Islamic State Agenda for Global Domination

John R. Houk

© August 19, 2015

Just as the discovered document about the Muslim Brotherhood North American agenda (An Explanatory Memorandum) to overrun the USA and Canada with Islam from within like a Trojan Horse, so is the recent Islamic State (IS) document written in Urdu and found in Pakistan important for Westerners to understand an Islamic agenda for global conquest.

The IS document is entitled “A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC), The Caliphate According to the Prophet”. As far as I know there is not yet an English translation available to the public yet; however official U.S. government inspection has authenticated the document’s origin. It has a six point global plan that seems to begin with India which is not surprising since the document was discovered in Taliban infested areas of Pakistan. Here is a Khaama Press (Afghan media publishes in Persian [Farsi] and English) enumeration of those six points:

The document written in Urdu language and with the title ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC): The Caliphate According to the Prophet’ was found in the tribal region of Pakistan.

Billed as the ISIS equivalent of Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf the document blames Israel for the rise of the Islamic State and crowns U.S. President Barack Obama as the “Mule of the Jews.”

It includes a graphic depiction of the terror group’s plan to “end the world” described in six stages with three already passed.

The six-stage battle plan according to Israel National News is following:

Phase 1 “Awakening” 2000-2003: Islamic State calls for “a major operation against the U.S… to provoke a crusade against Islam.”

Phase 2 “Shock and Awe” 2004 – 2006: Islamic State will lure U.S. into multiple theatres of war, including cyber-attacks and establish charities across the Muslim and Arab world to support terrorism.

Phase 3 “Self-reliance” 2007-2010: Islamic State will create “interference” with Iraq’s neighboring states with particular focus on Syria.

Phase 4 “Reaping/extortion/receiving” 2010-2013: Islamic State will attack “U.S and Western interests” to destroy their economy and replace the dollar with silver and gold and expose Muslim governments’ relations with Israel and the U.S.

Phase 5 Declaring the Caliphate 2013-2016: Not much details offered here. The document just says, “The Caliphate According to The Prophet.”

Phase 6, Open Warfare 2017-2020: Islamic State predicts faith will clash with non-believers and “Allah will grant victory to the believers after which peace will reign on earth.”

The document builds on evidence that Islamic State is expanding into the region where the September 11 attacks were born. … (Secret ISIS document found in Pakistan attempts to unite Pak-Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda; By KHAAMA PRESS; Aug 17 2015, 9:59 pm)

However there seems some doubts exist pertaining to the document’s authenticity. The Shia-centered news outlet based in the UK – Hidayat TV – expresses some of these doubts:

‘We see it has a strategy in South Asia. It’s a magician’s trick, watch this hand and you’ll never see what the other is doing,’ he said.

The authenticity of the document has reportedly been confirmed as genuine by retired U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Director Gen. Michael Flynn.

Yet some of its claims seem out of place, particularly the idea that the jihadi group perceive India as its future battleground rather than Western Europe.

The document also contains a lengthy history of Islamic State and militant jihadism before conveniently suggesting that Pakistan and Afghanistan would be the next areas for terror camps.

Reading more like the work of a dedicated fan rather than an official document, the file claims; ‘Accept the fact that this caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire world and beheads every last person that rebels against Allah. This is the bitter truth, swallow it.’

… (Bold text is the website’s – Secret jihadist document discovered in Pakistan calls Obama ‘mule of the Jews’; blames Israel for emergence of Islamist group; Hidayat TVGuidance to the right path; 8/18/15 9:17am) has an article focusing on authenticity entitled, “ISIS ‘Mein Kampf’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”.

Even as the Muslim Brotherhood agenda is spreading Islam globally via stealth infiltration then exerting political pressure the Islamic State’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi seems to have a global agenda more akin to Islam’s pseudo-prophet Mohammed to force Islam down the throat of non-Muslims. His agenda is to begin within the Muslim dominated world then expand eastward beginning with India. After that … no secret document has been found yet; however it is not a big leap to guess who would be next.

Here is the more detailed article on the IS’s secret document discovered in Pakistan which I discovered in my email box from

JRH 8/19/15

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ISIS ‘End Of The World’ Manifesto Investigation

Posted by TMH

Posted on August 17, 2015 12:51 pm

Found on Denise Simon’s

ISIS ‘Mein Kampf’ Blames Israel for Global Terrorism

Experts pouring over secret Islamic State dossier found in Pakistan’s tribal badlands; Arutz Sheva gains an exclusive look.

By Sara A. Carter, American Media Institute

First Publish: 8/16/2015, 8:52 PM

Abu Bakr al- Bagdhadi


Intelligence officials are comparing a newly discovered secret Islamic State document to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” as it blames Israel for the rise of the Islamic State and crowns U.S. President Barack Obama as the “Mule of the Jews.”

