Dems Lie to Impeach

John R. Houk

© December 16, 2019


Nadler’s Dem majority takes 169 pages (Politico says 169 pages but the link is to a 658 page PDF) of “vague,” “hyperbolic” and “misleading” language WITHOUT pinpointing any specific crime to tell the gullible that President Trump committed “criminal bribery and wire fraud”. AND YET NOT ONE WITNESS in the Intel Committee farce or Judiciary Committee farce can pinpoint those crimes!


It’s all he said/she said, I heard someone heard, I dislike that policy manner and so on accumulated into 169 pages of Dem lies.


DEAR GOD! If this is the scenario for crimes, the GOP in Congress and the DOJ need to look at who needs to go jail in EIGHT YEARS of the Obama Administration, including big Barry and his Cabinet of crime bosses. Is that the can of worms the Dems want to open?????????


JRH 12/16/19

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Judiciary Committee Impeachment Report Alleges Trump Committed ‘Multiple Crimes’ – Wire Fraud, Bribery – Taunts Prison Threat


By Cristina Laila

December 16, 2019

The Gateway Pundit


Jerrold Nadler


The House Judiciary Committee released a 169-page report in the dead of the night Monday alleging President Trump committed criminal bribery and wire fraud.


The report will accompany the two very broad articles of impeachment that will be voted on this week, likely on Wednesday.


The report taunted President Trump with a prison threat and stated that the federal wire fraud statute imposes a 20 year prison sentence.


The Democrats allege that President Trump engaged in a months-long scheme to interfere in the 2020 election by soliciting foreign interference by withholding military aid from Ukraine unless Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed to investigate the Biden crime family.


The committee argued that Trump’s solicitation of foreign interference is part of a pattern going back to 2016 where he “welcomed” help from the Russians — this of course is a complete lie. [bold text by this Blog Editor]


The panel’s report said Trump abused his power during the July 25 phone call to Zelensky by asking him to look into Joe Biden — of course Trump was exercising his Constitutional and Presidential duty to ferret out corruption and he has the power to conduct foreign policy how he sees fit.


The Democrats accused Trump of repeatedly dangling and withholding an Oval Office visit from Zelensky and stated that Trump’s request for Ukraine’s announcement of an investigation into Biden is considered a ‘bribe’ under federal law.


Ukraine received the military aid THREE weeks early and Zelensky did nothing to receive the aid — he never announced an investigation, so there was no bribe, no quid pro quo.


Politico reported:


President Donald Trump committed criminal bribery and wire fraud, the House Judiciary Committee alleges in a report that will accompany articles of impeachment this week.


Democrats argue that Trump crossed the threshold into criminal behavior with his posture toward Zelensky, writing in the report that his request for the announcement of politically motivated investigations constituted the solicitation of a bribe under federal law.


The committee also alleges that Trump violated the honest services wire fraud statute during the July 25 phone call, as well as during a separate phone call a day later with Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union. Those “foreign wire communications” were done “in furtherance of an ongoing bribery scheme,” according to the report.


“Fundamentally, the president has deprived the American people of the honorable stewardship that the nation expects and demands of its chief executive,” the panel alleges, noting that the federal wire fraud statute imposes a 20-year imprisonment.


Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Doug Collins responded with an 18-page dissent, calling the Democrats’ allegations “vague,” “hyperbolic” and “misleading.”


“If President Nixon’s impeachment proceedings are the ‘gold standard’ for presidential impeachment inquiries, these proceedings, in stark contrast, will go down in history as the quintessential example of how such proceedings should not be conducted,” Collins wrote.


Blog Editor: Rather than capitulate to Facebook censorship by abandoning the platform, I choose to post and share until the Leftist censors ban me. Recently, the Facebook censorship tactic I’ve experienced is a couple of Group shares then jailed under the false accusation of posting too fast. So I ask those that read this, to combat censorship by sharing blog and Facebook posts with your friends or Groups you belong to.


Dems Lie to Impeach

John R. Houk

© December 16, 2019


Judiciary Committee Impeachment Report Alleges Trump Committed ‘Multiple Crimes’ – Wire Fraud, Bribery – Taunts Prison Threat


© 2019 The Gateway Pundit – All Rights Reserved.


