Stop Raising Voice for Justice, Peace and Respect

Tahir Naveed Chaudhry  (center) & Basharat Khokhar (right)

Tahir Naveed Chaudhry (left) & Basharat Khokher (right)
Shamim Masih highlights the Christian Human Rights activism of Basharat Khokher. Then Shamim reports something of little surprise. Muslim activists err radicals have been attempting to silence Basharat.
JRH 12/24/14

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Stop Raising Voice for Justice, Peace and Respect
By Shamim Masih
Sent: 12/23/2014 11:22 PM
ISLAMABAD: Let the voices of justice, peace, and respect for law enforcement be heard. People around the world have seen the iron man protecting a Christian minor girl Rimsha (accused of burning holy papers of Islamic verses that focused international attention on Pakistan’s unsympathetic blasphemy laws) up to a helicopter outside the prison, when she was released on bail. I have also seen him during the said case protecting her attorney Tahir Naveed Chaudhry during the case trial.Rimsha Masih & Basharat Khokhar at Helocopter Although Chaudhry’s role as a lawyer was not prominent but his presence was there which won her release on bail. Later Rana Abdul Hameed, Rimsha’s attorney came in and saved her skin up to the apex court. I am an eye witness and have seen him in or outside the Islamabad courts running in rain or sun. Although I knew him before but since then we came close to each other and working together for the rights of Christians. Rimsha was held in jail before getting bail, but the cleric was later accused of fabricating evidence and the case against the girl was dropped. Later Rimsha and her family found refuge in Canada. But this man is still under threat and facing threatening calls on routine basis. Yes, he is Basharat Masih Khokhar, a police official, who had been serving as a security guard with Shahbaz Bhatti, a slain Federal Minister for minorities in Islamabad.
Basharat Khokher has been struggling for Christian rights for many years. In November, 2008, he was accused of harsh blasphemy law and a First Investigation Report (FIR) 267/08 was registered against him under 295-C and 109 Pakistan Penal Code, when he was saving a Christian colony in Rawal Dam Islamabad. He was arrested in the same case in January, 2009 and was put into prison. He remained in the jail for five months and was released on bail from Islamabad High Court on June, 2009. After he was released on bail, he was appointed as security guard to Shahbaz Bhatti, a Federal Minister for minorities. After the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti on March 2011, he worked with Dr. Paul Bhatti, his brother, during this time he left no stone unturned to save the minor Christian girl Rimsha’s life. Finally his case was discharged on the baseless allegation on June, 2011. Since then, he is under constant threats. According to him, he received many threatening calls and was attacked on September 9, 2012 at Zero point Islamabad. Basharat Khokher’s car was damaged and received injuries. Later he filed a complaint in Abbpara police station, Islamabad. On December 15, 2012, the same group followed him to his house and attacked his house. He sent his family into hiding for fear his family members would be attacked again.
Most recently, he complained at the police station and said that on December 19, 2014 at 10:37 pm, he received a phone call from a landline number that threatened him and asked to stop raising a voice against terrorism. He said that he held candle vigil against the terrorist attack in Peshawar Army ran school, which left 147 people killed including 132 school children. The voice told him to keep in mind the scene of carnage of Shahbaz Bhatti and Salman Taseer, governor Punjab.
This is really pathetic that we cry over spilled milk but do not take protective measures when the situation can be controlled and the life of a man can be saved. I have seen many Christian rights defenders [that are] much active on social media but there are few who really work hard to safe guard other’s rights, Basharat Khokhar is one of them, who act on the rights of Christian from foot. I think, he is an asset and human rights organizations should come in to raise a voice against the extremists who work behind the radicalism.
Be Blessed,
Shamim Masih
Diplomatic Correspondent, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, UN, F & S, MOST, CADD & Human Rights Activist
Daily Khabrian – in Urdu ( description – in English) & Channel – 5 (A project of Khabrian Group of papers)
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Edited by John R. Houk
All text enclosed by brackets are added by the Editor with the hope bringing clarity from an American perspective.
© Shamim Masih

Christians Persecuted in Pakistan – Shamim Masih Reports

Pakistan Injustice - Blasphemy Law

John R. Houk

© March 11, 2014


This news on the persecution of Pakistani-Christians is a bit of an update from the post “High-handed Leadership”. There are tidbits of new information in the whole article; however the portion I placed in bold print is information not found in “High-handed Leadership”.


Friends there is persecution of Christians in Muslim dominated nations. In the West only now there has been a trickle of information coming to our ears of places like the Coptics in Egypt and other Eastern Rite Churches in Syria and Iraq. BUT STILL we hear little about the persecution that has been ongoing for decades now of Pakistani-Christians.


One case that has gained notoriety in the USA the incarceration of Asia (also Aasia) Bibi for the accusation of breaking Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law in June 2009. Asia Bibi has languished in jail to this day in 2014 and has faced a death sentence for a conviction. Here is a good excerpt of her so-called nefarious crime:


I, Asia Bibi, have been sentenced to death because I was thirsty. I’m a prisoner because I used the same cup as those Muslim women, because water served by a Christian woman was regarded as unclean by my stupid fellow fruit-pickers.


Picking fruit with a group of Muslim women, Bibi was ordered to fetch water for them – and drank a bit of it herself in the stifling heat. A Muslim woman rebuked her for doing so, saying to the other women: “Listen, all of you, this Christian has dirtied the water in the well by drinking from our cup and dipping it back several times. Now the water is unclean and we can’t drink it! Because of her!”


Bibi stood up to her, responding: “I think Jesus would see it differently from Mohammed.” That drove the Muslim women into a fury, and they started yelling at Bibi: “How dare you think for the Prophet, you filthy animal!” That’s right, you’re just a filthy Christian! You’ve contaminated our water and now you dare speak for the Prophet! Stupid bitch, your Jesus didn’t even have a proper father, he was a bastard, don’t you know that. You should convert to Islam to redeem yourself for your filthy religion.”


The embattled woman stood her ground, responding: “I’m not going to convert. I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind? And why should it be me that converts instead of you?”


Several days later, she was arrested for blasphemy as an enraged mob beat her and screamed, “Death! Death to the Christian!” She has been in prison ever since, awaiting execution for her “crime.” (The Hypocrisy of the Western Christian Response to Muslim Persecution of Christians; By ROBERT SPENCER; PJ Media; 1/6/14)


Can you imagine the hysteria in 21st century USA if a Black person was beat up for drinking out of a White’s only water fountain? That kind of junk was the height of prejudicial discrimination in the American post-Civil War South that – Thank God – the Civil Rights movement ended that. Asia Bibi has been in the slammer in Pakistan since 2009 living on thin ice wondering if an execution or a pardon will come her way. You have to realize though, the American media has forgotten Asia Bibi. You only hear of Asia these days via Christian anti-persecution organizations and the less read media sources such as PJ Media which I excerpted above. (Voice of the Martyrs’ Persecution Blog seems to be following Asia Bibi. As of this writing the latest update there in 2/12/14. If click HERE you can go to a VOM link that is tagged Asia Bibi.)


The next most notable case making headlines in the USA was the Blasphemy charge against a young Pakistani girl named Rimsha Masih (Shamim Masih was involved in reporting this case).


In 2012, Rimsha Masih, a young Christian girl, was arrested for alleged blasphemy in Islamabad.


The case provoked international concern because of her age, estimated at 14, and because she was variously described as “uneducated” or suffering from Down’s syndrome.


The charges against here were eventually thrown out and last June she fled to Canada with her family. (British man sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan; By AFP; Engineering Evil cross posted from The Telegraph; 1/24/14)


Rimsha and family fled to Canada to escape Islamic Supremacist retribution. The village she lived at in Pakistan is a typical occurrence in Pakistan that almost never receives media attention in the USA; viz. Rimsha’s Christian home town fled to wherever they could hide in Pakistan for being a community that had a person accused of blaspheming living there.


Release partners say that Christians forced to flee from their homes during the Rimsha Masih (also known as Rimsha Misrik) blasphemy row are still homeless – and increasingly desperate.


Between 800 and 1,000 families from Mehrabad are still living in tents or makeshift shelters in a forest area near Islamabad, more than a year after fleeing their homes. They lack even basic services such as water and fear officials may soon move them on.


Release sources say the Christians still fear retaliatory attacks from Islamist extremists enraged by the blasphemy accusations made against Rimsha, a teenager with learning difficulties, in August 2012. (PAKISTAN – CHRISTIANS IN RIMSHA’S VILLAGE STILL HOMELESS AND FEARFUL; Release – voice of persecuted Christians; 11/20/13)


Shamim Masih tackles the extreme injustice Pakistani-Christians face on a daily basis. Shamim shares the Good News of Jesus Christ, acts in a ministry basis in charity work, he is a journalist AND importantly Shamim has stepped into the hazardous role of being a Christian activist in the Sharia Law ruled Pakistan.


Below Shamim’s article is some information on how you can support the work that Shamim does which is risky business. Please consider sending him some money to help pay the bills while he does the work that even many Missionaries from the USA are loathe to do.


JRH 3/11/14

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No More Worship Place for Pagan

Under Construction Church Bulldozed


By Shamim Masih

Sent 3/10/2014 12:30 AM


ISLAMABAD: Islamic invaders are so strong in Pakistan that they sometime challenge the government; Lal Masjid operation is one of the big examples in the Capital.  Since General Zia brought in rules and regulations which were supposed to bring Pakistani law more in tune with the Sharia, or at least the Sharia as interpreted by him and his cohorts; these laws, which included the infamous blasphemy law, had a long term impact on Pakistan’s minorities. Since then there has been a steady rise in incidents involving attacks on Christians. Persecution and attacks on religious minorities on a regular basis is being reported. Christians of Chak ¾ -L, Okara Pakistan had started construction of Church on the land donated by Akber Masih (Christian resident) of the area. They had hardly constructed walls and at the main gate they placed the sign of CROSS. As soon as soon as the Muslims saw the cross, Islamic invaders came and bulldozed the under construction church. They used a tractor to pull down the boards that held sacred Bible verses. Human rights activists intervene and lodged an FIR with police under section 295-A and 506 – B against the culprits.


