Robert Spencer Defends the West…

In America both the Left and the Right cherish Free Speech enshrined in the First Amendment. Or at least the First Amendment is cherished in the political spectrum’s right to criticize each other, but the Left questions the Free Speech ability of the Right to expose the truth of totalitarian issues supported by the Left. Why? Our Republic was established in rebelling against a totalitarian King between 1776 (actually battles fought in 1775 but Independence declared in 1776) and 1783 (Treaty of Paris). The Left pretends to be the Party of the People but supports Big Government control of society from top to bottom, aka totalitarianism.


With this all in mind, I think you will find Andrew Bostom’s book review of Robert Spencer’s “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies)” interesting. It Points out that Islam is no friend of Free Speech and the irony of the Left trying to protect Islam from criticism.


JRH 8/2/17

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Robert Spencer Defends the West: ‘The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech’



JULY 31, 2017

PJ Media


FILE – DECEMBER 25, 2013: The Egyptian interim government [sic] has declared the Mohammed Morsi led ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ a terrorist organisation. The action was taken in response to the bombing of the police station in Mansoura earlier this week, which the government has stated was the responsibility of the Brotherhood, despite denials from the group itself. CAIRO, EGYPT – DECEMBER 14: Supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and members of the Muslim Brotherhood chant slogans during a rally on December 14, 2012 in Cairo, Egypt. Opponents and supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi staged final rallies in Cairo ahead of tomorrow’s referendum vote on the country’s draft constitution that was rushed through parliament in an overnight session on November 29. The country’s new draft constitution, passed by a constitutional assembly dominated by Islamists, will go to a referendum vote on December 15. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)


A review of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), by Robert Spencer, Regnery Publishing, 2017, 274 pp.




Twenty-four years ago, the late Mervyn Hiskett, renowned British scholar of the history of jihad and Islamization in sub-Saharan Africa, turned his attention to the looming impact of Islam on his own Britain and Western societies more broadly, including the United States. In his 1993 Some to Mecca Turn To Pray, he articulated presciently the Islamic conundrum now enveloping us, which requires an immediate response if we still cherish individual liberty:


As is so often the case when considering Islam, one has to concede the power of certain of its ideas. But when it comes to having these ideas advocated within our own shores, and as alternatives to our own insti­tutions, one must then ask oneself: Which does one prefer? Western secular, pluralist institutions, imperfect as these are? Or the Islamic theo­cratic alternative?


And if one decides in favor of one’s own institutions, warts and all, one then has to ask again: How far may the advocacy of Islamic alternatives go, before this becomes downright subversive? And at that point, what should be done about it? Finally, do liberal, demo­cratic politicians have the political and moral guts to do what is needed, or will they simply give way, bit by bit and point by point, to insistent and sustained pressure from the Muslim “Parliament” and other Muslim special-interest lobbies like it?


Robert Spencer’s concise, lucid analysis, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), validates Hiskett’s gravest concerns about Islamic subversion: the relentless campaign to abrogate our most basic, unique Western liberty — free expression. With characteristic erudition, attention to detail, and wit (see text box on p. 28, “Did Any Of Them Have Eating Disorders? Those Can Make You Crazy,” from this video), Spencer chronicles how free speech in Western societies has been dangerously eroded by what Hiskett aptly termed “the Muslim ‘Parliament’ and other Muslim special interest lobbies,” in full collaboration with statist Left cultural relativists.


The grotesque harmonic convergence between mainstream, totalitarian Islam — epitomized by Sharia “blasphemy” law — and the “democratic” totalitarianism of the Left, derived from Robespierre and the Jacobins through Communist ideologues and leaders Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, is an underlying, recurrent theme of Spencer’s urgent presentation. Indeed the latter, “Dr. Crankley’s Children” (per Whittaker Chambers’ acid 1948 discussion of the Communist legacy on the 100th anniversary of the publication of Marx’s manifesto), and their “softer” statist minions of our era, bear at least as much responsibility for the erosion of Western free speech as institutional Islam and its pious Muslim votaries. Spencer elucidates how, despite superficial appearances of being oddly conjoined:


… endeavoring to weaken and destroy the freedom of speech, leftists in the United States have found ready allies in the Muslim community. Many observers have remarked that the Left and Islamic supremacists make strange bedfellows: the former advocate a moral libertinism; the latter are attempting to impose a repressive moral code. What binds these unlikely allies is a shared taste for authoritarianism. Both parties want to stifle dissent, and in doing so both find themselves fighting the same foes. Why not join forces?


All 13 of Spencer’s carefully arranged, remarkably compendious chapters have germane (even pathognomonic!) titles, including 10 epigrams:


Chapter 1, “Just Stay Quiet and You’ll Be Okay”

Chapter 2, “Tailored in an Appropriate Way”: Can Free Speech Really Be Restricted in the United States?

Chapter 3, “Now Obviously This is a Country That is Based on Free Speech, but…,”: The U.S. Government vs. Free Speech

Chapter 4, The “Hate Speech” Scam

Chapter 5, “Peer Pressure and Shaming” to Rein in Free Speech

Chapter 6, “Is That Being Racist?”: Americans Learn Self-Censorship

Chapter 7, “Irresponsibly Provocative”: The Erosion of Free Speech From Rushdie to Geller

Chapter 8, “Can’t We Talk about This?”: The Death of Free Speech in Europe

Chapter 9, Catholics Against Free Speech

Chapter 10, “Not Conducive to the Public Good”: Free Speech Dies in Britain and Canada

Chapter 11, The New Brownshirts

Chapter 12, “The University Prides Itself on Diversity”: Administrators vs. Free Speech Chapter 13, “Facing the New Totalitarianism”: Fighting Back for the Freedom of Speech


Spencer traces the living Islamic law imperative to brook no criticism of the Muslim faith, or its prophet founder, to both canonical traditions of Muhammad and the Koran (9:14-15) itself, which exhorts Muslims to wage jihad to punish the “offending” infidels. Muhammad in effect created his own “Dead Poets Society” comprised of victims (men and women, elderly and young) slain at his behest by his most ardent early Muslim followers, for perceived “insults” to Islam’s prophet. Citing the contemporary example of the Islamic State of Pakistan (and the plight of Pakistani Christian, Asia Bibi), Spencer asks: to assure a “future free of offense to Islam,” what exactions will “our leftist politicians, media elites, and much of the Western intelligentsia” be willing to impose upon their own citizens?


For saying, “I believe in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your prophet Muhammad ever do to save mankind?”, a Christian woman named Asia Bibi is on death row in Pakistan, where “wounding [Muslims’] religious feelings” is a crime and blaspheming Muhammad is punishable by death. Pakistan doesn’t have the First Amendment. Americans in the United States are in no danger of execution for testifying to their religious beliefs. But the Asia Bibi case illustrates the utter futility of attempting to keep Muslims from ever being offended — unless we are willing to give up our right to freedom of speech entirely.


Americans should not be complacent about First Amendment protections. Reminding readers that the divide separating “treasonous and seditious speech and speech that is simply unwelcome to the government” has proven controversial throughout U.S. history, Spencer avers:


The Sedition Act [of 1791] and the Espionage Act [of 1917] demonstrate the U.S. government has placed severe restrictions on the First Amendment’s protection of the freedom of speech in the past, and indicate that it could do so again in the future. This history also shows that the First Amendment protections of free speech are most likely to be curtailed in a time of serious and imminent threats to the nation. That time may be upon us now.