Found in Pakistan’s remote tribal region by American Media Institute (AMI), the 32-page Urdu language document promotes an “end of the world” battle as a final solution. It argues that the Islamic leader should be recognized as the sole ruler of the world’s 1 billion Muslims, under a religious empire called a “caliphate.”

“It reads like the caliphate’s own Mein Kampf,” said a U.S. intelligence official, who reviewed the document. “While the world is watching videos of beheadings and crucifixions in Iraq and Syria the Islamic State is moving into North Africa the Middle East, and now we see it has a strategy in South Asia. It’s a magician’s trick, watch this hand and you’ll never see what the other is doing.”

Retired U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Director Gen. Michael Flynn and other U.S. intelligence officials confirmed the authenticity of the document based on its unique markings, specific language used to describe leaders and the writing style and religious wording that matched other Islamic State records.

Flynn said the undated document, “A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC), The Caliphate According to the Prophet,” is a campaign plan that “lays out their intent, their goals and objectives, a red flag to which we must pay attention.”

The document serves as a Nazi-like recruiting pitch that attempts to unite dozens of factions of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into a single army of terror. It includes a never-before-seen history of the Islamic State, details chilling future battle plans and urges al-Qaeda to join Islamic State.

Its tone is direct: “Accept the fact that this caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire world and beheads every last person that rebels against Allah. This is the bitter truth, swallow it.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal center for human rights who heads Center’s Digital Terrorism and Hate Project, compares the Islamic State threats in the document to the rise of Nazism pre-World War II.

The brutal killing of a teacher and three children at the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse in 2012 by an Algerian Islamist was a major signal to the Jewish community that Europe was no longer safe and that not enough was being done to curtail the rise of anti-semitism, he said.

“It’s important to remember what our founder, Wiesenthal said, ‘it often starts with the Jews but it never ends with the Jews,” Cooper said. “As a matter fact [Islamic State] did not create anti-semitism but they are taking advantage of it, and they are building on it.”

The document advocates creating a new terrorist army in Afghanistan and Pakistan to trigger a war in India and provoke an Armageddon-like confrontation with the United States. It also details Islamic State’s plot to attack U.S. soldiers as they withdraw from Afghanistan and target America diplomats and Pakistani officials and blames the rise of jihadi organizations on the establishment of Israel.

“No sooner had the British government relinquished control of Israel, Ben-Gurion, the leader of the Jews, declared the independence of the State of Israel, triggering a global migration of Jews to the Jewish State, and launching the systematic persecution of Palestinian Muslims who had to abandon their homes and migrate,” the document states.

The document discloses the history of Islamic State dating back to the early 1990s and explains why in 2011 its leader, Abu Bakr al- Bagdhadi, unleashed car bombs to avenge Osama bin Laden’s death, and boasts about the suicide rates of American soldiers.

“Urban centers across Iraq exploded with car bombs and IED’s. The losses inflicted upon Americans, apostates, and heretics were unprecedented, as were the suicide rates amongst U.S soldiers,” the document states. “This state of affairs forced Mule of the Jews, U.S President Obama to announce an exit plan.”

The battle plan to “end the world” is described in six phases (three of which have already passed) – ripping pages from al-Qaeda’s original plans to defeat the west, in a graphic illustration of how ISIS sees itself as the true heirs to Osama Bin Laden’s legacy.

· Phase 1 “Awakening” 2000-2003: Islamic State calls for “a major operation against the U.S… to provoke a crusade against Islam.”

· Phase 2 “Shock and Awe” 2004 – 2006: Islamic State will lure U.S. into multiple theatres of war, including cyber-attacks and establish charities across the Muslim and Arab world to support terrorism.

· Phase 3 “Self-reliance” 2007-2010: Islamic State will create “interference” with Iraq’s neighboring states with particular focus on Syria.

· Phase 4 “Reaping/extortion/receiving” 2010-2013: Islamic State will attack “U.S and Western interests” to destroy their economy and replace the dollar with silver and gold and expose Muslim governments’ relations with Israel and the U.S.

· Phase 5 Declaring the Caliphate 2013-2016: Not much details offered here. The document just says, “The Caliphate According to The Prophet.

· Phase 6, Open Warfare 2017-2020: Islamic State predicts faith will clash with non-believers and “Allah will grant victory to the believers after which peace will reign on earth.”

The document urges followers of al-Qaeda and the Taliban to join the Islamic State in overthrowing Arab governments who have relations with the U.S. and Israel, unlike al-Qaeda, which believed it was “important to weaken the U.S before launching an armed revolt in Arab states and establishing a caliphate.”

In response to the document, a senior ranking Israeli official said that in the Middle East the world faces two threats – from Islamic State and from Iran. “We need not strengthen one at the expense of the other. We need to weaken both and prevent the aggression and arming of both,” he warned.

Alistair Baskey, deputy spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council said Islamic State is being monitored “closely to see whether their emergence will have a meaningful impact on the threat environment in the region.”