Sohail Johnson, chairman Sharing Life Ministries Pakistan talking on the phone said that the invaders backing up the local politician have not been arrested so far. He reported that Mehr Abdul Sittar, ex-candidate for provisional assembly from Pakistan People’s Party – PPP has a strong hold in the area and protecting the accused. He said that Saif Ullah Doger, DCO has assured to arrest culprits and to bring them before the court but nothing is being done so far. Instead officials threaten the local Christians. He urged the local government to take strict action against them; he demands the officials to take concrete steps to ensure protection of minorities in the country.


Meanwhile Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, president PCC sent a team of his group to look into the matter. The PCC team reached there and will report to him the progress made and necessary action taken. PCC chief said that Pakistan is going through a crucial time; in this situation such hate crimes weaken the foundations of Unity, faith and deplane; the core values of the founding father.  


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Christians Persecuted in Pakistan – Shamim Masih Reports

John R. Houk

© March 11, 2014


No More Worship Place for Pagan


Edited by John R. Houk


© Shamim Masih

Special Correspondents

Daily Khabrian ( description) & Channel – 5

Human Rights Activist


Snapshot of Human Rights Activism from 2011

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist 

Secretary General of Information

Pakistan Christian Congress


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A Christian 14 years girl, Rimsha

Rimsha Masih arrest picture

Rimsha Masih’s rescue from a potential death sentence for being accused of breaking Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws should be noted to be a team effort of Christians, especially Pakistani Christians and Muslim sympathizers of Christians. Here is some thoughts of the behind the scenes actions to liberate Rimsha.


JRH 11/24/12

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A Christian 14 years girl, Rimsha


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 11/21/2012 2:02 PM


The news and views


ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN (SHAMIM MASIH): It was around mid night in Pakistan, a young Christian girl was brought in the Ramna Police Station, Islamabad accused of blasphemy law, FIR was registered against her and the very next day, she was sent to jail.


Due to the fear, about 250 Christian families were living in the said area, fled during the mean time. Displaced families tried to settle down in jungle but the local residents chased them and didn’t allow them to live there for the time being although Capital Development Authority (CDA) chairman told them to set their tents for the time being.


Rimsha was released on bail after three weeks and had drawn international condemnation and concern about the rights of religious minorities in the predominantly Muslim country. Finally Islamabad High Court decided to throw out the case which was baseless that no one has seen her burning the pages of Quran.


Pakistani Christians has welcomed the IHC decision and appreciated the efforts of administration.


Here I am presenting the views of few Pakistani Christians:


clip_image002 Akram Masih Gill (Minister of the State for National Harmony) said that it’s really victory of law. He thanked the cooperation of the administration, lawyers and media for putting hands together to win the national solidarity and peace harmony in the country. It has also been proved that blasphemy law is misused and the present government has shown its interest in it which shows that misuse of the law will not be tolerated, he added.


Akram Gill said that it’s really victory for the Christians nation and we believe that the day has come when we need to work hard for the unity of the Pakistani Christians. Especially in Rimsha case Pakistani Muslim Ullmas have played a positive role and saved the Christians people of the said vicinity from any ambiguity, he added.


clip_image004Akram Gill has also arranged the temporary livings for the displaced Christians families of Rimsha case with the coordination of chairman Capital Development Authority in H-9/2 Islamabad and he said that he is also working on the alternate permanent living for those families. He went to Mardan Church right after the incident happened. He said that he always stand with the nation and would work to save his people.


Tahir Naveed Chaudhary (MPA and Rimsha’s lawyer): He is the man who staked his life and went to save the daughter of the nation, knowing the results of two government officials, (Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti). Tahir Naveed Chaudhary Sarghoda based and selected minority member on Pakistan People’s Party seat in Punjab Assembly.


clip_image006Tahir Naveed said the Islamabad High Court’s decision to throw out the case was based on the fact that no one had seen her burning pages of the Quran. The case provoked international concern and she could, in theory, have face execution under Pakistan’s blasphemy law despite her age and reported mental problems. I have seen him running in the court premises during the sun and rain. Tahir Naveed is wonderful man having heart for Christians.


Basharat Khokhar was seen in every picture during the proceedings of the Rimsha case in the local courts, protecting his lawyer like hundreds of other Christians who witnessed the court hearings as a gesture of sympathy with the minor girl in the case. She was feared to receive the death sentence. In the tight security in Adyala Jail Rawalpindi, where Rimsha was waiting for her bail, on September 8, 2012 Basharat as employee of police and being a Christian was deployed to provide adequate security to accused Christian girl to escort her to a helicopter from the armed vehicle in the jail compound. Basharat is seen all around.


Since Ayub Masih, a Christian, was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death in 1998, no one has ever been saved. But it’s the first time that in Pakistani history.


In August 2009, six Christians, including 4 women and a child, were burnt alive by Muslim militants and their house as well as church set ablaze in Gojra, Pakistan when violence broke out after alleged desecration of a Quran in a wedding ceremony by Christians. And the same sound was heard in this area too, But this brave man has kept the situation cool and calm in the said being a police man he had been in touch……


On 2 March 2011, the only Christian Minister in the Pakistani government was shot dead. Shahbaz Bhatti, minister for minorities, was shot died. He was targeted for opposing the anti-free speech blasphemy law, which punishes insulting Islam or its prophet. A fundamentalist Muslim group claimed responsibility. Those fundamentalist are threatening him now and they had tried to tie him in the fake case of blasphemy law but luckily he was saved and judge declared him innocent.


Mr. Basharat Khokhar started receiving life threats from unknown people in month of October 2012, on his cell phone, which he brought immediately in notice of his high officials who transferred him to a police station in suburbs of Islamabad to ensure his safety.

The threats of killing Mr. Basharat Khokhar not stopped on which he and his family are living in fear and not moving outside home for minor shopping of daily grocery and sending their children to school.

Talking to Pakistan Christian Post, Mr. Basharat Khokar said that he and his family are not feeling safe in Pakistan because Islamists believe that he knows where Rimsha is hiding who is liable to be killed for [the accusation of] defiling pages of Holy Quran.

Basharat Khokhar told PCP “Islamists threat that I am also liable to be killed for hiding Rimsha, a blasphemer, while he is not aware of her hiding place nor is he in any contact with her or her family.


Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC – Manifesto) has applauded judgment of Islamabad High Court IHC to drop blasphemy charges against Christian girl Rimsha.Dr. Nazir S Bhatti

Dr. Nazir Bhatti
said that blasphemy law is being abused to settle scores against religious minorities in Pakistan and judgment on Rimsha case have proved it. PCC demands to reopen all cases lodged under blasphemy law against Christians, said Nazir Bhatti.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti added that there are more than dozen innocent Christians behind bars waiting for their trials in blasphemy cases who have been accused on business rivalry or petty disputes with Muslim complainants.


Edited by John R. Houk


Be Blessed,


Shamim Masih

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist

Secretary General 


Islamabad High Court (IHC) dismissed FIR against Rimsha

Shamim talking to Rimsha's lawyer Abdul Hameed Rana in Islamabad High Court (IHC)

Shamim talking to Rimsha’s lawyer Abdul Hameed Rana in Islamabad High Court (IHC)


Even though Rimsha Masih is safe in another country it is good know the accusation of breaking Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law has been resolved.


JRH 11/20/12

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Islamabad High Court (IHC) dismissed FIR against Rimsha


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 11/20/2012 12:04 AM


Islamabad Pakistan (Shamim Masih): The Islamabad High Court (IHC) announced its verdict today on 20th November 2012 and dismissed the First Investigation Report (FIR) filed against 14 year old Rimsha Masih, a Christian girl, accused of committing blasphemy.


According to Rimsha’s lawyer Abdul Hameed Rana, the verdict was announced on an application filed by him seeking Quashment of the FIR against Rimsha.


Earlier on November 14, the honorable chief justice IHC, Mr. Iqbal Hameed-ur-Rehman had reserved the judgment and announced it today.


Rimsha, 14 a Christian girl was arrested from the slum settlement of Islamabad on August 16 this year, when her neighbor Malik Hammad, accused her of burning pages of Quran verses. She spent three weeks in the jail and was released on bail on 8 September and flown to unknown place with her family.


Edited by John R. Houk 

Shamim Masih Emails

Shamim Masih

Edited by John R. Houk

Posted November 19, 2012


Recently I posted an article by Shamim Masih exposing Hector Aleem and probably his family of being perpetrators of hoaxes at the expense Pakistani Christians and Western Christians particularly living in the USA.


I was one of those that posted updates on Hector as if he was a persecuted Christian and have sent money occasionally. A few other American-Christians have questioned me if Shamim Masih was for real or just another trickster defaming the Aleems. And trust me; I have had comments that definitely surly and profane usually aimed at Hector’s primary spokesperson his daughter. I chalked up those comments to Islamic Supremacists that were displeased a Christian was supporting another Christian beyond the limits of Islamic Sharia Law.


Below are some Masih emails beginning with an email response to one of my queries after I first came across some of his investigative journalism pertaining to Hector Aleem. Keep in mind most of this correspondence was on the level of email brevity, which I felt needed a bit editing. I believe after you read these emails you will agree with me that Shamim Masih is a legitimate reporting journalist and that his conclusions are legitimate about Hector Aleem.


The issue of legitimacy is important because I did take some time to think before I posted the Aleem exposé and these emails. Hector’s daughter reads in a passionate supportive nature of her father on the facebook group Free Hector Aleem. I had to re-read Masih’s investigative facts and Hector’s daughter’s passion over a few times before I made the painstaking decision not to be supportive of Hector any longer.


I think that is enough said, continue on with Masih’s emails to decide for yourself if his fact finding is legitimate.


JRH 11/19/12

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RE: Hector Aleem Story: High Profile Hector Aleem Dragged Christian Families of Rawal Town Islamabad onto the Road


Shamim Masih

October 19, 2012 9:10 PM


Dear John Houk,


Greetings to you in the name of our soon coming Lord Christ Jesus.


I feel that you have kind heart and helping Christians in Pakistan, I am so grateful for this…. I am looking at these cases around Pakistan, and went everywhere in the corner of the country… I am a free lance journalist and social activist working for Christian’s rights.


My earnings are through working on assignments,


I worked on Asia Bibi, made documentary on Asia Bibi’s case for BBC world, I broke out the Rimsha’s news first time in Islamabad and raised a voice for her and local and international media picked it up, I have been very close to Rimsha’s case…. etc etc 


I am sorry, if I hurt you in any sense. 


