Muslim spokesman Mohammed Shafiq blames UK government for Manchester jihad massacre

The homicidal suicide-bombing by Salman Abedi in Manchester UK at an Ariana Grande concert killed 22 (including seven children under 18 — and injured more than 100). As is quite typical these day so-called Muslim moderates are coming forward to spout such terrorism is not the “true” Islam. The reasoning of course is the propaganda that Islam means peace. It is a 100% bogus lie that Islam is peace! Rather the better translation for English is “submission”. Submission to what? The answer: submission to the authority, superiority and hegemony of everything Islam.


The ONLY peace involved in submission is the acceptance of the mind-washing ideology of Islam – OR ELSE! And the result against those who refused submission: “This gives a rough estimate of 270 million killed by jihad.


In this modern era, the Muslim apologists take advantage of Leftist-Multiculturalist sympathies by using deceptive dialogue that provides the appearance of the abhorrence of Islamic terrorism; however, the reality is the use of twisted words that only the knowledgeable decipher to show the real intentions of an Islamic ideology or agenda.


Mohammed Shafiq


Ergo, in the wake of Islamic terrorism in British Manchester, Robert Spencer dissects the deception of Ramadan Foundation Chief Executive Mohammed Shafiq. (Just to view another source of Shafiq deception go to Stephen Knight exposing Muslim duplicity via an examination of Twitter dialogue.)


JRH 5/29/17 (Hat Tip: Paul Sutliff)

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Muslim spokesman Mohammed Shafiq blames UK government for Manchester jihad massacre



MAY 26, 2017 5:49 AM

Jihad Watch


VIDEO: Obscene: Sky news helping a muslim spokesman justify enable genocide after Manchester


Posted by Pamela Geller Editor-in-Chief

Published on May 24, 2017


Mohammed Shafiq is the Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, which claims to be dedicated to combating “extremism.” In this interview with Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan after the Manchester jihad massacre, he does his best to equate jihad terrorist killers with the forces who oppose them (which he smears as “far right”), dissembles about Islamic teaching, and blames the Manchester attack on the British government’s foreign policy.


We’re not going to let the terrorists succeed, and we’re not going to let the far-right, also, come to our city and divide us.”


Note the moral equivalence: there are the terrorists on one side, the “far-right” on the other, both seeking to divide people, and here is good old Mohammed Shafiq smack in the middle, the voice of sanity, the voice of reason, the voice of peace, the voice of unity. Shafiq doesn’t mention one all-important fact, and Murnaghan doesn’t challenge him on it: the “far-right” in Britain hasn’t killed anyone, isn’t plotting to do so, and isn’t condoning any violence. The death toll from Islamic jihad terrorism is 22 in Manchester, plus other violent attacks and plots in Britain, as well as 30,000 murderous jihad attacks around the world since 9/11. So Shafiq’s equivalence between the two is ridiculous. What is he trying to do? He is trying to defame and discredit those who are calling attention to the reality of jihad activity in Britain, and its motivating ideology. If he succeeds, jihad activity will go on in Britain while everyone is too afraid of being labeled “far-right” or “Islamophobic” to raise their voices in protest. And that is exactly what is happening now.


“No faith in this world encourages the brutal massacre of children as we saw Monday night. No faith! And if that was what my faith was teaching, I wouldn’t want to be in it, either.”


In reality, a hadith depicts Muhammad reacting with savage indifference to the killing of children by the Muslims: “It is reported on the authority of Sa’b b. Jaththama that the Prophet of Allah (may peace be upon him), when asked about the women and children of the polytheists being killed during the night raid, said: They are from them.” (Sahih Muslim 4321)


These children were collateral damage of the raid, just as they today might be collateral damage of a jihad bombing such as the one we saw in Manchester Monday night— and Muhammad allows for that.


“My faith teaches compassion, and they’ve distorted our faith, we’ve gotta take them on. But more importantly, as a community, we’ve still not done enough. When we’ve got young people who are so disconnected from our society that the moment we talk about what’s happening in Libya, in Syria, in regards to our foreign policy, we get accused of being apologists for terrorism. Let’s have an honest and open debate about these issues, and above all, let’s not let people divide us.”


Shafiq says: “We’ve gotta take them on, but more importantly” — and shifts into a critique of British foreign policy. The subtext here is that the jihad attack was the fault of British actions in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq. If only the U.K. would adopt a foreign policy that was to the liking of the global umma, then there wouldn’t be jihad attacks such as the one in Manchester. If the British government stops fighting against jihadis, then the jihadis will stop fighting them. This view sounds reasonable and has many advocates inside Britain, but it ignores the fact that the jihad imperative to “fight until religion is all for Allah” (Qur’an 8:39) remains even against compliant infidels. It also ignores the fact that Britain only got involved in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq because of jihad attacks that predated those interventions and thus cannot reasonably be blamed on them.


Murnaghan then asks Shafiq if Muslims feel oppressed in some way, and so get the idea that they have to fight back, even in extreme form? Shafiq agrees, and continues to blame jihad terror upon British foreign policy:


“Yeah, so you look at what happened in Libya, we went in, we bombed Libya, and then we left, and ISIS was on the rise in Libya. The same in Afghanistan, the same in Iraq. So I’m arguing that because of our military adventures in these countries, we have allowed the terrorist narrative to take hold, we’ve allowed people to be brainwashed, and then we have what we saw here on Monday. There’s no justification –“


When Murnaghan asks Shafiq what he says to Muslims who want to go to Syria to join the jihad, Shafiq ends up blaming Sky News itself:


“Well, first of all, I think we’ve gotta take on the narrative. So they’ve got in their mindset this ideology which says you can use violence to make political points, and Islam sanctions that. And we’ve gotta use the edicts that we’ve seen from scholars like Tahir ul-Qadri or Sheikh Hamza Yusef, American, they’ve produced real strong evidence from the Qur’an and the sayings of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, why terrorism is wrong. And that’s what we’ve got to promote, do that, and grass roots, and actually give young people a voice and give them a platform. Cause Dermot, no disrespect to you and Sky News, on these panels, how often do we actually give young people a chance to speak up, and talk about their issues?”


“Edicts that we’ve seen from scholars like Tahir ul-Qadri or Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, American, they’ve produced real strong evidence from the Qur’an and the sayings of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, why terrorism is wrong.” Murnaghan doesn’t ask him at that point to explain what he means by “terrorism,” and that’s a shame, since all too often in such contexts sly Muslim spokesmen are referring to the supposedly “terrorist” actions of the U.K., the U.S., and Israel, and not to the actions of Islamic jihadists.


Murnaghan should have asked him to clarify that point especially since the reformers Shafiq mentions are anything but. Tahir ul-Qadri issued a massive fatwa against terrorism that is really just a gigantic exercise in deception: it never even mentions, much less explains away, the Qur’an passages that jihadis use to justify violence and terrorism. Moreover, Tahir ul-Qadri himself is the framer of Pakistan’s blasphemy law that has been used to persecute countless Christians and other non-Muslims. Some reformer! Hamza Yusuf is no better: he ridicules the idea of Islamic moderation and said that the victims of the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre “knew what they were doing” — i.e., they had it coming once they blasphemed Muhammad.


That Shafiq is also taken for a moderate and given such a platform on Sky News and elsewhere is evidence of confused and complacent, if not complicit, the media elites in the U.K. and all over the West really are.


Why Jihad Watch?