Spencer emphasizes one particularly alarming Obama administration reaction to the 9/11/2012 jihad massacre at Benghazi — “scapegoating a video [and subsequently the videographer] criticizing Muhammad” — which illustrates such curtailment, “placing the onus on freedom of speech.” He adds: “The unmistakable implication was that if only Americans would not criticize Muhammad, attacks of this kind wouldn’t happen.” Worse still, two days following Barack Obama’s surreal Islamic blasphemy law-compliant pronouncement to the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, 2012, that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” America’s first Sharia blasphemy law victim, Egyptian Coptic Christian Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, producer of the Innocence of Muslims video, was arrested, declared a “danger to the community,” and imprisoned without bail. He was incarcerated for 12 months.


Devoid of First Amendment equivalent laws, governed by Left statists marinated for decades in cultural relativist claptrap ideology, and subject to the same forces of Islamization by Muslim immigrant populations, Western Europe, as Spencer demonstrates, including Britain as well as Canada, is even further along the trajectory towards self-inflicted full compliance with Sharia blasphemy law.


Perhaps the most illuminating and disheartening chapter of The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies) chronicles progressive Western supplication to Islam since Ayatollah Khomeini’s February 14, 1989 fatwa condemning novelist Salman Rushdie to death for his The Satanic Verses, and its perceived insults to the Muslim creed and Islam’s prophet. Spencer provides an especially astute observation regarding a follow-up Khomeini fatwa denying Rushdie any leniency for repenting, and offering a reward for any non-Muslim willing to execute the beleaguered author:


The invitation to non-Muslims to murder Rushdie was significant: Khomeini was inviting non-Muslims to share Muslim sensibilities regarding Rushdie’s alleged offense, and trying to induce them to do so by the prospect of financial reward. It would take years for this invitation and foreigners and non-Muslims to kill Rushdie to evolve into the “shaming,” as Hillary Clinton would put it, of those who dared to decline to participate in the de facto implementation of Islamic blasphemy laws. Clinton’s “peer pressure an shaming” imperative demonstrated that, in the two decades between the Rushdie fatwa and her endorsement of UNHRC 16/18 [i.e., the United Nations Human Rights Commission’s “defamation of religion” resolution which riveted upon Islam and was aggressively lobbied for by the UN’s Muslims nation members], non-Muslims had become the principal enforcers of Sharia blasphemy law in the West.


Drawing upon his shared experience with journalist and activist Pamela Geller in the wake of the May 3, 2015 Garland, Texas, jihadist attack on a staid exhibit of historical and contemporary depictions of Muhammad, Spencer concludes:


It is not an offensive act, but ultimately an act in defense of Western civilization to show Islamic jihadists that their violent threats will not cow me and that I will not allow violent intimidation to rule the day, and that I will not offend them in any larger sense by treating them as if they were demented children who cannot control their actions and must necessarily kill in the face of being offended. It was the murderous jihadis who made drawing Muhammad the flash point of the defense of free speech, not Pamela Geller, and I.


It is they who, by their determination to murder non-Muslims who violate their religious law on this point, have made it imperative that free people signal that they will not submit to them. If we give in to that demand that we conform to this Sharia principle, there will be further demands that we adhere to additional Sharia principles. It is ultimately a question of whether we will submit to Sharia or stand up for freedom. At Garland we were standing. In the aftermath, it is clear a huge segment of the Western political and media elites are ready, if not eager to kneel, daring not to “provoked” their new masters.


A quarter century after Hiskett’s Cassandra-like warning about the liberty-crushing peril of acquiescing to Islam within Western societies, Robert Spencer has meticulously documented its most dire consequences: de facto elimination of free speech criticism of the Muslim creed — and, ultimately, free expression, overall. Spencer’s courageous and irrefragable analysis is simultaneously a tocsin of imminent calamity, and a clarion call to action in defense of free speech, our most fundamental, keystone liberty. Western freedom-loving citizens must help bring his message to American political and religious leaders before our liberties are transmogrified by the global Muslim “umma,” seeking unabashedly (since 1981) to impose “The Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights,” i.e., Sharia totalitarianism.


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Obamination Benghazi AssWholliness Video Shopping!

Frequent commenter – Dajjal – on my NCCR blog pointed the way to a post on Islam Exposed similar to the same subject matter of Hillary Clinton’s penchant for being pathological liar. The post Dajjal read is called “Clinton’s Infamous Legacy” by Justin Smith. The piece on Islam Exposed looks at Hillary with a bit more exasperated outrage. Enjoy.

JRH 10/26/15

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Dajjal Comment


October 26, 2015 at 2:25 AM

Judicial Watch discovered that Obamination went video shopping, first blaming the attack on a video sermon before settling on “Innocence Of Muslims”. See both videos and links to JW here:



Obamination Benghazi AssWholliness Video Shopping!

Posted by BEN

October 24, 2015 4:12 PM

Islam Exposed

Judicial watch has a new revelation as a result of a FOIA suit. Obamination set out to blame an internet video for the Benghazi Massacre within three hours of the attack. But there is more: Obamination went video shopping! They first settled on an obscure, infrequently viewed recording of a sermon in which a pastor compares Allah to God.

“The documents detail that only three hours after the initial attack on U.S. personnel in Benghazi, the White House contacted YouTube in an apparent effort to initially blame the assault on an obscure “Pastor John video,” rather than filmmaker Nakoula “Mark” Basseley Nakoula.” Details at Judicial Watch [Emphasis added.]:

VIDEO: God Vs Allah Bible study with Pastor Jon Courson [47:25]


Posted by Draconus33

Published on Sep 5, 2011

A bible study comparing YHWH of the Bible and Allah of the Quran. Are they the same deity as Muslims claim?

VIDEO: Innocence of Muslims 2012 (Real “Sam Bacile” Version)


Posted by Logical Atheism

Published on May 19, 2015

You can now watch the cheap crappy film that’s caused a lot of fuss. The full-length version is 74 minutes but this covers the highlights. Muslims need to get a sense of humor, man. All Islamic death-threat spamming will be deleted. You lost, butthurt bitches. Deal with it! Go do this to Life of Brian.

Court Ruling Link Here:


“In April 2014, Judicial Watch forced the release of State Department documents it had obtained, including an internal email showing then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other Obama administration public relations officials attempting to orchestrate a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents showed that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” and a possible kidnap attempt. The documents were obtained by Judicial Watch as a result of a June 21, 2013, FOIA lawsuit filed against the Department of State (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-00951)).” [Emphasis added.]


“The Obama administration – including Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice – knew immediately that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack. The State Department’s new smoking gun documents put to rest any question about what Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice knew – and when they knew it,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Within minutes of the attack, the administration, specifically Hillary Clinton, began lying to the American people by blaming an obscure Internet video. No wonder Hillary Clinton is the great destroyer of State Department emails. One can assume that Mrs. Clinton would not have stolen and destroyed emails in violation of law and various court orders if she didn’t have something to hide. And it shouldn’t take a federal court order to find out that Hillary Clinton evidently had no clue how the State Department and the FBI responded to terrorist attacks on State Department personnel.” Source: [Emphasis added.]

The accursed termangent [Blog Editor: I had to look this word up. Here are a couple links to a variant spelling (termangant) that I think the author intended – and] knew that the Benghazi Massacre was a planned terrorist attack, not spontaneous, not a protest and not related to any internet video . She lied to us! Do we want to elect another liar???