I know this case and its history and Hector’s working which was never for the sake of Christians or for their rights but I didn’t write on it… by any means. I remain quiet… anyway, a God fearing American lady Susan, asked me to go and solve the case. So I tried and went into its depth, it took five months and the facts are placed in front of you people.


There are many things, which I didn’t write… journalism ethics.


I read the blog you mentioned, and if you observe, Mehwish is asking for money $300 or $400 like this… sorry to say it’s not a practice, lawyers don’t charge every time. Once the fee is decided, lawyers don’t charge on a daily basis… and for your kind information, Hector Aleem is discharged from blasphemy case; see the court order below: 


“In 2009, under FIR No. 767, dated 28.11.2008 under sections 295-c/109 PPC, 25-D Telegraph act, Pakistani Additional Session Judge, Muhammad Sarfraz Akhter in Rawalpindi has acquitted the accused Hector Aleem, Basharat Khokhar and Robin Masih in the same kind of case.

The court stated in its order, “in nutshell on the basis of illegalities committed by investigating agency of the police and prosecution agency the prosecution has failed to prove the charge against all the said accused persons. They are therefore, hereby acquitted of the charge.”

Now he is facing the human trafficking cases, he used to take money from the people for sending them abroad in “Peace Worldwide” name, and he used to send all Muslims to other countries not Christians…


Even then he can be released.


I have been in the same sector for the last decade and so on. I know each and everything; I can manage this issue on your part.


Be Blessed,




Life Threatened for Noble Work


Shamim Masih

10/23/2012 9:05 PM


Basharat Khokhar


I have seen Basharat Khokher (a police constable) protecting Rimsha’s lawyer Mr. Tahir Naveed Chaudhary during court proceeding in Islamabad. He went to receive Rimsha from the jail and took her to the safest place. He had also been working as a security guard for Dr. Paul Bhatti (Minister in-charge for National Harmony) and earlier for his brother (Late) Shahbaz Bhatti (Ex. Federal Minister).


When Shahbaz Bhatti received threats from militants then Khokher remain a target too. He went underground after the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti. But when Rimsha’s incident happened, he became at the front foot in guarding his bosses. He is the person who went to Meharabadi people to take Rimsha’s family out of the town taking his own life at risk and took them into his custody and remains with them for APMA. Unfortunately, Dr. Paul Bhatti pulled him out from the bunch without realizing the work he has done for Rimsha’s release. When the court announced Rimsha’s release order, he went there, taking her from the jail and placed Rimsha in a safe place along with her family.


So extremist watched him handling all the matters gallantly, and now they are threatening him. He told me that he received life threats and thus he requested his high official to provide him life security. He showed me his application to high officials.


This is how the life of a person becomes miserable who work for the people who face blasphemy cases. I also found that he himself had faced a false blasphemy case and court set him free in 2009.


Below is the court decision:


Earlier in 2009, under FIR No. 767, dated 28.11.2008 under sections 295-c/109 PPC, 25-D Telegraph act, Pakistani Additional Session Judge, Muhammad Sarfraz Akhter in Rawalpindi has acquitted the accused Hector Aleem, Basharat Khokhar and Robin Masih in the same kind of case.

The court stated in its order, “in nutshell on the basis of illegalities committed by investigating agency of the police and prosecution agency the prosecution has failed to prove the charge against all the said accused persons. They are therefore, hereby acquitted of the charge.


Khokhar’s wife was admitted to the hospital for the last couple of months. He has to take care of her and kids at home as well. All Christians are requested to pray for safety of his life.


I urge the authorities in Pakistan to:


1. Carry out an immediate, thorough and impartial investigation into the threats received by human rights defender Basharat Khokher, with a view to publishing the results and bringing those responsible to justice in accordance with international standards;


2. Take measures to ensure that government officials or other public figures refrain from making statements or declarations stigmatizing the legitimate work of human rights defenders;


3. Guarantee in all circumstances that all human rights defenders in Pakistan are able to carry out their legitimate human rights activities without fear of reprisals and free of all restrictions including judicial harassment. 


Be Blessed,


Shamim Masih

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist

Secretary General 



Albert David


Chosen Vessel of Christ: Albert David

Looking for the unity among Pakistani Christians


Shamim Masih

Sent: 10/25/2012 7:51 PM


ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN, (SHAMIM MASIH): For years Pakistani Christians are passing through hardships in different situations. Since Bhutto’s regime, he nationalized all the Christian’s institutions and dragged them out of the main stream, making the constitution in 1973 according to his will.


He butchered the Christians in Rawalpindi near Punjab house on Aug 30, 1972, captured by force hundreds of Christian schools and colleges, confiscated church properties worth billions and got registered False, frivolous and fabricated cases against the writer of these lines and his 44 companions. We are living witnesses to this crucification (sic) of the Christians of Pakistan.


Gen. Zia-ul-Haq (the dictator) and his follower Mr. Nawaz Sharif stampeding his shoes and they killed many Christians with discriminatory laws 295- B, C and many other black laws Passed by them are hanging upon our heads like loaded pistols or naked swords.


Unfortunately many so called Christian leaders are still shaking their tails behind them, thus not knowingly they became the part of it. I have been writing for the need of unity among Christians of Pakistan. Years back I asked J. Salik (Ex. Federal Minister), Col. (R) S K Tressler (Ex. Federal Minister), and Prof. Mushataq Victor (late) (Ex. Federal Minister), to unite Pakistani Christians, but they have been playing their own cards for own sake.


Few months back, when Salma Peter asked me to see Albert David. It was a time when, I met a man, wearing shalwar Qameez (Pakistani dress), walking briskly towards me, he welcomed me with a smiling face and really seemed passionate. We had a short introduction session and became proverbial, like we knew each other for years.


Albert David had inherited politics from his father. In our first meeting he shared his ideas and his work as a social activist, which showed that his interest and arrival in politics was a well thought out and planned process. Albert has an International recognition for his cutting edge work on Forced marriages and has been conferred with MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. He was the first Pakistani Christian to have received this honor.


As a social activist his focus has been on child rights, especially the right to education. He has a firm believe that the education is the key if Pakistani Christians are to break the vicious cycle of poverty and oppression. Since 2002, Albert and his team at SUPPORT CHILDREN have been able to support over 4000 children (directly and indirectly) towards their education. And all of this has been achieved through the financial contribution of the local people.


Having developed a good understanding of the issues effecting the development of Pakistani Christians whether social or political, combined with his exposure to the national and International issues. Albert recently has decided to play a role in Pakistani politics. Though very clear about the political issues and the approach to deal with these issues, Albert has been emphasizing on the need and importance of unity among the Christians. During all interactions that I have had with him or the public events where I have had the opportunity to listen him speaking, one thing that has been consistence is his passion for unity. The conviction in his voice and the body language whilst he talks about unity clearly shows his determination and dedication for the cause. This is further supported by his communication skills; he knows his audience and delivers the message according to their intellectual needs. I have witnessed him speaking to different groups in English, Urdu, Punjabi and Pothohari with complete fluency.


I along with many other social and political activists have been desperately looking for someone who could conscientiously lead the Christian nation with conviction, determination and above all love and care. Albert apparently ticks all these boxes but will have to convince and prove through his actions only then he would be able to muster support for the new political initiative “PAKISTAN UNITED CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT (PUCM)” [SlantRight Editor: PUCM on Facebook] that he and his team have announced to launch.


PUCM is being officially launched on 10th November, 2012 invitation has been extended to Christians to join hands under this umbrella and to mushroom unity.


Albert calls this the beginning of a new era, the start of a change. May God bless you; Albert David.



Be Blessed,


Shamim Masih

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist

Secretary General 



Three pastors from the home town of Rimsha perplexed about religious liberty


Shamim Masih

Sent: 11/2/2012 12:43 PM


ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN, (SHAMIM MASIH):  A few weeks back I wrote an article about the root cause of the Rimsha case [SlantRight Editor: My last post on Rimsha Masih], when Qari Muhammad Khalid Chishti was released on bail against surety bond of worth Rs. 200,000/-


Let me remind you his statement on this issue printed in all English Papers of Islamabad on August 25, 2012, “Christian community had previously caused antagonism by playing music in services at their makeshift church during Muslim prayer time and said burning the pages was deliberate. “They committed this crime to insult us further. This happened because we did not stop their anti-Islam activities before,” he said. “Last Christmas, they played musical instruments and there was vulgarity in the streets during our prayer time. I warned them but they did not stop.”


During his sermon at Friday prayers, Chishti told worshipers it was “time for Muslims to wake up” and protect the Holy Quran.  (The Express, Tribune 25th August, 2012)


Based on his perspicacity the whole case was planted, on August 16, when Muslim extremist raised their voice against the Christians Meharabadi, Pastor Arif Shalokh – Calvary Charismatic Church, Islamabad escaped taking his family at 2 in the night wondering in the streets of Islamabad.


Pastor Arif ShalokhAccording to Pastor Arif, he has been serving the Lord for the last 15 years, Rimsha and her family was the member of the same church. Pastor Arif was in rented house and has been using a hall for church service. In that vicinity more than 35 families were his church members. He said he used to visit Rimsha & family occasionally. We Christians are humble and peace loving people and can’t even imagine insulting others.


Answering to the question raised by Qari Muhammad Khalid Chishti he said Church services normally start at 10 am and finish till 12 o clock, so during these hours there is no Azan or Muslim’s prayer time, so how come Christian’s disturb them during their prayer. Thus this is baseless and as for as vulgarity is concerned we are the part of this culture, so we are aware of our ritual and rights. Qari Khalid belongs to extremists group and he has been blaming on Christians since he is inducted in the mosque.


After resettling there when they started there worship session on Sunday, 7th October, they were not allowed to worship during Sunday services, so they went to the administration and filed an application to DCO. Assistant commissioner (AC) Islamabad had marked their application to SHO police station Ramna G-11 for the investigation and to report her promptly. A month later we are still hanging on dates.


Pastor Yousaf Masih – International Gospel Assemblies (IGA) has been working among Christians for years and having more than 100 families in his congregation. Pastor Yousaf Masih – International Gospel Assemblies (IGA)


Talking to BPCA representative in Pakistan, he said that since this incident happened most of the Christians families have left their houses on the same night. I have looking after them with the available resources, and once most of the families are back in the town, we arranged the Sunday Service in a house but our landlord didn’t allow us to worship even in our houses.


