Easter Joke

Empty Tomb

Recounted by John R. Houk

© April 20, 2014


I was watching a Preaching this morning. He began his message with some humor. I’m not mentioning names but if you listen to the same Preacher you will guess who it is. I say this because this this hardly an original joke and I might fail in the delivery because I am writing from memory. I pray most of you find the same funny bone that I experienced.


Joke Time


A family – husband, wife, kids and mother-in-law – took a tour of Israel during the Easter season.


As they viewed the sites of Biblical significance of the Old and New Testament they made it to Jerusalem.


Sadly the mother-in-law passed away in the Holy City.


The husband had a visit with the American Consulate in Jerusalem concerning funeral arrangements.


The Consulate told the husband his options, “The way I see it you really have only two choices.”


The husband thought a bit, “And those choices are, what?”


“You can spend $5000.00 to ship your mother-in-law’s body back to the States,” with a bit of hesitation as to what the husband might choose, “Or we can have ceremonial and burial of your mother-in-law here for $150.00 in Jerusalem.”


The husband had a look of concern on his face which the Consulate thought was concern over the expensiveness to return his mother-in-law to the States.


Finally after some hesitation the husband told the Consulate, “I’ll spend the $5000.00 to get my mother-in-law back to the States,” he said with some actual confident finality in his voice.


The Consulate said with some surprise in his voice, “Wow! You must have really loved your mother-in-law to finance the expensive trip home?”


“Well, Sir, I realize it is less expensive to bury my mother-in-law in the Holy City, but I have a concern.”


The Consulate asked, “Really, what in the world can you be concerned about with a burial in the Holy City of Jerusalem?”


“Well, Sir,” answered the husband. “There was this dude that was buried here some time ago and three days later he came back to life. I don’t know if I want to risk that with my mother-in-law.”



JRH 4/20/14

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