Why Jihad Watch? Because non-Muslims in the West, as well as in India, China, Russia, and the world over, are facing a concerted effort by Islamic jihadists, the motives and goals of whom are largely ignored by the Western media, to destroy their societies and impose Islamic law upon them — and to commit violence to that end even while their overall goal remains out of reach. That effort goes under the general rubric of jihad.


Jihad (Arabic for “struggle”) is a central duty of every Muslim. Muslim theologians have spoken of many things as jihads: the struggle within the soul, defending the faith from critics, supporting its growth and defense financially, even migrating to non-Muslim lands for the purpose of spreading Islam. But violent jihad is a constant of Islamic history and a central element of Islamic theology. Many passages of the Qur’an and sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad are used by jihad warriors today to justify their actions and gain new recruits. No major Muslim group has ever repudiated the doctrines of armed jihad. The theology of jihad, which denies unbelievers equality of human rights and dignity, is available today for anyone with the will and means to bring it to life.


In Islamic history and doctrine violent jihad is founded on READ THE REST


About Robert Spencer


Lahore Blast

Lahore map

On March 29, two days after the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Easter homicidal suicide bombing, I opined that we should provide more material support for authentic Christian Human Rights activists like Shamim Masih. In that post I highlighted the dangers that Pakistani Christians and especially activists like Shamim experience using the park massacre as an example. Below Shamim gives us an on the spot Pakistani Christian perspective of the victims of the park massacre.


[Repeat support info for the activism of Shamim Masih in standing up Pakistani Christians:


The best way to SUPPORT Shamim’s Christian advocacy in Pakistan is via Western Union sending money with this LINK to a Western Union agent in Islamabad. Shamim’s email is, Include Shamim’s phone – +92-300-642-4560


JRH 4/1/16

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Lahore Blast


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 3/31/2016 6:00 AM


 Shamim Masih with a victim of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park Homicidal Suicide

Shamim Masih with a victim of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park Homicidal Suicide


I have extremely grave to report of a devastating bomb attack that has decimated the Christian of Lahore. A powerful bomb blast rocked the city of Lahore on the Easter, Sunday evening 27th March, 2016. The blast believed to have killed over 80 people and have injured more than 350 people. The explosion took place inside a busy park Gulshan-e-Iqbal. A large number of families especially women and children were present when the blast took place. Many of them are believed to be Christians as it is common tradition families to go to the local funfair to celebrate the resurrection day of Christ Jesus.


Pakistani Christians, “marginalized community” is frequently targeted by the Islamic militants’ organizations in Pakistan. On this Easter, when world was busy in celebrating resurrection of Christ Jesus, Pakistani Christians spent Easter evening in burying the dead bodies of their friends and relatives. A Taliban suicide bomber killed at least 75 people, many of them of minority Christian community and injured around 400 others, most of them were children and women, at a Gulshan-e-Jinnah, Lahore. In this tragic attack 18 Christians were died including two real sisters and 60 injured are from the Christian background.


A suicide bomber blew himself up in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park crowded with families when all were enjoying on Easter evening. According to the sources, in two blocks of Lahore’s Youhanabad area there were six victims out of 20 Christians of the butchery.  Jamaat-ul-Ahrar [Profiles:, Wikipedia &], a splinter faction of the banned outfits Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan [Profiles: International Relations Insights & Analysis – 1/2015 PDF, &] (TTP) claimed [responsibility for] the deadly attack and said that the attack on Christians on Easter had been carried out under an operation codenamed “Saut-ul-Raad” which will continue throughout this year. “We claim responsibility for the attack on Christians as they were celebrating Easter, spokesperson for the TTP Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Ehsanullah Ehsan [Wikipedia] said in a statement to local media. “It was part of our annual martyrdom attacks we have started this year, Ehsan said, adding that “we had been waiting for this occasion.”


Christians were hurt in Sunday’s attack because it took place on Easter but there were also Muslim victims, said Sarwer Masih uncle of the injured young man Waseem in Sheikh Zaid Hospital. Mr. James one son Naoman had died and another son Asher is injured in the incident. “We are all being hit [by] this, Christians and Muslims also, he said.”


Asher James (injured) said we went to the park and my brother was bit away from me and suddenly there was a blast and we were on the ground.


Waseem son of Ameen Masih, a college student, said his father is a sanitary worker in the University of Punjab but he wanted to continue his studies. He said he went to park with his cousin Bilal but we both were injured but we will be good soon. Bilal son of Bota had some serious injuries and was admitted in Sheikh Zaid Hospital.


Abraham Issac (his father) was another injured in the General Hospital and said he went with his friends to the park but he could not survive. Asia Bibi, 43, mother of Abraham said her husband is an auto driver and we hardly manage our [financial] living. She said we need much consolation, we have become tired, we are worried and have become scared.


Pastor Sajid Tanveer said we pray for the country that Pakistan should remain safe forever. We are Pakistanis, we love Pakistan.” Our Muslim brothers …. Those injured are crying too. When you become a servant of God, he said, you don’t think about funerals. You think about the Bible and taking its message to the world – life, not death.


The disaster recovery call is for friends to help as much as they can. Your donation will be used to support victims with medical, rehabilitation of those injured, trauma counseling and restoration of families who have lost a main bread winner or lay of work for some time.


[The best way to SUPPORT Shamim’s Christian advocacy in Pakistan is via Western Union sending money with this LINK to a Western Union agent in Islamabad. Shamim’s email is, Include Shamim’s phone – +92-300-642-4560]


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih



Edited by John R. Houk

All text enclosed by brackets are by the Editor


© Shamim Masih

Shamim Masih in Pakistan

Shamim & Najma Masih

Shamim & Najma Masih


John R. Houk

© March 29, 2016


Shamim Masih has been a long-term contributor to my blogs SlantRight 2.0, NCCR and Ubiquitous8Thoughts. I have posted many of Shamim’s submissions cross posting among all three blogs. All three blogs have a search element but annoyingly the search results are not in any kind of order but comes as a mixed bag of posts.


Every so often I post a plea for any readers of this blog to donate to the well-being of Shamim Masih. You might ask, “Why? What has Shamim done for me in America or in Europe?”


Shamim is one of the Christian minority living in Pakistan. Pakistan is officially an Islamic Republic with about 97% of the population professing to be Muslim. In 2005 an estimate of the Christian population was about 2.5 million souls. That was then 1.6% of population according to Wikipedia. If you listen to Pakistani Christians, the population is greater. If you listen to Muslims in the government, they may guess a lesser amount of Christians.


For such a small percentage of the Pakistan population you would think Muslim would not view their Christian citizens as a threat. But guess what? Pakistan Muslims – even the so-called Moderate majority – treat Pakistani Christians as third rate dhimmis worthy to be treated with humiliation and disdain. Even to the point of false accusation of blasphemy against Islam for no other real reason other than greed or vindictiveness. As far as a I know no one convicted under Blasphemy Laws has been officially executed by the government, yet some Christians have died in prison under mysterious circumstances. Murdered Christians in prison examples:





  • Aftab Bahadur Masih – Convicted for false claim of murder in 1992, executed by hanging in June 2015.


  • Aslam Masih – Medicine withheld by prison died of illness.




Pakistani Christians live constantly under the fear of persecution via vandalism, false accusations, rapes, forced conversions and some downright humiliating treatment for a human being. ALL just for being a Christian.


Shamim Masih as a Christian Rights Activist, a journalist and some lay ministry to Christians lives under these horrible circumstances with nearly no succor from the Western World which for the most part has turned its back on Biblical Christianity.


Shamim has shared with me that his activities have gotten him discharged as a journalist at the Daily Khabrain. I am unsure if they gave Shamim a specific reason but he believes his bosses fired him for going to Yohanabad against a direct order to write about the afflicted Christian victims Islamic terrorism blowing two Churches during services.