We ask the administration where is our religious liberty, on August 11, 1947 address of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, to the members of the Pakistan Constituent Assembly, to the status of a national covenant. That it has taken more than 50 years to reach such a conclusion is indeed most intriguing. In that address the Quaid said, among other things, the following:

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the State… We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State… I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will find that in due course Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State.”


Where is our right, we are Pakistani and have sacrificed for the country, why these fundamentalist are imposing Islamic culture on us.


Pastor Shahid Gill – Living Branch Church IslamabadPastor Shahid Gill – Living Branch Church Islamabad working in Mehrabadi for the last 3 and half years. He is having more than fifty families in his church. Talking about the religious freedom he said that we ask our landlord to construct the church building and we had paid him 5 years advance but since the incident happened, our landlord Malik Parvaiz had back out from the agreement and told us to leave the house. He has not even paid of[f] our advance so far. When we are not allowed to worship freely, how can we survive there?


It is clearly seen that there are some people in the country who claim the ownership, while they forget that people from other religion are Pakistani too. All Pakistanis have the right to perform their religious duties according to their religion, under the light of Quaid-e-Azam speech on 11 August [SlantRight Editor: Here is reference to the speech].


We all request to UN to intercede into the matter and ask Pakistani government to give us religious freedom.


Pictures: Pastor Arif, Pastor Yousaf, & Pastor Shahid Gill


Rimsha Masih photos

Update about Rimsha case

Islamabad High Court reserves verdict on plea seeking to Rismsha’s case dismissal


Shamim Masih

Sent: 11/14/2012 4:02 AM

[SlantRight Editor: My last update on Rimsha]


ISLAMABAD PAKISTAN (SHAMIM MASIH): Islamabad High Court (IHC) reserved its verdict on an application from Rimsha council Abdul Hameed Rana seeking to dismiss the Rimsha case on Wednesday 14 November 2012.


Abdul Hameed Rana (Rimsha’s lawyer) appeared before the chief justice IHC Mr. Iqbal Hameed Rehman taking his plea for Rimsha. He said that the honorable court has seen all the evidences and it’s been proven that the case was totally fabricated against the Christian girl of 14, Rimsha. Nothing has been proven so far so he requested the court to dismiss the case.


The opponent council Ch. Abdul Aziz has also given his arguments in the court today.


After hearing an hour discussion, the chief justice high court has reserved it verdict on an application seeking to dismiss the Rimsha case.


Rimsha, a 14 years Christian girl, was arrested from a suburb of Islamabad in blasphemy case on August 16 and after three weeks she was released on bail on 8th September, 2012. Rimsha and her family, who have been in fear for their lives since the blasphemy allegations, were placed to an undisclosed location after her release on bail on September 8.



Pictures: Shamim talking to the council of Rimsha Abdul Hameed Rana today in the IHC


Be Blessed,


Shamim Masih

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist

Secretary General 



There is slight editing by John R. Houk with the attempt to preserve the English-Pakistan accent. I pray the changes do not change the original intent of Shamim Masih.

Does Pakistan Deserve American Bucks and Aid?

Pakistan Flag - UBL

John R. Houk

© October 16, 2012


Can Pakistan be an ally of the United States of America in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT)? In 2001 when al Qaeda attacked the U.S. soil on September 1 Pakistan’s friendship was greatly appreciated; however we have to know now that Pakistan’s friendship was more out of the perception of their National Interests rather than combating Radical Muslims (al Qaeda & Taliban) that attacked America.


Pakistan and India have been mortal enemies ever since the British separated the Indian Sub-Continent roughly along Hindu and Muslim lines. Even though significant numbers of Muslims remained in India and non-Muslims (mostly Hindus but other religious groups as well) remained in Pakistan mutual hatred along religious lines exacerbated between the two newly created nations.


Muslims began a brutal invasion of India shortly after Mohammed’s death. That invasion was probably one of the most blood curdling genocides to hit planet earth. As Hindus began to lose battle after battle to the death-cult invaders Hindus were offered initially the only two choices after defeat because of the polytheistic nature of Hinduism: Convert or die.


The tried and true practice of oppression in former Christian lands conquered by Muslims transformed a Christian culture into an Arab speaking Muslim culture. India did not fall into line as much as a conquered Christian majority. Hindus resisted the transformation of their culture which resulted in the massive slaughter of people. There was so much slaughter that eventually the polytheistic Hindus were offered the same choices as Jews and Christians: Convert to Islam, live a subhuman class as a dhimmi having to actually pay a protection tax to live semi-peacefully and agree to submission to Islamic culture or die.


At any rate by 1947 the larger land mass of India went to the Hindu majority that had a significant minority of Muslims and Sikhs. Two smaller land masses of the Indian Subcontinent became Pakistan in the west and east with India smack dab between the divided Muslim republic. After Muslim elites and Hindu elites agreed (somewhat) on the borders of Pakistan and India a mass populations transference occurred between Hindus leaving Pakistan and Muslims leaving India.


Pakistan needed the military technology of the U.S. friendship to keep a military balance against their arch-enemy India. Frankly the USA has missed the boat on choosing friends between Pakistan and India. Pakistan is a dictatorship with a lot of byzantine inter-government rivalries that makes for an unreliable ally. India is far from a perfect democratic republic; nonetheless it is one. In Cold War days Pakistan’s usefulness was that it bordered Communist enemy Soviet Union (Now Russia).


Since the USA found an enemy of my enemy friend in Pakistan in relation to the Soviet Union we have been in the Pakistan camp for a long time. Since Pakistan and India are mortal enemies this forced the largest democratic republic on planet earth in India to cozy up with the Soviet Union.


Today there is no Soviet Union. Today Pakistan is a Christian persecuting nation willing to use their Sharia legal code to strip the people of Christian faith from their religious freedom. Pakistan is becoming the largest Muslim nation that uses a legal code to maintain religious despotism to make sure there is no criticism of Islam. Blasphemy Laws will nail Pakistanis for converting to Christianity, for saying the Christian faith is better than the Muslim faith, for making the least significant negative comment about Mohammed, for singeing a Quran wittingly or unwittingly and you name it for whatever a Muslim might find insulting.


If a Christian converts to Islam then it is happy day in Pakistan. If a Muslim criticizes Jesus as the Son of God or denigrates the authenticity of the holiness of the Bible then it is happy day in Pakistan. If a Muslim desires the advantage of Christian property or Christian women (particularly young unwed Christians) then too bad for that Christian family; some kind of Blasphemy will be created that brings an advantage to the Muslim.


How can America continue to support a Muslim Pakistan when that nation’s people are obviously in the hate America crowd? Hiding bin Laden is an obvious example of Pakistani treachery. It is time to court India’s friendship and to dump Pakistan.


You have to ask, “What led you to examine Pakistan’s friendship today?”


Here’s the thing. I am a member of the Facebook Group Free Hector Aleem. Hector has the unfortunate status of being a Christian Civil Rights advocate that became the victim of a fabricated Blasphemy Law violation by a Muslim Cleric who desired the possession of a small Pakistani Christian Church. Hector was cleared of the Blasphemy charge (remarkably) but minor charges that I don’t understand has kept Hector incarcerated for half a decade.


Hector’s daughter Mehwish has been the moderator of the Facebook group trying to free her father without the advantage of high profile support from large international Civil Rights organizations or Christian Churches. For the most part Mehwish’s frustration for the lack of big dog support goes on without complaint. That tells me there are undoubtedly other Christians not only in Pakistan but also in other Muslim nations that face the wrath of Sharia inspired Blasphemy Laws that do not get a high profile focus. Thank God there are organizations out there that make room in their budgets to help who they can. Money is not limitless and the Christian faith does not carry the political weight in the West as it once did. There will be no Pope appealing to nations to embark on a Holy Crusade to protect Christians in Muslim lands.


The irony is there is a Muslim call in Muslim lands to reawaken Muslim global domination by the establishment of a Caliphate to unite Muslims into one Ummah. This sounds ludicrous to us in the West but it is not ludicrous to Muslims that have viewed themselves as dominated by the kafir in the West. Radical Muslims – purist Muslims desiring to reform modern Islam back to the Islamic domination of yesteryear – have been rabble rousing Muslims by instilling pride of the writings of the Quran, Hadith and Sira. If a Muslim is even a little bit religious then they are indoctrinated that the Quran is divinely perfect and the Mohammed you can read (or hear) about in the Hadith and Sira is the perfect man to emulate. And as much as that moderate Muslim next door demands you believe that Islam is peace, the Quran, Hadith and Sira are riddled with hatred toward Jews, Christians, polytheists and atheists. At first Mo commanded Muslims to respect Jews and Christians as the People of the Book; however in later suras spoken he calls Jews and Christians corrupt not to be trusted and if they do not submit to Islam – kill them.


This is becoming the overriding Islam of Pakistan. The line between the so-called moderate Islam and Radical Islam is becoming blurred in the Middle East and especially in a place such as Pakistan.


It has been and continues to be that the mantra of Muslim Apologists and Multicultural Leftists is that Radical Muslims are 10% of the Islamic faith. This is what I am seeing in the Muslim dominated lands and to a remarkable respect in Europe: The so-called 90% of moderate Muslims ARE NOT decrying the methods and goals of the 10% of Radical Muslims. You don’t have to be a rock scientist to understand the HUGE lack of denunciation is the same as agreeing with the Caliphate conquest of the World for Islam. As a Christian I find this offensive.


At Free Hector Aleem Mehwish shares a link to two situations that has recently occurred in Pakistan concerning the Freedom defeating Blasphemy Laws and the Islamic Supremacist dismissal of the crime of a false accusation by a Muslim against a 14 year old Christian girl.


These links were posted by Mehwish on October 12 about yet another Christian about to be charged for breaking the Blasphemy Law and the accuser of Rimsha SalihKhalid Jadoon – having charges of planting evidence to frame Rimsha has been dismissed (Facebook links found HERE and HERE).


For your convenience I am cross posting Mehwish’s two links at SlantRight 2.0.




A Pakistani gal aged 14 or 15 was targeted for assassination by the Pakistan Taliban about a week ago. The girl’s name is Malala Yousafzai. When Malala was eleven (2009} she was a part of a British documentary exposing the Taliban’s ruthlessness in following the tenets of Mohammed by destroying her school. It was suspected the assassination was due to the unusual boldness she has demonstrated to publicly condemn the Taliban for banning education for women.


