Manager of Muslim Brotherhood International Investments

Barack & Malik Obama in Oval Office

John R. Houk

© August 28, 2013


Malik Obama operates the international investments of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Guess who Malik’s brother is?


VIDEO: Obama’s Brother Linked to Muslim Brotherhood


It is obvious that President Barak Hussein Obama was supportive of bringing down longtime ally Hosni Mubarak which led to a close election in Egyptian in which the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party won the Office of President in Egypt. Then President Mohamed Morsi proceeded with actions to make the totality of Sharia Law the law of the land in Egypt. Sharia excited MB adherents then began attacking Coptic Christians and their Churches.


In the meantime Morsi neglected Egypt’s economy. The significant amount of secular minded Muslims of Egypt then began a protest similar to that which brought Mubarak down. Obama kept his nose out of internal Egyptian affairs undoubtedly hoping Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood would cool the Sharia stuff and reawaken their social outreach which made the MB popular with Egyptians in the first place. That did not happen. The Egyptian military duly pulled a bloodless coup (which Obama denies) and appointed an interim President until new elections could place another civilian as President.


In the meantime MB acolytes have been confronting the pro-military secularist Muslims with violence which included more Coptic Christian murders and Church burnings. This has all the appearance of an Egyptian Civil War. Where does Obama come down on Egyptian turmoil? Obama seems keen to take out dictator Bashar al-Assad of Syria that would probably pave the way for a Sunni Radical Muslim regime in Syria; however Obama has been quite quiet on whether he favors the Pro-American Egyptian military or the anti-American/anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood adherents.


Frankly I see this as a smoking gun support policy of the Obama Administration to Radical Islam’s Muslim Brotherhood. This goes a long way to explaining the allowance of Muslim Brotherhood connected Huma Abedin to continue as a Deputy Chief of Staff while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Also there is a bit more light on the Obama cover-up of Benghazigate since Ambassador Stevens was in the midst of negotiating weapons to Syrian rebels (dominated by al Qaeda Islamists) but adds mystery to the reasoning of the suspicion that then President Morsi ordered the attack on the Benghazi American annex that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.


Here is an article that might explain Obama’s reticence toward a proactive foreign policy toward Egypt.


JRH 8/28/13 (Hat Tip: Breaking All The Rules)

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Is it Time to Impeach Obama or What?

John R. Houk

© July 22, 2013


The Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) is using an Egyptian TV channel as a resource to report Barack Hussein Obama has diverted billions of dollars to the deposed Mohamed Morsi of Egypt before the Egyptian military tossed him the Office of President. For clarity sake BHO is not being accused of sending the big bucks to the Egyptian government but to Morsi himself.


Below is the video:


VIDEO: Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To the Muslim Brotherhood


The WCJ reporter Kris Zane believes this is a smoking gun piece of evidence that should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the road to impeachment. Perhaps this could open the floodgates of information with Obama’s other nefarious actions now called scandals:


1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies


2. Benghazi


3. Keeping an eye on The Associated Press: 


4. Rosengate


5. Potential Holder perjury I


6. The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme


7. Potential Holder perjury II


8. Sebelius demands payment


9. The Pigford scandal


10. GSA gone wild


11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World


12. Sebelius violates the Hatch Act


13. Solyndra


14. AKA Lisa Jackson


15. The New Black Panthers


16. Waging war all by myself


17. Biden bullies the press


18. AKPD not A-OK


19. Sestak, we’ll take care of you


20. I’ll pass my own laws (List courtesy of Prison Planet)


You can read the WCJ report that goes along with this video HERE.


JRH 7/22/13

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Obama’s Foreign Policy is Unfavorable to Israel

Jesus Returns with Army 2

John R. Houk

© August 17, 2012


Caroline Glick has written an essay that begins with the U.S. Foreign Policy debacle of doing nothing to keep Mao Zedong (Mao Tse Dung) from his Communist conquest of China. Mao wrested control of the Chinese government from the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-Chek who ended up fleeing to Formosa (Today’s Taiwan).


Glick compares Mao’s usurpation of power in China to allowing the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist President Mohamed Morsi of winning a close Egyptian election. Glick reports that Egyptian military authorities and generals have been fired and replaced with Muslim Brotherhood loyalists. Also Morsi has not called the Egyptian Parliament back (disbanded originally by Egyptian military) which Glick believes gives Morsi the power to write Egypt’s new Constitution. If Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood write the next Egyptian Constitution, this will probably instill dictatorial powers on the new Egyptian President. Glick believes these dictatorial powers will be on a larger scale than the Obama abandoned and deposed Hosni Mubarak’s power.


Glick then properly goes on to criticize Obama’s Foreign Policy of joining Turkey in supporting the Islamist rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Now I realize there will be really no difference in Israel-hate and American-hate from which ever Syrian broker eventually stabilizes control of Syria; however deposing Assad would throw a monkey wrench into the Iranian-Syrian military alliance at least for awhile. That actually would be to America’s benefit. Anything that sets Iran back with only a little resource involvement by the US is a plus for America.


