On May 1, 2011 a glorious thing happened to the demon of al Qaeda: American Navy Seals in stealth mode entered a rather large compound just outside the Pakistan capital city of Islamabad and executed the devil infested Usama bin Laden.




JRH 5/2/11 The Danger to Pakistan’s Christians

The link is to a Walid Shoebat post that shows the plight of Christians in Pakistan. This is a nation that has experienced more and radical Islam which does not bode well Christians who are looked upon as barely tolerated second class citizens. The Danger to Pakistan’s Christians


PLEASE! Keep Helping Hector Aleem – Persecuted Christian

Hector Aleem - Help

John R. Houk

© April 18, 2011


It has been a while since I have updated on the Islamic persecution of Christian Pakistani Hector Aleem. In brief Hector was accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. “Blasphemy” means that in some way Hector is accused of insulting Mohammed, Islam or Allah. The punishment for blasphemy according to the Quran and supported by the Pakistan legal code is death. Can you imagine that?


It really is not really difficult to commit blasphemy against Islam in the Muslim dominated world. Non-Muslims have become accustomed of living a life of walking egg shells. As a Christian you can simply thank Jesus for the Blood of Christ that redeems our spirit man from the darkness of being slaves to the present world age dominated by the tentacles of Satan. By ending a prayer in public with something like “in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” would be considered an open affront to Islamic Supremacy and not an issue of religious freedom. An affront to Islam is blasphemy. The penalty for blasphemy is death.


What was Hector Aleem’s accused act of blasphemy?


Last November (2009), a scholar associated with the national Islamist political movement Sunni Tehreek (In order to get a grasp of Sunni Tehreek HERE is a good place to read) received a text message claiming to have come from Aleem. The religious scholar registered blasphemy charges against Aleem on Nov. 28 at the Rawalpindi police station.

Police raided Aleem’s house at 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 22 and assaulted him, his wife, and his two daughters. They also stole 50,000 Pakistan rupees (US$630) worth of valuables and broke pictures of Jesus hanging on their walls, according to a report from the Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS).

Authorities charged him with violating sections 295c (blasphemy) and 109bb (abetting) of the Pakistani criminal code. Aleem was transferred to a Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court for a second hearing on Jan. 30, where an even larger crowd of protestors gathered shouting that his life would not be spared. Many of those who came to protest were associated with Sunni Tehreek, which has been involved in violent sectarian clashes with other Islamist movements in the last decade.” (From SlantRight post: “Hector Aleem Convicted of Blasphemy without Proof”)


The last posted update about Hector Aleem was February 17, 2011 which was a plea from Mehwish Aleem for continued monetary support because Hector’s lawyer has been working under a death threat AND as such requires rather assiduously for payment of services with the underlying possibility of discharging representation of Hector. The irony of Islamic Supremacism in Pakistan is there is also a bit of accommodation for the semblance of judicial protocol because Pakistan’s big military supplier is the old US of A. This is important to Pakistan because the Islamic Republic’s greatest enemy is the largest Western style democracy on planet earth – India. Both Pakistan and India have been playing “keep with the Joneses” since their mutual Independence from Great Britain in 1948. In playing the Jones game both nations have developed a nuclear WMD arsenal. For Pakistan to keep playing the Jones game it helps to tantalize America with either an anti-Communist agenda (Cold War days) or anti-Taliban/anti-al Qaeda agenda (the current GWOT days) to keep America on the hook for military innovative weaponry.


Since there is a semblance of judicial protocol the option of Appeals is still open to Hector Aleem who has faced trumped up legal charges when the blasphemy charges could not be proven in a Pakistan court of law.


Part of that protocol for an Appeal is for the documentation of Hector’s conviction was to be provided to Hector’s lawyer. Guess what? That documentation has mysteriously NOT been passed on.


Below is the most current update I received which gives some of these details about Hector Aleem’s incarceration with a much needed plea for more funds transferrable via Pay Pal.


JRH 4/18/11


Easter Card Campaign: Hector Aleem


By Mohammad Shouman

April 13 at 10:26pm

Sent to Members of Free Hector Aleem


Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts, prayers, and support. The Aleems have been receiving many notes of encouragement, and they’re grateful for your petitions, letters, and donations.

Below is an update of Hector’s case, along with suggestions on how you can help.