Shamim has also shared that he has gone on a hiatus from writing because he and his family have received threats for his pro-Christian work in Pakistan.


Here is the last communication Shamim sent to me to share with my blog readers:


Before proceeding let me introduce myself, this is Shamim Masih, professional journalist with diverse work experience from humanitarian to journalism. Many of you are witness to it that apart from my professional responsibilities, I have been writing for the voiceless community of Pakistan and raising issues they are facing. I have ever tried to reach the place where Pakistani Christians faced problems or any incident accrued, from Gojra burning to twin churches blasts in Youhanabad, Lahore last year. Remember that all these services are volunteers. No organization is supporting me in this regard, though I got many threat calls but I dare to raise their voice.


Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss my job (a regular source of income), since August last year. I am jobless and hardly managing my living expenses. I am a father of four school-going children and this year my children also secured very good marks and were promoted to the next classes. Sorry to say but I am penniless and don’t even have funds to purchase books, uniform and stationary for them. In this regard, if you can support me this year and pray for my job as well, [my gratitude would be enormous].


Kind Regards,




Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of those nations that does not allow PayPal to operate in that nation. You can use my SlantRight 2.0 PayPal account link, but if you do so please leave Shamim a donation of substance. The reason being is that I use Western Union to send money to Shamim and that company charges me a percentage of whatever amount I send.


Here is the Western Union information I share with every Shamim Masih post:


The best way to SUPPORT Shamim’s Christian advocacy in Pakistan is via Western Union sending money with this LINK to a Western Union agent in Islamabad. Include Shamim’s phone – +92-300-642-4560


The Islamic terrorism committed against Christians is an ongoing horror in Pakistan. Below are a couple news reports telling you about an attack against Christians – mostly women and children – congregating together in a park in Lahore Pakistan to celebrate Easter. The death toll may be a progressive discovery. On Fox News on Sunday I heard 70 died. I have read early reports place the dead at 55 and the latest report that I discovered on 3/28 was 72.


JRH 3/29/16

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‘The target was Christians,’ Pakistani Taliban says of Lahore Easter attack



March 28, 2016 

The Long War Journal


The spokesman for a faction of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan said that the group intentionally targeted Christians in a suicide bombing which killed and wounded hundreds of women and children on Easter Sunday.


“The target was Christians,” Ihsanullah Ihsan, the official spokesman of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, said according to a statement obtained by The Long War Journal.


Ihsan also said that Jamaat-ul-Ahrar wanted to “send a message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that we have entered Lahore.” The group has been operating in Punjab province for nearly two years.


At least 72 people, mostly women and children, were killed and more than 300 were wounded after a suicide bomber detonated his explosives at the entrance of the Gulshan-i-Iqbal park in the eastern city of Lahore, according to Dawn. Many of the people at the park were said to have been celebrating Easter Sunday.


The brutal Lahore suicide attack took place just one day after the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the official name of the Afghan Taliban, released a statement entitled “Only Islamic rituals can be celebrated in an Islamic country” on its official website, Voice of Jihad. The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan has given an oath of allegiance to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


Jamaat-ul-Ahrar has targeted Christians in Lahore in the past. In March 2015, the group claimed responsibility for the bombings at two churches in Lahore. At least 14 people were killed and 70 more were wounded.


Jamaat-ul-Ahrar launched at least two other suicide attacks in Punjab. In November 2014, a suicide bomber killed 50 people at the Wagah border crossing with India. And in August 2015, another of the group’s suicide bombers killed Punjab province’s home minister and 16 other people in an attack at his house.


The Pakistani military responded to the Easter Sunday massacre in Lahore by announcing the beginning of a wide security operation in Punjab to root out Jamaat-ul-Ahrar. But, as noted, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar has been active in the province and has conducted several high-profile suicide attacks there since November 2014.


A dangerous jihadist group


The leadership of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar is known to have ties to multiple jihadist groups operating in the region. Omar Khalid al Khurasani, a top leader of the group, is closely linked to Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda’s emir, and has called for the imposition of sharia law and the establishment of a global caliphate. Khurasani has also said that a primary goal of the Pakistani Taliban is to obtain nuclear weapons. [See LWJ reports, Taliban commander wants Pakistan’s nukes, global Islamic caliphate, and Jamaat-ul-Ahrar celebrates 9/11 attack.]


Jamaat-ul-Ahrar split from the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan in the summer of 2014 after a leadership dispute emerged in the wake of the killing of Hakeemullah Mehsud, the previous emir of the Pakistani Taliban alliance. But Jamaat-ul-Ahrar rejoined the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan in March 2015. Lashkar-e-Islam, a group based in Pakistan’s tribal areas, also joined the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.


The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan is also known to have integrated key al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leaders into its organization. In May 2014, three jihadist groups – led by Matiur Rehman, Ehsanul Haq, and Muhammad Shamil – merged with the group. Matiur Rehman, who was put in command of all three factions, is a senior al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader. The US Treasury Department described Rehman as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s “chief operational commander” and as “a planning director for al Qaeda” in his 2010 designation.



Pakistan: Taliban Massacres Christians in Easter Suicide Bombing


Posted by Vijeta Uniyal

March 27, 2016 at 8:13pm

Legal Insurrection


Pakistan Homicidal Suicide bombing

Pakistan Homicidal Suicide bombing – mostly women and children


At least 69 people have died and 300 injured in a suicide bombing targeting Christians during Easter celebration in Pakistan. Most of the victims are women and children.


The attack took place in a public park in the Pakistani city of Lahore. A former Taliban splinter group, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, has taken responsibility for the attack — confirming the target of the suicide bombing were Christians.  In 2014, the splinter group had reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS).


According to eyewitnesses the explosion took place at the entrance of the park — meters away from the children’s swings.


Indian-based NDTV reports:


A breakaway Pakistani faction of the militant Taliban group has claimed responsibility for an Easter Sunday bombing in a park in the eastern city of Lahore that killed 65 people.


Ahsanullah Ahsan, spokesman for Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, told the Associated Press that a suicide bomber with the faction deliberately targeted the Christian community.

The explosion took place near the children’s rides in Gulshan-e-Iqbal park – which was crowded with Christians celebrating Easter -local police chief Haider Ashraf said. He said the explosion appeared to have been a suicide bombing, but investigations were ongoing.


Jamaat-ul-Ahrar’s spokesman told media that “we have carried out this attack to target the Christians who were celebrating Easter. Also this is a message to the Pakistani prime minister that we have arrived in Punjab [Pakistan’s most populous province].”


The attack comes at a time when Islamists are rioting in Pakistan in support of Islamist gunman Mumtaz Qadri, who murdered the governor of Punjab 5 years ago. Qadri was hanged for the murder last month, sparking nationwide protests from the Islamic fanatics.


With a population of just over 2 million, Christians make up around 1.5 percent on Pakistan’s population. The tiny minority has long been a target of terrorist attacks, as well as persecuted by state-sanctioned Sharia and blasphemy laws.


Watch: EuroNews report on Lahore Terror Attack


VIDEO: Pakistan: dozens killed, scores injured in Lahore blast



Posted by euronews (in English) 

Published on Mar 27, 2016


A suicide bombing has killed at least 65 people, mostly women and children, and injured at least 280 others at a public park in the Pakistani city of Lahore.…

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Terror in Pakistan: 70 Christians Massacred in Easter Sunday Suicide Bombing

By Abra Forman

March 28, 2016, 12:30 pm

Breaking Israel News


And their bows shall dash the young men in pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eye shall not spare children.” Isaiah 13:18 (The Israel Bible™)



Easter Sunday terror attack which killed 70 Pakistani Christians.