The Greatest Danger

Benedict Arnold Years From Now - More Dems can be Counted as Traitors

The House Dems setting themselves in the position to impeach President Trump out of Leftist hate rather than any identifiable crimes is indeed a great danger to the American Republic. Justin Smith elucidates below.


JRH 12/15/19

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Blog Editor: Rather than capitulate to Facebook censorship by abandoning the platform, I choose to post and share until the Leftist censors ban me. Recently, the Facebook censorship tactic I’ve experienced is a couple of Group shares then jailed under the false accusation of posting too fast. So I ask those that read this, to combat censorship by sharing blog and Facebook posts with your friends or Groups you belong to.


The Greatest Danger

The Democratic Party’s Illegitimate Use of Impeachment


By Justin O. Smith
Last update sent 12/14/2019 12:01 AM


The House Judiciary Committee, led by the majority Democratic Party, voted 23 to 17 along party lines to impeach President Donald J. Trump on Friday December 13th 2019, and the Democratic Party is moving full steam ahead with its lies and the weaponized impeachment process, that is an extremely flagrant, unacceptable and odious act, ignoring the truth. This exercise in evil, based on a deep hatred for the President and for America, is so devoid of sense and prudence that it would embarrass all the kangaroos ever assembled in the courts of legend, since it issues two articles of impeachment, two articles of fiction, that charge “abuse of power” and “contempt of Congress”. These charges are dubious at best, as they project the Democratic Party’s own offenses, and even have many members of the greater Democrat caucus in the House nervous over staking their political futures on a vote for this idiocy.


On December 10th, Representative Lee Zeldin (R-NY) exclaimed, “With this disgusting impeachment charade, House Democrats have proven themselves guilty of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.”


According to the New York Times, as of December 13th, one hundred and fifty-five of 235 House Democrats have expressed their support for the impeachment of President Trump. [Blog Editor: My brief efforts could not locate Justin’s NYT data, but NYT data on Impeachment Inquiry dated 10/10/19 has 227 Dems supporting Impeachment. BUT that was long before the GOP confronted Schiff, Nadler & Pelosi with facts vs hearsay.] Twelve representatives are still undecided or unclear on their decision, and sixty-six have not responded yet. One, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ), appears to be a solid “No”.


However, a point made by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in November still holds true going into 2020, when he told reporters, “It is inconceivable to me that (the Senate vote) would be 67 votes to remove the president from office.”


During the airing of Meet the Press on December 8th, that highlights the hypocrisy and double-standards utilized by Democrats, host Chuck Todd noted that 21 years ago, as the impeachment of President Bill Clinton unfolded, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler [is quoted to have] stated: “Impeaching a president, when you have not got a broad consensus of the American people, a broad agreement of almost everybody that this fellow has to go, because he’s a clear and present danger to our liberty and to our Constitution, without that, you cannot and should not impeach a president. Because to do so is to call into question the legitimacy of all our political institutions.” Obviously, Nadler has departed a great distance from his former beliefs, as he invents new standards for impeachment.


On December 9th, former Independent Counsel Ken Starr, of Watergate fame, told Tucker Carlson at Fox News: “Impeachment should be the last resort and now it’s just a political tool.”


Since the 2016 elections, misusing the impeachment process, these Democratic Party traitors to America, such as Maxine Waters, Steve Cohen, Jim Cooper and Al Green, have attempted to impeach President Trump over everything imaginable, from his tax returns and the Emoluments Clause to Russian collusion, Ukrainian quid pro quo and on to obstruction of justice, obstruction of Congress and bribery. They have wasted weeks in formal impeachment proceedings that more closely resembled a Lefortovo Soviet style sham, where they unilaterally declared that President Trump’s intent was to harm Joe Biden’s bid for the Democratic Party presidential nomination; however, the facts do clearly exhibit, President Trump was actually more focused on seeing the Democrats’ real corruption and criminal acts, pertaining to kickback payments from Ukraine to Hunter Biden exposed and investigated.


