Brief Commentary on Paulson’s Moral Compass

John R. Houk

© November 10, 2015

Justin Smith posted a Terry Paulson article on his Facebook page. I wish Justin would have placed an attribution link to Paulson’s very erudite thoughts. When I Googled Terry Paulson I found a version but not the same thing on “Can America’s Moral Compass Be Restored?” That post was dated November 2. Here is a Paulson bio excerpt from his webpage:

Terry Paulson is a PhD psychologist and a leading authority on change management and in turning positive psychology research into practical insights that produce real-world results. He’s a honored professional speaker, national columnist, and author of the popular books, The Optimism Advantage, Leadership Truths One Story at a Time, Paulson on Change, They Shoot Managers Don’t They, Making Humor Work, Speak Like a Pro, Favorite Family Lectures, and Can I Have the Keys to the Car?

Dr. Paulson is a recipient of The National Speakers Association’s Cavett Award. It is the association’s most cherished award presented annually to the member whose accomplishments over the years have reflected outstanding credit, respect, honor and admiration in the association and the speaking profession.

Dr. Paulson is a past president of READ THE REST

So you should understand that Terry Paulson is a man with some earned intellectual cred.

Paulson’s “America’s Moral Compass” on Justin’s Facebook page addresses American leadership choices (obviously Obama’s program for America) that have taken the USA away from everything that made our nation exceptionally great. Paulson starts each paragraph with “Our moral compass is broken when …”

Below you can read Paulson’s thoughts below in its entirety but I’m going to address those broken moral compass issue with a bit of specificity. To be clear the “specificity” is not comprehensive, but I sense you’ll get the point. So here we go.

Paulson: Our moral compass is broken when the Palestinian police state that embraces the destruction of Israel and condones terrorist attacks on innocent civilians is openly defended. When the reported “disproportional” response of Israel to the unprovoked attacks by Islamic extremists who bomb, stab and attack their citizens are equated and described merely as a somehow equivalent “cycle of violence,” America’s moral compass has lost its true North.

Obama, Obama’s Leftist cadres, various RINOs and most of the EU nations want to insure that the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians are awarded a sovereign nation at the expense of Israel’s existence. If you believe the propaganda most of these love-Palestinians entities would deny a Palestinian State threatens Israel’s existence. They delude their voters that a Palestinian State would bring a new era of peace to the Middle East. Unfortunately the voters these entities represent for the most part are gullible enough to believe this. The Left oriented entities pushing for a Palestinian State are either completely stupid or they are really selling out Israel to garner an economic benefit from oil rich Muslim nations that hate Western culture AND Jews.

You can to a number of pro-Israel sites that provide the real facts about these haters wrapped in Islam. You can get the quick picture from sites like Palestine Media Watch, Honest Reporting and MEMRI. Here are a couple MEMRI videos showing the villainy of Obama to support these Jew-haters for sovereign nation:

Palestinian Cleric Khaled Al-Maghrabi in Al-Aqsa Mosque Address Discusses Annihilation of the Jews and Virgins of Paradise – #5138; October 27, 2015 – 01:54


MEMRI transcript:

In a lesson delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian cleric Sheikh Khaled Al-Maghrabi said: “Allah is capable of annihilating the Jews all over the world, down to the very last one.” Al-Maghrabi compared the rewards of the martyr in Paradise to those of the murabitun in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, saying that while the martyr gets to be married to two virgins in Paradise, the murabit gets 70 virgins. The lesson was posted on the Internet on October 27, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Khaled Al-Maghrabi: In the blink of an eye and with a single word, Allah is capable of annihilating the Jews all over the world, down to the very last one. But what does Allah want? He wants us to act in order to implement His order. We ask ourselves: What should we do to implement the order of Allah? The most important thing we can do to implement the order of Allah… And this is something that exists in the Al-Aqsa Mosque… We say that ribat in the Al-Aqsa Mosque is the most important mission that can be carried out by a person chosen by Allah to be of the people of Al-Aqsa.


The Prophet Muhammad said about the martyr: His sins are absolved with the first drop of his blood. The martyr’s first reward is that his sins are absolved with the first drop of his blood. The martyr’s second reward is to be married to two virgins of Paradise. He gets two virgins from Allah. The third reward is that he can vouch for 70 family members. These are the three things that the martyr gets. Compared to the martyr, the murabit gets Continue reading “Brief Commentary on Paulson’s Moral Compass”

We Need Visionary Leaders

Albert David

Albert David


Intro to ‘We Need Visionary Leaders’

Edited by John R. Houk

July 8, 2014


This is not the first time Shamim Masih has written about corruption and/or political inactivity of leaders who claim to represent the Christian minority in Pakistan. In this report Shamim contrasts the failed subservient leadership of Julius Salik with Pakistani Christian leader Albert David the Chairman of the Pakistan United Christian Movement (PUCM).