Demand that your choice for the Republican presidential nomination nationalize the election by making early declarations of his selections for Vice President, cabinet officers, open seats & RINO replacements and a full slate of down ballot endorsements for governors and state legislators.

Demand that your preferred nominee educate himself about the identity and character of the enemy and its doctrines by reading Islam 101 For Politicians.

Obama Lies! Gullible Americans Eat it Up?

BHO Liar-Liar Pants on Fire

John R. Houk

© August 25, 2013


Obama’s 2008 Campaign Promise of the most transparent government in U.S. history and yet five years of a plethora of scandals are obviously being covered up directly and/or indirectly within very the White House itself.


Just in case there are too many scandals for you to remember proving Obama’s “transparency” is a load of crap here is a list courtesy of the American Maverick (6/25/13 – I include the posting date because unless Obama is impeached and removed from Office, his thumb at the Constitution will continue until 1/20/17):


Barrack Obama’s Top Scandals and Thuggery:


o   Operation Fast & Furious:  The White House and Attorney General Eric Holder stone walled Congress’ investigation about the release of arms by federal agents into Mexico.  Congress placed Eric Holder under contempt charges for his contradictions.  To this day, these arms have been used by cartels to advance drug trafficking and kill civilians.


o   Obamacare:  Yes, this is scandalous.  Obama explicitly stated he would hold open hearings about his health care proposal.  Obamacare was rammed through a Democrat controlled House and Senate.  Democrat Harry Reid held the final vote on Christmas Eve when Americans were focused on the holiday.  Democrat Nancy Pelosi stated they would have to vote on the bill before the public would know what was in it.  Well, the problem was a vast majority of Congress was unaware of what Obamacare would unleash on America.  America will hit the roof in 2014 when mandates kick in.


o   Benghazi-gate: Obama was AWOL when decisions needed to be made to rescue Ambassador Stevens, two Navy Seals and a State Department staffer in Libya.  Congress has exposed many facts that lead to orders from the Executive branch for the military to stand down any rescue efforts.  The administration continues to shield over 20 State Department staffers that were at the U.S. Consulate during the attack on September 11, 2012.  Also, do not forget that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State during this period.


o   Hurricane Sandy-gate: Obama promised to cut through government red tape to get funding for shelter and provisions to those impacted by the hurricane.  To this day there are thousands of Americans in New Jersey and New York coastal areas who have yet to receive funds from FEMA to provide housing.  Where is the media scrutiny as was the case with hurricane Katrina?


o   Oppression of the Press: The Department of Justice took measures to watch and intimidate members of the press.  Under the guise of national security, Eric Holder authorized measures leading to the probing of many reporters of the Associated Press and Fox News.  The DOJ searched for judges to authorize wiretapping warrants to observe reporters business and personal communications.


o   IRS Targeting of Conservative Organizations: Bipartisan hearings by the House and Senate have held hearings to investigate the IRS for intentionally restricting conservative based groups from receiving tax status.  IRS officials actually admitted targeting groups.  Ties to the White House are firming up.  Obama initially attempted to deflect any wrong on a small IRS office in Cincinnati.


o   Sibelius-gate: You probably did not hear about this in the mainstream media.  Congressional hearings concluded that Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius broke federal law for campaigning and fundraising for political candidates while in a (sic) official capacity in 2012.


o   Privacy-gate: Measures taken by the White House re-authorized and expanded the ongoing ability of the National Security Agency to track and record communications of American citizens.  A clear challenge to citizens rights under the Fourth Amendment to privacy and search and seizure.  NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s revelations further exposed the power of big government to access civilian information.  The NSA continues to collect data on over 300 million Americans, everyday (sic). 




Now I am bringing this up because of an insightful post written by Craig Andresen and posted at Stepping Up and Speaking Out – Craig’s article zeros in on Benghazigate. In my book Benghazigate rates among the top three scandals from the lying Obama Administration:


1.       Benghazigate


2.     Privacy-gate or NSA-gate


3.     IRS Targeting Conservative Organizations


Now those are the top three scandals in my book to date. Polls and other Conservatives may rate the order differently or add and subtract from my list but NO MATTER how you look at it, President Barack Hussein Obama has been lying to America. Benghazigate and IRS Targeting lies are instrumental in getting Obama reelected in 2012.


Benghazigate lies at the outset tried to make a scapegoat of Islamophobes and the source Islamophobe scapegoated was an Egyptian Coptic Christian – or is he Coptic? – (Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) of perhaps dubious criminality of nothing to do with Islamophobia who made a poorly put together yet fairly accurate movie about Islam’s prophet Mohammed.



Craig Andresen brings the clarity by looking at Obama Administration excuses followed closely by some good old fashioned American gotcha – Bull Crap.


JRH 8/25/13 (Hat Tip: Michael Benghazi Malinconico [This facebook page mysteriously disappeared or at least in my browser])

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Benghazi – Covering Up TREASON with a Scandal


By Craig Andresen

August 22, 2013 09:05


Did anyone but me catch the attempted distraction yesterday?


The only thing transparent about this administration is their corruption.


Just 2 days ago, three of the four mid-level State Department employees, singled out in the Accountability Review Board (ARB) official BENGHAZI REPORT, as being primarily responsible for the shortcomings OF the State Department which led TO the attacks in Benghazi…WERE REINSTATED.


The 4th, Eric Boswell, assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security had already resigned from his position.


Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant security tasked with embassy security…Scott Bultrowicz, the former director of diplomatic security and Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, who was responsible for the entire North Africa region…HAD been placed on ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE…a PAID VACATION while socialists, a complicit lapdog media and this insipid administration TOUTED the THOROUGHNESS of the Pickering report.




Okay, so…WHICH IS IT???






Now, it seems…NOBODY in the State Department did ANYTHING wrong and just as that comes out, James Clapper at the NSA makes public MORE spying on Americans as a DISTRACTION.




Those placed on administrative leave were nothing but diversionary scapegoats. THEY were given up to Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee for NO OTHER REASON than to PROTECT HILLARY CLINTON AND HER POSSIBLE RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE IN 2016!!!!!


OUR security was drawn down in Benghazi and nobody is responsible for that?




Our enemy, Ansar al-Sharia was HIRED to do security in Benghazi but nobody is responsible for THAT?




Memos and emails were ignored regarding the need for more security in Benghazi and nobody is responsible?




The calls for MORE security in Benghazi were DENIED and nobody is responsible for that EITHER???




As the attacks were in progress, nobody from State demanded assistance and NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE????






4 Americans DIED in Benghazi, we’re closing in on the 1 year anniversary and so far…






This is outrageous.


More outrageous still, is the notion and the FACT that OBAMA and his puppets would DARE call BENGHAZI a “PHONY SCANDAL!!!!!”




Who couldn’t bear to watch the bin Laden raid after the situation room photo op and left to play cards…DISAPPEARED from that SAME situation room just 20 minutes into the attacks in Benghazi and NOBODY knows where he was for 8 hours???




Somebody issues orders NOT to send special ops to rescue those trapped in Benghazi and NOBODY KNOWS WHO???




SOMEBODY comes up with the COCKAMAMY story that a YOU TUBE VIDEO was the cause of the Benghazi attacks and…NOBODY KNOWS WHO CAME UP WITH IT???




The FBI has to cool THEIR heels in TRIPOLI for 3 weeks because it’s TOO DANGEROUS to be where JOURNALISTS roam freely in BENGHAZI?????




Survivors, mostly CIA employees have been threatened and given lie detector tests to make sure they are not talking about what went on there that night.