On December 21 of last year, Hector was sentenced to seven years in prison based on another charge. The Aleems understand that you want to see the decision note by the judge, but they have been refused access to this documentation. They believe it is because the decision is a baseless one that contained no proof, and was used as a means to keep Hector in prison for protecting the Christian community. Furthermore, until the family receives that written decision form, they will not be able to file an appeal in a higher court.

In addition, the blasphemy case is still ongoing in the courts. Because the charges of blasphemy are baseless in the first place, Hector’s lawyer has applied to quash (discharge) it. As such, the court is legally obligated to hold on the trial until the application to quash is investigated. Unfortunately, this has not happened: due to pressure from Sunni Tehreek—the accusers—the trial is going on without investigating the veracity of the charges! The trail has reached its final stages, and the lawyers will be presenting final arguments soon.

I know the above sounds complicated. The Aleems know that, and are in fact living through this. They are frustrated at how the law is acting against them, rather than protecting them.

How can you help?

First, please continue to keep Hector in your prayers and thoughts.

Second, please send Hector an Easter card. He needs all the emotional support he can get. Please mail the cards to this address:


Third, please consider donating a few dollars through PayPal. This case is not a popular one in Pakistan, and the representing lawyer receives threats. So the family needs to continue paying the lawyer to help support him, and give him fewer reasons to quit on them. You can donate to PayPal through this link:

Finally, please tell your friends about Hector’s case, and to invite them to this Page:

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I wish a blessed Lent to those observing, and a wonderful week for everyone.



PLEASE! Keep Helping Hector Aleem – Persecuted Christian

John R. Houk

© April 18, 2011


Easter Card Campaign: Hector Aleem

April 13, 2011

Taseer Assassination Sign of Unrestrained Sharia

Salman Taseer - Punjab Guv

John R. Houk

© January 7, 2011


The Aleems are beginning to feel the pressure of being hunted Christians in the Muslim State of Pakistan. You can feel the anguish and despair from Mehwish Aleem who sent out a plea to the members of the Facebook Cause members of Free Hector Aleem.


Mehwish writes about the assassination of a Muslim Governor by his own “elite” security guard. The governor’s name is Salman Taseer. According to Mehwish, Taseer was the governor of the largest province in Pakistan. Mehwish notes that Taseer had been the most supportive Muslim leader trying to prevent the execution of the Pakistan Christian gal Asia Bibi. Bibi’s blasphemy charge was insulting Islam by drawing water from a Muslim well. Hector and Asia’s plight as persecuted Christians in Pakistan is one of the best examples that Islamic Sharia Law is absolutely intolerant of simple instances of Free Speech and Religious Freedom. I find it unbelievable that a number of European nations (like the United Kingdom) have allowed the incorporation of Sharia Law in the name of Multicultural Diversity. Thank God Americans are beginning to realize the absurdity of Sharia Law in this great land of Liberty. The voters of Oklahoma overwhelming passed legislation part of which is aimed to prevent any toehold of Sharia Law; unfortunately a moronic Federal Judge has suspended the implication of a law that nearly 2/3 of the voting citizens passed.


JRH 1/7/11


Salman Taseer Shot Dead by his own Guard, please pray for Hector Aleem


Sent to: Members in Free Hector Aleem

Sent: Jan 5, 2011 at 7:09 AM

Bulletin from the cause: Free Hector Aleem

Sent by Mehwish Yaqoob Aleem

Post by Mehwish Aleem


Dear Group members


Today the Governor of Punjab was shot dead by his own security guard. The guard belonged to an Elite Force, The Elite Force is a special force assigned for the safety of people. As he was the Governor of the biggest province of Pakistan and obviously a special person the Elite Force was assigned to guard him, but the security guard shot him with 27 bullets and Salman died.


Salman Taseer was the same person who was struggling for Asia Bibi’s release. This is Pakistan. If the Governor isn’t safe here then a normal person cannot be. Elite Force is the same force who is assigned to bring daddy from jail to court and this is the so-called security for daddy.


How can I think that my father is safe in the hands of Islamists and extremists? The government cannot save their own Governor then how can a normal Human Rights Activist survive here? Do you think it is justice? The killer of Salman is very proud of killing him and he was smiling at the time of his arrest.


Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri - Pak Assassin

[The face of an Islamic assassin]


The Islamists and extremists are happy and they are giving sweets to each other because they think that it’s a good thing. What kind of people are they? They are happy on someone’s death? Salman was continuously saying in his statements that he was receiving threats but nobody paid any attention. In the same way I am telling everybody again and again that our and my daddy’s lives are in danger, but I think people will [only] believe [our pleas] when some proud Muslim will be more proud after killing us. TIME TO THINK but I know it’s only another update or mail for you which will be deleted without reading.




