Abortion and Crime Rate Part 1

Steve Sailer 2




Adam Houk who sent a statistical hypothesis debunking the myth that abortions lower crime rates sent a link that has a series of statistical analyses that demonstrates that the abortions lower crime rates economics statistician Steve Levitt’s stats were flawed. Levitt’s book entitled “Freakanomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything” proclaims that statistics show surprising results on many held beliefs. One portion examined abortion and crime. He believes his statistics that abortion lowers the crime rate. The rebuttals to Levitt’s claim about abortion and crime are by Steve Sailer. The webpage shows Sailer’ debunking of Levitt’s claim about abortion was written in 2005.


Adam is excited that a more in depth statistical challenge exists that debunks the myth that abortions lower the crime rate. Adam says in his email with the link:


Wow I looked further into this and found a person that actually went into more detailed research than I.  He came up with the same exact conclusion even as far as stating that it was good moms that were more likely to have abortions and not bad moms.


So my speculation is no longer speculation there was actually studies that proved it.


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