Whistle-blower, Gregory Hicks…WHO TESTIFIED AND TOLD THE TRUTH…was DEMOTED.












Obama “led from behind” and supplied weapons to Libyan “rebels” who he KNEW were al Qaeda in the effort to oust Gaddafi and TENS OF THOUSANDS of those weapons, including MISSILE LAUNCHERS and RPG’s WENT MISSING.


It’s better than a fair bet that THOSE VERY WEAPONS were used by ANSAR al-SHARIA…AL QAEDA IN THE ARAB PENINSULA…AGAINST OUR OWN PEOPLE IN BENGHAZI but nobody is responsible huh?


It’s also better than a fair bet that the CIA was RUNNING WEAPONS from BENGHAZI through the Turks TO SYRIAN ‘REBELS”…AGAIN…AL QAEDA…OUR ENEMY IN A TIME OF WAR…and nobody knows what was going on there???




Those actions, undertaken by OBAMA are…






It is time for the utterly useless John Boehner to sit down, shut up and get the hell out of the way and for Darrell Issa to appoint a SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE…Put former prosecutor TREY GOWDY in charge of it and GIVE THAT COMMITTEE SUBPOENA POWERS!!!


Start hauling the prime suspects…Hillary Clinton, Patrick Kennedy, John Brennen, General Dempsey and OBAMA in…Give immunity to all those CIA survivors… and KEEP THE DAMN THING IN SESSION…ON CSPAN… 24 HOURS A DAY IF NECESSARY UNTIL WE HAVE ANSWERS AND THE TRUTH!!!!!






Clearly, laws are being broken as the IRS has been used as a political weapon against one segment of our populous.


Clearly, laws are being broken, thousands of times a year as the NSA spies on all Americans.


CLEARLY, laws were broken in the Fast and Furious gun running and at least one American has died as a result of it.


Clearly LAWS and the CONSTITUTION are being IGNORED and SUBVERTED as OBAMA continues to give Obamacare waivers to his political friends and delay key provisions of it against the written law itself and CLEARLY We the People will LOSE our 4th Amendment RIGHTS if this horrific law is allowed to be funded along with having the already UNLAWFUL IRS being tasked to ENFORCE it.













Obama Lies! Gullible Americans Eat it Up?

John R. Houk

© August 25, 2013


Benghazi – Covering Up TREASON with a Scandal


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Craig Andresen is the publisher of The National Patriot. Craig’s background includes 13 years as a radio personality and producer, professional photographer having covered both local and national political figures and Craig is a former Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. An accomplished public speaker, Craig is more politically DIRECT than politically CORRECT and he brings to his appearances, the same sense of humor and passion that resonates in his writing. Craig is a frequent guest adding his perspective to radio broadcasts and is the author of articles exhibiting a solid conservative commentary from the Right Side of Politics.


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Obama and the "Official Truth"

OBL - Obama bin Lying - Impeach Him

Caroline Glick demonstrates that Barack Hussein Obama and his Executive Branch Administration has been giving the American public an Official Truth that is in reality a pack of lies. The list of people Glick writes about is probably a short list rather than an exhaustive; nonetheless the Obama persecuted people and organizations are Conservatives or pro-Israel. If this kind of political harassment isn’t impeachable than nothing is and that means the Office of President has turned into a dictatorship above the laws founded in the U.S. Constitution.


JRH 5/21/13

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Mohammed Film Maker and Islamist Conspiracy

John R. Houk

© October 10, 2012


Here is some interesting information about Innocence of Muslims – The anti-Mohammed movie made in the USA and originally credited as the reason for the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith.


Walid Shoebat has developed a Conspiracy Theory That has the number one person behind Innocence of Muslims (whatever his real name is) was set up by Muslim Brotherhood people to instigate Muslim-hate riots. Talk about incitement, right?


My thoughts on the movie: This is a dopey production that looks created in a garage and a back yard. I know this will upset the politically correct Left, Muslim Apologists and Muslims brainwashed about the perfection of Mohammed; nonetheless the dialogue can’t be taken seriously hence I see a parody of the darker information about Mohammed that can actually be found in the Quran, Hadith and Sira of Islam.


I am going to start out with a local California PBS news report on the mock Mohammed movie producer and then follow that with Walid Shoebat’s thoughts.


JRH 10/10/12

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LA County man behind anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” due in court today




89.3 KPCC – Southern California Public Radio


A Los Angeles County man behind the anti-Muslim film that sparked violence in the Middle East is expected to appear in federal court today. A Los Angeles judge is expected to ask Mark Basseley Youssef whether he violated his probation for a 2010 bank fraud conviction.


Federal prosecutors argue that the 55-year-old had eight probation violations, including lying to his probation officer and using aliases. If Youssef denies those allegations, the judge is expected to schedule an evidentiary hearing to determine if he violated the terms of his release from prison.


Federal authorities say Youssef – a Coptic Christian who also went by the name Nakoula Basseley Nakoula – was behind the film “Innocence of Muslims.” The movie, which mocked Muslims and the prophet Muhammad, led to violence in the Middle East, killing dozens.

Read court documents explaining why prosecutors requested Youssef’s detention and the judge’s reasons for holding him:


Youssef Court Docs


Youssef Court Docs2



Exclusive: ‘Innocence of Muslims’… a Game of Predators and Scapegoats


Posted by Admin

By Walid Shoebat

OCTOBER 5, 2012


The Innocence of Muslims and the spark of an Islamic revolution can be linked to a handful of culprits. The mystery is unlocked when we review the original YouTube page of one named Sam Bacile (the same name attributed to the filmmaker at one time). Bacile forgot to cover his tracks, leaving two links to three very crucial videos. On the “Feed” tab are two of those videos.


One features a Muslim named Wisam Abdul Waris, uploaded to YouTube on September 9th (linked from the Bacile page no later than September 10th). Wisam’s video was uploaded to Bacile’s page because Bacile commented on the video. Yet, when one attempts to view the comments, all have been scrubbed and the comment feature disabled, though the comment allegedly made by Sam Bacile appears on the “Feed” tab, just above the video.


Here is a screen shot of the Sam Bacile YouTube page:

Bacile_YouTube Screen Shot 



The second video on the Sam Bacile “Feed” tab is none other Nader Bakkar, from as far back as May of 2012. This video was added to Bacile’s YouTube page as a “Favorite” about one week prior to the embassy attack in Cairo on 9/11.


The third video is on the “Likes” tab of the Sam Bacile YouTube page. It consists of an interview with an English speaking western woman who converted to Islam.


Why would a supposed Christian filmmaker “like” this video?


Who are these two named Wisam Abdul Waris and Nader Bakkar?


Waris and Bakkar, the two main interests on Sam Bacile’s YouTube channel, were the two men we identified back on September 13th as being the two primary culprits behind the Cairo riots on 9/11.


These two have been conspicuously absent, all along, from all western media narratives. For example, days after the attacks in Egypt and Libya, Reuters reported an incomplete narrative that the “flashpoint” of the violence was when Sheikh Khalid Abdallah on Al-Nas TV in Egypt aired portions of the film Innocence of Muslims.


The clip Reuters is referring to (uploaded September 9th) was a TV interview on al-Nas, where Sheikh Khalid Abdallah interviewed an activist named Mohammad Hamdy, who was engaged in a blatant form of guilt by association, creating a link between the Copts in Egypt and the Copts in the Diaspora. He blamed all Copts worldwide, not just the ones involved in the film.