Call to Action

Spread the word. Every invitation counts


Taseer Assassination Sign of Unrestrained Sharia

John R. Houk

© January 7, 2011


Salman Taseer Shot Dead by his own Guard, please pray for Hector Aleem


Mehwish’s words were edited for clarity. Words or phrases in brackets were added and not a part of the original text.

Persecuted Christians in Muslim Pakistan

Behead Insulters of Islam

John R. Houk

© December 6, 2010


The Peace Worldwide (PWW) blog sent an email encouraging people to sign up for the cause of supporting Hector Aleem in his legal fight against an Islamic Supremacist system of justice inherent in Pakistan’s rule of law which condemns as blasphemy anything perceived as an insult (small or great) to Allah, Islam or Mohammed the founder of the theopolitical cult.


PWW provides a series of web addresses to peruse that will lead to the support of Hector Aleem. The first link is what caught my attention. That link is to a PWW post about another Christian being persecuted for her faith in Pakistan – Asia Bibi. You see Bibi is accused of blasphemy because she is a Christian gal taking water from a Muslim well. Gasp! Somehow that was perceived as blasphemy by the ever so tolerant religion of peace known as Islam but really is more an intolerant supremacist religion that has the corruptible characteristics of its founder Mohammed.


I am going to first post the email info about Hector Aleem’s support because I am very involved in following Hector with prayers for his release. Then I will post the PWW link about Asia Bibi.


JRH 12/6/10


Hector Aleem Support Info


* Please donate for Hector’s legal fund (and to purchase clothes, hygienic supplies, etc for him and his family:


* Please also Join this Cause on Facebook and invite your friends to help Free Hector Aleem:


* Sign the petition to release Hector Aleem from imprisonment and ensure his safety:


* Visit his family’s blog, which was set up to raise awareness on his case:


* Join Free Hector Aleem group on Facebook:


* Follow Hector Aleem’s updates on Twitter:


* Follow Hector Aleem’s updates on Digg:


* Join the official Facebook page of Peace Worldwide:


Islamic cleric in Pakistan offers $5,800 reward to anyone who kills Christian woman accused of blasphemy


Posted by Posted by Peace Worldwide

December 3, 2010 8:04 AM

Peace Worldwide


PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – A hardline, pro-Taliban Pakistani Muslim cleric Friday offered a reward for anyone who kills a Christian woman sentenced to death by a court on charges of insulting Islam.


The sentence against Asia Bibi has renewed debate about Pakistan’s blasphemy law which critics say is used to persecute religious minorities, fan religious extremism and settle personal scores. Non-Muslim minorities account roughly 4 percent of Pakistan’s about 170 million population.


Maulana Yousef Qureshi, the imam of a major mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar, offered a $5,800 (3,700 pounds) reward and warned the government against any move to abolish or change the blasphemy law.


“We will strongly resist any attempt to repeal laws which provide protection to the sanctity of Holy Prophet Mohammad,” Qureshi told a rally of hardline Islamists.


“Anyone who kills Asia will be given 500,000 rupees in reward from Masjid Mohabat Khan,” he said referring to his mosque.


While Qureshi is not believed to have a wide following, comments by clerics can provoke a violent response and complicate government efforts to combat religious extremism and militancy.


Qureshi, cleric who has been leading congregation at the 17th century Mohabat Khan mosque for decades, later told Reuters he was determined to see her killed.


“We expect her to be hanged and if she is not hanged then we will ask mujahideen and Taliban to kill her.”…


Everyone Please pray for Asia Bibi, also do not forget Hector Aleem Chairman of Peace Worldwide who is in jail due to same charges. Hector Aleem is not convicted, please pray for his release.


Persecuted Christians in Muslim Pakistan

John R. Houk

© December 6, 2010


Islamic cleric in Pakistan offers $5,800 reward to anyone who kills Christian woman accused of blasphemy

Hector Aleem Update and A Good News

Hector Aleem Family

I have been following the plight of Hector Aleem for some time. Below is the latest update which includes a plea for money from the Aleem family to pay the Pakistani lawyer that represents Hector. Evidently the lawyer is excellent and is willing to take the risk of representing a Christian accused of Blasphemy in Muslim Pakistan, but he requires his fee to continue his representation.