[Blog Editor: Dem corruption pooh-poohed and/or ignored by Dem propaganda machine Mainstream Media:







Dem Desperation 2020 toon

On December 5th, during an interview at the Women’s Leadership Summit, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked, “Was there an ‘aha’ moment for you personally, a piece of evidence or testimony that swayed you now to take this step (forward with the rapid impeachment of President Trump)?” Pelosi answered this and two follow-up questions, with the following:  “… all I hear from the press is that I move so swiftly that it’s like a blur going by. This has been a couple of years — two and a half — since the initial investigation of the Russian involvement in America’s election, which started much of this and led to other things. … So all along, I have said for two years, this is an impeachment … We don’t take any glee in this at all. It is heartbreaking.”


So how could all of the current impeachment talk really be about Ukraine and an innocent phone call, when Ukraine wasn’t on the agenda two years ago, especially when all parties concerned, including Chairman Jerrold Nadler have admitted there wasn’t any quid pro quo? Even if there had been a quid pro quo, it wouldn’t have constituted an abuse of power,  since America has never just handed foreign nations money without any expectations. And as far as  President Trump’s instructions to White House staff not to honor Congressional subpoenas, rather than an “obstruction of Congress”, this is simply a classic struggle and an exertion of rights between co-equal branches of government; most certainly President Trump cannot allow a rogue House to trample, thwart and usurp the White House.


“We don’t take any glee in this at all” …? Like hell they don’t.


A few days after Pelosi’s revelation, House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins suggested America should look at the Articles of Impeachment. He observed that the term “abuse of power” is so ambiguous and so vague” that it’s hard to even define, and they use its ambiguity to make it mean whatever they want it to mean. And Alan Dershowitz, a civil libertarian professor of law at Harvard University and a Democrat opponent of President Trump, essentially agrees with that assessment in his December 10th article, as he noted that abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are not mentioned in the Constitution and neither one is a high crime and misdemeanor. Dershowitz focused on Alexander Hamilton’s position that “vague criteria would allow a majority of the House to impeach a president from the opposing party just because they had more votes than the president’s party”, which Hamilton called ‘the greatest danger”.


The Democrats are abusing their power and weaponizing impeachment, dividing the nation, because if the early hearings had utilized due process addressing the issue and the President’s alleged wrongdoing, the entire process would have already ended, since President Trump has absolutely done nothing wrong. The Democrats simply fear the coming 2020 elections and they wish to be able to repeat over and over the words “impeach, impeach … President Trump was impeached” in hopes of smearing him enough to make a difference.


From November to the present, President Trump has exuded a “bring it on” attitude, stating “Frankly, I want a trial.”


Only one attempt to impeach the president was seen in the first 184 years of our nation’s existence, and in the last 45 years our nation has witnessed three, with President Trump well on his way to be the third U.S. President in American history to be impeached, before the Christmas holidays, although it is highly unlikely that the Senate will also vote to remove President Trump, as the sham proceedings head into next year. The larger question will be whether or not the issue even gets more than 50 votes to remove President Trump, since some Democrats, such as Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and all the Republicans, with the possible exceptions of Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney, will vote against removing President Trump. [Blog Editor: As in RINO alert!]


A trial in the senate would be quite a circus and it would reveal the Democrats for the real fools they are each and every day. It would reveal that Eric Ciaramella is a rogue CIA agent, not a “whistleblower”, aiding and abetting the implementation of a seditious conspiracy, who should be forced to testify along with his co-conspirator Michael Atkinson — Intel Community Inspector General — and former assistant attorney general John Carlin, one of the perpetrators of the “Crossfire Hurricane” prelude to RussiaGate. And it would also be most interesting to hear from Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director, in order to discover just what she might know of Ciaramella’s role if this entire sordid, so far as to who were his associates in this treasonous affair.


And every cogent thinking, logical freedom loving American would certainly want to hear testimony from Representative Adam “Shifty” Schiff — UNDER OATH — who engineered Ciaramella’s entrance into this Ukrainian imbroglio and sequel to the Russiagate hoax. Schiff will certainly stay true to his immoral character and lie about his involvement and his actions, and any such perjury regarding such a serious matter before all America should result in his expulsion from Congress in disgrace. Bring in all the bad actors with pertinent knowledge on the allegations and the plot against the President, from crack-cocaine smoking Hunter Biden to Lt Colonel Vindman, U.S. Army, U.S. National Security Council Director for European Affairs and a de facto Ukrainian agent, and on to Daniel Goldman, the attorney and director for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and compel them all to testify under penalty of perjury.