If the Sunni-Islamists succeed in taking over Syria the animosity with Iran would only be temporary in my opinion. The one thing that unites and smoothes over the hatred between Sunni and Shia Muslims (Iran is a Shia Theocracy) is a mutual hatred for Jews and Israel.


I suspect if Israel attacks Iranian nuke sites the Sunni regimes of Turkey (Islamist government) and now Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood Islamist government) might begin to offer at the very least clandestine military aid to Iranian client Hezbollah and the Sunni-Islamist terrorists Hamas. Undoubtedly Hamas would join a Hezbollah attack from the north by making a southern military front against Israel. The Saudi Royal Family hates and fears the militant Shia Iran regime in becoming a regional hegemon. I believe it is a pretty good guess that the Wahhabi Clerics in Saudi Arabia would fully support the elimination of Israel’s existence. If the Saudi Royal Family does not want its own civil war it would probably support yet another invasion of Israel while working clandestinely with the USA to help thwart Iranian influence.


Israel’s existence is in volatile times. A nuclear armed Iran would be suicide for Israel. Israel must take the risk of regional war to stop the formation of nuclear warheads that can be placed on Iranian missiles that can easily reach Israel. If a regional war breaks out Israel would have to be harsh on the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians just to survive. I sense a President like Obama would condemn Israel for such self-preservation harshness against Palestinian Authority Arabs and Hamas governed Gaza Arabs. An Obama-like President might even desire to punish Israel by not helping the Jewish State to survive.


YOU DO KNOW what would happen to Jews in a defeated Israel, right? There would be a SECOND Holocaust that would either rival the Hitler-Nazi Holocaust or even exceed those dimensions of butchery.


American voters need to vote for a President that is Pro-Israel and willing to stand with Israel even if doing so is not Politically Correct to the rest of the Western World. Currently that man is GOP Nominee Mitt Romney. Standing with Israel will bring the blessings of God Almighty for blessing God’s Chosen People.


I am not Jewish; nonetheless I and other Biblical Christians support Israel because the Jewish State’s existence is prophetic. Eventually Jesus Himself will Return and the Jews will comprehend He is their Messiah as much as He is the Christian Messiah (i.e. the Christ) of Christian Believers looking for the fulfillment of God’s plans for His Creation. Salvation is of the Jews.


Yup, you pegged me: I am a Christian Zionist (SA Jewish Virtual Library). The kind of person Leftists, Muslims and erstwhile so-called Progressive Christians dislike immensely. Unfortunately many Liberal and Observant Jews distrust the motivation of Christian Zionists.


[SlantRight Editor Side Note: The distrust is in the Christian Zionist motivation to be a friend of Israel. Jews are not real hip to Christian proselytizing because of the unscriptural and horrid treatment Jews received at the hands of Christians taught to hate Jews as Christ-killers. The accusation was unfair in Christian history and it is unfair now.


For one thing polytheistic Romans were goaded into Crucifying Christ at the behest of power-station minded Jewish leadership (viz. the Sanhedrin monopolized by Pharisees but dominated by Greek mindset Sadducees).]


Well that is my two-cents. The analysis of Israel’s predicament and U.S. Foreign Policy is much more eloquently provided by Caroline Glick. You should READ IT.


JRH 8/17/12

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BHO May not be a Muslim But …

MB Wolf - BHO Advice toon

John R. Houk

© July 14, 2012


Vote for the reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama.


Are you freaking nuts?


BHO blames President GW Bush for the state of America’s economy today over 3 ½ years after being elected to allegedly change the course Bush had set. Again here we are over 3 ½ years later and the only change BHO has accomplished is to further divide America along lines of class, entrench a transformation of bigger government on a Socialist-like scale with Obamacare, delegitimize America’s Christian heritage by praising Islam (less than 1% of USA) and promoting special extra civil rights for a group of immoral people known as homosexuals rather than affirming the same Constitutional rights that all Americans have under the rule of law (Homosexual American population – less than 5% of the USA).


In foreign policy BHO made it his mission to travel the globe to apologize everywhere he went for American Exceptionalism as if that was something detrimental for world peace and America’s image. The reality is that for all the foreign detractors of America the people of the world desire to live in America in droves because our political system offers the best opportunity for self-improvement economically than any foreign nation in the world. AND BHO has forgotten that the prosperity of the Western World (declining because of Leftist policies) exists out of the largesse of rebuilding Europe and Japan after WWII by American protection (from the imperialistic Communism of the USSR) and American economic investment in WWII victor and defeated enemy’s economies and infrastructure.


In continuing dragging America’s foreign policy in the mud BHO is now cozying up to the parent of global transnational Islamic terrorists in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood by inviting MB members to the White House and MB political leaders that have achieved an election victory in Egypt to the degree that an MB operative is now the President of Egypt in Mohamed Morsi (or Mursi – Anglicized Arab spelling is rough to pin down).


Israel’s journalist Caroline Glick has the poop on Obama that every American voter should be aware of ESPECIALLY on how Obama has been dragging Israel under the bus while the MSM looks the other way.


JRH 7/14/12

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