Malala was shot in the head and neck but miraculously survived and was flown in critical condition to the UK for professional Medical care. Her attempted assassination has caused an international outcry.


Evidently even the Taliban are publicity conscious of what the West might think of them so today they have called Malala a spy for the USA and thus deserved death.


KARACHI: The outlawed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Tuesday defended the attack on Malala Yousafzai, rejecting that she was an innocent girl and labeling her as a US spy.


The central spokesman of TTP, Ahsanullah Ahsan, in a detailed statement issued to the media said Malala’s date of birth is July 1997 which makes her 15 years four months old today. “Even if no sign of puberty becomes noticeable, this age of the girl marks the end of pre-puberty phase.”


The statement said: “In Islam and Pakhtun traditions there is absolutely no room for an attack on a woman of pure virtues. But in cases where a woman is seen as a clear sinner who stands in defiance of Shariah, such a woman is not only allowed to be attacked but there is an obligatory instruction for such an action.”


The TTP spokesman said, Malala Yousafzai was ‘a spy who divulged secrets of Mujahidden and Taliban through BBC and in return received awards and rewards from the Zionists’.


“She not only spied against Mujahideen but also created propaganda against them. The Gul Makai diary is an embodiment of anti-Taliban views,” he continued.


“She has received the punishment for her sin.”


The spokesman further said that Malala was brought before the media under a pre-planned strategy so that she could pollute the minds of the youth against the Taliban.


“The other reason for the attack on Malala was her activism aimed at sparking a feud within the Islamic society of Pakhtuns.”


He clarified that she was not attacked for her pursuit of education. “Had it been for education, then there are scores of girls who go out to school (they would have been attacked too).”


“Taliban executed the attack on an adult girl only after she emerged as a pivotal character in the media war against us,” the TTP spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan argued. (TTP labels Malala as ‘an American spy’; The News; October 16, 2012 – Updated 192 PKT – See Also HERE) 


JRH 10/16/12

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Teenage Christian boy booked for blasphemy


By S. Raza Hassan 

11th October, 2012 Pakistan


KARACHI, Oct 10: With the case of Rimsha Masih still grabbing the headlines, another case of blasphemy was reported to police on Wednesday, this time not in a slum but in a middle-class neighbourhood of Gulshan-i-Iqbal, after the house of the accused boy belonging to a religious minority community was ransacked and furniture was set on fire in a violent protest.


The teenage Christian boy has been accused of sending text messages containing ‘blasphemous’ content to his area residents without reading it.


The incident took place in the staff colony of the Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) located at the junction of University Road and Abul Hasan Ispahani Road.


Police said that the boy was accused by the residents that he had sent text messages containing blasphemous content to the staffers and officers of the SSGC present at the residential-cum-office compound.


As the SMS reportedly circulated among the residents of the colony comprising workers and officers, they eventually attacked the residential quarter of Ryan Stanten, 16, and his mother, Rubina Bryan, on Wednesday, police said. Ms Bryan worked as a superintendent at the SSGC, they added.


The SMS had been sent on Tuesday night.


However, apparently after realising the gravity of the situation the family had abandoned the house, said a senior police officer of the area.


“Had they not left the house, the situation could have been really bad,” the officer observed.


On Wednesday, the enraged people ransacked the house and set fire to the household articles, including the bed, washing machine and fridge, after bringing them out on to the main University Road.


The protesters also raised slogans against the family.


The SMS was passed on by the accused teenager by his own cellphone on Tuesday. After receiving it, some people had gone to the boy asking him about it, he told them that he had forwarded the SMS after receiving it, said DIG (east) Shahid Hayat while speaking to Dawn.


“Ryan told complainant Khursheed Alam and Pesh Imam Qari Ghulam Qadir of the SSGC Jamia Mosque that someone sent him this SMS and he forwarded it to all Muslim friends without reading it,” said the DIG.


The official in charge of the SSGC security, an ex-serviceman, kept handling the situation, the police officer added.


After the mayhem, police reached the scene and tried to appease the protesters assuring them that police would register the case.


“We reached the scene and talked sense to some clerics who were leading the protest,” said a police officer of the area. The violent protest caused a severe traffic jam on Abul Hasan Ispahani Road and University Road.


A case (FIR No 432/2012) under Section 295-C (use of derogatory remarks, etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet) of the Pakistan Penal Code, Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act and Section 25 of the Telegraph Act was later registered at the Mobina Town police station.


A duty officer of the police station said the FIR was registered against Ryan Stanten, son of Ms Bryan, a resident of SSGC staff colony on a complaint of SSGC chief manager Khursheed Alam.


‘People scared’

Describing the trend as very dangerous, in which the Christians were also being targeted, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan chief Zohra Yousaf said that people had become very scared.


“At least 22 blasphemy cases have been reported in the country this year alone, in which Muslim accused are more in number compared to the Christians,” said the HRCP chief.


Referring to a Sept 21 incident that took place in Hyderabad, Ms Yousaf said some people had lodged a blasphemy case against a trader who had not closed his shop on the day of protest.


Earlier in August, a 14-year-old Christian girl, Rimsha Masih, had been accused of blasphemy by a cleric in a suburban neighbourhood of Islamabad. She was finally released by a court and had to be airlifted to an undisclosed location for security reasons.


Court grants bail to accused Imam


By Kaswar Klasra

October 12, 2012

The Nation


ISLAMABAD – A sessions court of Islamabad on Thursday granted bail to prayer leader Khalid Jadoon, who was accused of adding burnt Holy Quran pages to make the case against 16-year-old Christian girl Rimsha Masih stronger.


The court adjourned hearing of the blasphemy case on Thursday and granted bail to the prayer leader following the submission of a surety bond worth of Rs200,000.


As the court began hearing of the case on Thursday, Jadoon’s lawyer Wajid Gilani argued that all the witnesses against his client have backtracked from their statements and now the police have no evidence of his involvement in the case.


Hence, his client be granted bail. The court ordered police to release the cleric immediately following submission of surety bonds.


Outside the court, family and friends of the prayer leader welcomed the court decision.


The cleric was accused of adding pages from the Holy Quran to t[h]e ashes seized from Rimsha allegedly in an attempt to implicate her and was sent to jail on a 14-day judicial remand by a magistrate.


However, the case turned in favour of the prayer leader following the backtracking of three witnesses who had testified against the cleric. During last hearing of the case, the same District and Sessions Court in Islamabad reserved judgment over a bail plea filed by the prayer leader Khalid Jadoon Chishti, implicated in a blasphemy case against Rimsha, and adjourned hearing until October 11.


As the court on last Wednesday had asked the counsel of Khalid Jadoon, the prayer leader, to wait until Islamabad High Court stay order was over.


Earlier, the three witnesses who had testified against Chishti had withdrawn their statements, insisting that the police had “coerced” them into doing so.


In their affidavits before the court, the witnesses Hafiz Owais, Khurram Shahzad and Danish Ahmed had reneged from their previously-recorded statements, claiming these were recorded under duress.


According to their new affidavits, they did not see prayer leader Chishti desecrating pages from the Holy Quran.


Khalid Chaudhary Advocate told TheNation that, withdrawing of the earlier statements of eyewitnesses who had testified against the prayer leader, may earn Khalid Jadoon post-arrest bail.


This news was published in print paper. Access complete paper of this day.


Does Pakistan Deserve American Bucks and Aid?

John R. Houk

© October 16, 2012


Teenage Christian boy booked for blasphemy


Copyright © 2012 DAWN.COM


Court grants bail to accused Imam


© 2012 Nawaiwaqt Group of Newspapers – All Rights Reserved

Rimsha now in Europe…

Rimsha Masih & Father 2012

Do you remember Rimsha Masih the young Pakistani girl that is challenged mentally that was arrested under the Blasphemy Law? (Previous posts on Rimsha HERE and HERE)


The Shoebat Foundation reports that Rimsha met bail and has been rescued by being sent to Europe in light of the Religion of Peace’s reaction to the movie trailer Innocence of Muslims.


Rimsha did not want to leave Pakistan viewing the Muslim nation as their home:


Obviously rioting Muslims must have changed her mind.


JRH 10/12/12

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Rimsha now in Europe…


By Shoebat Foundation

OCTOBER 9, 2012


The following post is from our contact in Pakistan.


On August 16, 2012 Rimsha Masih – a Christian girl of 14 years – was arrested under the accusation of Blasphemy Law in the federal capital Islamabad-Pakistan. Rimsha Masih, along with her family, was living in the Maharabadi (Mahar Jaffar) – a slum Area of Islamabad.


An angry mob led by Hafiz Muhammad Khalid Jadoon Chishi beat the Mentally ill Rimsha Masih and her mother. Later, the police came to rescue Rimsha and lodged an FIR against her that alleged she had torn the pages of a Qur’an.


Since the day she was arrested, Christian families had to flee that region to save their lives. Many of them were being beaten by the mob on the day this incident happened. Angry mobs had planned to set their homes on fire, so they ran to save their lives on the same night, leaving their homes open to looters. Many of families got shelter in Church compounds and even some tried to settle down in the forest in sector G-9/4 but due to the clutch of local residents and interference of local police, they couldn’t. Our group reached the spot on same night and tried to find the facts regarding the case. Our team was the first to publish this case in local media as well as in international media.


On 23rd August, 2012 our people working in Pakistan filed the bail application for Rimsha Masih. After having met with her in the Adaila Jail on the same morning, the bail application was fixed on August 28th for hearing, whereas when APMA leadership got this information they superseded the Power of Attorney from her mother. As APMA (All Pakistan Minority Alliance) felt that this will be the high profile case and this could give us favor in upcoming elections. After having meetings with the APMA representative Mr. Tahir Naveed Chudary, who later became the Advocate of Rimsha, our leader in Pakistan stopped his legal team to make any further interference in court matters. He decided to let APMA handle the case and we will only follow the case as well help all those who flee from Maharabadi.


Since the rehabilitation process started, these families were neglected by the local government and NGO’s mostly. But our people had taken care of these displaced families. By providing them food and other necessities for 2 weeks.


On September 7th, Session Court of Islamabad granted bail to Rimsha Masih. Court set the bail of one Million Pakistani rupees (10,600$) as her family lives in poverty. Umanitaria Padana Onlus, an Italian Organization sent 10,000 euros “stated by Sara Fumagalli an official of Italian Organization”.


