?

No Negotiation w-MadDog Terrorists lg

John R. Houk

© March 18, 2011


Ari Bussel writes (See below my thoughts) of the absurd double standard placed on Israel. Between Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians, all blame for violence is Israel’s and everything Palestinian terrorists do is justified because of Israel’s penchant to keep the land that is Jewish.


Is Israel inherently a brutal despotic dictatorship that always brutalizes Palestinians? Is Israel brutalizing non-Jewish Israeli citizens? The big picture answer is no.


Are Arabs that call themselves Palestinians a nation of laws and civil rights? Do these Palestinians respect the rights of non-Muslims under their authority? Are Palestinians an inherently civil culture that is shocked and dismayed when non-Muslims are persecuted, tortured and/or murdered grievously? The big picture answer is NO.


Jewish Israel exists as a haven for Jews to be free from anti-Semitism and to live as a nation of laws and civil rights even for citizens that are not Jewish.


Arabs that call themselves Palestinians exist because invading Arab armies struck fear of a coming Jewish Holocaust in 1948 thus causing an exodus of Arabs from Israel proper to wait out the expected butchery of Jews. Once the invading Arab armies got their butts kicked (except Jordan’s British led and trained Arab Legion), the Arabs that fled thinking to return under the aegis of Muslim law undoubtedly with the imposition of some portion of Sharia Law became refugees. The 1948 refugees created by Islamic Supremacism’s hubris after not excepting the sovereignty of any non-Muslim nation in once conquered and islamized area. The newly created refugees expected any remaining Jews that were lucky to survive the expected Arab victory would be reduced to second class citizens that would be forbidden to openly practice their faith without special permission and NEVER in a way that might be offensive to Islam.


Regardless of the differences in concepts of freedom between Jews and Sharia influenced Muslims the West continuously makes Israel a villain and Arabs that call themselves Palestinians the victim. Where is the Western evolved democratic institutions and rule of law affinity that should exist sympathetically between Israel and the West? Creating a Palestinian State is lunacy rather than peace.


JRH 3/18/11

Comment by Ashraef

Here is a comment from one who would describe himself as a moderate Muslim but I would describe as a transformative Muslim. Radical Muslims or Islamists or Salafis or Wahhabis are the purist Muslims seeking a reform back to the days of Mohammed’s initiation of brutal conquests. A transformative Muslim wishes to eschew the elements of Islam that underline violence as the primary theme of theology.

Ashraef Ahmed is primarily addressing fellow Muslims as in an open letter. As a Westerner the letter is awesome. As a Christian I still a bit of Islamic Supremacism; however I’m a Christian Supremacist in a New Testament kind of way. Thus, I can’t be too critical.

JRH 10/5/10 (Original Post Date)


Comment by Ashraef

Sent: Oct 1, 2010 at 10:38 PM

Comment: Ashraef Ahmed [to] Brothers and sisters,

The Islamic community in the West is suffering as a direct result of the radical elements within Islam that have hijacked our religion and turned it into a faith of terror. You make us look like barbaric uneducated uncivilised people. STOP!

The internet is full of Hate speeches by Islamic Clerics. The internet, media, press have exposed the weakness within Islam. We are unable to control Muslims perverting the Holy Koran; they have portrayed us as evil inconsiderate monsters. Our non-Muslim friends in the West have every right to be critical. It is time for us to be honest and reclaim and take ownership of our faith Islam. Why are we allowing radicals to destroy our image to the whole world? Where are our honest leaders? Where is the peace of Islam?

As you are all aware the spot light is now focused on Islam all over the world. Let’s be totally honest with each other, since 9/11 the West has become terrified of Islam, and rightly so… Muslims are NOT terrorists and we are good people wanting to live in peace. So why is only the modern-day terrorists threatening the world are radical Muslims? Why are we silent, while they totally shame our faith? I do not blame the West, America, or any one; I blame these radicals that have hijacked Islam and destroyed any notion Islam is a peaceful religion.

