My Fearless Political Predictions For 2014

Karl Rove

Karl Rove early in President George W. Bush’s Administration had a lot of Conservative Republican admirers including myself. He earned the political nickname of The Architect (Most Conservatives now believe Rove is the Architect for losing Congress after Bush) for getting Bush past a close election over Climate loon Al Gore and in essentially exposing then Senator John Kerry as a Hanoi Jane kind-of-guy probably clandestinely involved in inventing a new smear term of Swiftboating (HERE, HERE and HERE).


Karl Rove after informing us that the most of his 2013 came to pass, he then proceeds to deliver predictions for 2014. Loving him, hating him or indifferent about Rove; he has a few predictions that I hope he is correct about. Namely, the GOP wins the Senate and the House is still a GOP majority. But there is one prediction that absolutely has no politics involved of which I wholly indorse.


I am an NFL football fan. Particularly I am a Seattle Seahawk fan and have been since the first year of their franchise existence. I grew up in Washington State and lived a 100 miles away in Eastern Washington but I went to every game during my season ticket holding days of those first few years. I was a rabid fan even those early years were losing years. I suspect that is why Seahawk fans are so loud today. Seahawk fans are not fair weather fans. The Rove prediction is a Super Bowl victory for the 2013 season played on the first Sunday in February 2014.


Golden Tate Miracle Catch 2


Now that I have established what I like about Rove’s predictions here are his predictions for 2014.


JRH 12/26/13

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My Fearless Political Predictions For 2014

The penalty for ignoring ObamaCare’s individual mandate will be lifted.


By Karl Rove

December 26, 2013


It’s time to see how well I did with my predictions for 2013 and to offer a set of 2014 forecasts.


I got 10 predictions for this year right. President Obama’s job approval rating did drop—from 53% at year’s start to 40% this week. There was a new administration scandal, the most significant being the IRS targeting of conservative groups. And ObamaCare’s implementation was indeed “ragged and ugly” and “a continuing political advantage to Republicans” as forecast.


There was no grand budget bargain with entitlement reform. Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez did die. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won handily and the Virginia gubernatorial race was closer (2.6%) than many experts predicted. House Judiciary Committee Republicans are working on immigration reform while the comprehensive Senate bill backed by Mr. Obama is stalled. Hillary Clinton is now the front-runner in 2016 polls while the Obama girls got a new puppy.


Four predictions were wrong: unemployment hit 7% instead of 8%; Syria’s Bashar Assad remains in power; Fidel Castro is still alive and President and Mrs. George W. Bush got a granddaughter, not a grandson. In one instance, the results were half-right. The debt ceiling was raised, but Mr. Obama wasn’t forced to make spending cuts in return.


So what does my crystal ball say for 2014? Mr. Obama’s Gallup disapproval rating will end higher than this week’s 53%. Republicans will keep the House with a modest pickup of 4-6 seats. The GOP will most likely end up with 50 or 51 Senate seats (in the former case, keeping Vice President Joe Biden fully occupied for two years presiding over the chamber). Control of the Senate may not be decided until December’s Louisiana runoff. Propelled by union contributions, Democrats will outspend Republicans overall in House and Senate races.


Republicans will lose a net of one or two of their 30 governorships. They’ll add to their numbers in statewide offices and state legislatures and see more Latino, Asian-American, African-American and women Republicans elected up and down the ballot.


Every Republican senator and virtually every representative challenged in a primary as insufficiently conservative will win. In reaction to ObamaCare, GOP political divisions are giving way to unity. Tens of millions more Americans will lose their coverage and find that new ObamaCare plans have higher premiums, larger deductibles and fewer doctors. Enrollment numbers will be smaller than projected and budget outlays will be higher. The White House will blame insurers and Republicans for the law’s continuing failures.


At year’s end, Kathleen Sebelius will still be HHS Secretary. Support for ObamaCare will drop below 30%, causing congressional Democrats to clamber for major changes and delays. The administration will resist most such ideas, except lifting the individual mandate penalty for 2014.


It won’t be all sweetness and light for the GOP, however. Republicans will debate joining rebellious Democrats in gutting and delaying elements of ObamaCare or leaving it alone.


The White House will be even more hard-edged and partisan— and not just because of John Podesta’s addition as counselor. Mr. Obama will do what he does when in trouble: attack. Expect more liberals to blame criticism of his actions on racism. The president’s willingness to ignore or unilaterally alter provisions of laws on the statute books—otherwise known as lawlessness—will be challenged by a growing number of successful lawsuits.


Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will increase his already considerable influence in the House, taking the lead on GOP antipoverty efforts and presenting the most serious comprehensive health-care plan congressional Republicans have offered.


Overseas, the Syrian civil war will be to Mr. Obama what Rwandan genocide was to the Clinton administration: a moral stain. Despite more American concessions, the Iranian nuclear deal will collapse as that country refuses to curtail its uranium enrichment. The administration will resign itself to a nuclear Iran and shift to “containment,” further eroding U.S. credibility with Middle East allies. The new Afghan government will sign a Status of Forces Agreement, keeping Mr. Obama from squandering progress there as he did victory in Iraq by failing to get such an agreement (though Baghdad wanted one). North Korea’s Kim Jong Un will test another nuclear device.


Outside of politics: “Duck Dynasty” will set another cable viewership record. Miley Cyrus will fade as a cultural phenomenon. Sandra Bullock will win an Oscar for “Gravity.” Peyton Manning will win a fifth MVP award and the Seattle Seahawks their first Lombardi Trophy. (Blog Editor: Bold Emphasis Mine)


Instead of writing New Year’s resolutions, send me your 2014 predictions, in care of The Wall Street Journal. Happy prognosticating!


A version of this article appeared December 26, 2013, in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline My Fearless Political Predictions For 2014 and online at


Karl Rove Bio

Conservatives can Unite Thanks to Karl Rove

Karl Rove Knock-Out

John R. Houk

© February 7, 2013


I have a tendency to view Foreign Policy through the filter of Neoconservatism which in essence the promotion of American Exceptionalism, promoting alliances with democratic principled nations that view the USA favorably and make the effort to transform Third World nations to instill Liberty and representative democracy. The lesson learned about instilling Liberty and representative democracy in Muslim dominated nations is that the Western version is impossible. In lands dominated by millennia of Islamic indoctrination any Liberty and representative democracy will only work through the filter Islamic Sharia Law. Sharia is inimical to American Liberty at the very least.


I tend to view American Domestic Policy through the filter of American Conservatism which is Less Government, Lower taxes and a Free Market Economy.


I am definitely not a purist in either Neoconservatism or Conservatism because on minor issues I kind of do a mix and match depending on the effect an ideology affects American Exceptionalism and the promotion of Christian Morality in America. And so I have thoughts that tend to irk both Neocons and Conservatives.


The Neocon in me has often found favor with Karl Rove the architect of President GW Bush’s two election victories over acutely Leftist candidates in former VP Al Gore and current Secretary of State John Kerry. That made Rove a hero in my book. THE TIMES THEY A CHANGED.


Karl Rove has begun to filter his Neoconservatism through a love of Establishment Republicans and a hatred of true Conservatives in Tea Party candidates. This is unacceptable and punitive to true Conservatism.


Karl Rove is making my case that Conservatives MUST abandon the Republican Party and unify under a different political party that attracts voters supportive of true Conservative Principles and able to educate American voters that more apolitical in voting but are duped by Dem Party Leftist propaganda.


The key to unifying Conservatives is the Tea Party Movement. Currently the Tea Party is awesome on grassroots and deficient on moving voters on a national scale. Now how can Conservatives utilize the genius of Tea Party grassroots organization to find a unified national movement?


This is how: Unite Conservative leadership that is already recognizable on a national scale. Take that national leadership to form a political party with the various local Tea Party organizations gather to form a national caucus and/or a national political party convention to establish a political platform and develop candidates with a singular Conservative agenda to win the hearts of American voters tossing both Establishment Republicans and Leftist Dems to the political dung heap of nausea.


Maybe we Conservatives can thank Karl Rove for giving us an excellent reason to form our political party that has nothing to do with the GOP.


The inspiration for these thoughts is a recent column by Joseph Farah condemning Karl Rove who intends to target GOP Conservatives that are out of step with Establishment Republicans.


JRH 2/7/13

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Karl Rove Called the Anti-Christ


Karl Rove irreverant

John R. Houk

December 20, 2010


A person going by the pseudonym of Hieronymus Brain sent a link from the blog Blonde Sense. There was no introduction, summary or a comment on the positive or negative side. However there was one very short sentence:


Karl Rove is the Antichrist.


Being the Neocon Christian Right person that I am, the sentence did achieve gaining my attention. Realizing that everyone of the Left hate only one person more (maybe two) more than Karl Rove; that would be President George W. Bush (perhaps the second person is Vice President Cheney).