The scene of the Easter Sunday terror attack which killed 70 Pakistani Christians. (Photo: Screenshot)

Christians were the target of Easter Sunday’s devastating terror attack at a Pakistani park, said the Taliban-affiliated terror group which claimed credit for the carnage. At least 70 Pakistani Christians were killed in the city of Lahore when explosives originating from Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban, detonated amidst hundreds of families gathered to celebrate the holiday.


The explosion is believed to be the work of a suicide bomber who entered the main gate to the park in the early evening. It took place only a short distance from a playground, killing 29 children and dozens of adults.


Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, which swore allegiance to the Islamic State in 2014 after splitting from the Taliban and then switched loyalties again in 2015, said it had perpetrated the attack in order to send a message to Pakistan’s leaders: Islamic terrorism has arrived.


“The target was Christians,” said faction spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan, Reuters reported. “We want to send this message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that we have entered Lahore.”


Lahore, the capital city of Pakistan’s richest province, Punjab, represents the power base of Sharif’s government and has a significant Christian population. The attack on the city’s Christians, which came on one of the most significant religious holidays of the year, was the deadliest assault on Pakistani Christians since the 2013 bombing of a Peshawar church which killed over 80 people.


In addition to the fatalities, which are still adding up, over 300 people were wounded. The nation quickly announced three days of mourning for the victims.


Government and military officials immediately launched several raids and searches around Punjab, uncovering weapons caches and detaining suspected terrorists, said military spokesman General Asim Bajwa in a tweet.


Gen Asim Bajwa ‎@AsimBajwaISPR


Number of suspect terrorists and facilitators arrested and huge cache of arms and ammunition recovered-3


3:11 AM – 28 Mar 2016


While Pakistan’s Christians comprise only 1.6 percent of the population, they are the second-largest minority group after Hindus in Pakistan, which is about 95 percent Muslim.


Attacks on Christian villages, hospitals and churches have increased in recent years as Islamic fanaticism in the region ramps up and Muslims target Christians, whom they see as infidels.


Lahore in particular has been a target. In 2013, Muslims attacked a Christian neighborhood in the city and burned over 100 houses after a Christian allegedly made “blasphemous” remarks.


Islamic terrorism has become an increasingly serious threat to Christians worldwide. The terror group Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamic organization active in Africa, is believed to have killed between 9,000 and 11,500 Christians since 2000.


In the Middle East, ISIS is known to massacre, kidnap and enslave Christians unlucky enough to be captured within the caliphate’s territory in Syria and Iraq, as it sees Christians as idol worshipers. In Israel, Christians enjoy religious freedom, but no one is free from the militant Islamism and terror which has killed over 30 Israelis and injured hundreds more in past several months.



Other sources examined:


Lahore attack: Christian leaders express horror at massacreThe Guardian 12/28/16 07.52 EDT


EASTER MASSACRE IN PAKISTAN: At Least 65 Dead And 300 Injured After A Taliban Suicide Bomber Targeted Christians Celebrating Easter In A 12/27/16


Pakistan plans new paramilitary crackdown; Easter bombing kills 70Reuters 12/28/16 2:43pm EDT


The death toll for the Easter-Day massacre in central Pakistan has risen to 72 victims, mostly women and children, along with at least 320 injured. – 12/28/16


Shamim Masih in Pakistan

John R. Houk

© March 29, 2016


The best way to SUPPORT Shamim’s Christian advocacy in Pakistan is via Western Union sending money with this LINK to a Western Union agent in Islamabad. Include Shamim’s phone – +92-300-642-4560


Pakistan is one of those nations that does not allow PayPal to operate in that nation. You can use my SlantRight 2.0 PayPal account link, but if you do so please leave Shamim a donation of substance. The reason being is that I use Western Union to send money to Shamim and that company charges me a percentage of whatever amount I send.


‘The target was Christians,’ Pakistani Taliban says of Lahore Easter attack


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Pakistan: Taliban Massacres Christians in Easter Suicide Bombing


Author is an Indian Journalist based in Europe

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Terror in Pakistan: 70 Christians Massacred in Easter Sunday Suicide Bombing


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Brussels: What We Can Learn From Today’s Attacks

Yesterday I posted “Why Islam Sucks”. Today I woke up to the news that Islamic terrorists set off two bombs in Brussels – one at Zaventem airport and another at Brussels’ Maelbeek metro station. As of this moment there is uncertainty if one or more were homicidal suicide bombers. I even heard that a bomb might have been placed in a suitcase at the airport. Also as of this writing thirty-four people have died from the two bombs. It is predicted the death toll may climb higher.

Islamic terrorist Trojan Horse to EU

Has anyone noticed that the uptick in Islamic terrorist incidents in Europe seems to coincide with the influx of Muslim refugees fleeing war in Syria-Iraq due to Daesh (aka ISIS, ISIL or IS)?


Below the Clarion Project analyzes what we have learned from these Islamic terrorist attacks to date.


JRH 3/22/16

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Brussels: What We Can Learn From Today’s Attacks

Today, terrorists attacked Brussels both the airport and a metro station in the center of the city. Here’s what we can learn from the attacks.


 Aftermath of the Brussels attack on Zaventem airport (Photo- © Reuters) 3-22-16

Aftermath of the Brussels attack on Zaventem airport (Photo: © Reuters)



March 22, 2016

Clarion Project


Europe is reeling from the latest terrorist attacks, this time against Brussels, now confirmed to be a terrorist attacks.  Three blasts have been reported so far, two in the Zaventem airport and one at the Maelbeek metro station some 500 meters from the European Parliament.


Here are three takeaways from this most recent tragic attack.


  1. This Fight Impacts Everyone


The attack in Brussels follows Saturday’s attack on Istanbul by an Islamic State suicide bomber that killed four. Countries attacked so far this year by Islamist terrorist either working for groups or in lone wolf attacks (and remember it’s only March) include:




























That’s attacks on 26 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and East Asia in just three months. This is a problem everywhere. It is no longer possible to argue it doesn’t impact you or that there is nothing you can do about it.


  1. Terrorism Works If You Let it


This one is difficult to internalize. Terrorism operates by creating an outsized reaction to a highly publicized event. It works to create “terror” in a population by stripping citizens of their feeling of safety, inculcating an atmosphere where people feel they can be attacked anywhere and at any time.


Societies respond with security measures designed to protect the citizenry and these can at times be heavy handed and worsen community relations, driving more people into the arms of terrorist groups. Public confusion and panic exacerbates the problem. One of the aims of groups like the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) is to create a backlash of anti-Muslim bigotry and thus instigate a war between Muslims and everyone else. Chaos, hatred and confusion is the favored working environment of terrorists and Islamists since it enables them to advance their goals under the cover of the fog of war.


Muslim and non-Muslim groups working together against terrorism and the Islamist ideology which spawns it (as distinct from the religion of Islam) in a firm, calm and unified manner is therefore essential to a counter-extremism strategy in civil society.


  1. This will not stop until the ideology is defeated


The countries that have been attacked do not share a cohesive foreign policy platform or common causes except being opposed to the ideology of Islamism.


This Islamist ideology, which seeks to conquer the world and implement sharia governance under a theocratic Islamist caliphate gives people who are drawn to acts of violence an outlet for their grievances and an opportunity to justify crimes on an international scale.


