Islam is Peace – NOT!

Islam Means Peace toon

John R. Houk

© June 4, 2012


Islam is peace, right? In Islam there is no compulsion in religion, right?




The purist religion of Islam as espoused by its founding prophet Mohammed evidently spoke the “peace” and “no compulsion” junk as a propaganda tool of compassion. There is equal if not more hatred, violence and zero compassion in the Quran and Hadith.


You have to be aware that Muslim-American organizations in the USA that purport to be the preeminent representatives of Muslims in America subscribe  to the purist Islam often described in America as Radical Islam and academically as Salafist and/or Wahhabi Islam. The Salafi-Wahhabi form of Islam though considered a minority is actually a reform movement to bring Islam back to the purity of the founding prophet Mohammed. Many Muslim-American organizations have direct ties to the premier international Salafi group known as the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) or to the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.


Off the top of my head some of these organizations in America are:








§  MAS


§  MSA




§  And Many More …


Raymond Ibrahim believes Muslim Brotherhood candidate for President wants to take Egypt back to the days of Mohammed and the so-called Four Rightly Guided Caliphs in which the Islamic maxim of the day was convert, submit as a dhimmi or die was the rule. Part of this paradigm was if any Muslim left Islam for another religion – usually Christianity – they were to be put to death as an apostate from Islam.


This is extremely relevant to the 21st century because of the Arab Spring that garnered so much attention for bringing down dictatorships. It is turning out that the unified groups that rebelled against dictatorship are beginning to be dominated by purist Islam proponents.


Ibrahim reports such a case in Tunisia which was one of the governments brought down by the so-called Arab Spring. Ibrahim has a graphic video of some Muslims decapitating a man who converted from Islam to Christianity because he refused to recant Christianity and come back to brutal Islam.


I am cross posting the Ibrahim article at my SlantRight 2.0 blog including the video; however I am placing the video at the very end as opposed to the near top and side of Ibrahim’s article. The video is gruesome, wicked and bloody; nonetheless people need to know the kind of Islam that is gaining ground in Muslim nations everyday and the sleight of hand of Muslim-American organization that support this wicked purist Islam.


JRH 6/4/12

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islam-religion-of-peace - Beheading

Islamic Primer on Hate


An Introduction by John R. Houk

October 25, 2011

Introduction is to Below


Here is some food for thought to the reasoning Islam is a religion of hate rather than peace from Islam’s own holy writings.

As a Christian I have to be honest. A lot of this stuff of hate applies to the future of non-Muslims in the next life. In Christianity there is a fiery fate reserved that reject Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of humanity in believing in the Lord’s death, burial and Resurrection as the Son of God. I call this Christian Supremacism.

So what is the difference between Christian Supremacism and Islamic Supremacism?

In Christian Supremacism 99% of negativity specified about non-Christians is in life after death. Christian Scriptures call for tolerance of non-Christians in this life in order for the non-Christian to make a free will choice to believe in Christ. Scripturally there is NO physical punishment to be applied to non-Christians concerning matters of faith in belief and non-belief. Now historically those holding power to apply in a political manner (Christian Clerics held considerable power either nationally or locally in the Christian past) to human individuals often executed that power in a non-Scriptural manner falsely in the name of Christ or the Church.

Islamic Supremacism is applied politically and with physical harm in this life and the next when Islamic holy writings are violated or Sharia Law is violated. When Muslims act in violence it is in accord with their holy writings. This makes Islam a religion of hate and not peace or love.

I performed a spell check. Much of the original grammar I left intact. I left alone words that I was not sure. There was a huge amount of italics. Due to the length of document I might have missed some in reformatting.

JRH 10/25/11