Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Muhammad Ali Jinnah


Intro to ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’

Intro by Editor: John R. Houk

Post date: August 12, 2015

Author: Shamim Masih

Shamim begins his exposure of the treatment of Christians in Pakistan by quoting a former Pakistani Supreme Court Justice in his first paragraph which I updated from an English language report on the Daily Times of Pakistan. Perhaps you should read the entire link because Dost Muhammad Khan laments the radical Islam as a doctrinal error overtaking Islam. That means that D.M. Khan is what we here about in the USA as a moderate Muslim believing the true Islam (actual quote: “the glorious and balanced philosophy and message of Islam”) is not the same faith as that practiced by a huge amount of Sunni Muslims in Pakistan.

I believe former Justice Khan is sincere of his perception of Islam; however if indeed his sincerity is actual his understanding of the Islam founded by the pseudo-prophet Mohammed and perpetuated for centuries by that theopolitical religion’s leaders (political and religious leadership was one and the same especially in Islam’s first thousand years or so) is actually represented primarily in the Quran as well as that document’s commentaries of Hadith and Sira. Those three termed together by Bill Warner as Islam’s trilogy (See Also HERE) reveal an ideology that is much closer to the practices exemplified by what the U.S. media often calls Radical Islam.

Shamim culminates his thoughts with the typical belief of all Pakistanis that believe they live in a nation founded upon equal rights for all religious beliefs:

Is this the country, founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamed for?

One: Jinnah died shortly after the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was founded. Two: Jinnah’s successor leaders planted the seeds for the domination of Radical Sunni Islam in Pakistan. Three: I am uncertain of the actuality of Jinnah to an equal rights Pakistan (HERE is an anti-Jinnah video from a radical Sunni perspective).

Shamim’s dream of a secular social justice Pakistan based on the civil rights thoughts of Muhammad Ali Jinnah probably will not occur in Shamim Masih’s time.

After the Justice Khan quote Shamim proceeds to write of a few of the persecuted Christians beginning with Asia Bibi’s plight.

JRH 8/12/15

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 8/11/2015 4:07 PM

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court of Pakistan Justice Dost Muhammad Khan “on Saturday said that God would judge each person deeds according to His justice; therefore, judges should render expeditious justice to litigant public and earn the pleasure of God.”

In June 2009, Asia Noreen, known as Asia Bibi lived in a village of Dist. Sheikhupura had arguments with Muslim women for drinking water in the same cup. She was subsequently accused of insulting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, although she denied but was arrested and imprisoned. In November 2010, a judge sentenced her to death. Additionally, a fine of the equivalent of $1,000 was imposed with the verdict and thus mother of five became the first woman condemned to death in Pakistan on blasphemy charges.

In October 2014, her death sentence had been confirmed by the Lahore High Court – LHC. A month later, in November 2014, Asia Bibi filed an appeal in the Supreme Court as her final legal recourse, dashing hopes the conviction might be overturned or commuted to a jail term. After five year on the death row, in July 2015, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has suspended her execution given leave to appeal. But no hearing date was set.

The execution of Asia Bibi has been suspended and will remain suspended until the decision of this appeal, her lawyer told media outside the court. However Asia Bibi will remain in jail between life and death. Bibi’s blasphemy case has become the most controversial blasphemy case in the world.

Although Pakistan has never executed anyone for blasphemy but some people accused of the offence in the past have been lynched by crowds. Lawyers, judges and those seeking to reform the blasphemy laws have been threatened, attacked or even killed.

Since General Zia ul Haq included the stringent blasphemy law in the constitution violence worsens in Pakistan. Thousands of the people have charged under this law since then. Prior to 1986, only 14 cases pertaining to blasphemy were reported. According to sources, 51 people accused of blasphemy were murdered before their respective trials were over.

Christians along with other minorities in Pakistan face discrimination and persecution by the state and fellow citizens. They are routinely accused of blasphemy and attacked or jailed. Their homes and churches are burned down; young girls are kidnapped, raped and are forcefully converted to Islam and married. If I do remember, since Shanti Nager violence, Christians find it nearly impossible to get justice from the state when they are harassed or discriminated against.