Each time I hear Nadler and Pelosi, or any other Democrat,  attempt to equate their treasonous impeachment tactic to “service to our duty to the Constitution and our country”, a white-flash passes through my eyes, bile fills my mouth and hot anger courses through my blood. In the end, the Democratic Party has provided all freedom and liberty loving Americans with more than ample reason to never vote for any Democrat ever again, as we join hands to right our country and renew and restore our Constitutional Republic.


This marks the first time in U.S. history that an impeachment has proceeded to a vote of the full House, without any clear criminal act and on the slimmest of “evidence” of any wrongdoing. Not only is this the most un-American act I have witnessed in my lifetime, it is a gross violation of the rule of law and the Constitution by Democratic Party petty tyrants, who have illegitimately changed the rules, manipulated our Supreme Law, and used any means at hand, both legal and illegal, in their numerous attempts to fully attain their endgame of ousting President Trump. And in the process, these traitors have subverted the will of the people and the U.S. Constitution, stopping at nothing in the pursuit of power, and created a Constitutional crisis that strikes at the heart of America’s society and Her Republic, deepening and widening our political divides and pushing America closer to a point of no return.


[Blog Editor: And I add: The actions the Dem Party is an open example of the Founding Fathers’ fear of the tyranny of the majority and the reason for the existence of the Electoral College in the election of POTUS.]


By Justin O. Smith


Blog Editor: Rather than capitulate to Facebook censorship by abandoning the platform, I choose to post and share until the Leftist censors ban me. Recently, the Facebook censorship tactic I’ve experienced is a couple of Group shares then jailed under the false accusation of posting too fast. So I ask those that read this, to combat censorship by sharing blog and Facebook posts with your friends or Groups you belong to.


Edited by John R. Houk

Text embraced by brackets and source links are by the Editor.

© Justin O. Smith


Peter ‘Scoffer’ Strzok Kept People Awake with The Creeps Last Night

On Thursday (7/12/18) I watched about 98% of two House Committees questioning Peter Strzok. That is nearly 10 hours of Republicans trying to get answers and of Dems doing every parliamentary procedure possible to obstruct those answers. ALSO, I was greatly disappointed of the FBI excuse to prohibit Strzok answers in the name of an ongoing investigation.


I mean really, if some of those questions were answered by Strzok, it would not have affected an ongoing investigation. For example off the top of head: No investigative procedure would be exposed if the specifics of who or how many people were involved in pushing the Steele Dossier as a valid source for a FISA Warrant?


The Dems were so infuriating that my family may have thought I was watching a football game loudly castigating numerous bad calls!


JRH 7/14/18

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Peter ‘Scoffer’ Strzok Kept People Awake with The Creeps Last Night


Strzok Creeps [Photo edited by Editor]


By Judi McLeod

July 13, 2018

Canada Free Press


What the devil were former FBI agent Peter Strzok and the Democrats trying for during Strzok’s appearance before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees yesterday?


This is one public Democrat Act that went well beyond the main takeaway: that Strzok’s infamous message to mistress, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page: “We will stop him” (Trump) was based not on his “bias” but on his “deep patriotism”.  The takeaway went well beyond because the manner in which he gave it lived on to give people who watched it online night time creeps and lurid nightmares.


Some Canada Free Press readers were sending in alerts—even as the Hearing was in progress.


Others were contemplating in overnight wee hours just what is it was that they saw on video.


“Scoffer” is the name of the arrogant, haughty man who acts with arrogant pride”-Proverbs 21:24.


Scoffer is a name that fits Strzok to a ’T’. Scoffer Strzok invaded citizen dreams last night.

“A video clip of Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok at Thursday’s marathon House hearing by the Judiciary and Oversight committees shows Strzok smirking and squirming in a manner that has given the creeps to people who have watched it online. Strzok was being questioned by Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) late in the day-long hearing.” (Gateway Pundit, July 12, 2018)


“The clip was posted by a Twitter user, @Hollybowie, in three versions, an eight-second clip, a seven second loop and a three second loop.