In addition to the military steps needed to tackle violent groups, an international civil society effort to correctly label, deconstruct and intellectually discredit the underlying ideology that justifies such heinous acts will bring an end to the international wave of violence committed in its name.


VIDEO: Two Explosions Heard At Brussels Airport



Posted by Sky News

Published on Mar 22, 2016


Watch footage from inside Brussels Airport following two explosions



Elliot Friedland is a research fellow at Clarion Project.


Copyright © 2016 Clarion Project, Inc. All rights reserved.




There are times that require people to step out of their comfort zone, to step up for justice, tolerance and moderation. We know going in that the repercussions of taking action will draw a rain of accusations and attacks from the forces we are confronting. 


We do it anyway. We do it because it must be done.


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Clarion’s award-winning movies have been seen by over 50 million people. They grapple with issues such as religious persecution, human rights, women’s rights, the dangers of a nuclear Iran and what the concept of jihad means for the West. Our dynamic website, viewed by 2.6 million unique visitors in 2015, covers breaking news, provides expert analysis on relevant issues and acts as a platform for Muslim human rights activists.


Clarion Project draws together Middle East experts, scholars, human rights activists and Muslims to promote tolerance and moderation and challenge extremism.


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Terror in Israel

Arab-Palestinian kid brainwashed to hate Jews

Ari Bussel gives a much needed lesson on Antisemitism and how the West (i.e. the USA and EU) seem to have been anesthetized to the Jew-hatred being acted out by Arab Muslims who call themselves Palestinians. This is a must read.

All rational and good people must become an obstacle in the advance of the devout extremist Muslims. Time to stand up and see good and evil for what they truly are and not what our prejudices would like them to be.” –Ari Bussel

JRH 10/12/15

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Terror in Israel


Foreign Correspondent Ari Bussel found himself alone on Bus #1 encircling the Old City, from Damascus Gate to Jaffe Gate. It turned out to be a very short while after a terrorist attack in the Old City. This called for a first ever “selfie,” where the impression is the empty bus (anyone who has ever taken Bus #1 to the Kotel, the Western Wall, knows how crowded the ride is without exception).

By Ari Bussel

Sent: 10/12/2015 1:59 AM

Three police officers were severely wounded at a stabbing attack in the Old City in Jerusalem just now. The terrorist was killed.

This is the latest in a sequence of many such incidents gaining momentum, now called a “terror wave” throughout Israel. In Jerusalem, one hears about the “security situation,” and the streets and buses feel less crowded than normal. There are demonstrations throughout Israel by Arabs, trying to inflame a situation that simply does not exist.

Police reinforcements at the main entrance to the Western Wall square in the Old City in Jerusalem.

In the city of Afula’s central bus station, a young woman terrorist was shot as she was about to commit an attack with a knife. She is hospitalized, and her father was interviewed complaining that the response was too harsh. (The response was ruled “just and proper” given that the terrorist had both the tool and the intention.)

Really, how preposterous. She was running with a knife, attempting to murder innocent civilians indiscriminately (as long as they were Jewish Israelis), and as she was shot in an attempt to stop the act in progress, perhaps the shooter—who must be commended for his ability to react in time—should have asked her nicely to stop. There is no rationalizing with the irrational.

Here in the Middle East, the Arab mentality is disjointed from reality. They have started this “spontaneous” stabbing intifada in reaction to Israel supposedly trying to “topple” the Al Aqsa mosque and changing the “status quo” on Temple Mount. Nothing can be further from truth, as neither ever happened.

Well, if this does not stand to the test of facts or reality, then the reason for this new “instantaneous uprising of the youth” is the Jews’ defiling the Temple Mount. Abbas, the head of the “Palestinian” clan in Ramallah, likes to use the word “defile.” Well, here they are correct about at least one thing: Jews do ascend to the Temple Mount, their holiest place of worship.

Alas, they claim I am wrong here, too. For in their minds Israel and the Jews have no connection to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The Islamists are actively erasing any connection between the two, although they have quite a formidable task of erasing three thousand years of Judeo-Christian history, archeology, literature, music, religion and culture. Worry not; they are hard at work and making great strides!

An Arab member of the Knesset went as far as to say that Israeli Jews are confusing a property owner and a burglar. He demanded the right to go to the Temple Mount after the Prime Minister forbade all Members of the Knesset and all Ministers from doing that – be they Jews of not. Clearly to this particular Arab MK, the PM is mistaken, for Israeli-Jews are burglars in a land not theirs.

Yet, the true insanity is that no one corrects the Arab MKs or the Israeli Arabs, who voice utter hatred and either perpetrate, participate or cheer when these vile terror attacks against Jewish Israelis take place.

For many years the rhetoric among those who call themselves “Palestinians” has skyrocketed. It pervades every form of communication and life, from books and TV programs, songs, movies, stamps, city square and football fields names, both for adults and still more worrisome for children.

They teach their children that Jews are evil, the very incarnation of the Devil on earth, and the aspiration of each child must be to become a martyr, to liberate the land, to drive the Jews to extinction in a most horrific and painful manner.

They strive to do that, encouraged and brainwashed from an early age on TV, later in summer camps and at schools and throughout young adulthood at the mosques in weekly sermons.

No one counteracts this poison. It is a society of Shaids [or Shahids aka Muslim suicide martyrs for Islam], ready to be sent on homicide missions. An army trained and brainwashed to automation, so that the mere utterance of the word “Jew” or “Israel” prompts a physiological reaction, triggering a mechanism that readies the body and soul to spring into action.

They do not want “peace,” and for those of us who say “two states for two people,” allow me to define the “two states” for better clarity: One state, “Palestine,” is clean and clear of any Jews. The other, “Israel,” is a temporary state of affairs: a country of all its citizens, with a “refugee right of return to their homes.” (“Refugees” are defined according to the UN very-special-definition-of-“Palestinian”-refugees-only: they and their descendants for all eternity.)

In other words, they want official recognition of a country-hood, and then they can continue the systematic destruction of whatever is left of the Jewish state.

Make no mistake; theirs is not a striving for peace or for “living side by side.” Theirs is nothing short of a holy war to destroy the Jewish State and become part of a global Islamic Caliphate.

The sooner the world internalizes there is no difference between the “Palestinians” and IS-ISIL-ISIS, the less complicated it will be to protect and defend our very existence. Until then, we remain confused.

From the society at large, to the individuals that compose it, the attitude is one: Terrorism is the method of choice, and it is definitely not “Terrorism” when applied toward Jews or Israel. It is merely “singing a freedom song.”

Thus, terrorists who have been convicted of murders, many of multiple most horrific murders, and are in Israeli jails receive huge annual compensations from the Palestinian Authority. The PA justifies such use of European and American funds as just and proper. So the United States winds up indirectly paying terrorists for their handiwork.

At the individual level, a child was recently hurt from a gunshot. The parents immediately blamed Israel, for apparently Jews’ favorite pastime is target-practice on Arabs.

It did not take long to establish the gunshot was a result of the child playing with a gun that belongs to his older brother who is part of the “Palestinian” security apparatus. Oh, just a tiny confusion, for Israel and the Jews are always to blame.

One of the most certain realities of life aside from the fact the sun will rise and set is that the world hates the Jewish people and will always be happy to believe the worst of them. Until one accepts this truth, human behavior will be colored and tinged with fantasy.

The make-belief does not stop with the so-called “Palestinians” or the Israeli Arabs. Take, for instance, Jordan and Egypt, both at peace with Israel, both aware and understanding the current situation. Yet both are blaming Israel – in recent declarations – for the “escalation” of the tensions and for her overly severe reaction.