I have edited Mehwish Aleem’s original update for clarity. If I changed the meaning of any content, I apologize.


JRH 12/1/10


Hector Aleem Update and A Good News


By Mehwish Aleem

Sent: November 30 at 7:34am

Sent to: members of Free Hector Aleem


Dear group members,

For the first time ever we are about to share some good news with you. As you all know that Our Father Hector Aleem is falsely accused of a Blasphemy charge. And you also know that Sunni Tehreek (A terrorist organization) is behind that charge lodged against our father. And you also know that when daddy was arrested, Sunni Tehreek lodged more cases on him (with different plaintiffs) to prevent him from getting out of the jail. But these other cases were lodged on him when he was in jail.


Hector Aleem was arrested in January 2009 due to that Blasphemy case and after three months i.e. on April 2009, more cases were lodged against him as criminal charges. Of course all these cases are false and there is no evidence against our father. This was done to prevent him from getting out of the jail and to increase tension for him and his family and to torture him mentally.


Those cases are being processed along with that Blasphemy case. But the good news is that our father Hector Aleem has been released from three of those Criminal cases because there was absolutely no evidence against him. In the order the judge wrote:


[S]ince two years there has not been any kind of evidence against Hector Aleem, and those cases were lodged against him due to the personal enmity of the plaintiff so he is now released from these three cases”.


But he is still in jail due to that Blasphemy charge and some other cases which are still being processed. We are 1000% sure that our father Hector Aleem will be released from these other criminal cases too as they are all at the end and there is no evidence against him. But that Blasphemy case is still very dangerous because it carries the death penalty if convicted. The Blasphemy case is also at the end and there are only final arguments left. But the judge who was processing the Blasphemy case has been changed.


We don’t know if he has been changed by the government or what but the new judge is about to come. We don’t even know the name of that new judge and that’s why the processing has been delayed till 4th of December 2010.


Our lawyer is doing an awesome job but he is asking for the fee. We paid him a lot, but still he is asking for the fee and I think that he will continue to ask for the fee until our father is released from jail. Sunni Tehreek (A terrorist organization) announced that to all lawyers that “a person who takes the case of Hector Aleem will be killed”. Now all other lawyers are afraid to take the case of Hector Aleem. There was another person from Pakistan who is a lawyer and was a member of this group agreed to take the case our father but when he saw the danger of Mullahs and that terrorist organization Sunni Tehreek, he refused to help us. Our current lawyer is the only lawyer in whole Pakistan who is brave enough to take our father’s case and says, “[M]y life and profession are in danger due to your case that’s why you will have to pay me whatever I ask you to pay, and if you won’t pay me….I will stop working and will resume working when you will pay me”. So we are in this situation.


It all happened in front of you, nothing was happening when this group was started in April 2010 but now things are changing. You all have supported us this far, we need your support once again and hopefully this time we will pay our lawyer his fee…our father will be released thanks to all of you.


The example of Asia Bibi is in front of you, she is convicted and is about to be hanged to death. (SlantRight Editor: You can read about Asia Bibi at SlantRight 2.0) There are many protests going on in Pakistan against Asia Bibi and all Blasphemy victims, the Mullahs want to kill them all. Because of this, the heat on our father’s case is increasing. And there is a 99% chance that the Mullahs will gather outside daddy’s court again and will try to do something bad. So please don’t let the same thing happen to daddy like it happened to Asia Bibi.


We are all very scared of this Blasphemy tension which is rising in Pakistan. Please pray for our father, pray for his safety and his release. Also please donate for our father Hector Aleem so that we can give that money to the lawyer and he will start his work again. You can donate any amount, even a few dollars helps. If you want to donate through pay pal then follow the link below and if you want to donate through snail mail then contact the Shouman who is in the Admin list. And if you want to donate through Western Union then you can contact Mehwish Aleem in the admin list. (SlantRight Editor: The contact information is on the Facebook Group of Free Hector Aleem)


Some people might not like it but we desperately need your help. We also want to give daddy some warm clothes he doesn’t have warm clothes and Christmas is near. You can send him some Christmas cards and encourage him but remember nothing should be written against Pakistan or Islam.