“In response to a query as to when in the hearing this took place, Bowie said around 6:30 p.m. (EDT).



“Imagine having to look at that creepy behavior by a senior government official all day at the hearing.

“UPDATE: A TGP reader posted in the comments (thank you!) the YouTube video of Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) questioning Strzok. The squirming smirking is at the end. The link is set to start the video just before then.


VIDEO: Rep. Mark Walker Questions FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok on Text Message and Bias


[Posted by Representative Mark Walker

Published on Jul 12, 2018


July 12, 2018 |]


“A version posted from CNN’s feed:



And in slow motion close-up.



“Pleasant dreams, everyone!”


“Strzok was on Mueller’s special counsel team until the text messages were discovered.  He was then reassigned to the FBI’s office of human resources.” (Fox News, July 12, 2018)


Hard to believe while watching him yesterday that just last month he was escorted from the bureau and was relieved of his security clearance.


The devil must have been doing gleeful cartwheels during yesterday’s Hearing:


“Like many people, I had and expressed personal political opinions during an extraordinary presidential election. Many contained expressions of concern for the security of our country,” Strzok said in his opening statement, adding that those opinions were expressed “out of deep patriotism.” (Fox News, July 12, 2018)


“We’ll stop it”—referring directly to Trump’s candidacy expressed “out of deep patriotism”?


What kind of patriotism is THAT?


“In the exchange Strzok, also said he doesn’t even remember sending the “stop” Trump text, noting it was written late at night, “in shorthand”. (Fox News)


With the Deep State running the show, a lot of strange things go on “late at night”.


Meanwhile, no matter how well meaning some of its members, congress should toss ‘Peter Scoffer’ out of the limelight, bring down the Final Curtain on him—thereby getting him out of our nightmares.


We should take solace of the soul in just knowing that:  “The haughty looks of a man shall be brought low, and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled and the Lord alone will be exalted in that day”: (Isaiah 2:11), and that “Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished.” (Proverbs 16:5)


It is high time to write the words “The End” on ‘Peter Scoffer’s litany of alibis.


Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,


Older articles by Judi McLeod


Pursuant to Title 17 U.S.C. 107, other copyrighted work is provided for educational purposes, research, critical comment, or debate without profit or payment. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for your own purposes beyond the ‘fair use’ exception, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. Views are those of authors and not necessarily those of Canada Free Press. Content is Copyright 1997-2018 the individual authors. Site Copyright 1997-2018 Canada Free Press.Com 


Editor Intro to FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal …


Editor John R. Houk

October 4, 2016


Over the last few days I have posted some info that shows Comey, his FBI or both involved not only in a cover-up to protect Obama and Crooked Hillary’s hindquarters but also to make Crooked Hillary untouchable enough to get elected. Shades of Obama Administration 2012 Benghazi lies to reelect Barack Hussein Obama.


Here are some examples of Comey corruption from those two posts:


The more that details about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email practices come to light, the more their efforts appear to have been a sham designed to exonerate her of wrongdoing from the very beginning. …



Upon further review, it appears that Mr. Comey’s investigation was highly unusual, given the five immunity agreements that were handed out. …


“Instead of asking Attorney General Loretta Lynch to revoke his immunity deal and squeezing him, Comey let [Combetta] go because he was a ‘low-level guy,’ he testified at the House hearing. …


… Comey insisted that the immunity agreement was necessary to ensure that the FBI got the facts.


“There’s no doubt Combetta was involved in deleting emails,” said Comey. …


… Secretary Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Clinton aide Heather Samuelson also received immunity agreements meant to ensure that they gave the FBI access to their laptops. …



To add insult to injury, the FBI allowed Samuelson and Mills to sit in on Hillary Clinton’s interview with the bureau.


… (Was The Fix In On FBI Investigation Of Hillary Clinton’s Emails? By Roger Aronoff; SlantRight 2.0; 10/1/16)


And the other post:


Gowdy was after a document called a 302, which is essentially a summary of interviews of key witnesses. The FBI wasn’t giving those to Congress, and instead was getting a “summary of a summary of an interview” instead. This is something the Committee, and Gowdy in particular, was not pleased with. 