The document builds on evidence that Islamic State is expanding into the region where the September 11 attacks were born. A united Taliban, backed by the hundreds of millions of dollars of Iraqi oil revenue now enjoyed by Islamic State, would be a “game-changer,” officials said.

The document warns that “preparations” for an attack in India are underway and predicts that an attack will provoke an apocalyptic confrontation with America: “Even if the U.S tries to attack with all its allies, which undoubtedly it will, the (entire global Muslim community) will be united, resulting in the final battle.”

A war in India would magnify Islamic State stature and threaten the stability of the region, said Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution who served more than 30 years in the CIA. “Attacking in India is the Holy Grail of South Asian jihadists.”

Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry denied the presence of Islamic State in the region, calling it only “a potential threat.”

Unlike al-Qaida, whose focus was the United States and other western nations, the document said Islamic State leaders believe that’s the wrong strategic goal. “Instead of wasting energy in a direct confrontation with the U.S., we should focus on an armed uprising in the Arab world for the establishment of the caliphate,” the document said.

The failure to target the radical Islamic ideas has given the group breathing room to spread throughout the world much like Hitler did.

“We did a lousy job predicting what Hitler was going to do in the 1920s, 1930s – honestly, we blew it,” Cooper said. “It’s hard to take seriously or believe that such hatred was real or would be possible. They made jokes about Jews, degraded Jews but nobody believed that they would be capable of what they were saying. So now, when groups, like [Islamic State] come along and say they are going to do A B and C, you have to take them for their word.”


This is not the first revelation when it comes to Islamic State in Pakistan, such that who in the White House, the National Security Council or at the United Nations is really taking heed from 2014?

NBC: QUETTA, Pakistan— ISIS has created a 10-man “strategic planning wing” with a master plan on how to wage war against the Pakistani military, and is trying to join forces with local militants, according to a government memo obtained by NBC News.

NBC Video: What is a Caliphate?


“They are now planning to inflict casualties to Pakistan Army outfits who are taking part in operation Zarb-e-Azb,” says the alert, referring to the military offensive against the Pakistani Taliban and other militants that was launched in June in a tribal region near the Afghan border.

Labeled “secret,” the memo was sent by the government of Balochistan, a southwestern province that borders Afghanistan, to authorities and intelligence officials across Pakistan last week. Akber Durrani, the province’s home secretary, called it “routine” and said Sunni militant group and its sympathizers do not have a stronghold there.

But the document suggests that ISIS has Pakistan in its cross-hairs, warning that the group aims to stir up sectarian unrest by dispatching the local militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi on offensives against Pakistan’s minority Shiite Muslim community, further destabilizing a country already battling Taliban and al Qaeda elements. Most Pakistanis are Sunni Muslims. Mistrust has existed between Shiites and Sunnis for around 1,400 years.

Photo: Secret Government of Balochistan [a Pakistan province] Document Photo on DAISH [Islamic State] Activities

Secret letter sent by the government of Balochistan regarding ISIS activity in Pakistan. NBC News

ISIS has seized large areas of Syria and Iraq. It claims to have recruited 10,000 to 12,000 followers in tribal areas on the Afghan border, including in Hangu, which is known for hostility between Shiites and Sunnis, the memo says.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, which has claimed responsibility for violence against Shiites, and Sipa-e Muhammed, which has struck against Sunnis, were banned after 9/11.

Just days ago, the chief minister of Balochistan, Dr. Malik Baloch, told journalists he had no information about the presence of ISIS in the province. “However, there are fundamentalists whose approach is similar to that of ISIS,” he said.

The memo recommended “strict monitoring” of militants and “extreme vigilance” to ward off any attacks.


Islamic State Agenda for Global Domination

John R. Houk

© August 19, 2015


ISIS ‘End Of The World’ Manifesto Investigation

© 2015

Islam: Death Cult

Intro to Islam: Death Cult


Justin Smith has sent an essay relating to Muslim foreign immigration to the USA. There are two names you should familiarize yourself with prior to reading the short essay:


1)     Amal Abdullahi


2)     Samar Ali


About Amal Abdullahi:


Amal Abdullahi, 29,


Amal Ahmed Abdullahi, a Somali immigrant, says non-believers of Islam should die. That message didn’t go over too well with her companies HR department when the radical Islamic follower of Allah’s co-workers began voicing their concerns to upper management.


In a police report the suspect is quoted as saying she is “ready to die for Allah. Her life starts after death, her life is not here” and that “this whole country will be muslim soon” referring to The United States – and that“all (sic) these unbelievers should die” as well. According to her co-workers she then stated that she should pick up a gun and shoot people there, at her work.


According to Nashville Metro Police, the address listed on her drivers (sic) license was a vacant lot.


After the police caught up with her she initially denied having a religious conversation but later recanted her story and admitted that she did in fact speak the words her co-workers accused her of.


