Creeping Socialism Diluting American Liberty

BHO Creeping Socialism 

John R. Houk

© April 1, 2012


Wow friends! As Americans we know concepts of Socialism are creeping into the American mindset as a necessity of entitlements for those with the reputation of struggling to exist in America. In full disclosure I am one that benefits from a government entitlement due to disability. The disability check is pittance compared to what I earned when I was fully capable in the job market. Complications resulting from diabetes have taken their course on the operation of my physical body which has had added humiliation in my psyche leaving me little desire to change my mind set to learn a trade that is congruent with my physical circumstances.


I have not written about my plight for pity but rather that I know entitlements are helpful to live a life in America. Howbeit my entitlement and I am certain of those that have an honest need for an entitlement does not make ends meet in the budget. I skirt a life of living in the red and the black back and forth from entitlement check to entitlement check. I could whine a bit more but that is not the inspiration for these thoughts being typed.


As much as I benefit from an entitlement it is my opinion Americans that have no physical disparities are demanding the government for entitlements that otherwise can make a living even if it is meager off the public dole. I have a problem with entitlements that come because men can’t keep their zipper closed or that a woman insists that the zipper opens. I have a problem with abortion (aka baby killing) and especially abortions that are paid by government entitlement or government mandate. I have a problem with the government spreading the wealth for entitlements for those of us that are poor yet very able bodied. I think you get the point.


The increased pervasive nature of American entitlements is turning America into a Socialistic nation in which the government regulates every nature of American life. Regulating American lives means the Constitutional intent of living Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is limited by the definition of the ruling elites of the government without representation of the people.


Socialism has crept into America so slowly most of us do not realize that our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness has been diluted to an American disadvantage of diminishing choices.


Now those are my thoughts on Socialism.


A friend of mine on the social network America Conservative 2 Conservative (AC2C) wrote a comment to a cross post on my blog there entitled “Where is Obama’s Executive Orders Taking America?” The title is a bit self-explanatory that the EOs of President Barack Hussein Obama has become a process of carving Liberty out of American lives.


My friend’s comment was a bit mysterious because a link was left as the comment. Thus you have to read the link to discover how it applied to my post on BHO’s Executive Orders. The friend is CJ and this is the comment:


please read and pass on”


As you can tell CJ linked to a comment he/she (I used the “he/she” because I have not paid close enough attention to know CJ’s gender. Sorry about that CJ) posted entitled “My Journey For Your Freedom”. The comment is this:


we didn’t think of our freedoms…we didn’t worry…we just enjoyed…NOW we might loose (sic) them and we think, talk and cry freedom/liberties”.


I am going to cross post the title commented on by CJ. Although it was written about a year ago its message should resonate with American voters that are faced a Socialist minded President Barack Hussein Obama on the first Tuesday in November 2012.


JRH 4/1/12

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