When Senate Acquits Trump, What then will CIA Do?

John R. Houk

© January 30, 2020

Everyone knows – even the lyin’-cryin’ Dems – the Senate will acquit President Trump of House Dem fabricated crimes in their Articles of Impeachment. Since acquittal is all but assured, I came across an AMTV video entitled, “CIA CONSIDERING NUCLEAR OPTION AFTER PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ACQUITTAL!!!”. The 6-minute and 51-second video is by Chad Boukzam.


Boukzam asserts the whole Impeachment process was ignited by Deep State mechanizations within the CIA. Boukzam then speculates a Senate acquittal will lead to a “nuclear option” to get rid of President Trump.


So, the question is: What is the CIA “nuclear option”. Boukzam use the phrase in the video – “lethal option”.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what the “lethal option” is referring to in relation to President Trump. The lethal option is the assassination of President Donald Trump to not only remove him from the Office of President but to also terminate his life.


If you think part of the spy business of the CIA does not include targeted assassinations you are a human ostrich with your head in the sand. If a robustly healthy Donald Trump dies mysteriously or ostentatiously this Boukzam video will come to my mind.





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