She’s currently being held on a $50,000 bond.


If you want a laugh, check out this guys comment at about the 1:45 second mark of the video below – “this is in no way reflective of Nashville’s Muslim community.”




About Samar Ali:


Samar Ali


Governor Haslams (sic) appointee to Tennessee Economic and Development Council appointee Samar Ali interned for the International Arab Bank and during her time there the bank was investigated and found guilty of laundering money in the 10s of millions to support suicide bombers of Hamas, the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. This recent appointment by Governor Haslam can’t make the Jewish community sleep well at night!


The New York based Holy Land Foundation was the US link to spread their money to terrorist based organizations like Hamas in the US and abroad, a close associate of the Arab Bank. Governor Haslam has now hired Mrs Ali, a Sharia Compliance expert to work within our own government.


Mrs. Ali’s resume reflects her career path, the Internet can provide the rest by googling International Arab Bank and Holy Land Foundation.


Many Arab banks get away with “zakat” or “charity” as money to fund terrorists because for one it is “not politically correct” to say anything about it and two it is so layered with very little accountability as to where the money goes. READ THE REST


Justin please accept my apologies for such a lengthy intro to your very good essay. Justin shows that Radical Islamic infiltration is more than just a political project, infiltration occurring among Muslim immigrants of questionable American loyalty to American culture and our Constitution.


JRH 9/30/12

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Islam: Death Cult


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 9/29/2012 1:19 PM


People who immigrate to America should intend to accept and respect our rules, U.S. laws, our way of life and our culture, and they should teach their children to do the same. When they impose their presence in our nation unbidden one would think that, at the least, they would readily integrate. And, if one asks for citizenship, shouldn’t Americans be able to assume that loyalty, reliability, trustworthiness and possibly love for Our Great Nation would be attached to such a request? One would think.

Unfortunately, most of the Muslim immigrants reaching our shores are sorely lacking in any education. They are far removed from the sophisticated Samar Ali, a second generation Muslim currently working in the Tennessee state government (ECD), and they are more typified by the likes of Amal Abdullahi, a 29 year old Muslim woman, who was arrested a few weeks ago for making terrorist threats towards a co-worker at Dell Computers.

Ms Abdullahi’s lawyer attempted to minimize the charges against her on September 8; but, while the threat in which she spoke of getting a gun and shooting people is an extremely serious item, everyone should take pause and be chilled by what was stated prior to this: “her people were dying for Allah everyday, she was ready to die for Allah, that this whole country will be Muslim soon, that this country is full of non-believers… and that non-believers should die, that her life starts after death and that her life is not here… (Nicole Young/’Tennessean’). These statements are regularly heard in Islamic communities across the globe, from modern Europe to third world African and Middle Eastern countries; and they spring from a well of Islamic indoctrination found in the mosques and madrasses, because Arab countries have failed to adapt to modern advances and still seek to govern through oppressive totalitarian measures.

The FBI joined this investigation, but Ms Abdullahi is probably a bit player when compared to Ms Samar Ali and her ties to the Islamic International Arab Bank, which is a known financier of terrorism. This bank has regularly paid approximately $5300 to each of the families of Palestinians killed while carrying out suicide bombings against Israel; Ms Ali was an intern for the Islamic International Arab Bank in 2007.

In 2009, Ms Ali was a founder of the U.S. delegation to the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), which is a subsidiary of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. And as unbelievable as it may seem, the Inteernational (sic) Advisory Panel for the WIEF is chaired by Saleh Abdullah Kamel, who is also a founding member of the Al Shamal Islamic Bank, which was established by Osama bin Laden to fund jihadists and terrorism across the globe; Kamel has also been named a “main sponsor of Al Qaeda” by the UN Security Council.

The OIC regularly meets with Muslim Brotherhood front groups to establish effective strategies for the Islamic movement and a stable Islamic State within America. They state that Muslims should not be made to assimilate, and they assert that any incentive to integrate should equal accomodating (sic) their needs/demands as Muslims. In other words, they desire to operate outside U.S. law.

Since CAIR and ISNA are Muslim Brotherhood fronts, a well defined relationship is viewed between two supposed “U.S. political groups” and the foreign governing body of the OIC, which claims jurisdiction over Muslims in any nation, defines human rights through Sharia law and strives to subvert host nations’ governments and societies through the imposition of Sharia law. Whenever a relationship such as this becomes apparent to most of America, national security concerns are paramount… all sorts of warning bells should be ringing… and any collaboration between these groups needs full and intensely detailed investigation from a national security perspective!

For all of you Muslims bent on forcing Sharia compliance in America… if everything was so grand and wonderful under Sharia law in whatever god forsaken nation you are originall (sic) from, please return… because you will not succeed here, nor will you like the consequences if you stay your current course!