If one does not accept the insanity of these assertions and how bias they truly are, it is easy to see that the Arab world has become a breeding ground for terror and killing, and yet the world dismisses their bad behavior and continues to blame the Jews and Israel.

Jordan, for instance, called on the international community to apply pressure on Israel to “stop the crimes of the Occupier’s force in the West Bank and Gaza.”

The following measures are intolerable:

o Calling to duty border police reserves;

o 2,000 police officers as added reinforcements to Jerusalem;

o Possible additional reinforcement to other cities (Haifa, Afula, Ramlah, Lod – mixed Arab-Jewish cities);

o Special protective measures along major transportation arteries;

o Changing the policy regarding issuance of guns for civilians for self-protection (the mayor of Jerusalem called anyone with a gun to carry it at all times).

Indeed, a wave of terror has been washing Israel, the totality of the country, and Israel must be restrained and allow the tension to dissipate, i.e. sacrifice more innocent victims, in order to appease the haters of the world.

A week ago Palestinians shot a young couple of “Settlers.” (There was a special bonus, for they were Orthodox, he apparently a Rabbi.)

The murderers confirmed the kill, but spared the four young children sitting in the back. Why did they do so, when offspring of the evil settlers must be eradicated completely, lest we want “more of the same?” [A Blood Sacrifice” by Ari Bussel]

Only because previous such murders, of parents and kids, of young children, many not yet talking or walking, (e.g. the Fogel family [Partners in Peace” by Norma Zager]) created a backlash that was not conducive to the “freedom fight” and image of innocence of these “Palestinian Heroes.”

Where was the outcry of the Islamic clergy throughout the Arab world and in America? They were and remain silent. Utter and complete silence. “Islam is a peaceful religion” that does not tolerate such behavior, we are told repeatedly. How slick are CAIR’s spokespeople, how ingenious. Clearly, it is not “tolerated” when applied toward “believers,” but Jews are nothing than filth. Lest one thinks Jewish people are victims, they would be wrong, as they are a big part of the problem.

If the opposite had occurred, Jews, particularly Israeli and American, would have been shouting at the top of their voices “we are sorry; we repent; this is so wrong; please accept our sorrow, please forgive us!” Until Jewish people abandon their mass psychosis of enabling their destroyers and helping them to destroy other Jews, nothing will change.

According to prevailing wisdom, Israel must quietly accept what is coming to her. Apparently, in the eyes of the haters, citizens stabbed to death on the streets of Israel are a tiny price to pay for the audacity of being.

Jewish people must stop apologizing for the evil of their enemies. Throughout history Jews have stood silent while being destroyed as the world silently ignored Jewish pain. Nothing has changed nor will it until the self-hatred of the Jewish people is eliminated.

Israel must have “Chutzpah,” and refuse to submit. All rational and good people must become an obstacle in the advance of the devout extremist Muslims. Time to stand up and see good and evil for what they truly are and not what our prejudices would like them to be.


Edited by John R. Houk

Any text or links enclosed by brackets are by the Editor.

Any text enclosed by parentheses are by Ari Bussel.

This is the latest in the series “Postcards from America – Postcards from Israel,” a collaboration between Zager and Bussel, a foreign correspondent reporting from Israel.

Ari Bussel and Norma Zager collaborate both in writing and on the air in a point-counter-point discussion of all things Israel-related. Together, they have dedicated the past decade to promoting Israel.

© Israel Monitor, October, 2015

First Published October 10, 2015


Pakistani Christians Slaughtered in Suicide-Jihad

Pakistan-Christian victim of homicidal suicide

Due to ISIS butchery of Christians in the Syria/Iraq area of their world Pakistan does not get a lot of press about the persecution and bloody attacks by Muslims against that nation’s Christians. It is a good thing to highlight how Muslims are treating Christians wherever that religion of butchery is the dominant faith. Raymond Ibrahim tackles the death cult in Pakistan.


JRH 3/20/15

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Pakistani Christians Slaughtered in Suicide-Jihad

A wave of genocidal attacks against Christians hits Pakistan.



March 19, 2015 – 9:01 pm

PJ Media


On Sunday, March 15, as Christian churches around the world were celebrating morning mass, two churches in Pakistan were attacked by Islamic suicide bombers. At least 17 people were killed and over 70 were wounded.


The two churches (located in Youhanabad, Lahore’s Christian quarter) were St. John’s Catholic Church and Christ Church (Protestant). The Taliban claimed responsibility. It is believed that the group had hoped for much greater death tolls, as there were almost 2,000 people in both churches at the time of the explosions.


According to eyewitnesses, two suicide bombers approached the gates of the two churches and tried to enter them. When they were stopped — including by a 15-year-old Christian who blocked them with his body — they self-detonated. Witnesses saw “body parts flying through the air.”


Thus did the jihadis “kill and be killed,” in the words of Koran 9:111, the verse most often cited to justify suicide attacks.


According to an official statement of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Pakistan, despite all the threats received by the churches, authorities only provided “minimal” security:


Agents present at the time of the attack were busy watching the cricket match on TV, instead of carrying out their duty to protect churches. As a result of this neglect, many Christians have lost their lives.


The statement further urged:


… the government to adopt strong measures to protect churches and other religious minorities in Pakistan [since] the Christian community of Pakistan was targeted by extremists in the past.


Less than a year-and-a-half earlier, on September 22, 2013, in Peshawar, suicide bombers entered the All Saints Church right after Sunday mass and blew themselves up in the midst of approximately 550 congregants, killing nearly 90 worshippers. Many were Sunday school children, women, and choir members. At least 120 were injured.


One parishioner recalled how “human remains were strewn all over the church.” (For an idea of the aftermath of suicide attacks on churches, see these graphic pictures.)


In 2001, Islamic gunmen stormed St. Dominic’s Protestant Church, opening fire on the congregants and killing at least 16 worshippers, mostly women and children.


Less dramatic attacks on churches occur with great frequency. Days before last Sunday’s twin attacks, three armed men entered Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Kasur district, Punjab, and took church personnel, the assistant parish priest, and congregation hostage. Before leaving the premises, the terrorists stole mobile telephones, cameras, and a computer.


Earlier, Father Leopold, the ailing parish priest, was robbed by thieves:


[They] pretended to be ordinary members of the faithful wanting to enroll some children at the parish school. Then they suddenly pulled out guns.


Christmas season is an especially dangerous time for Christians meeting in churches. On last December 25:


Heavy contingents of police were deployed in and around the churches … citizens were allowed only after [a] thorough body search … while the entry points leading to the churches had been closed by placing cemented blocks and barbed wire.


During another Christmas, the following attack came in response to fatwas condemning Christmas celebrations:


When Christian worshipers were coming out of different churches after performing Christmas prayers, more than one hundred Muslim extremists equipped with automatic rifles, pistols and sticks attacked the Christian women, children and men.


There have also been general attacks on Christians, especially in the context of accusing them of “blaspheming” against Islam. Last November, a mob — not the “Taliban,” and not “terrorists” — consisting of at least 1,200 Muslims tortured and burned to death a young Christian couple (the wife was pregnant) in an industrial kiln in Pakistan.


Someone had accused the Christian couple of desecrating the Koran.


Even when not in church and not accused of blasphemy, Christian minorities are always in danger. Last December, Elisabeth Bibi, a 28-year-old pregnant Christian mother of four, was “beaten, scorned and humiliated, deprived of her dignity [and] forced to walk naked through the town” by two Muslim brothers — the pregnant woman’s employers — following an argument.


