Drop the Hammer on America’s Traitors

The Dems are traitors. It’s time to prosecute traitors even if it means a divided nation dukes it out. If elections can’t solve differences, what else is there to do? If half the nation is so dedicated to believing lies, what else is there to do?


JRH 10/15/19

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Drop the Hammer on America’s Traitors


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 10/14/2019 6:36 PM


The Democratic Party has abused its power for decades, but never like it has today, as it has engaged in sedition and treason against a presidential candidate and the American people, since 2015, that continued into President Trump’s Administration. Their anti-American seditious mechanisms are still underway, through this current CIA Gossip Leaker imbroglio, while the real criminals and perpetrators of the numerous assaults on President Trump, such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper and John Brennan and so many others are still walking free across the land, and all freedom loving Americans should vow to never again give these anti-American communists a seat in the Oval Office, as most of us recoil in revulsion and anger over their treason, tyrannical methods, secret star chambers, closed-door “investigations” and unidentified accusers.


Anonymous sources are not permissible in America under the U.S. codified “due process of the law”, but Representative Adam Schiff must have missed that class in law school, if he even ever really attended. His weeks of buffoonery can only be seen as a futile attempt by him and his cronies to find a fall guy willing to pretend that he is the “whistleblower”. And let’s not forget that this is the same idiot who promised for two years that he had absolute proof positive of collusion between President Trump and Russia, with none of it ever coming to light in the Mueller report.


President Trump has failed from day one to completely acquiesce and defer to the supposed superior intellect and the authority of the national security establishment and D.C. political “elites”– the Deep State — in the same manner as Hillary Clinton and other Democrat hopefuls, which placed him in their scope sites from before day one. All sectors from the Pentagon, CIA, NSA and the FBI had already thrown in with Hillary Clinton, and this has been the motivation behind the national security establishment’s attacks against Donald Trump, even before he was elected and more so after he was elected.


Please recall that in his 1961 Farewell Address, President Eisenhower discussed the threats to liberty and democratic processes of the American people that one finds in the intimate, integrated relationships between many members of Congress, the CIA, Pentagon and NSA. Although he referenced the threats coming from the “military-industrial complex”, he had originally intended to use the term “military-industrial-congressional complex“, but changed his mind at the last minute. [Blog Editor: Other references to President Eisenhower’s change of mind on “military-industrial-congressional complex”:


The CIA Versus Donald J. Trump; By Tyler Durden; ZeroHedge; 10/12/2019 – 22:50


Ike’s Farewell Address: Liberals Are Wrong About The “Military Industrial Complex”; Posted by Gregg Hilton; Republican Security Council; 3/30/11


The link embedded in Justin’s quote above in my opinion provides the best context. Here is the links reference info: What Ike Feared “Has Come Upon Us”; By James M. Wall; Wallwritings; 2/10/14]


This entire episode has been a sham from the start, and the so-called “whistleblower” was only named such through legalistic legerdemain to conceal the origin of this affair, as a CIA ass-covering operation, with asses aplenty on display during the recent Democratic press releases and “Shifty” Schiff’s shameful lies, during his statement on the floor of the House, that completely changed and misrepresented what was actually said during President Trump’s telephone call with Ukraine’s president. One must marvel at Schiff’s idiocy. And now, Schiff and Pelosi are also circumventing “due process” through their refusal to take a vote on impeachment, which would change the entire balance of the proceedings.


The CIA Gossip Leaker isn’t even a “Whistleblower”, since he didn’t blow the whistle on the CIA and some dark-side practice, like drug experimentation on unsuspecting Americans, secret assets within the mainstream media or secret assassinations of Americans. Instead, this leaker simply revealed second hand gossip about a phone call he never heard, in a weak and thinly veiled attempt to once again smear President Trump and give the Democrats something to keep the impeachment frenzy alive, into the presidential election season.


Does Schiff actually believe he can conceal this whistleblower’s identity in a Senate impeachment trial, should it come?


This is the sort of thing one expects to see in Spanish inquisitions and old style Soviet show trials. From our earliest days and across history, Americans have extremely firm, longstanding objections to kangaroo courts and star chambers, that dispose of common law safeguards of due process.


On September 29th, President Trump shared a message tweeted by Pastor Robert Jeffress:


“[The Democrats are] increasingly aware of the fact that they won’t win against him [Pres. Trump] in 2020, and Impeachment is the only tool they have to get rid of Donald J. Trump — And the Democrats don’t care if they burn down and destroy this nation in the process. I have never seen the Evangelical Christians more angry over any issue than this attempt to illegitimately remove this President from office … They know the only Impeachable offense that President Trump has committed was beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. That’s the unpardonable sin for which the Democrats will never forgive him. If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this nation from which our Country will never heal.”