I find it incredible that our Islamic leaders cannot or will not recognize this and deal with it. As a group of Muslims in the West we have some basic questions to ask Our Islamic leaders, so they may understand our concerns and why there is so much hatred and annex towards Islam. Why is the Islamic community allowing terrorists to hijack their religion to justify hideous attacks on Western countries? What are the “moderate Muslims” doing to prevent abuse of their religion by their radical brothers and sisters in Islam? When the Muslim community continually does nothing except complain about the reaction of the West to the radical elements in Islam and labeling them “Islamophobics”, what do we expect them to do? Are we doing nothing about them? It is the responsibility of every moderate Muslim to claim ownership of Islam and openly denounce any Muslim abusing or using the Koran to ratify their evil acts. Do you agree that when civilized Muslims take control of Islam, people might view us in a different light? Do the Muslim nations agree it should not [be] up to the Western nations to clean up the mess left behind by radical Islamists? We totally accept that as a direct result of the inaction of the Islamic community, the West has no option but to protect ourselves? [Perhaps the author means themselves?]

We have failed to protect our religion! Are we aware everyone has the right of self-defence; this is not solely an Islamic or Koranic teaching? As true Muslims we feel ashamed and embarrassed by the 100,000’s of YouTube videos and internet sites where our religious leaders are promoting absolute vile barbaric and evil doctrines in the name of Islam. Shameful! What are our Islamic leaders doing to protect the name of Islam from these radicals? These people are the ones totally damaging the name of Islam and turning the West against Islam. What is the Muslim community doing about them or going to do about them and when? When is Islam going to accept responsibility for the evil actions of radical Muslims acting in the name of ALLAH? What does the Koran tell us Muslims about dealing with any Muslim perverting the word of the Koran?

You must be aware the world is now a very small place, due to technology we in the West “hear and see everything in the Muslim world via Internet, TV, media, etc”. Radical Islamists must realize their barbaric extreme actions are viewed with complete revulsion and disgust by Muslims and non-Muslims. No we have some young Muslims here wanting to follow in the footsteps of these evil people. These small but radical Muslims come across as barbaric uncivilized people much to the detriment of Islam. For example look at their reaction when one Pastor threatened to burn a Koran, the Islamic community went into a frenzy and mass demonstrations. It would have been better to show composure, maturity and simply issue a clear statement stating this act is unchristian and unhelpful in every way and will pray for him and leave it at that.

The West would have turned against him. By contrast the hypocrisy as countless of radical Muslims come out and threaten Western nations and post evil inciting speeches based on the Koran and calling “god is great” yet there is not a whisper from any Muslim, Moderate or otherwise.

You make Islam and the Muslim people look like foolish ignorant hypocrites. More so we ask, what are Islamic scholars going to do about the suras in the Koran that incite violence, call for the killing of Jews and Christians, and prohibiting people from leaving Islam, and condoning lying to infidels? Why does Islam feel the need to come out and attack our Jewish brothers and sisters and call for the elimination of Jews and Israel? This is only adding fuel to the fire, and it does make us look like an evil race of people following evil hatred.

Why does the leader of Iran come out and threaten Israel and the Jews in the most disgraceful inciting and hateful way? Can the Islamic community see – it is their Muslim brothers that are damaging the reputation and the name of Islam? Where is the voice of the civilised Muslim, the educated Muslim, and the peaceful Muslim? All the messages to the West are hatred, evil, violence, terror. Of course they are going to hate us, let us as a community become honest with ourselves? If the West does something we dislike, we must react in a civilised, diplomatic manner and not have mad men come out declaring war in the name of Islam?

Who is in control of our faith, our Leaders, Clerics, The radical elements and the terrorists? We do not have ONE voice to speak out on our behalf with reason, tolerance and as a role model for Islam. You have allowed barbaric terrorists to destroy our image, our reputation, our standing and our self-esteem. The Islamic communities in Islamic nations must understand, that 95% of Westerners are by far more highly educated, well read and liberal minded than they can ever imagine. They are not fools or stupid that will be swayed by threats of violence, terrorism, deception or lies.