In the ordeal, she lost her baby.


Rights activists say the attack “was motivated because of Bibi’s [Christian] religious beliefs.” [Blog Editor: For clarity’s sake, not the Israeli nickname for PM Netanyahu but this is the victimized Christian girl’s name – Elishba Bibi]


Speaking last Sunday from Rome, Pope Francis said:


It’s with pain, much pain that I was told of the terrorist attacks against two Christian churches in Lahore in Pakistan, which have caused numerous deaths and injuries. These are Christian churches and Christians are persecuted, our Christian brothers are spilling their blood simply because they are Christians. I implore God … that this persecution against Christians — that the world seeks to hide — comes to an end and that there is peace.


Pope Francis is often criticized for his apologetic approach towards Islam. Even here, he does not note who is persecuting these Christians, leading to confusing assertions (“our Christian brothers are spilling their blood” sounds like Christians are killing Christians). But the pope is forthright as to why Christians are being killed: “simply because they are Christians.”


Others, such as the U.S. government, will not even concede that much.


When the world heard and saw how 21 Coptic Christians had their heads sawed off by Islamic jihadis in Libya, the White House issued a statement condemning the beheadings — but referred to the beheaded only as “Egyptian citizens.” Not Christians, or even Copts, even though that is the sole reason they were slaughtered according to statements issued by their executioners.


Such obfuscation ensures the Muslim persecution of Christians “that the world seeks to hide” will continue indefinitely.


Raymond Ibrahim, a Middle East and Islam specialist, is author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (2013) and The Al Qaeda Reader (2007). His writings have appeared in a variety of media, including the Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst, Middle East Quarterly, World Almanac of Islamism, and Chronicle of Higher Education; he has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, NPR, Blaze TV, and CBN. Ibrahim regularly speaks publicly, briefs governmental agencies, provides expert testimony for Islam-related lawsuits, and testifies before Congress. He is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center; Judith Friedman Rosen Writing Fellow, Middle East Forum; and a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution, 2013. Ibrahim’s dual-background — born and raised in the U.S. by Coptic Egyptian parents born and raised in the Middle East — has provided him with unique advantages, from equal fluency in English and Arabic, to an equal understanding of the Western and Middle Eastern mindsets, positioning him to explain the latter to the former.


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Do We Dare Believe Sunni Muslims Want Justice for Murdered Christians?

Protesting Islamic Terrorism over Peshawar Church bomb-homicide

John R. Houk

© October 5, 2013


Shamim Masih is my on sight journalist that has been keeping me up to date about Pakistan’s persecution of Christians. It is through Shamim that I first heard of two Taliban homicidal-suicide bombers blowing themselves up at a very old Church – All Saints Church in Peshawar Pakistan. And it was through Shamim that a glimmer of hope for Pakistani-Christians was reported as the mood of many Muslims in Pakistan seemed to have made a journey for the acceptance of minorities that we either non-Muslim or non-Sunni.


Shamim has sent another news story publishing Muslim organizations that have come out in support of the Christian minority with many crying for the abolishment of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws which have been the principle tool to legally persecute Christians. Before I post Shamim’s news story I want to examine some of the Muslim organizations Shamim has listed.


Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM)


MWM is a Shia Muslim religio-political party in Pakistan. The party is an anti-terrorism Shia Muslim representative organization advocating for an egalitarian and modern model of Islamic democratic welfare state and demanding equal rights for all the minorities in the country. It is one of the leading religious organizations in Pakistan.




The MWM was founded by Muhammad Amin Shaheedi and a group of Shiite Muslim clergy on August 2, 2009 in Islamabad, Pakistan. It has a prominent presence in the Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and in Azad Kashmir.




MWM’s agenda articulates and spells out the vision of a modern Islamic Republic that advocates individual’s welfare through community’s cooperation. It wants to set Pakistan on a course to political stability, social harmony, and economic prosperity for all religious, ethnic and racial communities.




o   The National Plan: The MWM shall give the national plan for fifty years as a result of which Pakistan will become self-sufficient in mineral resources, economics and agriculture and by which the important projects of pipelines, Thar coalfield and Gwadar port will go to completion.


o   National Defense and Integrity: The MWM would let no harm on the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan at any cost. According to the global and regional requirements, the vocational abilities of the army will be enhanced and the soldiers of the Pakistan Army will be kept away from the foreign conflicts. Atomic assets of Pakistan are the defensive deterrents for the protection and evolution of which, every possible steps will be taken. The MWM will combat the terrorism by depriving away the terrorists from political, social and economical support and by bringing the terrorists to the statutory clutches.


o   Administrative Structure: The MWM will provide Gilgit-Baltistan the constitutional rights and an absolute provincial status. The MWM will ensure the representation of Gilgit-Baltistan in the senate. The MWM will form the new provinces in Pakistan on the management basis instead of ethnic basis. The MWM will provide the tribal areas a provincial status and fundamental rights and will bring an end to the tribal system in the light of their traditions and regulations. The MWM will make Gilgit-Baltistan, Swat Valley and Naran, Kaghan Valley the international center for tourism and minerals.


o   Judiciary: The MWM will rebuild the entire judicial system and base the judicial system on the Islamic laws as prescribed by the Holy Quran. According to the new legislation, the constitutional documents will be again prepared. As well as those Islamic states that have good experience in this regard, their experience will be also utilized. The MWM will also ensure the protection, honor and autonomy of the judiciary. Quick, easy and free access to the justice will be made possible for the public. The judiciary will be independent in finance and management. The rich, the poor, the citizen, the villager, the one who is aware of the judicial matters, the one who is unaware or uneducated will be equal in the eyes of the constitution and no individual shall be granted legal immunity. The MWM will set an institution within the judiciary that will investigate the causes and factors of the crimes and the offenses from a closer look. (Wikipedia Excerpts)


Jammat-e-Islami (JI)


Jamaat-e-Islami (also written Jamaat-i-Islami or abbreviated JI) is Pakistan’s oldest religious party. The JI ranks among the leading and most influential Islamic revivalist movements and the first of its kind to develop an ideology based on the modern revolutionary conception of Islam in the contemporary world.


JI’s intellectual inspiration primarily came from thoughts of Maulana Sayyid Abul A’la Maududi, who along with the great thinker poet Dr. Mohammed Iqbal, set the pace for contemporary Muslim thinking in the South Asian sub-continent. JI was established in Lahore on August 26, 1941 (in the Islamic calendar (sic) that date was 2 Sha’ban, 1360 AH).


The Jamaat established close relations with conservative Muslim governments and organizations in the Middle East, particularly with Saudi Arabia. Close relations between the Jamaat and the Saudi monarchy were instrumental in arranging Saudi aid for Pakistan’s purchase of F-16s. And Saudi subsidies to the Afghan Mujahideen were channeled through the Jamaat‘a relief program. The Jamaat alone among Pakistan‘s political and religious groups was given considerable scope for operation among the Afghans. Throughout its history, the Jamaat maintained its connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and other conservative Islamic organizations in other countries.



Jamaat leaders wanted to see society based on lslamie (sic) ideals more compatible with their own strict interpretation in order that their party can survive beyond Zia’s tenure. The Zia regime must strike a balance between exploiting Jamaat assistance and maintaining its distance from the Jamaat lest it share in the dislike that much of the Pakistani public feels toward the Jamaat.