Rimsha was taken to the safe place from Adiala Jail by military Helicopter. She stayed one night at Women headquarters of police in police line Islamabad. Later on she was moved to an unknown place. Some sources confirm that she stayed at the home of Dr. Paul Bhatti (this is the place where CNN took interviewer). According to one Christian Activist, she was then moved to diplomatic Avenue as many European countries have offered them the Asylum /refugee status. Though in her telephonic interviewer to local Media in Pakistan, she stated “she will stay in Pakistan, whereas she also show her fear from Muslim extremists.”


After the movie Innocence of Muslims, the situation in Pakistan changed in hours. The Muslim witnesses who had given a statement against the Muslim cleric Khalid Jadoon reversed their testimonies that again rang the Alarm bell for Rimsha Masih. Few of the Pakistani Christians who are in Europe still love their brothers and sisters in Pakistan. A Group of Christian people visited Pakistan and met with foreign diplomats regarding Rimsha Masih. According to the information, one of the European countries which already offered Asylum to Rimsha again came forward with the same offer as well the European Pakistan Christian offer them the Financial support for their travel to the safe place.


Thanks to almighty God that she reached in some safe place in Europe along with her parents and now she could re-start her life again.


When Our people filed the bail petition, many National so-called NGOs and APMA criticized us. One group came forward to hold a press conference against Our Organization in Pakistan as they tried to play with the life of poor Rimsha. APMA stated that the Application of Quashment of FIR is the only solution, if our people did not file the bail application for Rimsha Masih she might be in the jail today, as all the witnesses reversed thier (sic) testimonies and everyone is again supporting the statement of Khalid Jadoon (a Muslim Cleric).


Here are links to stories from Norway…


About Shoebat Foundation


Born in Bethlehem of Judea, Walid’s grandfather was the Muslim Mukhtar (chieftain) of Beit Sahour-Bethlehem (The Shepherd’s Fields) and a friend of Haj-Ameen Al-Husseni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and notorious friend of Adolf Hitler. Walid’s great grandfather, Abdullah Ali Awad-Allah, was also a fighter and close associate of both Abdul Qader and Haj Amin Al-Husseini, who led the Palestinians against Israel. Walid lived through and witnessed Israel’s Six Day War while living in Jericho. As a young man, he became a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and participated in acts of terror and violence against Israel, and was later imprisoned in the Russian Compound, Jerusalem’s central prison for incitement and violence against Israel. After his release, he continued his life of violence and rioting in Bethlehem and the Temple Mount. After entering the U.S, he worked as a counselor for the Arab Student Organization at Loop College in Chicago and continued his anti-Israel activities. In 1993, Walid studied the Tanach (Jewish Bible) in a challenge to convert his wife to Islam. Six months later, after intense study, Walid realized that everything he had been taught about Jews was a lie. Convinced he was on the side of evil, he became an advocate for his former enemy. Driven by a deep passion to heal his own soul, and to bring the truth about the Jews and Israel to the world, Walid shed his former life and his work as a software engineer and set out to tirelessly bring the cause of Israel to tens of thousands of people throughout the world: churches and synagogues, civic groups, government leaders and media.


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Youcef – Iran & Rimsha – Pakistan both are Released from Jail

Released Nadarkhani Greets Family 9-9-12

John R. Houk

© September 10, 2012


Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani of Iran and an eleven year old Christian girl from Pakistan have been released from their respective jails. Both were jailed under Islamic Blasphemy laws.


As you will read from The New American, Youcef was originally jailed under the charge of converting to Christianity away from Islam. The Iranian Mullocracy came under international scrutiny for their plan to execute Pastor Youcef just for being a Christian. In order to propagandize the Iranian populace about Youcef’s incarceration Iran began creating new charges that made him look more criminal undoubtedly to sear the consciences of Muslim Iranians if Youcef was executed. Rimsha Salih Green Scarf as Released 9-9-12


Eleven year old Rimsha has been released from jail in Pakistan undoubtedly because of the international publicity that she was framed by a Radical Muslim Cleric who planted burnt pages of the Quran in police evidence in order to bolster his accusation that Rimsha desecrated the Quran. It is still a mystery to me what the ultimate goal of the Cleric behind the Blasphemy accusation; however in Pakistan Muslims have been drumming up Blasphemy Charges against the Pakistan Christian minority for some time for vendettas and legal manipulation to acquire Christian property.


AND so I say this: Thank God Jesus Christ is on the throne of God listening to the prayers of Christian Believers. Prayer is the ultimate reason for the release of Youcef and Rimsha. I don’t know what the future plans of the families of Youcef and Rimsha are but I pray seeking asylum in a more favorable environment is in their thinking. Youcef and Rimsha are out of jail but they are still in their Islamic Supremacist nation’s of birth. God have mercy on their lives and their family’s lives.


Blasphemy Laws in Muslim nations are based on Islam’s Sharia Law. Apart from the religious significance of Sharia, the inseparable political part is entirely antithetical to American Liberty based on the U.S. Constitution. Frankly the political nature of Sharia would or should be ruled unconstitutional if it is ever to be allowed legal weight in the USA.  The death sentences handed out in the Muslim world for something as simple as insulting a religion are ludicrous in America. Imagine that Rimsha Salih was jailed for the accusation of having Quranic pages on her person that appeared to have been burnt.


I am mystified when Leftists line up behind Muslim Apologists in America to fight the national State wide movement to enforce American Laws for American Courts (ALAC). Muslim Apologists scream violation of the First Amendment establishing religious freedom. Those Muslim Apologists would be correct if the issue was about regulating the practice of Islam; HOWEVER the purpose for ALAC laws is to make sure that foreign law precedents cannot be used as case law in America which would include the political aspects of Sharia Law.


Thus, in America, no person can be executed for Free Speech that is critical of Islam. Trust me when an American Evangelist is preaching to Americans that do not follow a Christian lifestyle and that American is a Muslim that Muslim’s sense of Islamic Superiority will rise up in rage. Why? Because to tell a Muslim that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and faith in the Resurrection power of Jesus is the only way to Salvation, that Muslim will view that message as an insult to their Prophet Mohammed and to their Islamic religion. In Sharia such an insult is blasphemy that must be taken care of politically. AND “taken care of” means utilizing the punishment prescribed by Sharia Law, which is death.


Leftists are so blinded by their concept of Multiculturalism that they don’t realize the religious disregard Leftists have for any religion will be perceived as an insult to Islam according to Sharia Law. Leftists need to shine a light through the fog of Multiculturalism to support ALAC laws to protect their own First Amendment Civil Rights.


JRH 9/10/12

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Iranian and Pakistani Christians Freed From Imprisonment


By James Heiser

10 September 2012 11:22

The New American


In both Iran and Pakistan, important victories have been won in the conflict between Christian faith and Islamic persecution. In Iran, after three years in prison awaiting execution for the “crime” of converting to Christianity, Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been freed. In Pakistan, a young girl wrongly accused of burning pages of the Koran has been released from prison and the Muslim cleric who planted false evidence has been arrested.


According to a report from, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) — a watchdog group which has long championed Nadarkhani’s cause — announced over the weekend that Nadarkani has been released from his imprisonment after his charges were “lowered to evangelizing to Muslims, which carried a three-year sentence.” Since the 32-year-old Nadarkhani had already spent three years of his life in prison awaiting execution, he was released for “time served.”


Nadakhani (sic) was charged with “apostasy” — leaving the Islamic religion — on the basis of his conversion to Christianity. But the primary reason he became the victim of the animosity of the Islamic Republic of Iran was his service as the pastor of a 400-member house church movement: He was arrested in 2009 when he was trying to officially register the church with the government. After his arrest, Nadarkhani was taken before a judge and commanded to either renounce Christianity or face the death penalty. When he did not submit, he was sentenced to death in 2010.


When Iran faced international outrage over its intention to execute a Christian for his faith, the regime sought to sow confusion regarding the case. As reported previously for The New American, Pastor Nadarkhani not only faced a sentence of death for his beliefs, but the Iranian regime spread false accusations of rape and “Zionism” against him in an attempt to distract the Western media from the real reason for his plight. In some circles, those efforts almost worked:


For example, an article for the International Business Times reported both the false accusations against Nadarkhani, and the government’s denial of its intention to execute him.…


The author of International Business Times then declared that “If Nadarkhani were indeed guilty of rape and of Zionism, which could be the treasonous crime of spying for Israel, the death penalty would not be off the table. Both convictions are subject to capital punishment in Iran, and the death penalty is mandatory in rape cases unless the victim forgives the rapist.”


However, given the sudden appearance of these charges against Nadarkhani, long after he had, in fact, actually been convicted for apostasy — and not rape or espionage — treating the Iranian regime’s charges as anything other than a smokescreen does a disservice to the persecuted pastor.


When Nadarkhani was once again brought before a judge on September 8, supporters of the imprisoned pastor worried that the regime was preparing new false charges. As reported by FoxNews:


Nadarkhani was originally called to Saturday’s [September 8] hearing to answer to “charges brought against him,” leading to speculation that the new charges from the Iranian Supreme Court could be for a security-based crime, a charge often handed down to cover-up prisoners being held and sentenced on faith-based charges.


“While we praise the release of Pastor Youcef, we must recognize that Iran felt obligated to save face among its people and continue its pattern of suppressing religious freedom with intimidation tactics,” Tiffany Barrans, a legal director for ACLJ said to


“International attention to this matter saved this man’s life, but we must not forget the human right of freedom of religion includes the right to freedom of expression.”


And, in a country given to “public protests” which serve the agenda of the government, it is by no means certain that Nadarkhani has escaped the wrath of the Islamic Republic.


In the case of the girl who faced false accusations in another nation known for being a paragon of Islamic “justice” — Pakistan — her three-week imprisonment has now ended with a helicopter flight away from the prison in which she was being held: Even after it had been proven that the charges against her were false, the authorities apparently determined they could not protect her from Muslim militants unless she was spirited away from her jail cell. Her identity has thus far been concealed, on account of her age, but her youth was no protection from facing the false accusation that she had burned pages of the Koran — and facing imminent death on the basis of that accusation. According to the Associated Press, her release signals that she is one step closer to being completely cleared of the false accusation:


The release a day after a judge granted her bail is another step closer to ending an episode that has focused an uncomfortable spotlight on Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws, which can result in life in prison or even death for defendants. Many critics say the laws are misused to wage vendettas or target Pakistan’s vulnerable minorities like the Christians. …


Her lawyers say they will now push to have the case against her thrown out entirely.


