Favorable Trump Polls May Inspire Future Dem-Marxist/RINO Totalitarianism

John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© February 24, 2021


Pro-Trump stat screen capture


First of all, I need to establish my opinion that anything to do with Q-info is a load of crap at best designed to instill false hope against Dem-Marxist rule AND at worst a disinformation program to make Trump supporters look bad.


The title of a Justus Knight/Restricted Republic video thus got my attention: “Biden’s Secret Connection To The QAnon Shaman Exposed In This Shocking Video Confession!


YET second of all, the primary topic of the video are some poll statistics that YOU probably will not hear or read about from Mainstream Media (or is that Lame-stream or Left-stream or Communist-stream) outlets. Those poll stats favor the actually elected 2020 elected President Donald Trump’s future as an American leader if he so chooses.


I have no doubt those stats will inspire more acts of totalitarianism from Dem-Marxists as well as inspire Republican treasonous leaders to cooperate with Dem-Marxist future despotism.


With that … below is the video.


JRH 2/24/21

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Rumble VIDEO: Biden’s Secret Connection To The QAnon Shaman Exposed In This Shocking Video Confession!


Posted by Restricted Republic 

Published February 22, 2021


February 22nd, 2021 By: Justus Knight


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On today’s broadcast:


Part 1 – Biden’s Secret Connection To The QAnon Shaman Exposed In This Shocking Video Confession! 2021-02-22JKP1 – Oh, if that was all this information would be bombshell but there is SO MUCH MORE! There is a survey that has imploded the Establishment, but Republican and Democrat…the TRUMP CURSE strikes again and this proved is all! Then the video that destroys the Biden Administration!


Part 2 (only at https://www.restrictedrepublic.com/) – Liberal Lies, Corporate Cancel Culture And Hollywood Hypocrisy A Weekend Of Demolishing The Democrats! 2021-02-22JKP2 – Sit back and hold on, we are going to tear apart the establishment. From McDonalds to the Muppets the all out assault on reality continues and we are going to expose every hypocritical turn on the road to insanity! Equality to Equity and Honor to Hypocrisy – the House of Corruption Cards are falling!


God Speed and God Bless,

Justus Knight


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