Then came these two on September 9th, Wisam Abdul Waris, a Salafist who announced the formation of a new organization, the Coalition of Dar al-Hekma, an activist group wanting to enforce blasphemy laws worldwide and especially in the West. Nader Bakkar was the head of the Nour Salafist party, who gladly announced his new membership in the coalition on the day these two condemned the film.


Contrary to what Reuters reported, what caused the riots was when Waris called in to Khalid to promote them. Khalid simply asked for the date and accepted the invitation. The details and evidence of how the riots erupted by these two was explained here. The rest is history.


The conclusion is that all evidence reveals a small circle of predators—the filmmaker and two individuals prominently displayed on the Sam Bacile YouTube channel.


Wisam and Bakkar planned and executed the riots.


But this is not the rest of the story.



These predators wanted scapegoats. Arab media continues to look for someone to blame for Innocence of Muslims. Al-Ahram, the most prominent newspaper out of Egypt—and a litany of other Arab media, ignores these predators and insists that three Copts are to blame:


Fingers still point to the three names who make up the sides of the dark triangle behind the film…


…says al-Ahram newspaper, adding that…


One of the most important sides of this triangle is Father Zakaria Boutros.


Boutros’s crime was that he was involved in al-Hayat, a ministry in which he openly debates Islamic doctrine. His critique of Islam earned him the title as the most hated man in Egypt.


The other most wanted, according to Al-Ahram, was “Joseph Nasrallah”, whom it identifies as the…


…owner of a TV program called The Way and runs a media organization and Christian charity in Los Angeles, called Media for Christ.


When it came to Nasrallah, Al-Ahram reported…


200 people besieged his family’s home in Giza to kill his mother and his two brothers.


While thugs can pinpoint Nasrallah’s family in Egypt, it remains a mystery that no one was able to pinpoint the relatives of scapegoat number three – the filmmaker himself – despite his statements that the funding for the film came from his wife’s family in Egypt.


Several predatory Islamic websites have a history of posting details that included photos of homes, documents, mapping and even home loan documents while asking other Muslims to help hunt down activist Copts living in the Diaspora.


The Copts are the best scapegoats to set up for serious trouble.


While the filmmaker is put on trial in the United States, the system gives free reign to terrorists and predators who are not simply crying ‘fire’ in a theatre; they are calling first to burn it.


There is apparently no illegality in disseminating information that solicits the murder of Copts who are blamed, regardless of facts. Flimsy evidence is used to make any case that these critiques of Islam deserve execution via mob rule.


Al-Ahram even recognizes that a man by the name of “Ahmed Hamdy” was behind Innocence of Muslims, but suddenly this Ahmed Hamdy must be a Copt disguised as Muslim. Why? Al-Ahram explains:


During this period, Zakaria Boutros created a Paltalk chat room on the Internet in 2002 to raise suspicions against Islam and the Koran, which sparked outrage in Egypt and the Muslim world. This prompted Pope Shenouda to issue a decision to excommunicate him from the church. A revelation from a human rights activist [Khalid al-Masri] stated: ‘One day a person claiming to be a Muslim named Ahmed Hamdy entered Zakaria Boutros’ Paltalk room and requested a debate with Zakaria in front of all visitors… Zakaria Boutros agreed and this person, who claims to be Ahmed Hamdy declared his conversion publicly to Christianity before all visitors in the room.


According to al-Masri, this Ahmed Hamdy is the filmmaker:


After the uproar caused by Nakoula’s film, he [Nakoula] contacted the American Radio Sawa and what we found as researchers at the National Center was that the voice in the interview with Radio Sawa was the same voice of Ahmed Hamdy who debated Zakaria Boutros in his Paltalk room. This is the same person who claimed during his contact with the American Associated Press that he was an Israeli Jew named Sam Basile and what followed was that the Agency [Associated Press] tracked his phone to discover his name was Nakoula Basile Nakoula, revealed his criminal record, and found the case of bank fraud in which he was sentenced, fined $750,000 dollars, and not permitted to use the Internet for five years.


Al-Masri stated that the voice compared from that dialogue with Boutros in 2002 was matched to the same voice of the man who claims to be Nakoula during his interview with Sawa in September of 2012.


Al-Masri concludes:


Ahmed Hamdy was just a pseudonym and was not a Muslim; he was a Copt from the Diaspora named Elijah Basile, also known as Nakoula Bacile Nakoula, director and writer of the screenplay [Innocence of Muslims].


Though no one was able to confirm which of the names the filmmaker used is his real name or even what his real name is, this revelation of a switch from Ahmed Hamdy to Nakoula only came after the film became known. Court documents do reveal that the filmmaker used the name Ahmed Hamdy extensively while he was embezzling money with my first cousin, Eiad Salameh and was captured during Operation Mountain Express, which would become a huge investigation into pseudoephedrine-dealing that was linked to money going to Hezbollah, a terrorist organization.


While no evidence has yet surfaced that pinpoints the true name or origin of the man behind Innocence of Muslims, the media continues the narrative that a religious Copt is solely responsible for the whole mess and oh, by the way, that Copt is now in jail.


The BBC reported that the filmmaker’s supposed church membership in the U.S. isn’t as it has been portrayed, quoting the Bishop of the Coptic Diocese of Los Angeles as saying the filmmaker “disappears for many months” and “…is not a regular member.”


Why he sporadically visited a Coptic church remains unknown. Sawa (Arab radio) aired an interview in which the alleged filmmaker stated that he is not even interested in Christianity, adding that some day he would treat Christianity and Judaism the same way he did in the Innocence of Muslims. He made clear that he is a critic of all religions and that his favorite critic was Salman Rushdi. “What happened to the Iranian Salman Rushdi is what inspired me,” stated the filmmaker to the Arabic radio Sawa.


Why then would the anti-religion filmmaker work in Zakaria Boutros’ ministry? We were even able to obtain an old photo never published in any western media. The man on the far left is identified as the filmmaker; Boutros is seen standing in the center (click on image to enlarge).


Mohammed Movie Maker Left – Zakaria Boutros Center

Sam Bacile-Ahmed Hamdy-Nakoula Basile Nakoula-Elijah Basile-Mark Basseley Youssef or whoever is Left and Zakaria Boutros is center



We reached out to Boutros in order to help determine if this person is Ahmed Hamdy, whom Boutros supposedly interviewed at his Paltalk in 2002. Is this the man who claimed to have converted from Islam to Christianity and if so, was Boutros simply set up?


Unfortunately, Zakaria has not responded to our requests.


It’s worth noting that several pseudonyms the filmmaker was using belong to real people who do exist. I was able to find one named Sobhy Bushra, a former associate of Boutros who runs a ministry and travels to the Holy Land. Bushra stated that he knew everyone, including my cousin Eiad Salameh. He stated that he was simply ministering to the filmmaker in the Los Angeles area and had attempted to help him mend his ways. He stated that the filmmaker said he was Copt who used the name Nakoula Bacile Yousef Nakoula from Bahira in Egypt. I had asked him about Eiad Salameh and he stated that Eiad traveled from Bethlehem to meet with Bushra in Jerusalem recently. Eiad has been connecting to the Copts for years of scheming in California.


Whether the filmmaker was Copt or Muslim in origin makes little difference. It is not uncommon for Islamists to find, use and recruit bad apples. It is easy to find so-called secular Christians who could care less about the Christian faith, or who disagree with Christian support for Israel and even use their hatred to advance terrorist causes. Many Copts are no lovers of Israel. Al-Hayat, where Boutros served, has a disdain for Israel.