Most of America already realizes that the Democratic Party and its communist members are no friends to the principle of political liberty, or any liberty for that matter. Their shibboleths of diversity and inclusion are simply strategies aimed at eradicating free speech and dictating everybody’s “acceptable thoughts”. They are much more interested in control and coercion, than they are in seeking real “social justice” for anyone; and, much worse, they seek to use government as the instrument for enforcing their will, something all Americans must reject, if on principle alone.  [Blog Editor: At this point I think you might be interested in this Justin post: “Breakfast and Death in a Brave New World”]


Looking beyond this ongoing orchestrated coup, America finds a reality challenged Democratic Communist Party consumed by serial hysterias, like “climate change”, uninterested in truth, steeped in social despotism and absolutely 100 percent willing to do anything to gain and hold power. Each freedom loving American should be highly concerned with what Democrats will do should they ever regain power.


When the truth finally reveals itself, America will find that the Democratic Party was behind the 2016 election interference and the RussiaGate Hoax. That is the main reason they are still directing one false accusation after another at President Trump, in hopes of deflecting focus from their treason and, just maybe, causing enough doubt to force a Republican loss in 2020.


Heading into these dangerous days of autumn, the institutional damage done by the Democrats is deep, and something has got to give, as the current impeachment frenzy collides with the other dynamic forces in play and the secretive activities, to date, of Attorney General William Barr and his deputy, John Durham. When that happens, quite a few Deep State agents, i.e. Comey, Clapper and Brennan and many others, should be seeing the inside of a prison cell, after the dust from the ensuing political mayhem settles, if these two men have done their jobs properly.


Some so-called “Republican” advisors are telling Trump not to allow any indictments to come forward against former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, because it would be a “nation-destroying precedent”, even though the Democrats are currently facilitating and moving towards Trump’s own impeachment. These Democrats are already pushing America towards its destruction, with or without any indictments, and even if it is the last decent act of any moral people left in America, Obama and Hillary, the organizers of the sedition and treason against President Trump and America, who approved and encouraged the plot, from the Steele Dossier to the false FISA Warrants, must be indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned, if not executed.


Hopefully, the dark network known as the Intelligence Community will be burned by the heat of a thousand suns of truth that reveal any and all nefarious dealings in the recent subversive activities taken under the Obama administration, that facilitated a coup against a sitting U.S. president. The hammer is about to drop on America’s traitors, one way or another, and before all is said and done, America may full well see the current administrative civil war turn into a hot, bullets blazing civil war.


History abhors vacuums just as nature does, and America is currently facing a vacuum of authority never before experienced, with UkraineGate set to become a Fort Sumter moment, the consequence of a society in which anything goes and nothing matters. As tempers flare, everyone better check their principles and who they believe in days ahead, since this ain’t no foolin’ around, and once again the integrity of the Union is at stake.


By Justin O. Smith


Blog Editor: Rather than capitulate to Facebook censorship by abandoning the platform, I choose to post and share until the Leftist censors ban me. Recently, the Facebook censorship tactic I’ve experienced is a couple of Group shares then jailed under the false accusation of posting too fast. So I ask those that read this, to combat censorship by sharing blog and Facebook posts with your friends or Groups you belong to.


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Impeachment Weaponized

Justin Smith tackles the nefarious details surrounding the – to date – anonymous Whistleblower and the coup witch hunt against President Trump. VERY INTERESTING!


JRH 9/30/19

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Impeachment Weaponized

The Democrats’ Disgrace


By Justin O. Smith
Last Updated 9/28/2019 10:44 PM


What these guys are doing to this country is a disgrace, and it shouldn’t be allowed.” ~ President Donald J. Trump


Impeachment and ending President Trump’s presidency has been the sole agenda of the Democrats in Congress, since even before his inauguration, and the recent Gossip Leaker’s third hand information and “revelations” concerning a phone call between President Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has sparked allegations of a “quid pro quo” situation that ignited the latest media dumpster fire and finally provoked Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call for an “impeachment inquiry” on September 24th, even though the President has committed no wrong in this instance. This is the first move in a ruse to deflect from major problems within the Democratic Party in the lead up to the 2020 election and see President Trump defeated one way or another, if their wildest desires are fulfilled.


