The Next Operation SledgeHammeR

John R. Houk

© April 26, 2011


History shows many instances in which governments and the military of a nation have been fond of the term “Operation Sledgehammer”.


Operation Sledgehammer WWII:


Operation Sledgehammer and Operation Roundup was an Allie plan devised to invade Europe in 1942 and 1943 to place pressure on a seemingly successful Nazi-German invasion of Russia. The reasoning for the strategy was Americans and the Soviet government was convinced that the Nazi invasion would collapse the Soviet government thereby giving the Nazis a one front war against Britain and America.


More patient minds in Britain realized the resources were not yet available in 1942 and 1943 to successfully maintain the design of Operation Sledgehammer even if a beachhead invasion succeeded. The Brits talked to America to attack via North Africa which turned out to be the correct decision even though that strategy was completely abhorrent to Josef Stalin.


Operation Sledgehammer CIA Conspiracy Theory 1996:


Operation Sledgehammer was called into life during February of 1996. The operation is a joint operation by the Office of Economic Growth and Regulation due to the many new corporations that are being founded in the United States. The group responsible for IPO’s (Independent Public Offerings) stock market certificates, otherwise known as open corporations, had been draining lots of funds from the various FUND management companies.

The operation is being administered by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Securities Exchange Commission. They want to drive initial public offerings out of the Elite controlled stock market, and cause the stock market to adjust to what it was, before all these new upstarts caused the market to reach all time highs. The SEC is using the Company (CIA) to boot out all these upstarts–one way or another.



Operation Sledgehammer – Fighting European Crime:


Fight Against Internet Paedophiles:


At the start of September 2007, Internet provider Iskon Internet notified the police of an unusually large amount of users at a website of a civil association. The website, which has 700 hits per week, was visited by 12 million users from 172 countries, including Croatia, from August 5 until 8. This was reason enough for the Croatian police to …

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