Since then thousands of the Christians have fled to U.N. refugee camps in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other countries. Where they are mistreated and see no future even. To acquire Thai and Malaysian visas is not difficult.

On the other hand European and the US does not allow any Pakistani Christian to enter in fearing they will go for asylum. Thus mostly they are refused even if they are genuine [persecuted refugees].

According to a report, the motive behind the Badamibagh, Lahore incident was a personal grudge, but Sawan Masih was sentenced to death accused of blasphemy. Many Christians are behind bars accused of the [reprisal] lynching [of Muslims] in Youhanabad. There are many laws and social norms firmly in place to ensure that Christians don’t dare think beyond what is prescribed for them.

This is very unfortunate that the judiciary, government and its law enforcement agencies are not serious to resolve minority issues and have failed to protect minorities while parliament had failed to end discrimination among all nations of the country. Is this the country, founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamed for?

Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Pakistan Today, (About Pakistan Today)

Blogger and Human Rights Activist

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The only link within Shamim’s essay by the Editor is the quote by Dost Muhammad Khan.


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Muslims Pleasing allah Lahore Pakistan

For the most part the majority of Christians residing in Pakistan are poverty stricken of hold jobs a Muslim would consider beneath their dignity. And yet there some well-to-do Christians in Pakistan. Unfortunately many of the better off Christians are in the pocket or under the thumb of the ruling Muslim elites of Pakistan. This creates a gap between the more numerous impoverished Christians and Christians under a better living environment. Shamim Masih writes about this social injustice which is perpetuated by the Islamic Supremacist minded Muslims of Pakistan.


Pakistan Population – Muslim and Christian


Total Population: 196,174,380 (July 2014 estimation – Theodora.com)


Sunni Percentage: 85-90% (Theodora.com) Doing the calculator at 90%: 176,556,942 Sunnis


Christian Population: 2.8 Million (NYT 3/24/15) Using the Theodora.com total population that is 1.4% of the total.


Keeping in mind the statistical proportions between Sunni Muslims and Christians, digest the gravity in these few paragraphs on win1040.com looking specifically at Pakistan:


This increased persecution has caused panic. Over 16,000 Christians have fled, seeking asylum in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. In an attempt to end this mass exodus, authorities illegally removed more than 1000 Pakistani Christians from their flights in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. Sri Lanka has detained them as refugees.

The nation of Pakistan has moved to number 8 on the 2014 Open Doors World Watch List of the worst persecutors of Christians in the world. Window International Network Partners pray for Pakistan on Day 28 in accordance with the Praying Through the Window 9: Global Terrorism and World Religions prayer calendar. (Christian Persecution in Pakistan Dramatically Escalates; win1040.com)



JRH 5/21/15

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By Shamim Masih

Sent: 5/20/2015 9:26 PM


ISLAMABAD: Everything rises and falls on leadership, said Pastor Henry Madava. Nelson Mandela, who led South Africa from apartheid to democracy, was a humble, persuasive and inspirational figure who advocated peace, democracy and human rights. He said, “Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice for the freedom of their people.” After years of being accused of surrounding himself with Old Etonians, David Cameron moved to shed his image for being out of touch with a “Blue Collar” reshuffle. The Prime Minister promoted a slate of school-educated ministers to key roles as he unveiled his first Conservative-only government. Son of a Pakistani bus driver and daughter of a Ugandan shopkeeper who fled Idi Amin are two big winners in Blue Collar reshuffles. There was also promotion for comprehensive schoolboy Greg Clark, who becomes Communities Secretary, while campaigning backbencher Robert Halfon becomes Conservative party deputy chairman.  Cameron moves to promote ministers from non-privileged backgrounds.