In its endeavours to propagate Islamic thought and to work for the cause of the Muslims around the world, JI developed and maintained close brotherly relations with the Islamic movements and missions working in different continents and countries. …



The three main goals outlined in the party’s manifesto are:


o   To be obedient to Allah


o   To free people from lives of hypocrisy, contradiction, and the dichotomy of word and action; one should be true to ones claim and thus live like a true Muslim


o   To end the influence of the proponents of falsehood, the sinful, and non-practicing Muslims, from prevalent system of life, and in place, transfer the leadership from both theoretical and practical point of views, to those who are true believers and pious ones ( Excerpts)


Pakistan Sunni Tehreek


Sunni Tehreek is a Muslim political organization described by Western institutions as representing ultraradical and anti-Christian, anti-Shi’ite beliefs.[1] The organization was founded in Pakistan in 1990 to promote the interests of the Barelvi movement in conflicts against the competing Deobandi and Ahl al-Hadith movements.[2][3] (Wikipedia – READ THE REST)


The Sunni Tehreek is now a political party and is set to commence its politicial (sic) activities as the “Pakistan Sunni Tehreek” at its public rally at the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on March 23 (Pakistan Day), the religious group’s chief Sarwat Ejaz Qadri said on Sunday. Addressing the ‘Pakistan Bachao Jaan Nisaran-e-Mustafa Conference’ at Nishtar Park, Qadri said his new political party would contest the next general elections. He said people talked about a “tsunami of music” and “tsunami of false beliefs”, but the Sunni Tehreek had brought the “tsunami of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s lovers”. Regarding his party’s manifesto, he said if the Sunni Tehreek came into power, it would work for the poor people’s welfare and for ridding Pakistan of extremism. “We have no foreign accounts, and the Prophet (PBUH)’s lovers are our greatest assets,” the party chief added. … (See more at: Sunni Tehreek is now a political party; 1/30/12 7:50 am)


Jamait-e-Ulema Islam (F)




While the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) wants to transform Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state, analysts raised concerns over mentions of Jihad in its manifesto and differences between the document’s Urdu and English versions.


In the sixth seminar of its series, the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) hosted a discussion on the JUI-F manifesto in Islamabad on Thursday.


Political analyst Hassan Khan pointed out a stark contrast in the contents of JUI-F’s Urdu and English manifestos.


“The English version is more enlightened and inclusive, while the Urdu version has conventional religious undertones,” Khan said.


He noted that the chapter on Sharia was missing in the English version while a chapter on women rights was missing in the Urdu version.


JUI-F Deputy Secretary-General Malik Sikandar Khan said the party had pledged to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state.


He said JUI-F would transform the current system by making changes in accordance with Islamic laws.


Khan referred to the welfare state model under Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and during Hazrat Umer’s rule and added that society made socio-economic and cultural progress when Islamic laws were implemented in true spirit. “The state will ensure the provision of every citizen’s basic needs and ensure that their safety is ensure,” Khan said. Analyst and TV anchor Saleem Safi appreciated JUI-F’s willingness to work with liberal and progressive political parties, but advised the party to focus its energy on implementing its own manifesto’s points.


Safi raised questions as to how the JUI-F would abolish interest-based banking; questions which went largely unanswered.


He also criticised the mention of compulsory Jihadi training in the manifesto, arguing that such actions would only create more chaos in society. (JUI-F’s election plan: English, Urdu versions of manifesto termed incongruent; By Our Correspondent; The Express Tribune; 4/19/13)


Ahle-Sunnat Wal Jamaat


JHANG — The hard-line Sunni Muslim cleric may have been defeated at polls five years ago, but he’s confident of winning a seat in Pakistan’s election Saturday.

A terrorist to his enemies, a man of peace to his supporters, Maulana Ahmad Ludhianvi heads the country’s largest anti-Shiite group, which has been described as the political wing of terror group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

He is part of a coalition led by cleric Sami-ul-Haq, nicknamed Father of the Taliban, having been dumped by the election frontrunners Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) in favor of his arch rivals, the local feudal Akram family.



His Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ) movement denies any link to violence, despite being known as the political arm of LeJ, one of the most active terror groups in Pakistan, bent on exterminating its 20 percent Shiite minority.

LeJ claimed responsibility for the two worst bomb attacks so far this year, killing 182 in Shiite areas of southwestern city Quetta. It is also linked to Al-Qaeda. Rights groups say attacks on Shiites hit a record high in 2012.


(A terrorist or a man of peace? Saudi Gazette; Last updated 5/6/13 10:38 AM)


Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) currently operating with new name of Ahlesunnat wal Jamaat is a Deobandi Pakistani organization, and a formerly registered Pakistani political party. Established in the early 1980s in Jhang by Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, its stated goal is to primarily to deter major Shiite influence in Pakistan in the wake of the Iranian Revolution.[1][2] The organization was banned by President Pervez Musharraf in 2002 as a terrorist organization under the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1997.[1][2] Currently the organization’s official name is Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, but it is still widely referred to as Sipah-e-Sahaba by its own members.[3] In March 2012 the government of Pakistan banned Sipah-e-Sahaba.[4]




The SSP follows the Deobandi. It wishes for Pakistan to be a Deobandi state and has declared Shiites non-Muslims.[5] The organization also calls for a restoration of the Khilafat.[2]


… (Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan; DigPlanet; Originally Wikipedia:


These organizations that Shamim writes about as showing solidarity with Pakistan’s Christian minority. Frankly the history of these organizations is a demonstration of Islamic Radicalism. I prayerfully join Shamim that Pakistan’s Islamic Supremacist hatred of non-Muslims has begun to transform for the better. And in Shamim’s case the Sunni hatred toward Christians. Living in America the cry for justice for the Christians killed in Peshawar may be a bit ephemeral.


JRH 10/5/13

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Christian Welcomes Religious Parties’ Condemnation


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 10/1/2013 2:52 PM


ISLAMABAD: The religious parties across the country condemn the twin suicide bombings at a church in Peshawar which left at least 100 people dead on Sunday. Condemning the attack on the Christian community during a Mass, the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM), the Jammat-e-Islami (JI), the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek, the Jamait-e-Ulema Islam- (F) and the Ahle-Sunnat Wal Jamaat condemned the deadly attack. They demanded that the government should provide full protection to the minorities which is their constitutional right.  These parties demanded that compensation should be paid immediately to the families of those who had lost their loved ones.


They said the government should also bear all the costs of treatment given to the people injured free of charge.


Human Rights Activists and Christian politicians across the country welcomed the positive change in religious parties. Safdar Chaudhry Secretary General, Rah-e-Nijat Ministry said in his statement that it is good that religious parties have extended hands towards Christians. He said he warmly welcomes these statements by religious leadership against terrorist attack on Christians.


Basharat Khokher, human rights activist said that with the help of the local administration, we have been able to control the situation created by some fanatic in Iqbal Town, Islamabad. He said that it is encouraging that Islamabad police and local administration is keen to take care of the Christians living in slum areas while registration process of these areas. He said that it is good sign that Shia people have announced three day mourning across the country.


Earlier, Tahir Naveed Chaudhry appreciates the arrest of killers of Shahbaz Bhatti. He said the government should take solid steps in protecting Christians across the country.


Christian leaders across the country welcome the statements from the people of different thoughts but with the same massage. Already, President of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Javed Hashmi has spoken logically and emphatically against the blasphemy law in the National Assembly. Simultaneously, the government will have to take concrete measures to empower non-Muslims through application of Article 226 of the constitution, and amendments in the blasphemy law.


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Do We Dare Believe Sunni Muslims Want Justice for Murdered Christians?

John R. Houk

© October 5, 2013


Christian Welcomes Religious Parties’ Condemnation


© Shamim Masih


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