Hilarion Capucci, a Catholic archbishop is a case-in-point. While Capucci hated Israel, he was a friend of Eiad Salameh. Capucci was found guilty of terrorism against the State of Israel for smuggling explosives in 1974. George Habash, a secular Christian, started the Popular Front to Liberate Palestine (PFLP), which recruits both secular Christian and Muslim terrorists. Remember, the filmmaker was apprehended during Operation Mountain Express, which was linked to drug dealings involving Hezbollah.


While terror supporters were behind the unrest, the Arab world hones in on religious Copts whether they are critics of Islam or not, or even perhaps duped by someone who had intentions to do them harm. The sad part is that many in the West agree with them. Copts, like Jews, make excellent scapegoats.


The rest of the story might be told if some Copts came forward to tell it.


Mohammed Film Maker and Islamist Conspiracy

John R. Houk

© October 10, 2012


LA County man behind anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” due in court today


© 2012 Southern California Public Radio


Exclusive: ‘Innocence of Muslims’… a Game of Predators and Scapegoats


© 2012 Walid Shoebat. All Rights Reserved.

Nakoula made a notorious anti-Islam film —

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula aka Sam Bacile

Now that I have defended Walid Shoebat’s integrity I am going to cross some information on the cryptic producers of the Mohammed Movie which is probably more up to date than the one I posted on my blog.


JRH 9/21/12 (Hat Tip: Ali Sina Goldenberg)

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Nakoula made a notorious anti-Islam film — yet he had worked for an Islamic terrorist


By Joseph Cannon

September 15, 2012 5:34 AM



Added note: I ask readers to pay special attention to the Eiad Salameh connection, which nails the theory that Nakoula worked for spooks…

Additional added note: Or does it? I’ve recently received information that places the Nakoula/Salameh linkage in a new light. The claim that Eiad Salameh is a PLO terrorist comes from his cousin Walid — whom some people (including Chris Hedges) have labeled a serial hoaxer. Walid, like so many of the players in this drama, hails from what we may call the “Pam Geller ring.” His accusations against Hilarion Cappucci — an aged Greek Orthodox cleric — appear to be spurious.

Still, I have received convincing evidence that Eiad is indeed a crook.

If you’re confused — well, read what follows, and the context should become clear.

Nakoula Nakoula, producer of the film “Innocence of Muslims,” has been called in for questioning by the Los Angeles Police Department. This makes sense: The terms of his parole specified that he was not to use the internet without supervision, and he seems to have hopped on the net quite often while posing as “Sam Bacile.”

If Nakoula walks, you’ll know that the fix is in. On the other hand, keeping him behind bars will keep him away from interviewers.

The really stunning news is that he seems to have been a snitch for the government


Though many key documents from the U.S. District Court case remain sealed, a June 2010 sentencing transcript provides an account of Nakoula’s cooperation with federal investigators in Los Angeles (and how his prison sentence was reduced as a result).

Nakoula, 55, was arrested in June 2009 for his role in a check-kiting ring that stole nearly $800,000 from six financial institutions by using stolen Social Security numbers and identities. Nakoula was named in a six-count felony indictment accusing him and unnamed “co-schemers” of perpetrating the bank fraud.

Denied bail, Nakoula, a married father of three, was locked up at the Metropolitan Detention Center in L.A. when he began cooperating with Justice Department lawyers and federal agents. During a series of debriefing sessions, Nakoula provided investigators with a detailed account of the fraud operation and fingered the man who allegedly headed the operation, according to comments made by his lawyer at sentencing.

Nakoula identified the ring’s leader as Eiad Salameh, a notorious fraudster who has been tracked for more than a decade by state and federal investigators. In his debriefings, Nakoula said he was recruited as a “runner” by Salameh, who pocketed the majority of money generated by the bank swindles, according to James Henderson, Nakoula’s attorney.


I hate to sound like one of those guys who interprets all new information as confirmation of a preconceived narrative, but this material really does buttress my theory that Nakoula made a deal with either Mossad, an American intelligence service, or both. The government knew about this guy. They knew he was ready to cut deals. He’s not bright enough to run his own show. He works for others.

This is not someone who is going to create a bloody international incident of his own accord.

Eiad Salameh — Nakoula’s former boss — is probably the same fellow called “Eiad Salameh Shu’aybat” here and here. This Eiad Salameh is accused of the same type of fraud that landed Nakoula in jail. Moreover, the author of the afore-linked piece mentions that Eiad is wanted by the LAPD. That detail is congruent with the “Smoking Gun” story excerpted above.

Although much remains hazy, it seems that Salameh is a Muslim accused of funding terrorism.

Eiad was well connected with Hilarion Cappucci, a Christian Syrian born terrorist, and a major explosives smuggler…


Eiad had disclosed to my brother Farid years ago of his intention to work with Cappucci to smuggle explosives via buses with welded covered compartments. Eiad continually received mal from Tunisia while he was linked with the P.L.O.


I don’t know what “mal” is, but the rest seems clear enough. Nakoula’s relationship with this guy surely would have put him on the radar of both Mossad and the American intelligence establishment.

The obvious question: If Nakoula really hates Muslims so much, then why was he so tight with a guy like Salameh? Hell, with anyone named Salameh?

Another obvious question: If Nakoula is willing to work with an anti-Israel terrorist, then why does his movie go out of its way to proclaim Judaism superior to Islam?

Wired reports that the 2009 bust was Nakoula’s third. In 1997, he was nabbed for selling watered-down gasoline; in 1997, he was making PCP and meth. Y’know what’s odd about this? California has a “three strikes and you’re out” law

It’s one of the harshest sentencing schemes in the country and a law that can send people convicted of even nonviolent offenses to prison for life.

Just ask Leandro Andrade. The father of three languishes in California state prison with two consecutive life sentences for shoplifting nine children’s videos on two occasions in November 1995…


Nakoula should be in jail for the rest of his life. Yet he was sentenced to 21 months for ripping off $800,000 — and he served only a year.

Yeah. Just try to convince me that that isn’t suspicious.

Then this same crook immediately went into the movie-making business (about which he knew nothing). His partners were quite a bizarre crew: Jimmy Israel (a shady real estate operator), Steve Klein (a “patriot” fanatic with spooky connections), Morris Sadek (part of the Pam Geller crowd and a likely Mossad asset) and Joseph Nasrallah Abdelmasih (ditto). Oh — and somehow, Nakoula managed to secure the services of a well-connected lawyer named James Henderson, who was accused of having organized crime connections by the same informant who accurately told the FBI in February, 2001 that Osama Bin Laden was going to crash jets into the World Trade Center.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that Klein used the film’s one midnight screening as “bait” in a bizarre anti-terrorist sting. Klein showed up to that party in disguise.

On top of all of that is the discomforting fact that when the spotlight first hit him, Nakoula nervously blurted out that his film was funded by Israeli money.

If none of this seems spooky to you, your spookmeter is broken.

Incidentally: There’s an interview with Jimmy Israel here. Israel minimizes his participation in the film — unconvincingly, in my opinion. One slip seems telling:

Israel, who identifies as a “pacifist” liberal with no affiliation to organized religions, and who claims to have no strong opinions about Islam, despite having heard some “alarming” things about the Quran at “seminars,” says he supports freedom of religion and expression.