These Sons and Daughters of Mohammed consider themselves authorized to kill us and our children, because they hate Western ways, the Western culture and the fact that, from their perspective, too much of it has been imported into their native lands, thus corrupting them; they want to kill us because we sun bathe nearly naked, our women wear mini-skirts and shorts, we love music and song, we refuse the burqa and the chador, many of us drink alcohol… or they want to kill us because we are Christians and they hate us… simply because we exist. I have no intention of allowing these anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jew bigots to succeed in their mission..,. those morally depraved who offer nothing of redeeming social value to humanity in place of their own hate and numerous genocides!

Islamists use a deliverance narrative to position themselves as the champion that can deliver the community from evil. However, islamofascists do little that is champion-like as they revel in their murderous ways as seen in Benghazi. And their victims are overwhelmingly likely to be Muslims, unless the islamofascists are in the U.S. committing act of terror against our citizens or at one of our U.S. Embassies. Once again, just two weeks ago a young 18 year old Muslim man was caught by the FBI attempting to set off a bomb outside a Chicago nightclub. Yes…they do so love their own deaths and they want to take as many Americans, Jews and infidels with them as they can in the process!

After 9/11, all of our major intelligence agencies confirmed that some of the murdering islamofascists hijackers were known to the FBI and the CIA. Since then, many of the other more recent terrorists caught before or after their dastardly deeds have also held residence visas or actually been U.S. citizens. And for this reason, I implore each reader to tell Your Congressman to halt all Muslim immigration immediately and demand legislation for the deportation of all alien Muslims along with U.S. citizens who are Muslims and tied to terrorism in any fashion, affiliates and the like!

Osama is dead, but millions more just the same are rising in the wake of his death. “Allah bears witness that the love of jihad and death in the cause of Allah has dominated my life and verses of the sword permeate every cell in my heart, ‘and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together.'” (-Osama)

By Justin O Smith

The Islamic Agenda

Nazi Islam

Ninety percent of Muslims in the world consider themselves Sunnis. Roughly the other ten percent consider themselves Shias. Both Sunnis and Shias have a concept of a Mahdi; however the description below is more akin to the Twelver Shias that dominate Iran (ancient Persia).


Here is a fifth installment of the Global Watch Special Report 2011.


JRH 9/2/12

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The Islamic Agenda


Global Watch Special Report 2011




Iran is a nation that figures prominently in the news these days. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, President George Bush mentioned the nation of Iran in a speech and depicted it as being one of the notorious members of the now infamous “axis of evil” nations.


Still, most people in the West know very little about Iran, and the vast majority of American’s are completely unaware of the history of the US relationship with Iran, and the fact that the region of Iran actually has had a long and significant role in world affairs.


While Persia has had ties deeply rooted in world history, the direct American-Iranian relationship only commenced in the late 1930’s. Persia joined the allied forces against Germany in 1943, and thus the World War II Mid-east theatre provided the stage that began the rather brief history of the US-Iranian relationship.




It is a relationship that has also undergone a complete about face since the 1970’s. Within the scope of this remarkable turn in geo-political affairs in the international relationship between Iran (Persia) and the United States are a host of highly significant factors relative to the prophesied signs of the times, and imminent world events in these Last Days.


Today Iranian President Ahmadinejad has renewed an increasing intense hostility towards the state of Israel and has assumed the mantel piece as the voice of Islam with Iran now becoming the dominant Islamic power in the Middle East after the demise of Saddam Hussein and the previous Baathist Iraqi government.




Ezekiel prophesises that Iran (Persia) will be one of the leading Muslim nations that will side in a major attempt to invade and destroy Israel at a time when Israel is unsuspecting.


Interestingly enough during this attempted invasion Ezekiel mention that Sheba and Dedan will voice a diplomatic protest to the invasion. Sheba and Dedan are historical names which refer to the Arabian peninsula and many believe that despite its conservative Islamic rule of law that the Saudi Monarchy are dependent on the West to protect their oil interests because of the fear that the tide of Iranian fundamentalism which overthrew the Iranian Shah in 1979 could provide a threat to their own well being should the masses rise up against the special relationship that the Saudi King has with the so called “Zionist West”.




According to the Shia and Sunni versions of the Islamic eschatology the Mahdi ([there is an Arabic word on PDF preceding the word ‘Mahdi’] Mahdi, also Mehdi; “Guided One”) [Sunni Mahdi perspective and Shia Mahdi perspective] is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will appear on earth before the coming of the day of Judgement (sic). The Madhi is believed to be a future muslim world leader who will not only rule over the Islamic world, but also the non Muslim world in the establishment of an Islamic order.


The Mahdi will be a descendant of Fatimah (one of Mohammed’s wives) and will take his name as Mohammed bin Abdullah. The hadith indicates that the Madhi will lead an Islamic alliance with black banners from Khorasan and Central Asia. Kohrasan is known in modern day language as Iran


According to hadith, The Mahdi will be a great military, political and spiritual leader who will unite Islam under one Caliphate and conquer many countries. He will attack and defeat Israel. The war will result in the slaughtering of the Jews and the reclaiming of Jerusalem as the capital of Islam and the location of the Madhi’s earthly rule of Sharia law. Their flags will be erected on the Temple Mount when they reach the Dome of the Rock.