How do we explain all the hatred and evil on the Net: look at You Tube? Clean yourselves up and stop self-destructing and blaming others. You are foolish for allowing this to happen in the first place. It is NOW, yes NOW, time for Islam to stop pointing the finger, claim ownership of Islam, control the Muslims and clean out own house, our image, our approach and our mindset.

The fact is if our Islamic leaders and community take direct and firm action against any radicals within the ranks of Islam, there would be no need for external intervention by any one. We would be viewed as truly a peaceful religion, not an unruly religion where everyone is free to do what they want in the name of Islam. It is time that Islam rescues its own reputation and uproots the core of the cause destroying the name of Islam. The Islamic leaders are fully aware of the problem, just as we are in the West. Our Islamic Leaders must immediately demonstrate to the world they are in control of the destiny of Islam and it is not in the hands of a minority radical element. They must condemn and excommunicate the entire “Islamic brotherhood” [Perhaps the author means the Muslim Brotherhood] in Egypt.

Everyone in the West, as you are aware, are the chief promoters of Jihad, Shariah and terrorism all over the world. It is no secret. It is all over the Net and the media and the latest report released in America on 15/9/2010 [I am uncertain of the report referred to by the author; however this report was produced circa 9-15-10].

Islam must stop thinking they can continue to wash their hands of the root causes and blame everyone else. No one is stupid. All over the world they are aware of the manner the Copts get treated. They [i.e. the West has seen] the reaction to comments by a Bishop [SlantRight Google Search:Muslim Body Sets Conditions for Christian Citizenship in Egypt”].

What is the matter with you all? Do not react like animals: the Torah and Bible have been scrutinised, examined and debated for 2000 years. They [i.e. Jews, Christians and the West] don’t go wild. [The] “Da Vinci Code” [was written and made into a movie], not one demonstration or act of violence, we must learn from this. We as Muslims have nothing to hide; we are not scared to answer questions about the Koran. If someone says something or asks a question, we answer them and educate them. We don’t react like stupid fools unable to answer a question. In the West they see the way Muslims treat the Copts. That [is] image of Islam they get [and] makes them hate us and not trust us.

Everyone in the West knows the Copts are natives of Egypt. Islam, they see what you have done in Egypt and they believe we will do the same in their countries. Look at all of Europe everyday in the news because of Islam. How do you think the rest of the world views this?

Islam must show we can live in peace, tolerance, equality and love. I do not blame them, I blame the Islamic clerics that brainwash them and places hatred and evil in the hearts and incite them to commit evil acts. AT the SAME TIME these clerics live in safety and will not expose themselves to harm, prosecution or courts. This is wrong and madness. Again we remind you all the problem is within Islam not the West; especially after 9/11 it succeeded in turning the world focus on Islam and put us under the microscope. They have every right [to be upset]. If the same thing happened to us in an Islamic country, the Islamic community would have burned down their own countries’ in mass protest.

Finally the request for a Mosque at Ground Zero shows a complete lack of empathy, sympathy, consideration, remorse or respect. Do not add insult to injury. All it has done is increase the worldwide hatred and condemnation of Islam. Please have civilized educated people take control of Islam all over the world. It would be such a wonderful gesture if an Islamic Leader came out and said,  “After due consideration, the Islamic community will not seek to build a Mosque on scared [I presume the author means “sacred”] ground where so many innocent people lost their lives at the hands of a foolish terrorists perverting the name of Islam.”

We as Muslims should let the Americans heal their wounds from this evil act. We as Muslims in an Islamic nation would [n]ever – ever – ever allow a religious building on a site where adherents of that faith committed a similar evil act. It is time to treat each other equally with respect, dignity, decency and consideration. I can only hope and pray.

Ashraef Ahmed


NOTE: I have run a spell check. Also in places I added words in brackets that was not in the original. Also I placed some clarification in italics embraced by brackets. I also believe Ashraef Ahmed learned his/her (sorry about the uncertainty) English in a British influenced nation. Some of the words have a British spelling. I tried to leave those alone.