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**** BLOG UPDATE!!!! ****

December 7, 2019


About half way down this post I used the phrase “Here comes trouble” in alluding to actually using the name of my wife’s Healthy Coffee business name in promoting the business.


BOY was I correct. I am officially in the proverbial dog house! Evidently by the time Diana my lovely wife awoke and began her day of selling and promoting her Healthy Coffee business sticklers for following policies and procedures evidently were doing some finger pointing toward her.


SO, as you scroll down all the information I regard helpful contrasting the difference between the blessings of a product-driven Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and a NO-Product (and in most cases illegal) Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme will remain. Because I gotta tell ya that is some darn good info to know.


SADLY, all information referencing my wife’s DARN GOOD product driven MLM company will disappear to gratify the sticklers for “policies and procedures”. I would deliver some fine words for those sticklers because it is in my nature to be cranky over such frivolous issues ESPECIALLY since I was being quite complimentary, but my dog house might get a big heavy chain attached to it and baby it’s cold outside.


But I am sticking to the point of appreciating dedicated support for this blog. BUT hoping to get out of the dog house I NEED to disassociate any blog support I receive away from the great products of my wife’s Healthy Coffee business. The two are NOT synonymous even though marriage to a successful network marketing spouse does contain benefits personally BUT NOT AT ALL ASSOCIATED TO THIS POLITICALLY ORIENTED blog.


I did not think through my Conservatism my be a blot on Left-thinking politically oriented entrepreneurs that might be in the same Healthy Coffee business. MY FAULT! I should have realized Left-thinkers actually use free enterprise marketing as much as Conservatives. I could go on but I sense my dog house chain might be getting larger.


So for the future I will stick to soliciting support for this blog and if you want to look into Healthy Coffee for personal use or building your own income earning Networking business, I’ll stick to using wife’s one of many purchased domain names that re-direct to her Healthy Coffee business (cough that would be For the policies & procedures sticklers, even the embedded links below containing the actual fantastic Healthy Coffee name have been removed and replaced with Diana’s re-direct purchased domain name.


**** END OF UPDATE ****


If you visit my blogs I always place my initials followed by the date of posting at the end of my thoughts or introduction to another’s thoughts.


Under my initials are links soliciting support for reading my blog post. Of late I have noticed an increase in readership but a decrease in financial support. I am a Baby-Boomer on a disability fixed income and had enjoyed the monetary remuneration my mostly Conservative, sometime Counterjihad and less often Christian posts would bring in.


Knowing Americans are typically people who like told tangibility in their hands when they lay out their earned cash, I thought to increase family revenue by adding links to my loving wife’s healthy coffee business for people to be supportive and have a product in hand.


So, I am going to step away a bit from Conservative politics and write about the healthy coffee business. I really should have my wife share as a contributor because she’s the business person in the family, but I sense I need to share some personal thoughts.


Healthy Coffee Business


The Coffee business is a home-based business which in case you are unaware means typically a multi-level marketing company is involved.


People either love or hate multi-level marketing.  The love part typically arises from successfully adding (at least) some part time income to your full time job. The hate part typically arises when you buy into the potential but discover you don’t do a bit of work no extra income comes into your product.


Like any income situation, you work you get paid. You don’t work, you don’t get paid. In a normal job no work means you get fired. In most multi-level marketing (MLM) companies no work simply means no pay-out. Some MLM companies require an annual re-up fee to stay active while some don’t. The no-work MLM haters are really irritated with re-upping if no cash is coming in AGAIN from no working.


Are MLMs a Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi Scheme?


The difference between a legitimate MLM company and a Pyramid Scheme is the existence of a product.


Pyramid Schemes have ZERO product. Income or earnings are solely based in signing up and creating a network of people buying into whatever the Pyramid is called or labelled. The people at the top of the Pyramid make the most money with the people making little to nothing. All Pyramids collapse when people stop signing up WHICH is the Pyramid Schemes are illegal in most States. When Pyramids collapse the suckers at the bottom lose their investment or investments while many Pyramid people at the top go to jail or run and hide with ill-gotten gain. The most infamous Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme was perpetrated by Bernie Madoff which you can read about HERE.


MLM Product Driven Yet Pyramid-Like


If there is no product the Pyramid ALWAYS collapses. The people with the best business acumen build a network of sellers and coach your sellers to also build a network of sellers. The network stack is the appearance of a Pyramid, BUT unlike the NO-Product scheme the Network Stack is product driven. The stack can fail if sellers stop selling. That is where business acumen comes in: MLM business builders constantly have to keep signing up good salesmen (or saleswomen) because people lose interest or move onto to another interest.


The beauty of an MLM is you make as much money as the work you put into it. Some people just want to sell enough the product to achieve a particular goal such as make some Christmas present buying cash, make some car payments or some other small but needed goal.


Others have loftier goals and may want to buy a house or set up a retirement income. Sales people with lofty goals are typically network builders.


The bottom line though the MLM is a product driven company ALSO trying to turn a profit. If you have specific short term goal, frankly it may not matter much about an MLM company’s product sustainability. What matters is if you believe you can sell that product to attain your short term goal. If you have loftier goals you are going to want research an MLM company for its longevity indicating the success rate of its product and just how lucrative the financial compensation is. (NOTE: You are looking for COMPENSATION for work rather than a RETURN on an investment. Companies offering investment returns might be a red-flag for Pyramid Scheme.)


MY Wife’s Healthy Coffee


I got to tell ya this is where I may be getting my wife in trouble. TYPICALLY MLM companies only like or allow approved content when the company name is used in connection to their product. I am not an actual sales rep with my wife’s company BUT thanks to holy matrimony, I definitely benefit from the compensation she receives. On a personal level, I simply am not a good salesman. So, I stick to blogging.


My wife has purchased a host of domain names that does not incorporate the actual MLM company name to stay out of trouble. Those domains if clicked upon ALL are redirected to her personal company website where you can buy product or find out how to join the company at various levels. The higher the level in the company the greater the COMPENSATION.


If you just want to try some product – HEALTHY COFFEE is central but not the only product – to see what the buzz is about, the sale obviously benefits my wife. On my SlantRight 2.0 blog was able to add a banner on a side panel with one her domain names. That domain name in that panel is


Diana – my wife – signed up under the “Business Builder” option which the Healthy Coffee business calls the Ruby position working for higher positions. Contact Diana on business opportunities and any answers she doesn’t know yet, Diana knows people doing the Healthy Coffee business who does know:


Diana’s 2018 Before & After Photo on her Business Cards

In my case before using the Healthy Coffee business products I weighed 383 pounds. After my last Doctor’s visit a couple of months ago I now weigh 298 pounds. I’m still a big dude looking to lose weight. I gotta tell ya though, I haven’t been in the 200 pound stratosphere in nearly a decade. Diana’s weight loss has been more dramatic, but as you can surmise she is more conscientious about what she eats. Me … not so much. I just don’t consume as much thanks to the products and largely the coffee. Since I began to pay attention, without trying I’ve been losing 3 to 5 pounds every three months that has translated into losing 85 pounds.


Sooooo …. Buy some coffee or other health products, or become a business builder by signing up scroll down for level of entrance (ask Diana how to upgrade level) for your own network or tell me you like reading my Blog by clicking my PayPal link.


JRH 12/6/19 – UPDATED 12/7/19


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