In August 2009 Iran held a multi-day conference, bringing together politicians, mullahs, students – Shiite and Sunni alike – to plot what can be done on this earthly plane to hasten the coming of the anointed one, a messianic, end times personage known as the Mahdi.


For the past five years, the Iranian religious and political leaders have annually gathered together for two days in the city of Qom for what is called ‘The International Conference of Mahdism Doctrine,’ sponsored by the Bright Future Institute. The purpose of the Bright Future Institute is ‘to introduce Imam Mahdi to the world’ and ‘to pave the ground for his reappearance’ and ‘help bring all of humanity to the knowledge of the true savior of mankind, Imam al-Mahdi.’


From the establishment of the Islamic Regime in 1979 to Ahmadinejad’s rise to power in August 2005, Mahdism had been a religious doctrine and a tradition that had no political manifestation. The political system operated independently of this messianic belief and of the anticipation of the return of the Mahdi. It was only with Ahmadinejad’s presidency that this religious doctrine has become a political philosophy and taken a central place in politics.

If a Muslim-American Organization Attacks ALAC then it’s Un-American

Speak No Islam

John R Houk

© January 25, 2012


Shortly before Newt Gingrich’s decisive victory in South Carolina last week, he was asked a critical question by a Palmetto State voter: Would he support a Muslim candidate for president? …


Mr. Gingrich responded by saying it depends on a critical factor: Is the candidate “a modern person who happens to worship Allah”? Or is he “a person who belonged to any kind of belief in Shariah, any kind of effort to impose that on the rest of us”? Mr. Gingrich observed that the former would not be a problem, while the latter would be a “mortal threat.” The Georgia Republican went on to assert the need for federal legislation that would prevent Shariah from being applied in U.S. courts. (Frank Gaffney using the paraphrase to quote Newt Gingrich)


I use Newt’s thoughts on Sharia Law because he is my current choice for the GOP nomination for President. Way too many people consider this kind of talk as shooting from the hip. The reality is Newt is speaking the TRUTH!


Religious Freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment enables the free practice of Islam in America; however if that free practice includes the undermining of the U.S. Constitution and the government sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, then those parts of Sharia are not protected by the First Amendment. It should not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Religious Freedom is not a constitutional right to overthrow the very Constitution that enables Religious Freedom.


When organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) protests a law like American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) then there is an agenda to invalidate the U.S. Constitution by submitting to some other kind of rule of law. In CAIR’s case that other law is Sharia Law.


CAIR and many like-minded Muslim-American groups that have an affiliation with the Radical Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood or the Wahhabi movement of Saudi Arabia have come after various American States that have passed laws designed to keep Sharia Law and foreign laws from being used as a precedent in State Courts if the law contradicts the U.S. Constitution or the State Constitution. The CAIR assault on the American legal system has had an unfortunate success rate because the term “Sharia Law” is a religious term; hence CAIR demands any law focused on Sharia is a law contrary to First Amendment Liberty guaranteeing Religious Freedom.


CAIR and Muslim apologists have successfully blinded American Justice to the political nature of Islam which included Sharia Law. In Islam there is NO separation of Mosque and State in either direction.


Sidebar: The Original Intent of the First Amendment is to keep the government out of Church/religion but not to prevent Church/religion from influencing government. That’s another essay.


In Islamic dominated nations Islam is the foundation for the rule of law even in Muslim nations that may assert they have a secular government. The Islamic rule of law is interwoven to any constitutional law in a predominantly Muslim nation; hence there is NO religious freedom, Free Speech, Free Press and other Liberties that are part of life under American rule of law.


The ever dwindling Christian population in Muslim nations cannot overtly practice or speak about their faith because that would be insulting to Islam. It is against Muslim law even to have a perception of an insult. A Christian cannot vocally or publicly say Jesus is the Son of God because that would contradict Mohammed. Contradicting Mohammed is a punishable crime that will result in a death sentence for a non-Muslim in a Muslim dominated nation. This concept that Islam is superior to all other theologies, ideologies and thoughts is Islamic Supremacism.


In America the concept that Islamic Supremacism is superior to the rule of law as established by Constitutional law is reprehensible. When CAIR attacks ALAC to defend Sharia Law then CAIR is attacking the U.S. Constitution.


I have known of CAIR’s agenda to allow Sharia Law in America for quite some time. I was made aware by the latest lawfare against America by an ACT for America email.


The Irony is ACT is reporting this CAIR attack from a new service known as PressTV. This news service is part of the State-run media of Iran. The PressTV version ACT uses as a source is the English version designed for America and the UK. Here is the sanitized About Page from PressTV:


About PressTV


PressTV takes revolutionary steps as the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.


