Wilson/Plame Movie Lies Again

Valerie Plame & Joe Wilson

John R. Houk

© December 5, 2010


I almost never troll around Leftie blogs or news outlets. The primary reason most discussions with a Leftist/Liberal usually results in the Leftist/Liberal descending into personal ad hominem epithets or deflecting to other subject to obfuscate a truth getting ready to crush Leftist/Liberal logic.


In saying this I discovered from Blogs for Victory that a Hollywood motion picture has been made based on the delusional book by Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson of Plamgate infamy. The book and movie perpetuate the lie that the President George W. Bush White House started a conspiracy by lying that Saddam Hussein was engaged in a deal with the government of Niger to purchase Uranium Yellow Cake which could be used for restarting an Iraqi nuclear program.


The Coalition of the Willing united under the aegis of Bush/America to invade Hussein/Iraq to make sure the lunatic dictator did not acquire nuclear weapons in order to use or to blackmail his enemies into submission. The anti-stop Saddam Hussein crowd including France, Germany and Russia banged there shoe of there is no concrete evidence that Saddam Hussein had a potential for a nuke program.


Wilson lied about proclaiming that there was no Iraq/Niger deal for Yellow Cake. After it became public knowledge that Wilson’s trophy wife worked for the CIA, Wilson and Plame whined she was exposed as retribution for Wilson’s claim there was no Iraq/Niger deal. The Wilson/Plame whining resulted on a media Microsoft gleefully twisted information to make President GW Bush the bad guy liar tricking Congressional support to support an invasion of Iraq to take down Saddam Hussein. The Leftist MSM was so upset that Bush was taking down a bloodthirsty dictator. Hussein seemingly embraced Islam in his latter days to inspire his oppressed citizens to support an anti-America and anti-Israel straw man in order for the Hussein design to rebuild his military machine for the intention of reawakening a megalomaniac desire for an Iraqi Middle Eastern hegemony.


The reality is there was never a shred of evidence connecting the Bush White House to Wilson’s insane accusation. Wilson and Plame jumped on board of the media bus of blaming Scooter Libby for releasing information to the public that Plame was with the CIA. The fact is that the Plame name release came from an anti-Bush State Department Republican by the name of Richard Armitage. AND Scooter Libby is not convicted for releasing Plame’s name; rather he was convicted because his memory was not precise to the moment of when he heard of Plame.


As is typical there is no truth from the Left and its media. I am convinced that the movie was made to remind people of the Democratic Party and Barack Hussein Obama’s propaganda to make Bush look bad for ridding the world of a rapacious bloodthirsty dictator.


JRH 12/5/10

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