Are Western Governments Volunteering Dhimmitude?

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John R. Houk

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Now this sounds crazy to me, let’s see if you agree.


Imran Firasat used to be a Muslim living in Pakistan. He converted to Christianity in a nation that places a lot of faith in Islamic Sharia Law. Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws are based on Sharia Law. Thus the Blasphemy Law that agrees with Sharia is a death sentence for leaving Islam to any other religion.


I am uncertain of the details, but the good news for the Christian convert Imran Firasat was the offer of refugee status in the nation of Spain.


At some point while living in Spain Firasat became an activist exposing Islam as a religion of hate when it comes to non-Muslims, especially after a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim. In America we take religious freedom for granted almost as holy writ in our Constitution. That right of religious freedom right after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution with the passing of the first ten Amendments to the Constitution that have been termed the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.


The First Amendment guarantees Americans Religious Freedom, Free Speech, Free Press and the right to addresses grievances to the government.


European nations have diluted Free Speech if an individual is found to be offensive to another religion. The word “religion” is a pc tool meaning – do not offend – Muslims and homosexuals but offend Christians all you want. If you read or listen to any pro-Islam or homosexual activist media and those sites specifically encourages violence or death to Christians or Jews it is unlikely that any Western government will take legal action to hinder those attacks. AND contrarily if a Biblical believing Christian condemns Islam as an anti-Christ religion or condemns homosexuality as an ungodly and sinful lifestyle, Muslims and homosexuals in most Western governments can take legal action civilly (primarily) and criminally (gaining ground) against that Christian. In America the First Amendment still prevails; however American Leftists having been attempting to dilute Free Speech to European standards for years.


This is where the bad news enters for Imran Firasat. As an ‘Expose Islam’ activist Spain has revoked Farasat’s refugee status and is in the process of deporting back to Pakistan. Does the Spanish government know what will happen to ex-Muslim Farasat upon a return to Pakistan? OF COURSE THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO A DEPORTED FIRASAT!


Firasat would be arrested stuck in a Muslim prison to experience abuse from Muslim guards and Muslim inmates then convicted to await execution. A convicted ex-Muslim might be murdered in jail awaiting his execution.


NOW does that sound crazy or what!?


Firasat’s expose Islam fervor led him to make a 70 minute documentary entitled “The Innocent Prophet”. This should not be confused with the so-called parody and poorly made movie entitled “The Innocence of Muslims” which President Obama attempted to blame for the Benghazi Massacre of American Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.


Firasat’s “The Innocent Prophet” is a professionally accomplished documentary that exposes Islam from its own written texts. (As long as Youtube keeps it available) Thanks to the Gates of Vienna below is Firasat’s documentary The innocent Prophet:



Here is a moment of full disclosure: Leftists and Muslim apologists as well of some Spanish media that are considered to the Right politically published reports that Imran Firasat was wanted for a grisly murder in Indonesia. He was in fact exonerated of the charge. Here is an excerpt from Aquí Confidencial with a Google English translation:


Imran Firasat went from freedom fighter to ‘kebab Ripper’ by a false accusation. After proving his innocence wants to clear his name.


A single complaint can change anyone’s life, let alone three. Breaking an image and a stamp of guilt on the forehead of an innocent is as simple as make the slightest media attention with controversial accusations. Imran Firasat can tell. This 33 year old Pakistani renounced Islam and settled in Cantabria in 2004, looking to start a new life in the West. Years later, he would face charges of all shapes and sizes, from robbery by intimidation scam, through the bloodiest of them all after dismemberment murder. All of them proved false.

For Imran cause is more than clear. Speaking to DAILY HERE, explains that after his arrival in the region, started a blog in which he expressed his disagreement with his old belief and denounced the violation of human rights that shield certain countries under Islamic law enforcement. His particular condition caught the attention of several media, both national as Cantabrians, which allowed him to publish articles and opinion columns in a dozen rotary and television networks.

As in his country, this stiff opposition to Islam (eventually publishing on your website even caricatures of Muhammad, considered crime to this religion) earned him many detractors and death threats which he attributes to “Muslims living in Spain “. Imran said his last text, published in the newspaper ABC, provoked strong physical attacks and insults against him. Fearing for the integrity of his wife and two children, born in Cantabria, Spain decided to stop for a while. After his departure began the first legal difficulties: a complaint for fraud by former associates of his wife, who ran next to a kebab restaurant, which also accused him of fleeing the country.

The media previously published their views not happy even tried to contact him, assuming valid accusations. Imran says first that “I never had no intention of returning to Spain because it is my country.” “There were problems between the partners,” he adds, “I never cheated” argument demonstrated after being acquitted of this charge.

In this period he settled temporarily in Indonesia, where he stuck to his anti-Islamic crusade in the network and on the street, prompting a strong rejection and persecution that led him, after being expelled from China, to seek political asylum in Spain. Once awarded this degree, in the past year 2010, the Jakarta police made an international arrest warrant for the crime of kidnapping, murder and dismemberment, under penalty of death replaceable by a prison term of 15 years. (Aquí Confidencial; by Guillermo San Emeterio, 25/05/2011 21:27 – Google Translation)


In an article at WND by Taylor Rose draws the scenario that Spain is setting the precedent to comply to the desires of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly ‘Conference’) to criminalize all considered insults to the religion of Islam.


Such a precedent if implemented in all of Europe essentially turns Europeans into dhimmis. This dhimmitude is not by bloody conquest as in the past but by striking oil-economic fear into the West that in turn enacts laws that criminalizes anything that is perceived as an insult to Islam.


AGAIN I ASK: Does that sound crazy or what?


JRH 1/14/13


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