Most of what I discovered on Julius Salik is in a positive manner pertaining to Christian activism in Pakistan. Shamim’s can be summed up in this paragraph:


There was something ironic about 11 August this year. I saw the biggest joker of Christian rights in Pakistan Julius Salik join the election campaign of Advocate Ashraf Gujjar for NA 48. Yes he is the same Gujjar who garland Mumtaz Qadri and who feels he must be released. He is the same Mumtaz, who took law into his own hands and killed Salman Taseer before his blasphemous guilt could be proved. This is an ugly side of one of our leaders who is a self-proclaimed champion of human rights while he has done nothing practically for their rights. I found Basharat Khokhar better helping Christians in Islamabad then this leader. J Salik arranged commiseration for Qazi Husain Ahmad after his death but not spoken a single word for Shahbaz Bhatti. Qazi Husain Ahmad was the chief of Jammet e Islami – JI, a fundamentalist religious organization. (Bold Print MineConstitution Avenue Will Remain Quiet Until you Sleep; By Shamim Masih;; 8/26/13)


Here are some glowing words about Albert David from a 2012 post:



Unfortunately many so called Christian leaders are still shaking their tails behind them, thus not knowingly they became the part of it. I have been writing for the need of unity among Christians of Pakistan. Years back I asked J. Salik (Ex. Federal Minister), Col. (R) S K Tressler (Ex. Federal Minister), and Prof. Mushataq Victor (late) (Ex. Federal Minister), to unite Pakistani Christians, but they have been playing their own cards for own sake.



I along with many other social and political activists have been desperately looking for someone who could conscientiously lead the Christian nation with conviction, determination and above all love and care. Albert apparently ticks all these boxes but will have to convince and prove through his actions only then he would be able to muster support for the new political initiative “PAKISTAN UNITED CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT (PUCM)” [SlantRight Editor: PUCM on Facebook] that he and his team have announced to launch.


… READ ENTIRETY (Shamim Masih Emails; email – Chosen Vessel of Christ: Albert David; By Shamim Masih; SlantRight 2.0; posted 11/19/12 – email 10/25/12)


JRH 7/8/14

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We Need Visionary Leaders

We Need Wise Leaders and Wise Followers


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 7/7/2014 1:31 PM


ISLAMABAD: Let us not talk of an ideal condition but there should be a balance and fair situation. We fool ourselves if we think we can hide behind masks and maintain a double personality. All insincerities will kick back.  They will come back to haunt us and make our true intentions plain for the entire world to see. Since my school life, I have been following former federal minister Julius Salik, then he was elected member of the parliament for the first time. I ran his election campaign, seeing him as a revolutionary leader but once he became a legislator, he neither brought reforms nor took solid steps to strengthen the community, so I stopped following him.


Currently there is a battery of Christian social and political leaders on the horizon currently, some have been there for decades but with a blank list of achievements, some from the most recent past have a tainted record with vested interests, and some are emerging as fresh blood, energetic, clear vision and not only aware of the socio-political issues of non-Muslims in the country but also an intellect approach towards their solution. Healthy self-esteem is important because some of us think too little of ourselves; on the other hand, some of us overestimate ourselves. However the key is an honest and accurate evaluation. When our leaders at any level are accused, discredited, denounce and charged with failure the word “impeach” begins to emerge. If a leader unable to do what he was placed in office to do by election or appointment, he becomes worthless and useless, this is a situation when public impeachment should be considered.


I could be wrong, but what I have seen during the last decade, a majority of Pakistani Christian leadership political, social or religious is self-centered. Reforming or leading a nation is not a game for armatures, it needs solid commitment, professional attitude combined with a national and international exposure and ability to represent the masses at all levels. When I look around there are a very few personalities that fit into the above criteria and one example I would like to share is Albert David MBE, Chairman of Pakistan United Christian Movement (PUCM). Albert has a proven and accomplished professional background, national and international exposure and experience of dealing with human rights issues, a strong grip over and awareness of socio-political issues whether related to the religious minorities or the country’s national issues and above all a vision and road map for non-Muslim Pakistanis to integrate into the national main stream, political and social. Albert strongly believes in social harmony and cohesion and advocates nationalism. I had a chance of going through his profile and would like to share a few of his achievements:


o   He is the first Pakistani Christian to be conferred MBE (Honorary Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition for outstanding services and contribution on issue of forced marriages.


o   He was invited by the White House as representative of Pakistani Christians for breakfast with President Barak Obama, an annual event to promote interfaith harmony between different religions in Feb, 2014.


o   A speaker and panelist at News Week’s conference “Women in World”, New York 2012, where he shared the stage with Foreign Secretary, Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie.


o   He was also the speaker and panelist on a debate jointly organized by BBC World service trust and BBC Urdu on the issue of forced marriages, honor killings and Gender Equality.


Locally he has served as the Member of the Provincial Minority Advisory Council, actively involved in the campaign against torture, a vibrant role in the promotion of child rights and leading on the advocacy campaign for Pakistan to accede to the 1980 Hague Convention on the Child Abductions. Another of Albert’s achievements was his role in signing of a Protocol between Judiciaries of Pakistan and UK on the issue of Child Abductions.


Along with the above mentioned and a very clear political agenda of prosperity coupled with intellectual thinking and prolific speaking skills in a number of languages, In my opinion he is emerging as one the more capable non-Muslim political leaders in Pakistan.


America and the West have a policy of ignoring the persecution of the Christians claiming it to be an internal affair but for some reason focus on individuals, however these individuals do not present a true picture here. Some local Christian politicians, civil rights activists and religious leaders have been making money on the pretext of safeguarding minority rights but these financial resources are being used in getting positions in other political parties and for their vest interests instead of spending those funds for achieving Christian prosperity.


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Edited by John R. Houk


© Shamim Masih

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