Here is the link to pay pal:

Thank you everyone,
God Bless You All

Mehwish Aleem

Kafir Drinking Muslim Water Receives Death Sentence

Asia Bibi

John R. Houk

© November 18, 2010


I first wrote about Asia Bibi in a post about persecuted Pakistani Christians that are the victims of Islamic Sharia Law HERE. Asia Bibi was charged in Pakistan for the religion of peace’s maxim of blasphemy. The Quran and Hadith spell out the penalty for blaspheming in Islam is capital punishment, i.e. DEATH. Blasphemy is usually related to insulting Islam, Mohammed or the Islamic deity Allah. What I did not know was the reason for Asia Bibi’s blasphemy charge.


Bibi blasphemy is based on her being directed to fetch water by a village elder from a well. How in the world did Bibi become charged for blasphemy for merely getting water out of a well? She drew water from a Muslim well. GASP! How dare a 45 year old Christian Pakistani mother get charged for blasphemy for going to a Muslim well? The MUSLIMS were offended and stated that they could no longer draw water from a well contaminated by Christian hands. The act of drawing water from a Muslim well then offended Islam because Bibi was a Christian.


I found out today that Bibi was actually convicted for this capital crime of drawing water from a Muslim well. It would be bad enough to go to a Muslim managed prison for this idiotic verdict, but the penalty goes beyond prison. Bibi was sentenced to death on Monday for drinking water!


The information is from Pirate’s Cove that Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for the life of Asia Bibi. Here is the story.


JRH 11/18/10


RoP Plans To Execute Christian For Drawing Water From A Muslim Well


Posted by William Teach

November 18, 2010 – 3:35 pm

Pirate’s Cove


What was all that we heard about Islam being tolerant and peaceful? The Pope is appealing for the victims life


Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday made an appeal for a Pakistani Christian mother of five who has been sentenced to death for blasphemy after she collected water from a well to be drunk by Muslims.


“I today express my spiritual closeness to Asia Bibi and her family while asking that, as soon as possible, she may be restored to complete freedom,” said the pontiff at the end of his weekly general audience at the Vatican.


(45 year old Asia) Bibi was charged with insulting Prophet Mohammed, after she was sent by the wife of a village chief in her village in eastern Punjab province to fetch water. Muslim clerics reported her to police after villagers claimed it was sacrilegious to drink water collected by a non-Muslim, Bibi’s husband was quoted as saying.


Following a year-long trial, Bibi was sentenced to death Monday by a court in Nankana, about 75 km from Lahore. Her family announced it would appeal the sentence.


Liberal apologists to attempt to find some sort of similar action by Christians in 3..2..1….


Meanwhile, a father of 6 will face a judge on November 21st in Afghanistan for converting to Islam from Christianity, a capital crime…oh, sorry, had that conversion part backwards.


Kafir Drinking Muslim Water Receives Death Sentence

John R. Houk

© November 18, 2010


RoP Plans To Execute Christian For Drawing Water From A Muslim Well

Prisoners Are Not Safe In Adiyala Jail

Hector Aleem

Could Hector Aleem’s charges of Blasphemy come to an official resolution soon? Mehwish Aleem believes this is the case. Mehwish also believes that Pakistan prisoners acquitted of terrorist charges being kidnapped by Pakistan Intelligence may bode as an ill sign for Hector Aleem. Hector is being held in the same jail. I believe the concern is if Pakistan terrorists are swooped away from jail after acquittal, could the same thing happen to Hector?


JRH 11/2/10


Prisoners Are Not Safe In Adiyala Jail


By Mehwish Aleem

Sent: November 2, 2010 at 2:29pm

Sent to Members of Friends of Hector Aleem


The trial is at the end and hope that tomorrow will be the last arguments, I really don’t know other formalities but surely final arguments are near. If it won’t happen tomorrow than it could be done in few days. The court is SESSION COURT IN RAWALPINDI and the name of the judge is Mr. ALI IMRAN additional session judge.

Dear friends the case is at the end and we need lots of prayers, Please remember us in your prayers and also pray for [us] and our daddy’s security. I have read a news today that 11 prisoners from Adiyala Jail (same jail in which daddy is kept) were kidnapped by the intelligence. And they are still missing even after the arrest of the superintendent of jail (because the superintendent handed them over to the intelligence) and the order of Supreme Court. So I am very scared of these circumstances. This is Pakistan and anything could happen anytime, the prisoners are not safe even in jail. Need more and more prayers. Please do donate because I don’t want the lawyer to stop right at the end of the case, we really need this donation. Please do donate generously.

This is the link to the news:

And this is the link to Pay Pal:

If you can’t use the Pay Pal you can send through Western Union on my name.