Unfortunately, America is witness to the death of truth in this age of disinformation, that has made narratives the political weapon of choice to harass, neutralize and impede President Trump’s policy agenda. Their big gun of Russian Collusion failed, the “racism” narrative is failing too, and so now, the Ukraine Quid Pro Quo narrative is next in the chute.


Democrats assert that President Trump’s mention of an investigation into Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden — Democrat candidate for president, and allegations of corruption regarding his ties to a Ukrainian energy company is an impeachable offense. They fail to question Hunter’s placement on the board of Burisma, despite a complete lack of any qualifications, other than access to the Vice-President. They fail to mention that the corruption investigation into Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, and Hunter’s ties to Burisma was squashed, due to then Vice-President Joe Biden’s threat to withhold one billion dollars in aid, unless Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s top prosecutor, was fired, which is the real “quid pro quo” they don’t want to acknowledge.


One certainly cannot ignore Joe’s own words: “I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well … He got fired.”


Hypocrisy and the ol’ Democratic Party hypocrisy are on full display, too, since it seems that not a single person was ever concerned over recent attempts by Democrats to strong arm and coerce Ukraine to continue four investigations important to Mueller’s Russia-Gate/Trump ‘collusion” investigation.


Approximately five months ago, Senators Richard Durbin, Patrick Leahy and Robert Menendez, all Democrats, wrote a letter to Yuriy Lutsenko, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, expressing concerns over these investigations that were being closed, and they implied that their support for U.S. assistance to Ukraine was at stake.


They are pinning their hopes to the transcript, that President Trump recently released. But isn’t it curious that no one knew what was actually stated in that conversation, not even the so-called “whistle blower”, prior to the Democrats once again, in their ever present relentless style, screeching out their lies, false claims and cries for impeachment. There is so much about this story that stinks of another pre-planned event.


As events and manufactured Constitutional crises continue to unfold, it brings to mind a not so veiled threat from Senator Chuck Schumer in January 2017: Schumer stated: “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”


And true to those words, the Intel Community has acted as an adversary and antagonist against the President from that point on. One might rightly also surmise and suspect that the now rogue CIA has captured The New York Times, National Public Radio, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times and many other television cable news networks as well, and they have become a joint force that represents an enemy of the American people.


One should note that the Gossip Leaker is purportedly a CIA agent assigned to the White House — possibly Michael Barry, an assassination expert — whose complaint was composed as a legal brief, which suggests it is the work of several lawyers. The Gossip Leaker’s lawyer is Andrew Bakaj, a former CIA employee who once interned for both Senator Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton; ‘The Washingtonian’ reports that Bakaj “actually wrote the CIA’s internal rules on whistleblowing”. If so, Form 401 must have slipped his mind.


Does anyone really believe this “whistleblower” is motivated by pure patriotic conscientiousness? I certainly do not.


Gossip Leaker’s complaint states: “I was not a direct witness to most of the events described. However I found my colleagues’ accounts of these events to be credible because, in almost all cases, multiple officials recounted fact patterns that were consistent with one another.”


[Blog Editor – Of interest: Whistleblower’s Complaint Against Trump Cites George Soros-Funded NGO; By Tom Ozimek; The Epoch Times; 9/27/19]


The Intelligent Community Inspector General Form 401 page ii, Urgent Concern Disclosure Form reads as follows: “In order to find an urgent concern “credible”, the IC IG must be in possession of reliable, firsthand information. The IC IG cannot transmit information via the Intel Community Whistleblower Protection Act based on an employee’s secondhand knowledge of wrongdoing. This includes information received from another person, such as when a fellow employee informs you that he/she witnessed some type of wrongdoing. … Similarly, speculation about the existence of wrongdoing does not provide sufficient legal basis to meet the statutory requirements of the ICWPA.”


In other words, secondhand information must be dismissed out of hand. And if this Leaker was so concerned, he should have approached each of the “multiple” people with firsthand information and pressed them to come forward. Why hasn’t anyone with firsthand information presented a similar concern?


Updated info: I am evidently using the old 401 guidelines. Judge Jeanine just reported this evening – Sept 24th – that the rules concerning whistleblower information was changed to accept hearsay info, just 2 days before the CIA whistleblower wrote his complaint; this changes things to a certain degree, but it doesn’t change the deception or the corruption we are witnessing from our own intelligence community, as they try to circumvent a long held policy of rejecting hearsay and second and third hand conversations. 