Since my childhood, I dreamed of the day to have a contented and prosperous life, but today, my dream didn’t turn the way I imagined it, but there is nothing I can do about it. This is how Pakistani Christian communities’ lives look today, and we have to adopt. Christians represent just a sliver of the population of Pakistan. Major portions of the Christians population settled in the outskirts of the cities with dirt roads and cement-block homes. Most face daily discrimination and eke out a living by holding low-paying jobs, like street sweeping. However, they’ve carved out their own lives in the country that faces near-daily attacks by the extremists. Under Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws, anyone can be convicted of insulting Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims often take the law into their own hands, killing those suspected of blasphemy and attacking neighborhoods. Yet despite these worries, life goes on for Christians here. But I wish to attract your attention to very serious problem and I hope you will take some positive steps. The problem is non-visionary Christian leadership in Pakistan.


Pakistani Christian Politicians: When I was school boy, I saw Julius Salik [Wikipedia & WMA], who had enjoyed the protocol sitting in the flag staff car but has done nothing [Pakistan Christian Post] for the betterment of Christians. He was the only candidate, who received the highest number of votes during the general election [toward the] end [of the] eighties and had enjoyed during Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’ regime. Then we have seen many names sitting in federal and provisional assembly. During the care taker government Col. (R) Tressler [Pakistan Christian Post] had enjoyed many times during care taker tenure but instead of doing anything good for majority Christians he had tried his best to damage the Christian cause. Many unnecessary and unlawful favors were given to his family members during his tenure. During the most recent tenure, Shahbaz Bhatti was selected by the PPP government as Federal Minister for minorities. He was assassinated [Dawn] by the extremist group for being outspoken against blasphemy law. But practically neither he has taken any solid step nor done anything for community. I am not commenting on his life style he led but there is question mark as well. Nothing [was] solid work for [the Christian] community left behind his death. Rather after his death his successor wasted the offer to establish educational institution for Christians in the country. Since president Musharaf introduced the selection system on minority reserved seats in the parliament house, Christian selected members have become a rubber stamp that create fake arguments for the betterment of the community, while in the secrecy of the corridors of power they tow the line of the ruling elite.  Now we have Christian political leadership sitting in or outside the government with no vision, no commitment, and no inspirational figure is seen in this arena. The irony is that the Christian leadership has become a lame duck and is doing nothing to serve their community.


Christian Missionaries in Pakistan: Recently I read news that a Sikh removes turban to help injured child, showed true meaning of the religion. The turban is an integral part of Sikhism and is worn by many Sikhs as a symbol of love and dedication to the faith, the Sikh Coalition notes. Sikhs ties their turbans each day a commitment to the religion. Those who choose to wear turbans do not remove them in public. On the other hand, Pakistani Christians are facing many problems and suffering but our clergy never bothered to think the solutions of it, instead they are involved immoral activities. I am eye witness that during the twin churches attack in Youhanabad, father Francis Gulzar was laughing while entering in the graveyard during the funeral ceremony of the martyrs’.  Poverty is a big problem in our country, many of them have no money or not enough money to get food, clothes and get education for their children. There are many educational institutions that are run or managed by Christian missionaries. But unfortunately our religious leadership is least interested to educate the Christian children. Instead they are engage in selling church properties and earning money in the name of God. Many church leaders and their families are not religious or not leading life according to the teaching of Christ but they teach Christianity. Former Bishop of Lahore, Alexander John Malik [Pakistan Christian Post] and Bishop of Karachi, Sadiq Daniel [Express Tribune, Pakistan Christian Poster: HERE & HERE] has been involved in illegal activities and thus defaming Christian norms. Christian institutions run by Roman Catholic and Church of Pakistan are not taking Christian students for they cant pay high fees. Christian politicians sitting in the government and clergy in Lahore has reportedly played reprehensible role in Youhanabad incident. These are the same ones who have done nothing when Joseph Colony and Gojra incident accrued.


Removing barriers to success like discrimination and divisions is a necessity for success. There are many young ones dreaming of the day to have a contented and prosperous life like me. People in leadership role can help them seek out and capitalize on more opportunities, find solutions to challenges before problems and create a happier, healthier, more productive life. There is urgent need to establish equality, social justice and peace. In reference to the ongoing persecution and discrimination [of thee] suffering Christian, it is duty of the leadership to take a stand to save the rights of the community to prove themselves the real leaders, “Humble and United”.


