The Door is About to Shut for Americans


I am neither an economist nor a tax specialist; however I can read and watch television. The information I do understand is rather gloomy. It seems to me a little reform to the tax system and how the Federal government manages the creation of money coupled with factors of debt and revenue quite probably would bring a measure of confidence to the American Dollar and the American economy. This is a case that if the status quo remains unchanged then the gloom and doom has a greater probably of occurring than not.


Here is some information I received from Tony Newbill that is on the gloom and doom side if the status quo remains.


Tony sent a number of links two of which were the same story from different websites. In essence the gloom and doom portrayed by Tony’s links is that the American economy will collapse and if you have assets you had better invest them in a stable foreign market (Where in the world is that?) and/or begin a preparation supplying oneself (with your family and/or a network of people) for the coming scarcity of food and water because the U.S. Dollar will become worthless.


Below is the best link.


JRH 6/10/11

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