“Her parents were with her when she was freed from the jail, and she has been taken to a safer place,” said a member of her legal team, Tahir Naveed Chaudhry.


The girl’s release came a day after a judge in Islamabad granted bail to the mentally challenged girl, a move hailed by the human right activists and representatives of Pakistan’s minority Christian community. Bail is rarely granted in blasphemy cases, and the decision signals a degree of sympathy that could result in all the charges being dropped.


Now, the cleric who planted evidence implicating the girl has been exposed by a member of his mosque; if that individual had kept silent — or joined the hundreds of Muslims who had surrounded her home, demanding “justice” — she might very well have faced ongoing prosecution for the false charge against her.


The absurdity of the entire case highlights the inherent injustice of trying non-Muslims on the basis of Islamic sharia law. The notion that an adult could be prosecuted — even judicially murdered — by an Islamic regime for “blasphemy” is absurd. That a mentally impaired teenage girl faced such a threat on the basis of a false accusation is appalling. When the charge was initially made, the child’s home was surrounded by hundreds of angry Muslims; in such an environment of hostility, intimidation, and violence, the contrast of creeds could not be greater.


Youcef – Iran & Rimsha – Pakistan both are Released from Jail

John R. Houk

© September 10, 2012


Iranian and Pakistani Christians Freed From Imprisonment


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The Rimsha Case – Two Posts

Rimsha Masih

I first heard about the Pakistani eleven year old girl arrested for blasphemy charges from Mehwish Aleem of the Facebook group Free Hector Aleem. A Free Hector Aleem group member found a praiseworthy update on imprisoned Rimsha Masih.


JRH 9/9/12 (Hat Tip: Tamara)

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Rimsha case: Arrested prayer leader presented in court


From Geo.TV

September 02, 2012 – Updated 1219 PKT


ISLAMABAD: The ‘imam masjid’ (prayer leader in mosque) Kahild Jadoon, who was accused of tampering with evidence against Rimsha Masih and arrested last night, has been presented in the court on Sunday here, Geo News reported.


Kahild Jadoon aka imam masjid


It may be recalled that Rimsha Maseeh has been in detention since she was allegedly found holding in her hand burnt pages with holy verses printed on them.


‘Imam masjid’ Khalid Jadoon, who after getting the case registered against Rimsha Maseeh had mysteriously disappeared and was arrested last night, as he allegedly himself put the holy verses into the ashes of the pages for strengthening the case against Rimsha Maseeh.


Khalid Jadoon has been presented in the court today.


Meanwhile, Chairman All Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi has urged the ulemas from across the country to pave way for the punishment of accused Khalid Jadoon by the court, while he has demanded from the President Asif Ali Zardari to immediately set free Rimsha Maseeh and order for her security.


SlantRight: Here is an update I found from a blog of Geo TV called The News. The author Jafri correctly sees the hypocrisy of making the convicted lady al Qaeda agent into a hero while Christian gals like Rimsha are given death sentences for insulting Islam. It is even worse for Muslims to desire Rimsha’s death since she was eleven years old when persecuted for allegedly having burnt pages of the Quran in here possession. Even worse we are talking about an eleven year old girl that has a physical impairment like Down’s syndrome (could be something else the details are sketchy).



Aafia Siddiqui

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui



Aafia is Pakistan’s Pride, but Rimsha?


By Saman Jafri

5, Sep 2012

The News Blog


The Rimsha Masih case has been in headlines since 2 weeks now and the frustration and helplessness that one feels over the whole issue is just indescribable. The feeling of despair is quite extreme. Rimsha Masih, a Christian girl, who’s (sic) age is said to be either 11 years or 14 is a resident of Meharaabd, a small village on the suburb of Pakistani capital is accused of blasphemy. It’s almost 2 weeks since she has been in the police custody and just has also been denied bail. Rimsha was arrested on August 16thwhen a neighbor accused her of committing blasphemy by burning some pages of the Islamic holy book, Quran, she is also said to be suffering from Downs syndrome.


The other day while going to work I ‘noticed’ a wall chalking which I am sure I must have seen before as well, as I use the same road for commuting to my work place, but the irony of the wall chalking in the present situation slapped me hard on the face, the writing on the wall read ‘Aafia is Pakistan’s pride.’


I repeatedly asked myself that If Aafia Siddiqui is Pakistan’s pride and daughter then why isn’t Rimsha Masih? Just because of the difference of the surname? Why don’t I see same zeal and enthusiasm in protest against Rimsha’s plight that we witnessed against Dr. Aafia’s arrest in form of processions and strikes on mostly every Friday, since her arrest?


I ask the same question from the people of the land of Pure, why can’t and don’t you own Rimsha as you own Dr. Aafia to be Pakistan’s pride and daughter? Why as a society we show such hatred and intolerance that we can’t even forgive a young girl for her faith!


The demand of fairness and impartiality in Rimsha‘s case by Allama Tahir Ashrafi is commendable but again my question is that when the US presented every kind of evidence against Dr. Aafia, the Pakistani nation or the larger part of it anyways was of the staunch opinion that Dr. Aafia is being framed and in reality she was innocent of all the charges being levied upon hers, so why are we not today so sure of Rimsha? The possibilities are high that the blasphemy law was used against her also the same way most of the times this controversial law is practiced. That is either for settling personal vendettas or fulfilling certain agendas. Again the unsure attitude towards Rimsha just because she has a different surname than Dr. Aafia?


We need to ask ourselves that would we condemn any young Muslim girl to the same fate as Rimsha’s if she burned or destroyed Quran by mistake. Or for that matter misspelled anything which has a religious connotation as the young Faryal Bhatti was expelled from school for misspelling Naat as Lanat in her Urdu exam? If we won’t then why are we so hell bent upon treating Rimsha such inhumanly?


My question is not towards the government, as any faith I had in them as a citizen of Pakistan died the day they failed to protect the slain governor Punjab, Salman Taseer Shaheed, another victim of Zia’s blasphemy law. They won’t protect the citizens of this country when they were not able to protect their own governor! So yes my question is from the people of this country, the same who are chanting for change and betterment of Pakistan, why is that section of the society silent? Why such apathy when you want change in the country or the change that you seek is only going to be for the ‘Muslim’ population of Pakistan. I am afraid if this is the case then the Hindu migrating and Christians fleeing from Pakistan are doing a wise thing as I don’t see any hope for them and any end to their plight. Not to mention the scores of Shiite Muslims being killed on daily basis but this issue needs a separate write up so I won’t go into that debate and stick to my question towards my countrymen!


Why doesn’t the change chanting citizens come out and ask for at least a change in the law of blasphemy which has never served the purpose and on contrary always resulted in another black mark for Pakistan. The law should be changed so that no innocent person can be subjected to such inhumanity.


My question is at large to Pakistan, how long will we let such laws govern our country which make us prioritize on bases of religion and ethnicities, which dehumanize the citizen of this country on bases of their faith, make us suspicious of our own people just because of their beliefs and faith and let us act unjustly towards our own daughters by claiming one to be our pride and other subjected to brutality and inhumanity, all in the name of religion.


Rimsha case: Arrested prayer leader presented in court


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Aafia is Pakistan’s Pride, but Rimsha?


© 2011 TheNews Blog. All Rights Reserved

Pakistan Arrests 11 Year Old Girl for Blaspheming Islam

Rimsha Masih

John R. Houk

© August 24, 2012


Pakistan is a Muslim nation in which the Muslim populace and the Pakistan government with every evidence of being a nation under the grips Radical Islamic Sharia Law. Pakistan is a nation that is invested hook, line and sinker into the some of the most insane punishments prescribed by Sharia Law. Among many of those Sharia Laws the rule of law to execute those that have insulted Islam, Mohammed and Allah. Such is the case of many nameless to the West Christians in Pakistan are jailed under the Blasphemy Law for insulting Islam.


Two Pakistanis I have been following are Hector Aleem and Asia Bibi. In their case Hector was framed by a Muslim Cleric and Asia – also a Christian – drew water from a Muslim well.


The Administrator (Mehwish Aleem) for the Facebook group Free Hector Aleem sent a link to sign a petition to protest the arrest of a young girl between the age of 11 and 16 (For some reason there seems to be a bit of confusion about her age). The Pakistani Christian gal’s name is Rimsha Masih. Then Mehwish sent a link that provides greater detail to Rimsha’s persecution.


Below is the cross post of that.


After the first cross post I decided to also cross post an excellent write-up by anti-Counter-Jihad website LoonWatch couldn’t help to write some anti-Counter-Jihad junk after their excellent piece on Rimsha; ergo I precede the second cross post somewhat defending Counter-Jihad bloggers which LoonWatch labels as anti-Muslim bigots and Islamophobe haters.


JRH 8/24/12

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Girl accused of blasphemy ‘denied meeting with lawyer’


By Agencies

August 23, 2012


ISLAMABAD: A lawyer for a young Pakistani Christian girl arrested on blasphemy charges in a poor suburb of Islamabad claimed Thursday he had been refused a meeting with her.


Police arrested the girl, Rimsha, who reportedly has Down’s Syndrome, in a low-income neighbourhood of the capital last Thursday after she was accused of burning papers containing verses from the Quran, and remanded her for 14 days.


Rimsha, aged between 11 and 16, is being held in a jail in Islamabad’s twin city Rawalpindi, and her case has prompted concern from Western governments and fury from rights campaigners.


“The lawyers are facing difficulties to see the accused girl. The jail authorities have told them to get permission from the top authorities,” Shamaun Alfred Gill, a spokesman for All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), told AFP.


Her legal team said they had approached the higher authorities in Punjab province but could not get a go ahead for the meeting.


“I myself contacted the inspector general (of prisons) by phone and he told me that he will call me back, but I am still waiting to speak to him,” Tahir Naveed Chaudhry, one of Rimsha’s lawyers, told AFP.


“He is not receiving my calls now. Legally, they can’t stop a lawyer seeing his client in the jail but the authorities are refusing us a meeting.” But Farooq Nazir, the inspector-general of Punjab prisons, told AFP there was no restriction on Rimsha meeting her lawyer or immediate family and insisted she was being cared for.