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


MOFA, Diplomatic Correspondent, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, UN, F & S, MOST, PTI, Daily Sama Islamabad & Human Rights Activist.


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Don’t be a Thug: My 8 Rules for Success

Ted Nugent - American Patriot

Ted Nugent is not exactly an example of the paradigm image of Conservative values, yet he has passionately embraced Conservative principles and Conservative values as a life standard. With that in mind Nugent is very plain about rebuking President Obama’s social justice criticism for White America in relation to the rioting occurring in Baltimore. Check out some of these quotes to set the stage of the Nugent rebuke of the Leftist-in-Chief.
The population of Baltimore is 622,000 and 63 percent of its population is black. The mayor, state’s attorney, police chief and city council president are black, as is 48 percent of the police force. But as 36-year-old Robert Stokes says, “You look around and see unemployment. Filling out job applications and being turned down because of where you live and your demographic. It’s so much bigger than the police department.”
As posted on Breitbart.com by John Nolte, “Contrary to the emotional blackmail some leftists are attempting to peddle, Baltimore is not America’s problem or shame. That failed city is solely and completely a Democrat problem.” (The dirty little secret no one wants to admit about Baltimore; By Allen West; AllenBWest.com; 4/29/15)
And then he [i.e. Barack Hussein Obama] went off on “too many instances” of police mistreating people, primarily poor blacks.
Finally, with a plea for social programs — early education, job training, criminal justice reform – Obama said “we’ll go through the same cycles of periodic conflicts between the police and communities and the occasional riots in the streets, and everybody will feign concern until it goes away, and then we go about our business as usual.” (Obama’s muddled message: How Baltimore riots are becoming partisan fodder; By Howard Kurtz; Fox News Politics; 4/30/15)
A term used by President Barack Obama and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to characterize rioters has given new life to a debate over the word “thug.”
“Of course it’s not the right word, to call our children ‘thugs,'” Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” “These are children who have been set aside, marginalized, who have not been engaged by us. No, we don’t have to call them thugs.”
“Just call them n—–s. Just call them n—–s,” he said. “No, we don’t have to call them by names such as that.”
The Rev. Jamal Bryant drew the same comparison Wednesday morning on CNN. The President and the mayor are wrong, he said. “These are not thugs, these are upset and frustrated children.”
“It’s amazing. You don’t call six police officers who kill a man without probable cause ‘thugs,’ but children who are frustrated and don’t have an outlet, you call them ‘thugs.’ ‘Thugs’ is the 21st century word for the n-word. And it is repulsive and it is offensive to every person who is a parent trying to raise children interpreting what’s taking place in this hour.” (Black leaders slam ‘thug’ as new n-word; By Josh Levs CNN; KCCI 8 News; 4/29/15 12:02 PM CDT)
Published at WhatNow05
Published on Apr 28, 2015
JRH 4/30/15

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Don’t be a Thug: My 8 Rules for Success
Exclusive: Ted Nugent counters ‘our embarrassing president’s’ social-justice rhetoric
By Ted Nugent
Email Sent: 4/30/2015 4:55 PM
Sent from: WND

WASHINGTON, DC. – In his latest WND.com, Ted Nugent counters President Obama’s “embarrassing” social-justice rhetoric with his rules on how not to be a thug.

Social justice? Level playing field? Equal opportunity? Income inequality? Everyone should play by the same rules?

Cue the cheeky cherubs breaking through the pillowy clouds blowing sweet trumpet music in the heavenly skies.

Our embarrassing president and all the cult-of-denial goons that chant the above nonsense have clearly lost all sense of reason, logic, common sense and honesty, not to mention a basic grasp of human history.

Here’s how it works, Mr. President and all you fundamental-transformation, social-engineering America haters.