“Seminars”? What kind of irreligious pacifist liberal goes to “seminars” (plural) which discuss the origins of the Quran in negative terms?

Jimmy, who admits that his film had no commercial prospects, also let something else slip out…

Likewise, I can’t be sure that this isn’t part of some larger deception — anything from a prank to some kind of bizarre intelligence operation. It’s phenomenally strange.


“Some kind of bizarre intelligence operation.” If Jimmy Israel, who worked on the damned movie, is thinking along those lines, then so may we.


CannonFire Homepage

Islam Insults Christianity

John R. Houk

© September 14, 2012


In Libya U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by an angry Islamic mob or perhaps an organized terrorist attack using the angry mob as cover. U.S. embassies in various other Muslim nations such as Egypt and Yemen to name a few have also been attacked by angry Muslim mobs.




Muhammed-Mohammed-Muhammad actor 2


The media is reporting that Sam Bacile produced a fill entitled “The Innocence of Muslims”. It is now believed that Bacile (or Bassiel or Bassil) is a pseudonym for a person who might be Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (A separate report on Bacile-Nakoula from CNN). The movie was billed as an action/adventure telling the real story of Mohammed. The thing is this movie got a lot of play on the Internet in the Muslim world including an Arabic translation (the movie was filmed in English). Muslims find that the truth about Mohammed that is even written in their holy writings (Quran, Hadith, Sira, Sunna etc.) is insulting. I am guessing the insult is in the irreverent way non-Muslims disseminate the truth as written in Islamic holy writings. I have difficulty in imagining Mohammed’s story told in its entirety can be told reverently when it comes to the beheadings of Arab Jewish tribes and the taking of Jewish women as sex-slaves, concubines and/or wives. Mo instituted piracy and thieving-slave raids as a good thing because Mo heard from Allah that what benefitted Muslims and Mohammed is good when executed upon non-Muslims.


Mohammed’s example during life became the framework on how to treat non-Muslims when Islamic conquest branched out of the Arab Peninsula terrorizing Christians into converting to Islam to the north and west of the Arab Peninsula. Mohammed’s example was even more brutal in the conquest toward the east of the Arab Peninsula because those poor souls were regarded as polytheists rather than the People of the Book (i.e. Jews and Christians). The initial invasions of the Indian Sub-Continent was a job of convert or be exterminated of the remnant that was not enslaved for male manual labor or female sex-slavery.


This is a short exposé of Mohammed and the civilization he inspired that can be known as the Islamic World or Islamic Culture. Trust me – from a non-Muslim perspective there is much more you should know to understand that Islam is completely antithetical to Christianity and the Secularized Culture in the West that has evolved from Christianity. Islam has never evolved past a Middle Ages mindset.


In the Middle Ages professing Christians were fairly ignorant of what was written in the Holy Bible. Christians from peasantry to royalty for the most part only understood their faith from the Catholic Clergy in the West. The reason for this is that most Europeans were illiterate. Thus the Catholic Church placed a high importance on Church tradition rather than the specifics of Scripture. Tradition and Scripture do not necessarily concur with each other. Some Clergy began to view that Tradition began to stray too far from the Scriptures and began to advocate for the Church to draw closer to the Word of God rather than to stray to a Tradition that looks nothing like Scripture.


The Crusades were initiated out of the weariness of the Christian West being subject to slave and booty raids from Muslims ever encroaching on Christian Europe. Thus when it was reported that Muslims began to rob, prevent and/or kill Christian pilgrims journeying to the Holy Land, it became a good excuse for the Church hierarchy to rabble rouse European nobility and royalty to invade the Holy Land and wrest control away from the Muslims. From a Christian perspective the Crusades to the Holy Land was a Just War against the haters of Jesus Christ. HOWEVER, from a Scriptural perspective the Crusader armies committed ungodly and non-Christ-like actions similar to the same things the Muslims did in their conquest of Christian lands. As a supply line the Crusaders would ravage their way across Europe heading toward Constantinople (renamed Istanbul by Muslim conquerors).


During the era of the Crusades the city of Constantinople was the capital of what was left of the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire that evolved into a Greek-centric culture). The Byzantines were a shell of their former glory. When the last Byzantine Emperors began to ask the West for help against the Saracen (Muslims), they did not think the Crusaders would eventually sack Constantinople on the way to the Holy Land.


The First Crusade began in 1096 and was responsible for setting up the near 200 years of the Latin Kingdom. The Fourth Crusade (1202 – 1261) sacked Constantinople in 1204. The Ninth and Last Crusade (1271-1272) began the demise of the Latin Kingdom in the Holy Land (1099-1187 [Fall of Acre 1291] Online book “LATIN KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM).


The Crusades essentially were the result of years of insult against Christianity. The murder of 3,000 Christian pilgrims (1065) making their way to the Holy Land was the last straw for a militant feudal society fairly ignorant of the actual principles laid out in the Holy Bible.


I am dwelling on the revisionism of academic Leftists and Muslim Apologists pertaining to the Crusades because it is the mindset that seeks justification for violence when Islam is insulted. The reality is Islam’s central tenets that Mohammed is the Last Prophet from God which Mo calls Allah with the implication that Allah is the same god of Abraham is offensive to Jews and Christians. The memorized sayings of Mohammed that were eventually recorded as the Quran calls the Holy writings of the Old and New Testament corrupted. Since Mo is plugged into Allah (I’m not sure if Mo is directly plugged into Allah or if Mo heard from Allah only through the Angel Gabriel or both), he can say the Word of God in the Old Testament (Torah and Tanakh for Jews) and the New Testament is corrupt.


As a Christian it would be wrong of me to speak about the Jewish belief of the Quran. I can say as a Christian the Quran is full of bologna written to cast a net upon then polytheistic Arabs to bring them under a charismatic leader and bound with the power of cultic beliefs to strengthen Mo’s and the later Companions’ hold over the Arab people. When the charismatic cultic leader died, the Companions would use the memorized sayings of Mohammed to ensure cultic control of the Arabs – the first believers of Mohammed.


It is obvious to any Christian that rewrote or I guess retold the OT and NT in a way that would make his fellow Arabs feel special and hope Jews and Christian would buy the revamped used car and join the party of blood lust, sex-slavery and conquest.


But you see the New Testament tells Christians that if anything is added or taken away from Scripture it will be an act to deceive Christians out of their Salvation provided in the death, burial and Resurrection of the One and Only Son of God that is also fully human in order to Redeem humanity from Satan’s grasp of this age.


1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does[a] not slumber. (II Peter 2: 1-3 NKJV)


18 For[a] I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add[b] to him the plagues that are written in this book; 19 and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away[c] his part from the Book[d] of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.


20 He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.”

Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Rev. 22: 18-20 NKJV)


Islamic existence then is an offense to Christianity. Islam denies that Jesus is the Son of God. Islam denies that Jesus has the nature of being fully God and being fully human. Jesus’ Divinity made His humanity sin free unlike the rest of humanity that inherited Adam’s curse. This is the centrality of Christianity: The sin-free Jesus Christ was crucified to death as a sacrifice once and for all to Redeem humanity from Adam’s Fall from the Presence of God. Jesus is Resurrected as fully God reclaiming His Divine attributes that He gave up to live in a mortal human vessel. Jesus’ bodily Resurrection led Him to Ascend to Heaven to sit at the Right-hand of the Father ever interceding for the Believing Saints. Jesus promises to Return which will lead to the final defeat of all unbelievers that would rather believe in Satan’s deception. After Believers are certified in the Book of Life the New Earth is created. The New Heavenly Jerusalem is united with the New Earth then the New Heaven and the New Earth are united with all Redeemed humanity experientially knowing the very Will of God – no guessing, no tears, no toil and no fear of mortality nor the Second Death.  Islam denies this Christian centrality in totality.