Mehwish Aleem

Aleem Trial Feels Threat of Outside Muslim Mob


John R. Houk

© October 27, 2010


I haves some an update about the persecuted Pakistani-Christian Hector Aleem. I am combing the update sent from Mehwish and Simon Aleem. The salient points are the Aleems continue to need public awareness about the so-called blasphemy trial happening in Pakistan, the Aleems continue to need financial support to pay for their lawyer costs which have been on the exorbitant end and that the Aleems managed to smuggle a mobile phone into the Court Room in which video was taken at what was occurring outside the Court Room of Hector Aleem’s blasphemy trial. In a nation in which the Rule of Law is based on Islam the pressure from outside sources can be extremely influential on a Judge adjudicating a blasphemy charge against a Christian. The pressure may render the facts to be irrelevant. Indeed it would not be the first time a Pakistan mob influenced a Court Room to injure a Christian defendant’s lawyer and threaten a compliant Judge.


Mehwish sent two video links to YouTube. In my opinion the first link does not demonstrate enough danger to an English speaking audience. The second video is way better. I realize resources and technology might be limited due to laws persecuting anyone who would be supportive of Christianity rather than Islam, but it would have been nice to have English subtitles with along with the excellent explanations of the scenario taking place outside the Court Room.


JRH 10/27/10


Mullahs Gathered on today’s hearing


By Mehwish Aleem

Sent: October 25 at 4:46pm

Sent to Facebook members: Free Hector Aleem


First of all I’d like to welcome new members.

As you all know that the trail of Our Father is at the end and as you all know that there is nothing against us and the mullahs knows that. That is why they are now pressurizing the judge to give the decision in their favor. As we always tells you that Mullahs gather outside the court and chant slogans against Christianity and daddy. We made their videos secretly. It is not allowed to take any camera inside the court and it was very dangerous for us to make this video. The judge is giving the hearings day by day. And we have to go to the court almost daily. These are two videos we made, one with the cell phone because the cell we got is not of good quality that is why the first video is of very bad quality but today we managed to take the camera of our aunt (mom’s sister) and we made this video. You can see that the Maulvies are gathered outside the court and the guy in brown turban is the plaintiff and the lawyer came out of the court is the plaintiff’s lawyer. In the end they chanted GIVE DEATH PUNISHMENT TO THE BLASPHEMER but we couldn’t film that part because we were so panicked that someone would catch us so we could not capture that moment.

Now I have request to all blogger friends to upload this video on your blogs and tell your friends that Hector’s life is in danger and someone should help us. We really need to pressurize the government and no body for the asylum has contacted us yet. We really need to bring daddy out of this situation. Please help us and please donate as much as you can. And those who cannot donate please tell your friends to do so. And also please pray for us. We are afraid that the judge can easily be pressurized by those Mullahs and give decision against daddy. Please take a look at those two video, you can find them by clicking those two links.

To donate through Pay Pal you can click this link: [SlantRight Editor: This link will not work here. Go To Facebook Group Free Hector Aleem to get the proper Pay Pal link.]

And for sending your donations through Western Union or any other way please contact me.


These are the links of both videos:

This is the Saturday hearing 22 October 2010:

And this one is Today’s i.e. 25 October 2010:


Mehwish Aleem


Facebook Message from Simon Yaqoob Aleem


Sent: October 26, 2010 at 4:34am


Hi brother, can you please post it on your blog?

This is the video of Mullahs Chanting Allah hu Akbar outside the Court on the hearing of Hector Aleem.


Mullahs gathered at the hearing of Hector Aleem and Chanted Allah hu Akbar!


Hector Aleem is a Human Rights Activist who is in jail due to a false blasphemy offence. Here is the video we made on his hearing. We again made this video secretly, as you can see here that Mullahs (Muslim Clerics) are chanting Allah hu Akbar here. They were also chanting “Give death Punishment to [Hector].


Bulletin for Facebook Cause: Free Hector Aleem


Sent by: Simon Yaqoob Aleem

Sent: Oct 26, 2010 at 4:43 AM


Mullahs gathered at the hearing of Hector Aleem and Chanted Allah hu Akbar!


This is the video of Mullahs Chanting Allah hu Akbar outside the Court on the hearing of Hector Aleem. Please pray for my father Hector Aleem!!! They want to kill him…. Editor: If you are a Facebook member you can view the video on Facebook and share with Facebook friends.