Our global Tehran-based headquarters is staffed with outstanding Iranian and foreign media professionals.


PressTV is extensively networked with bureaus located in the world’s most strategic cities.




Heeding the often neglected voices and perspectives of a great portion of the world; Embracing and building bridges of cultural understanding; Encouraging human beings of different nationalities, races and creeds to identify with one another; Bringing to light untold and overlooked stories of individuals who have experienced the vitality and versatility of political and cultural divides firsthand.


PressTV is nothing but a propaganda tool for Iran. Thus Iran is providing a new article that is favorable to Radical Islam. Irony is CAIR is a Sunni Islam organization while Iran is representative of the smaller Shia-Twelver sect of Islam. There is usually nothing but acrimony between Sunni and Shia; however in the 21st century the Sunni-Shia acrimony is shelved in favor of hating America and Israel.


ACT reports that CAIR is coming after the people of the State of Virginia that is trying to pass their version of ALAC. Below is that ACT email.


JRH 1/25/12

Become an Activist to Expose Islam

John R. Houk

© June 10, 2011


There is an agenda in Islam for America. It is irrelevant if a Muslim is moderate or radical. Recent polls have demonstrated the spectrum from moderate to radical Islam fully supports the implementation of Sharia Law in America.




Regardless of what a Muslim may tell you, even if that Muslim claims to be moderate, Sharia Law principles are unconstitutional. There is no Free Speech, no Religious Freedom, no Freedom of Conscience, no tolerance for breaking Sharia principles such as homosexuality, greater freedom for females (husbands can beat wives) and more issue too numerous to mention.


Here is some full disclosure: I believe homosexuality is immoral according to the Holy Bible. The Old Testament punishment for homosexuality is death. Thank God for the Blood of Jesus that Redeems Believers from the penalty of the Law of the Old Testament. This is the age of Grace in which God so loved the World that He gave His one and only Son:


14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, 15 that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. 16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

18 “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. 21 But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”
(John 3: 14 – 21 NKJV)


Do not kill or physically abuse a homosexual because of following sinful darkness, rather share the Good News of the Deliverance of Jesus Christ. If a homosexual receives the Good News then hallelujah, one has entered into the Kingdom and Family of God. If a homosexual rejects the Good News of Jesus Christ then you have done your part of the Great Commission and you have planted a seed that prayerfully another can water to help produce the first blade of the fruit of Redemption.


It is not unconstitutional to be immoral in too many things. The Constitution protects the rights of citizens to have Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. However, I am one that will fight to prevent the narrowing of the Constitution to specifically add rights to a citizen that specifically provides rights to sinful gender deviance.


I in no way advocate the death of a homosexual because of his lifestyle. However, that is the specific penalty of Sharia Law for a homosexual.


Now I have gone off on a sidebar that needs a return to the topic.


Sharia Law is evil. Muslims who support the institution of Sharia Law in our American Constitutional society are enemies of the Constitution and thus of our nation America. A Constitutional Amendment needs to be specific dividing political anti-constitutional elements from any religion that its followers interpret as a reason to break the rest of the law or to overthrow the nation. Such agitation toward violence to be subversive to overthrow the nation has to be looked upon as either rebellion or foreign intrusion. Utilizing Religious Liberty as a platform to incite terrorism, whether it is Islam or some religious cult, needs a spotlight from a new Constitutional Amendment.


Sure my aim is Islam; however the same Amendment could apply to any religion or political ideology that aims to overthrow the Constitution. I realize there is a fine line of exploitation on the part of the Left to aim at the Christian Right; however no American on the REAL Christian Right advocates the overthrow of the American government. The American Christian Right advocates the prevention of legalizing more and more deplorable sinful deviancy to prevent the decay of America. There is a vast difference between working to protect the Constitution and finding ways to blur the Constitution in order to rid America of the Constitution.


Islamic activists that support the implementation of Sharia Law indeed blur the Constitution with the objective to replace the Constitution with Islamic Supremacist Sharia Law.


I was initially working my to an introduction to a Guy Rodgers of ACT for America call for vigilance to expose Islam and work against the implementation of Sharia Law. Rodgers writes about engaging community organizing (take that Obama), teaching and activism.


Unlike Leftists and Muslim activists/apologists, the activism of ACT for America has zero to do with violence and everything to do with educating Americans about Islam.


JRH 6/10/11


Successfully Combating Jihad and Sharia

Vision + Strategy + Organization = Victory


By Guy Rodgers, Executive Director

Sent by ACT for America

Sent: 6/9/2011 2:31 PM


Consider these alarming data.


  • ·       A 2003 survey of Detroit-area Muslims conducted by a Muslim organization found that 81% agreed with the statement that sharia law should be imposed in Muslim lands—with 59% strongly agreeing. How likely do you think it is that most of these Muslims also support the imposition of sharia law in America?