Islam teaches that the Son of Promise is Ishmael rather than Isaac; hence Jacob renamed Israel and his progeny are not God’s Chosen People and Salvation then is not of the Jews. Islam teaches that Jesus is not the Son of God but only a human prophet in a prophetic line leading to Mohammed. Islam teaches that Jesus did not die on the Cross nor did He ever Resurrect in bodily form. Islam teaches eternal sexual pleasures for males that die in Jihad fighting non-Muslims (aka Infidels or kafir).


In essence Islam is a cultic offense to Christ and Christians!


Christians that understand the Word of God as found in the New Testament are taught not to take an offense when insulted for being a Christian. This is probably a key reason Americans as the most Christian-Conscious nation among nations with a Christian heritage don’t riot in the streets when Christ is offended by the ungodliness that Islam presents to the Christian faith in denying the Godhood and the Redemption of humanity in Christ Jesus the Lord.


If Christians were to ever comprehend just how much the religious existence of Islam is an insult to Christianity, those Christians that are more carnal natured than spiritual natured might indeed begin expressing anger toward Muslims living in America. Unlike the Muslim riots in Islamic nations in which the Quran teaches to kill those that insult Mohammed and Allah, Christians are taught in the Bible that vengeance for persecution and injustice against Christianity is the Lord’s to execute. We all know that there are those that tap into the Christian faith that might believe causing harm in the name of Jesus toward insulting non-Christians might indeed strike back on a more individual basis: e.g. Muslim store owners, Mosques, taxi drivers and so on in American society. In such cases I am squarely behind the rule of law and the First Amendment that such offenders that act out violence against Muslims (or any offending group of people: religiously, politically or [gasp] gender challenged) should be duly arrested and prosecuted for their crimes. However, not prosecuted according to Sharia Law which would lead to punishment of cruelty and inhumanity, but rather according the law of the land as backed by the U.S. Constitution.


I have to tell you though. I am becoming extremely wearisome of Muslims targeting Americans because they feel offended by our Free Speech Liberty. I find it more disgusting that Muslim governments are not doing more to protect American sovereign land which is what an Embassy and a Consulate IS.


I watched the trailer to “The Innocence of Muslims’. The acting is horrible. The dialogue is worthy of a homemade video made at someone’s house is idiotic. From an American perspective this movie would be more a parody of Mohammed’s negative side of life. From a Muslim perspective this movie would indeed be highly offensive. BUT COME ON! Attacking American Embassies in the Middle East who until the riots began had no connection or idea that such a movie was made is insanely STUPID!


VIDEO: Muhammad Movie Trailer

(Since the last time I viewed this video YouTube has placed a warning before viewing message. I don’t know how long YouTube will allow a video that insults Islam to stay up. Such is the hypocrisy of politically correct Free Speech.)


WORSE! Many of these rioting Muslims overseas are desecrating the American flag and raising the Black Flag of al Qaeda with praise for Osama bin Laden roughly on the anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attack on American soil on September 1, 2001.


As I was writing this I just saw Secretary State Hillary Clinton correctly condemn the “anti-Islam” movie; However Clinton finished her condemnation by saying something to the effect that “how dare someone make such a movie that insults ‘a great religion’ like Islam.”


I have to apologize to the Muslims that have chosen to live the peaceful tenets of Islam. I have probably already the realm of the insult for you. There is a side of Islam that I often describe as the dark side that is insidious, especially to Jews, Christians and Hindus. Quranic suras specifically led Imperialist Islam of the past to conquer, convert, dehumanize non-converters or kill non-believers of Islam for daring not to submit to Islamic Supremacism.


Sure Christianity had their share of atrocities in history, especially against Jews; however those atrocities were contrary to the Word of God. The atrocities of past Muslim Imperialism were in accordance to the Quran, Hadith and Sira of Islam.


This is where a Muslim Apologist invariables writes to me to say BS and other epithets I typically do not write. The favorite response is that there is no compulsion of religion in Islam. The Quranic sura is extremely deceptive. Lack of compulsion means there are choices offered to a non-Muslim which I have already touched on. The choice is Convert, become a subhuman dhimmi or die. You see, Islam does not compel your religious choice. When you freely choose between the three offers from Islam you are choosing rather than Islam compelling you.


The Muslim riots across the Muslim world are an example of Muslim intolerance to the civil rights of non-Muslims that the Left-Stain-Media cannot fail to show you. However, there are loads of Christians in the Muslim world that experience religious intolerance. Many Christians are menaced by Islamic Blasphemy laws in which Mohammed, Quran, Allah or Islam in general assign the accusation of insult. If a Christian shares about Redemption in Christ to a non-Muslim you have blasphemed Islam. If a Christian drinks out of a Muslim well you have blasphemed Islam. If a Muslim converts to Christianity you have blasphemed Islam. If you say in defense of your Christianity that Jesus is better than Mohammed is, you have blasphemed Islam. If you accuse Muslims of kidnapping your Christian daughter for marriage you have blasphemed Islam for interfering with Islamic conversion. If your Christian daughters are raped by a Muslim, your daughter is stoned to death for fornication or adultery. In honesty Muslim men pull the same junk on Muslim women as well. The message: if women are in a position where a rape can happen it is the woman’s fault and she must be punished. Welcome to Sharia Law.


I gotta tell ya.


Risking being told that I am an Islamophobic bigot against Muslims, I have come to the point that I am fed up with protecting the feelings of Muslims when the truth of the dark side of Islam is exposed. Muslims have no problem talking about the unscriptural dark side of Christianity’s history AND trust there is plenty of dark side in Christianity’s history. But I must reiterate that Christianity’s dark side was perpetrated by Christians doing atrocities that the Bible specifically condemns. Unlike in Islam in which theological duality can make contrary suras both true depending on the situation favorable to Islam or the concept of abrogation, Christianity has no such duality. There is right and wrong and forgiveness or unrepentance in Christianity.


So here’s the thing. Christians would not AND should not riot in the streets or single out Muslims with vigilante justice – it is not Scriptural. On the other hand it is time for Christians to speak up in Churches, at political precinct meetings or do something like join an ACT for America Chapter in your local area.


It is only when Christians are willing to promote their faith even if such promotion is insulting to Mohammed and Islam, will one not have to be embarrassed when a Leftist or Islamic Apologist tries to shut you down with the ad hominem insult of Islamophobe or bigot. Street Preachers go to the streets and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. Go in extremely large groups to places like Dearborn, MI where Muslims began pelting Christians holding signs with cans, bottles and eventually stones. Even if you feel like a minority you must remember that Islam ONLY represents less than 2% of the U.S. population. America is a nation with a Christian heritage and NOT a Muslim heritage.


But REMEMBER! You are in America. Just because you have the First Amendment Right to speak and practice your faith peacefully, so also do the misled Muslims that are ignorant of Christ’s Salvation because of Quranic lies. It is not illegal to be a Muslim in America. Muslims have the right to be deceived by Islam as much as you have the right to enlighten a Muslim about the Salvation in Christ to a new and living life now in this age and the next life.


I am saying DO NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE SHOUTED DOWN from your Christian faith.


JRH 9/14/12

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