More details on suspicious Whistleblower source changes: Intel Community Secretly Gutted Requirement Of First-Hand Whistleblower Knowledge; By Sean Davis; The Federalist; 9/27/19


Screengrab of changes from The Federalist:


1st Hand knowledge Requirement Prior 9/24/19



2nd Hand Knowledge Whistleblower Acceptable AFTER 9/24/19


How the Inspector General ever determined the complaint was both “credible” and “urgent” is beyond me. The Department of National Intelligence did not see it to be a valid complaint, due to the lack of evidence supporting the complaint, and the DNI refused to release it to Congress.


Moments prior to testimony given by acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, Representative Devin Nunes (R), member of the House Intelligence Committee, recently stated: “The Inspector General did not know the contents of the phone call at issue. The Inspector General found that the whistleblower displayed arguable political bias against Trump. The Department of Justice investigated the complaint and determined no action was warranted.”


There isn’t anything within the released transcript that arises to the level of a crime or an impeachable offense. President Zelensky was unaware that a previously approved U.S. defense package had been suspended, so a quid pro quo couldn’t have existed. He also has definitively stated that he was not placed under any pressure from President Trump, who only mention the Biden corruption case once. President Trump did not ask for fabricated evidence against Joe Biden eight times as asserted by Representative Adam Schiff, a liar of unparalleled notoriety. [Bold Emphasis Blog Editor’s]


However, the news isn’t good, as the Democrats contort themselves in a manner that would rival the most daring circus acts, to find something, anything, sinister in the quotes from Pres. Trump’s phone call with Pres. Zelensky. High crimes, misdemeanors and illegal acts exist in the Gossip Leaker’s complaint only in the minds and black hearts of Trump’s fiercest critics, which shouldn’t surprise anyone given the lack of integrity and literacy regarding the law, in their ranks; whistleblower laws are meant to protect brave souls who seek to stop any malfeasance and abuse of power, and they do not extend to miscreants seeking to use the law as a weapon against the President of the United States.


The Democrats haven’t formalized the impeachment process yet, since this is still an investigation in search of a crime. Once they actually win a vote in the House to move forward with impeachment, they will have to afford President Trump due process under the law.


Isn’t it ironic to find that Representative Adam Schiff once cautioned against an unwarranted push for impeachment?


On May 4th 2018, Adam Schiff wrote: “Impeachment is an extraordinary remedy, not to be entertained lightly, and in the case of a president, would mean putting the country through a deeply wrenching process. It is instead a remedy that must be considered soberly, mindful of the fact that removing a president from office should be the recourse for only the most serious transgressions.


Should the facts warrant impeachment, that case will be made more difficult politically if part of the country feels that removing Mr. Trump is the result that some of their fellow Americans were wishing for all along.”


Republican president or Democrat president, it matters not one bit, if a real crime has been committed against the United States by any president on any given day and he has betrayed the office, the Constitution and the trust of the American people, such a president must be removed. But this isn’t the time or such a case to go to such an extreme measure and use what once was a rare tool in the hands of Congress to be used at a point of grave crisis in American life, and more importantly, we, the American people, must stop allowing impeachment to be abused and ever more and increasingly weaponized by any political party intent on preserving its own power, in the current manner of the Democratic Party, which has already introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump on four occasions.


Something or somebody needs to do all within their ability and authority to end these seditious turpitudes. The machinery of the law must be turned on those who would betray America to Her enemies and the Deep State. U.S. Attorney General William Barr has the opportunity to do just that, so long as he doesn’t tarry too long and he strikes while the iron is hot.


This is a struggle that pits the American people and President Trump, who are fighting to preserve American traditions, principles and sovereignty, against Deep State agents and Communist bureaucratic academics deep within our federal government and their Democratic Party supporters among half the nation, who hold an unhinged hatred of Trump and currently seem to answer to transnationalists and globalists and have our nation’s destiny in an iron grip. They are unleashing everything imaginable and then some, unmindful of the push their actions give towards civil war, in their effort to undermine the Trump administration, making it more apparent than ever, that President Trump must purge the CIA and many other agencies, under the Executive Branch [Bold Emphasis Blog Editor’s], seven ways from Sunday in order to counter multiple Democratic Party initiated seditious shenanigans and acts of outright treason against America, aimed at undoing the results of the 2016 election.


By Justin O. Smith


Blog Editor: Rather than capitulate to Facebook censorship by abandoning the platform, I choose to post and share until the Leftist censors ban me. Recently, the Facebook censorship tactic I’ve experienced is a couple of Group shares then jailed under the false accusation of posting too fast. So I ask those that read this, to combat censorship by sharing blog and Facebook posts with your friends or Groups you belong to.


Edited by John R. Houk

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