  • ·       A 2007 survey of nearly 4,500 Muslims worldwide, including approximately 500 Indonesian Muslims who identified themselves as “moderates,” found over 65% support for a requirement that strict sharia law be applied in all Muslim countries.


  • ·       A Pew study released in 2009 revealed that 78% of Pakistanis supported the death penalty for those who leave Islam and 83% supported stoning adulterers.


  • ·       According to a study just published, which was highlighted in our email Monday, a representative sample of 100 mosques in America found that 81% had moderate to high support for advocating jihad to advance sharia law.


This snapshot leaves us with the unmistakable conclusion: Support for sharia law among Muslims across the world is widespread and growing.

This is what the apologists for radical Islam, those who arrogantly dismiss concerns about sharia law, either are ignorant of or willfully blind to.

Are there “moderate” and “reformist” Muslims who do not subscribe to either violent jihad or stealth jihad, who do not subscribe to the advance of sharia law and the unity of mosque and state? Of course.

We work with some of these leaders and promote what they do. We commend them and hope their efforts succeed.

But, for many reasons, the odds are clearly against them. As the poll results above demonstrate, Islamic organizations and leaders that are committed to the advance of sharia law, either through violent or stealth jihad, are driving the agenda for worldwide Islam.

This is why those who follow ACT! for America see our staff, chapter leaders and members working hard, day in and day out, to build a formidable, ever-increasing national citizen action network, employing strategies and tactics that are producing legislative and other kinds of victories to roll back this threat.

You saw an example of this network in action in our email yesterday, which highlighted chapter leader Michael Hayutin’s challenge to a public school textbook in California. You saw it in the passage of the refugee resettlement legislation in Tennessee.

We are not going to wait until, like the UK, we have sharia courts dotting the American landscape.

Talking about the threat isn’t enough. Education is necessary, but it’s not sufficient. We don’t want to just combat radical Islam—we intend to defeat it. Strategic action is what is needed—and strategic action is what we do.


For example, to challenge the threat of sharia law creeping into our courts, we have thus far gotten bills passed in Arizona and Tennessee that prohibit state courts from using foreign law, and by extension sharia law, in their decisions.

To challenge pro-Islamic bias and indoctrination in public school textbooks, our sister organization, ACT! for America Education, will release this fall an analysis of 38 such textbooks.

We will mail this to every one of America’s 50,000 school board members, and then we will urge ACT! for America chapter leaders and members to pour into school board meetings demanding changes to textbooks to eliminate this bias and indoctrination.

These are just two examples of how we are honing in on the threat and developing and applying strategic action to counter the threat.

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: The bigger our national organization becomes, the bigger and more numerous the victories we will achieve.

Vision + Strategy + Organization = Victory.

Or to put it another way:

People power… with a purpose… and a plan… achieves results.

I have reviewed polling data and analyzed how our opposition, such as CAIR, is reacting to national trends. CAIR is clearly desperate as it sees America waking up. We are turning the tide.

And I am convinced that the only thing that will prevent us from prevailing over radical Islam is, to paraphrase Edmund Burke, when “good people do nothing.” Brigitte Gabriel understood the power of organized, strategic action when she had a vision of an organization that is today ACT! for America.

As we are fond of saying, if everyone does a little, together we accomplish a lot. What can you do today?


  • ·       Encourage a friend to sign up for our email alerts.





Yours for a safe and free America,

Guy Rodgers


Become an Activist to Expose Islam

John R. Houk

© June 10, 2011


Successfully Combating Jihad and Sharia


ACT for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America, a grassroots network committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam. We are only as strong as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial support is essential to our success. Thank you for helping us make America safer and more secure.


Imperative: America Look at Europe


John R. Houk

© October 21, 2010


America, take a look at Europe. There is unrest over budget crunches that have forced Leftist oriented governments to reduce their entitlement picture. In France they are rioting in the streets over adding two years to official age of retirement. Check it out: That retirement age is moving from sixty to sixty-two. Imagine if the French had a more capitalistic system like America. The current retirement age in America is 65. Soon the retirement age will be 67. If the French are rioting in the streets over a 62 year old retirement; dear God in Heaven, imagine what they would in the France if retirement was extended to 67!


Everywhere in Western Europe the presence of Islamic immigrants who are increasingly tapping into the Salafi-style of Islam is causing a culture clash. Unfortunately for Europe the immigrants have an incredibly higher birthrate than the Europeans. That means more and more success for Islamic culture to supersede Western Culture all because of the idiocy of placing a premium on multicultural diversity rather than a plurality with assimilation.


I just viewed an awesome blog post from Guy Milliere relating to the disintegration of European culture and how the American Left is opening the same door of cultural destruction in America.


JRH 10/21/10 (Hat Tip: Michael Anderson of the Facebook 1683 AD group)