Earlier, an activist who said he visited Rimsha said that the girl was too frightened to speak in a prison where she is being held in solitary confinement for her safety.


Christian activist Xavier William said he visited Masih at a police station where she was first held, and then this week in prison.


“She was frightened and traumatised,” William told Reuters.


“She was assaulted and in very bad shape. She had bruises on her face and on her hands,” he added, referring to an attack by a mob in her village on the edge of Islamabad after she was accused of blasphemy.


Rimsha is being held in the same jail as Mumtaz Qadri, the bodyguard who last year gunned down Punjab governor Salman Taseer, who had declared Pakistan’s strict anti-blasphemy legislation “a black law”.


Chaudhry said that they have also filed an application with a court in Islamabad to set up a medical panel to determine Rimsha’s age.


“We want the court to constitute a commission to judge the age of Rimsha, because, the church records show she is 11 years old only. While her age mentioned in the police report is 16,” he said.


Christians flee girl’s village


Masih’s arrest triggered an exodus of several hundred Christians from her poverty-stricken village after local mosques reported over their loudspeakers what the girl was alleged to have done. Emotions were running high there.


A neighbour named Tasleem said her daughter saw Masih throwing away trash that included the burned religious material.


“If Christians burn our Quran, we will burn them,” she told Reuters.


Other Muslims were more conciliatory.


“We protected the rest of the Christians,” said Masih’s landlord Malik Amjad Mohammad. “People here support them.”


Christians, who make up four per cent of Pakistan’s population of 180 million, have been especially concerned about the blasphemy law, saying it offers them no protection.


Convictions hinge on witness testimony and are often linked to vendettas, they complain.


President Asif Ali Zardari has told officials to produce a report on the girl’s arrest, which has brought protests from Amnesty International, British-based Christian group Barnabas Fund, and others.


Masih is due to appear in court in the next 10 days. She could be formally charged with blasphemy.


Spotlight on blasphemy law


The case has put another spotlight on Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law, which rights groups say dangerously discriminates against the country’s minority groups.


Under the law, anyone who speaks ill of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad commits a crime and faces the death penalty, but activists say vague terminology has led to its misuse.


Convictions are common, although the death sentence has never been carried out. Most convictions are thrown out on appeal, but mobs have killed many people accused of blasphemy.


Christians, who make up four per cent of Pakistan’s population of 180 million, have been especially concerned about the blasphemy law, saying it offers them no protection.


Convictions hinge on witness testimony and are often linked to vendettas, they complain.


In 2009, 40 houses and a church were set ablaze by a mob of 1,000 Muslims in the town of Gojra, in Punjab province. At least seven Christians were burned to death. The attacks were triggered by reports of the desecration of the Quran.


Two Christian brothers accused of writing a blasphemous letter against the Prophet Mohammad were gunned down outside a court in the eastern city of Faisalabad in July of 2010.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here is another informative article on Rimsha Masih from In case you are not aware of it, bills itself as exposing the anti-Muslim bloggers. Although I am not a big dog name among bloggers I probably fit the bill that dislikes. Most bloggers that write about the dark side of Islam don’t use the “anti-Muslim” appellation. Most expose Islam bloggers prefer to be called counter-jihad bloggers.


So anyway, after the great information on raising public support for Rimsha, can’t help taking a stab at Counter-Jihad bloggers that might – cough – take advantage of Rimsha’s situation to inspire bigotry and violence against Muslims. AND then feels the need to quote Radical Muslim Tariq Ramadan who wrote an essay entitled, “An International Call for Moratorium on Corporal Punishment, Stoning and the Death Penalty in the Islamic World”.


The title is deception of this LoonWatch esteemed Islamic scholar. Check out the definition for “moratorium”:


1 a: a legally authorized period of delay in the performance of a legal obligation or the payment of a debt b: a waiting period set by an authority


2: a suspension of activity


Ramadan’s usage of “moratorium” is in the sense of something TEMPORARY. Thus a moratorium or temporary suspension means Muslims should follow the Quran and Sharia (Ramadan says Hudud is a better word) punishments should resume. When calls Tariq Ramadan an esteemed Islamic scholar rather than a Radical Muslim ideologue and grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna they are either displaying their ignorance or have unwittingly submitted to Islamic dhimmitude.


JRH 8/24/12


Pakistan: 11 Year Old Christian Girl, Rimsha Masih Arrested on Charges of Blasphemy


By Garibaldi

22 August 2012


“He will not enter paradise whose neighbor is not secure from his wrongful conduct” – Prophet Muhammad


In the most recent manifestation of rising intolerance against minorities in Pakistan we have yet another instance in which blasphemy laws, amended under the military dictatorship of Zia-Ul Haq in the 1980′s have been used and manipulated to abuse and harm the most vulnerable.


This time an 11 year old girl by the name of Rimsha Masih has been arrested at the incitement of a mob on charges of allegedly burning a few pages of the Qur’an.


This is not the first time such egregious assaults on the conscious in Pakistan have come to our attention.


A few months ago a mentally ill man in Bahawalpur was accused of insulting Islam by burning the Qur’an, he was beaten by a mob, police intervened and jailed the man for his protection. This however did not sit well with the mob or their thirst for vigilante ‘vengeance’. The mob besieged the police station, forced their way inside, overwhelmed the impotent police force, dragged out the man, and beat and burned him alive.


Before that incident there was the high profile case of Aasia Bibi, a poor Christian woman who was accused of blasphemy by her co-workers. In the resulting aftermath the Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer was murdered by his own security guard for speaking out about the injustice of the blasphemy laws and the treatment of Aasia Bibi. Shahbaz Bhatti, Minister of Minority Affairs, was quite vocal regarding his opposition to the law and the way Aasia Bibi was treated, he too was gunned down.


Such horrific cases are not limited to Christians: Hindus, Sikhs, Ahmedis, Sunnis and Shias have all been subjected to the injustice of blasphemy laws, in one form or another. The laws are generally used according to observers as a means to settle personal scores.


Critics among Pakistan’s embattled liberals say the law is regularly misused by people to settle personal scores and dispossess neighbours from land.


Now, 11 year old Rimsha Masih sits in a dingy jail cell, as in other cases ostensibly for her protection.


How did this tragedy unfold?


Some doubts and questions exist about whether or not Rimsha Masih is actually 11 years old and suffers from Down syndrome as most media outlets have portrayed,


Christian, and some Muslim, neighbors said Ms. Masih was 11 years old and had Down syndrome. Senior police officers dismissed those claims; one described her as 16 and “100 percent mentally fit.”


Discussions about Masih’s mental faculties and age miss the point and are irrelevant considering there is agreement on the most important facts.


According to most accounts, Rimsha and her family are impoverished street sweepers who lived in a slum near Islamabad. According to her landlord the controversy erupted when a local cleric was informed by his nephew about Masih holding a burned copy of a book called the “Noorani Qaida” which is used to teach children the Quran.


Malik Amjad, landlord of the family’s rented house, said the controversy started early last week after his nephew saw Ms. Masih holding a burned copy of the Noorani Qaida. The nephew informed a local cleric, Khalid Jadoon, Mr. Amjad said.


Desecration of Muslim holy texts is illegal in Pakistan and punishable by death. But Mr. Amjad said the incident bothered few local residents initially and caught fire only at the instigation of the cleric and two conservative shopkeepers.


“He tried to shame people by saying, ‘What good are your prayers if the Koran is being burnt?’ ” Mr. Amjad said.


Mr. Amjad said he handed the girl over to the police for her own protection and criticized the cleric’s role. “He exaggerated the incident and provoked people,” he said.


It was not clear how, or even if, Ms. Masih had come across the burned religious book. One neighbor, Malik Shahid, said it might have simply become accidentally swept up in a trash pile she was collecting.


The situation has been roundly condemned by Pakistani Human Rights campaigners and activists, government officials and politicians.


Senior government and police officials agreed with Christian leaders that the accusations against Ms. Masih were baseless and predicted that the case would ultimately be dropped.


Imran Khan, a leading politician and frontrunner in Pakistan’s 2013 Presidential elections sent out this message,


Shameful! Sending an 11yr old girl to prison is against the very spirit of Islam which is all about being Just and Compassionate.


The Poor child is already suffering from Down Syndrome. The State should care for its children not torment them. We demand her immediate release.


Pakistani journalists and bloggers have also been quite vocal about the shocking situation.


We have been alerted to two separate petitions calling on Pakistan’s Minister of Human Rights and the government to protect and immediately release both Aasia Bibi and Rimsha Masih (h/t: Hatice).


Repeal Aasia Bibi’s death sentence petition




Letter to Pakistan’s Minister of Human Rights for the Immediate Release of Aasia Bibi




Appeal to UNO Human Rights for the Release of Rimsha Masih


It is important to sign and share these petitions, so as to make clear where the world stands on these issues. It is vital foremost for Muslims to do so.


Some may question why we are highlighting this particular case, since Loonwatch focuses on exposing rampant anti-Muslim and Islamophobic bigotry. We believe sharing the above petitions are important most of all out of respect for basic human dignity and because such attacks also harm Muslims everywhere, especially in the West. A bigot or an Islamophobe may use it as justification for his (or her’s) nefarious anti-Muslim agenda and or as an excuse for violent reprisals. It is also important to point out the great irony of all of this, that such mobs, excited by ignorant and blind passions of “defending the faith” stand condemned by Islam–unequivocally. Nowhere, not even in classic, medieval Islamic jurisprudence can one find an interpretation permitting vigilante, extra-judicial torture and murder of any person who allegedly committed a crime–let alone killing and beating the insane, handicap and poor. Indeed, those individuals who took part in the mob should be found, arrested and given the harshest judgment possible under the law. To be made examples.


Clearly the implementation of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan has proved defective and only increased divisiveness, sectarianism and injustice. It calls to mind the urgent need to implement what Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan called “An international moratorium on corporal punishment, stoning and the death penalty” in Muslim majority countries–and to go further, a repeal of unjust laws such as the current blasphemy law in place in Pakistan which overwhelmingly prosecute and persecute the innocent, the poor, the vulnerable and the minority.




Pakistan Arrests 11 Year Old Girl for Blaspheming Islam

John R. Houk

© August 24, 2012


Girl accused of blasphemy ‘denied meeting with lawyer’


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 Pakistan: 11 Year Old Christian Girl, Rimsha Masih Arrested on Charges of Blasphemy


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