FBI Director James Comey appeared before Congress for the third time.


Once again, he fumbled through another session, trying to explain away the reasons why he overlooked Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior.



Suspicions were raised when the FBI handed out five grants of immunity to Hillary’s underlings – including former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, who was the mastermind behind the private server.


Many wondered why immunity was given to so many people and no charges were filed.


“GOP lawmakers focused in particular on the Justice Department’s decision to give a form of immunity to Clinton lawyers Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson to obtain computers containing emails related to the case.

 “Laptops don’t go to the Bureau of Prisons,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said. “The immunity was not for the laptop, it was for Cheryl Mills.”

 The FBI director repeated an explanation he gave for the first time at a Senate hearing Tuesday, that the deal to get the laptops was wise because subpoenaing computers from an attorney would be complex and time consuming.”


… (2 News Pieces on Crooked FBI; Compiled by JRH; SlantRight 2.0; 10/2/16)


NOW I FIND OUT that the immunity deals were based ONLY on a limited search AND that after the limited search the laptops were to be destroyed by THE FBI! Here’s the story.


JRH 10/4/16

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FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal To Destroy Clinton Aides’ Laptops

“… doesn’t that undermine the claim …?”


By Charles Campbell

October 3, 2016 at 2:16pm

Western Journalism


Sources from the House Judiciary Committee told Fox News Monday that the immunity deals struck with Hillary Clinton’s top aides, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, included the Justice Department agreeing to destroy their laptops after they had been turned over to federal investigators.


The House Judiciary Committee sent a letter Monday to Attorney General Loretta Lynch inquiring about the arrangement, and why it also included a limited search of computers files dating no later than Jan. 31, 2015.


“Please explain why DOJ agreed to limit their search of the Mills and Samuelson laptops to a date no later than January 31, 2015,” Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte wrote in the letter, which was first reported by Fox News.


Goodlatte states that the agreements, which were signed on June 10, meant that investigators could not review documents after the email server became public and they abandoned “any opportunity to find evidence related to the destruction of evidence or obstruction of justice related to Secretary Clinton’s unauthorized use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State.”


“Why was this time limit necessary when Ms. Mills and Ms. Samuelson were granted immunity for any potential destruction of evidence charges?” he added.


It was revealed last month that the DOJ granted Mills and Samuelson immunity for any information recovered from their laptops.


The House Oversight Committee exposed the immunity agreements publicly, and it raised questions about why two Clinton aides were given permission to sit-in with Clinton during her July interview with the FBI.


The FBI claimed that because the interview was voluntary, the investigators had no control over who Clinton brought with her.


“Doesn’t the willingness of Ms. Mills and Ms. Samuelson to have their laptops destroyed by the FBI contradict their claim that the laptops could have been withheld because they contained non-relevant, privileged information? If so, doesn’t that undermine the claim that the side agreements were necessary?” Goodlatte wrote.


Last week, FBI Director James Comey said that he agreed to grant immunity because he wanted to avoid a drawn-out legal battle, but he also failed to mention that part of the “agreement” was for the laptops to be destroyed.


After the news of the laptops being destroyed broke, Twitter users expressed their contempt for how the case has been handled.


Shannon Bream 



BREAKING from Catherine Herridge: FBI made side deals with 2 HRC associates to “destroy” their laptops after inspecting them


Raymond Smith 


 I am soooooooooo sick of this corrupt “administration” I am getting physically ill.

1:27 PM – 3 Oct 2016


Shannon Bream 



BREAKING from Catherine Herridge: FBI made side deals with 2 HRC associates to “destroy” their laptops after inspecting them


Tom Hannan 



@ShannonBream @ByronYork I’m no lawyer but I think James Comey & The FBI just committed SEVERAL FELONIES

11:48 AM – 3 Oct 2016


“Like many things about this case, these new materials raise more questions than answers,” Coodlatte concluded.


Editor Intro to FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal

Editor John R. Houk

October 4, 2016


FBI, DOJ Make Side Deal To Destroy Clinton Aides’ Laptops


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