Since the “Brain” writes that Rove is the “Antichrist,” I presume he is a Leftist still infected with Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) of which Rove would be a particle neurosis of BDS. I was not disappointed that my expectation of the link was another Left Wing twisting facts to fit BDS. If you wish to read up on the BDS link from Blonde Sense, it is here:


I normally would cross post links sent to me; however this one is so way off I could not bring myself to do so.


In essence the link is a cross post of an article by James C. Moore co-author of “Bush’s Brain”. The post does have an intro title followed by a couple of sentences that I am certain are meaningful to a Leftist still enveloped in BDS over two years after President Bush left Office:


When one falls, another must continue his quest…


Talk about prognostication…
This is from Buzzflash, 2004. But might just as well have been written last week.


First Buzzflash pumps up James Moore by dumping a load of BDS on President Bush and his effort to join the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War days. Buzzflash condemns Bush’s choice as if it was a wealthy person’s Conservative conspiracy that only the rich and famous avoided combat duty during the days of mandatory military conscription (the Draft). Bush’s joining the Texas National Guard was responsible for the deaths of many poor draftees who did not avoid conscription don’t you knows? Hello Buzzflash! It was Leftists that did their best to undermine American National Interests by painting the anti-Communist war in Vietnam was more about slowing the dominoes of Southeast Asian Communism than upholding an unpopular corrupt South Vietnamese government.


It was Left Wing influenced College Students that managed to get a student deferment without the big bucks of a rich person that called returning veterans fighting for American freedom such things as “baby killers” and “murderers”. You have got to know that those who were able to avoid the draft with some kind of deferment were thought of as geniuses by draftees until combat soured the genius concept. After combat experience I am also certain that the once considered deferment geniuses of the rich and poor were looked upon with a bit of contempt. Unfortunately Leftist twisters of facts utilize BDS to vilify President GW Bush that most Leftists would have envied at the time. How the hypocrisy reigns among the Left. Anyway after Buzzflash does the typical BDS on President GW Bush then it proceeds to James Moore’s delusions.


The cross post title is actually “Karl Rove’s Master Plan: A One-Party America”. Moore goes into length how Karl Rove the hated Republicans (probably hated Neocons) had a three step plan to turn America into a ONE Party State. Moore begins by stating that Rove personally put the Swift Boat Vets for Truth together. This is ludicrous! I am certain that the architect of campaigning saw the political value in allowing the Swift Boaters from a distance to disparage the Left Wing hater of the military Senator John Kerry, but a direct link is not credible. Frankly as much as the MSM and the Left vilified the Swift Boaters as liars and doing little to corroborate their then darling John Kerry’s military record that was no doubt polished being a rich boy. Yet when veterans that served with Kerry were vilified in his biography, then the Swift Boaters banded together to give a different perspective.


As you read Moore’s thoughts you will notice how delusional he sounds when all the alleged facts sound remarkably like the Leftist/Marxist/Leninist/Alinsky/Obama plan of transforming (remember “Change”?) America into a powerless appeasement nation that is the blame for all the woes of the World. The Obama agenda to provide International authority over American Constitutional Law in the form of the Left Wing thinking of today’s version of the United Nations. This is the same U.N. that demands American money to support anti-American agendas including sovereignty dilution and evaporation within America’s own borders.


To think that Karl Rove would be able to control the U.S. government to the point of eliminating the Democratic Party to create a Big Business oligarchical dictatorship that totally divests America of anything slanted toward the Left and bring back serfdom in which a rich elite not only governs the Middle Class and lower classes but dominates them. This makes as much sense as if President Barack Hussein Obama is capable of bringing a ONE Party Left Wing Politburo to power in America. I sense my fellow Conservatives probably feel BHO could achieve such a government takeover, but it is ludicrous.


If America mirrors the Roman Empire at all, we are still in the stage of the Roman Republic. When Roman elites began to be power hungry they began to play on the emotions of the people to garner popularity. The people began to form factions supporting various elites. Eventually one popular Roman General not only had the popular support of most of the Roman citizens but had the army to back a Roman take-over. That Roman General was Julius Caesar. Julius used his army to win a civil war and the award of dictator for life. Caesar’s acquired power for purposes ended the last vestiges of the Roman Republic. Julius’ assassination by Republic sympathizers began another civil war which ended in Julius’ nephew Octavius eventually becoming the top dog. Octavius’ victory provided a new Roman title of power which could roughly be translated as Emperor. I predict this is the same rough scenario that will spell the end of the American Republic before any outside force vanquishes our Representative Republic. Decay will be internal.  


There has been only one American President with the kind of popularity to sway the American people to allow a power grab in America. That President was George Washington.


JRH 12/20/10