There is no social justice, and there will never be any social justice. All one has to do is honestly look at every society that has ever tried this fantasy-driven commie manipulation and criminal propaganda scam to see the human tragedy that occurs in every instance. Cuba and Russia are festering examples of power down “social justice” where incentive and work ethic have been destroyed while the bloodsuckers stand in line for their monthly bread rations.

No thank you.

And the concept of a level playing field and equal opportunity has to be the ugliest scam on Obama’s master list of brainwashing scams.

Nobody but a sad subculture of “we the sheeple” fail to grasp the real-world rules of the American Dream, and those rules go something like this, Mr. President and everyone in Baltimore and beyond:

·         Life ain’t fair – get over it. Sometimes we give the world the best we got and get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best that you got anyway! Don’t fall for the soulless nonsense of the liberal Democrat excuse makers that you’re too stupid and feeble to make it on your own. That’s just pure anti-human rot. Seize the damn day like you mean it! Every day! Dig deep into your independent soul and be the absolute very best that you can be in everything you do, and nobody can stop you!
·         Be good. Obey the law, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and all the simple rules of decency by respecting your elders and all people of authority – parents, pastors, rabbis, teachers and cops. Be an asset to yourself, your family, neighborhood and fellow man. It’s ridiculously easy and supremely gratifying.
·         Stay in school and, in spite of our embarrassing overpaid anti-education system, discipline yourself to learn how to talk properly, read, write, add, subtract, multiply and divide. There are simply no opportunities for anyone who fails basic human skills and intelligence. Everyone who has these basic skills combined with a good work ethic have unlimited opportunities. Case closed.
·         Stay clean and sober. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and garbage food will turn you into a stumbling, stinky zombie. Only stumbling, stinky zombie stoners don’t know this. Avoid stoners and zombies, for they are losers every time.
·         Get an alarm clock and learn to set it. Prove yourself to be a force to reckon with in the job market. Have good hygiene and posture, carry yourself with dignity, be positive, dress decently, forget the tattoos, bling and Watusi piercings, speak clearly and properly. Start small but think big. Kick a– on the competition; show up earlier, stay later, work harder, do more than just your job, show valiant dedication to make the business better and earn self-esteem and the upward mobility that comes with it. You won’t need any big-government babysitters to negotiate your minimum wage, because with serious effort, you will earn your own increased pay. That’s how it works.
·         Don’t fall for the sheepish lie of “peer pressure.” Don’t play follow the leader – be a leader! Stand up for what you know is right and defy the pathetic sheep around you. It feels good, and quality of life will happen as a result.
·         We are not necessarily our brother’s keepers, but don’t ignore bad, criminal or dangerous behavior by others around you. Always offer sound, friendly advice and apply as much positive pressure as you possibly can to help family and friends out of their self-inflicted quagmire.
·         Nobody owes you jack-squat. Get your own. Learn a trade. A superior carpenter, plumber, painter, welder, mechanic, electrician, musician, gunsmith, roofer, truck driver, tree trimmer, landscaper, farmer, rancher, big game guide, chimney sweep, exterminator, veterinarian, broadcaster, writer, journalist, policeman, firefighter and any number of proud, dedicated professionals will never be out of work. Superior and dedicated being the key operatives here.
So don’t fall for all the whining, lying, excuse mongering and BS’ing that is coming out of Baltimore, Ferguson, the president, the Democrats, your loser friends, much of the media and every other crybaby scam artist out there. In Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia and wherever Democrats have been in charge of things, the above 8 rules for the American Dream are nowhere to be found.

These scammers don’t want you to be successful. They don’t want you to be happy. They don’t want you to be productive. They don’t want you to be independent. They don’t want you to be the best that you can be. They just want you to keep bending over for their scams so you vote for them and keep them in power. Sad but true.

Instead, the scammers will tell you how all the problems are always someone else’s fault while they demand more and more money that they will continue to waste and squander while the sheep blindly obey their slavemasters instead of breaking free from the shackles and playing by the common-sense rules for individual success and happiness.

Read the Big 8 again. Know them, live them, celebrate them. It’s so simple, it’s stupid. Don’t be stupid.

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