No More Dem Witch Hunts – Elect Bice OK-5

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I live in Oklahoma. I do not live in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District whose current incumbent is Pelosi/Schiff in the tank Dem Kendra Horn who voted along with other Dems (less two) to proceed with an Impeachment inquiry against President Trump when no one – as in ZERO – can list an impeachable offense.


Of course the Republicans haven’t held their primary yet in Oklahoma. According to Ballotpedia (uncertain of site’s last update), here is a list of Republicans looking to unseat impeachment-nutcase Horn:


Republican primary candidates



According to the same Ballotpedia link the Oklahoma primary and general election dates are as follow:


Primary: June 30, 2020
Primary runoff: August 25, 2020
General: November 3, 2020


If I lived in OK-5 I would toss my support behind Stephanie Bice who seems to be running the best campaign so far to get her name out there. But to be honest (unless one of these GOP candidates is a Never Trumper), I’d vote for any of them to unseat an Impeach-Trump-Dem like Kendra Horn. Bice is a Trump supporter. Here’s an excerpt from her bio on the Bice Campaign website:

In a few short years, Stephanie Bice has earned a reputation as one of Oklahoma’s most effective conservative leaders. Elected to the State Senate in 2014, Stephanie serves as Assistant Majority Floor Leader in the Oklahoma Senate and Chair of Senate Finance Committee.



As chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Stephanie has led efforts to control state spending, which includes requiring legislative approval of line-item budgets for Oklahoma’s largest state agencies.


Stephanie’s leadership skills and abilities garnered state and national attention. She received the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Rising Star award and was selected a member of the Governing Institute Women in Government Leadership Class of 2016.


A pro-life conservative, Stephanie has been endorsed by Oklahoma Right to Life and has maintained an A-rating from the National Rifle Association.




Like anyone running a campaign for Office, she is looking support. On a campaign update Stephanie Bice scored an endorsement from Folds of Honor Sr. Vice President and retired Major Ed Pulido author of “Warrior for Freedom”.


You can go to the Bice Campaign link HERE which also has a video endorsement of Major Ed Pulido. For a little inspiration for supporting Stephanie Bice the Major Pulido endorsement is below:


VIDEO: Major Ed Pulido Endorses Stephanie Bice


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Nov 12, 2019




I got this message from Fascistbook (11/13/19):


“You’re temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups that you do not manage until November 20 at 7:05 PM.” So PLEASE share in your groups especially if you are from Oklahoma. My Conservative voice is currently in a restricted Facebook jail.


JRH 11/15/19


Why is Kendra Horn staying silent?

As a voter in Oklahoma I reside in Congressional District 1. Republican Kevin Hern is my Representative. Living in Oklahoma I’m a bit mystified anyone votes for lying Dems. Because of this I’ve been supporting Republican candidate Stephanie Bice to unseat Dem Kendra Horn of the 5th Congressional District.


Below is an email sent to Bice supporters question Kendra Horn’s stance on the Dems agenda to impeach President Trump solely based on lies and Fake News.


JRH 10/2/19


Why is Kendra Horn staying silent?

Sent by Stephanie Bice

Sent 10/2/2019 9:40 AM

Sent via Stephanie Bice For Congress




Democrat Kendra Horn has been having a hard time lately. She knows that the vast majority of Oklahomans oppose impeaching President Trump, but she’s afraid of upsetting her party boss and ideological ally Nancy Pelosi.


Just this week, Kendra said she supports, “a process that is thoughtful, intentional and bipartisan.” Well last time I checked, this politically-driven impeachment antic has been anything but “thoughtful.”


Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, have been leading a fact-less partisan tirade to take down our duly elected President, all while Kendra Horn sits silent on the sidelines.


I’m running for Congress to give residents of Oklahoma’s 5th District the conservative representation they deserve, and to push back against these hyper-partisan Democrat investigations. Can you donate today to help me defeat Kendra Horn and give Oklahoma a real leader who will put Oklahoma above partisan politics?


Kendra Horn’s non-answers and deflections about impeachment are a silent approval of her party’s reckless inquiry — and I want to make it very clear, we deserve better than Kendra Horn’s silence.


I am against the impeachment inquiry because I believe Oklahomans are tired of the political circus in Washington. Kendra Horn lacks the courage to oppose her liberal colleagues on impeachment, and because of this she needs to be replaced in 2020.


Please make a donation today, and help me show Kendra Horn we’ve had enough of her non-answers on impeachment.


Thank you,

Stephanie Bice







Paid for by Bice for Congress


PO BOX 21315
Oklahoma City, OK 73156



Help Stephanie Bice unseat Okie Dem Kendra Horn in the State’s 5th Congressional District. Bitly link to support Bice:


VIDEO: Stephanie Bice End of Quarter Message


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Sep 26, 2019


JRH 9/29/19


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