Preparing for Disaster as Opposed to Eco-Marxist Directives

A small, portable aquaponics system.

Preparing for Disaster as Opposed to Eco-Marxist Directives

John R. Houk

© April 20, 2013


All right I am a sucker for these ads that promote the end of the world and market some self-help and/or Prepper books, CDs, manuals and so on. I came across this gloom and doom ad that sets the stage for food shortages which will lead to the collapse of society.


The ad is aimed to people like me and to Preppers. I am not a Prepper but if I was physically capable I might actually be more interested in taking at least some minimum Prepping steps. I do tend to lean that if things don’t change from the current course of Marxist/Socialist cultural change (Obama’s Change), I believe a number of economic and food accessibility will become an issue leading to chaos.


Although this ad illustrates the worst possible scenario for American society it is advertising some kind of aquaponics method to produce food in your backyard or back property. To buy into the ad means the worst case scenario is not expected because armed bands of people will eliminate you or join you to carve out a fiefdom of survival under the Dark Age of lawless global chaos.


What is aquaponics? According to Wikipedia:


Aquaponics (pronunciation: /ˈækwəˈpɒnɨks/), or pisciponics, is a sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. In aquaculture, effluents accumulate in the water, increasing toxicity for the fish. This water is led to a hydroponic system where the by-products from the aquaculture are broken down by nitrogen fixing bacteria, then filtered out by the plants as vital nutrients, after which the cleansed water is recirculated back to the animals.


As existing hydroponic and aquaculture farming techniques form the basis for all aquaponics systems, the size, complexity, and types of foods grown in an aquaponics system can vary as much as any system found in either distinct farming discipline.[1] Read the Rest


My fellow Conservatives and Conspiracists everything predicted in this video is the same kind of agricultural, food (e.g. meat) and depopulation scare tactics put forth by proponents of Agenda 21 Eco-Marxist to control the world’s population in some dreamed up utopia in which the elite at the top tell the people how to live and exist for their own good.


The difference between Agenda 21 and this kind of marketing is the former promotes global authoritarianism and a top to bottom government while the latter promotes individualistic or common association Free Market path to self-preservation without government infringement on Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.


And so – in this case – Alec Deacon is selling a solution to fear which at first glance is a bit over the top exploitation of emotion for personal profit. That is a bit annoying, BUT I have to admit his fear marketing is better than the public solutions for humanity to form a New World Order under the guidance of Eco-Marxist proponents of Agenda 21.


NWO, Agenda 21 Mission Statement: : Goal, Depopulation Of The Earth To 500 Million People (Video)


Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound orientation of all human society, unlike anything the world had ever experienced… A major shift in priorities of both governments and individuals and a unprecedented redeployment of…. Human and Financial resource. Population reduction to 500 million inhabitants on earth.


“The current life styles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class- involving high meat intake, the use of fossil fuels, electrical appliances, Home and work place air conditioning, and suburban Housing, -are not sustainable”


VIDEO: New World Order Depopulation Plans Exposed, Agenda 21 Club of Rome 



Now here is a bit about Alec Deacon gleaned from his blog site entitled My Family Survival Plan:


A few words about Alec Deacon…me. First of all I want to tell you that I am married to my lovely wife Ana and I have two beautiful boys, David and Andrew. The second most important thing that I have to say about myself is that I like my coffee black. J Now let me tell you about my line of work. I used to work as a hygiene officer in a well-known US company, being in charge with food safety. In the time there I learned a lot about food. Beside the cooking techniques I learned the most important thing about food …. And that is “food security”. During my time there I thought more and more about food security and began to see the bigger picture. Food security is actually a small part of all the things that jeopardizes our daily way of life but it opened my eyes so now I can spot the other threats. Being a fan of outdoor living, fishing carp is one of the things I love most. This sport is my biggest pleasure of them all (and my most expensive one…hehe). Fishing is one of the oldest and most basic survival skill…a good fisherman will never starve and will keep his loved ones well fed. The site that I began to create here is designed to keep people aware about all the problems we are facing now and to help them create a custom SURVIVAL Read the Rest


If you`ve landed on this site five minutes ago, you`ve probably already figured out some of my interests: preparedness, U.S. politics, DIY, health and food security. Just reading the titles of the articles I post here is enough to get what subjects make me tick.


However, I must confess something. The idea of creating this site has a more selfish origin, which also reveals the #1 on my interests list: my family. I swear I would do ANYTHING to protect them and make them happy. My wife Ana and my two boys, David and Andrew, are the world to me. When I nearly lost them in a fire 6 years ago, I became this survival fanatic who dreamed of living in a water-proof, fire-proof and unbreakable plastic bubble, together with his family.


I`m not that person anymore. I`m more relaxed now, but that`s only because I know I`m prepared for anything. But when I look around and I see Americans are ten times more relaxed than I am, but not because they`re prepped to the teeth… but because they`re simply ignorant… I`m thinking they might use a daily dose of good, old paranoia, just to open their eyes to what`s going on in the U.S.


And that`s why I created this site. To help Americans see beyond the pink lenses of their glasses. Well, that didn`t work out that well. And I`m actually glad it didn`t. Because what I`ve created here is even more important: the MyFamilySurvivalPlan community. Made of people interested in the same issues, people who love their families more than anything in the world, who want to protect their kids and their homes and who want to see this country change into better. And I want to thank you for being part of this community. People like you are the ones I write for.


Now what makes me an “authority” in the field? Well, I already told you about my fanatic preparedness period. And although I am over the crazy now, I`m still very passionate about survival and Read the Rest


So getting back to the ad I referred to at the beginning of this post. I was annoyed that somehow I got on a list of third party advertisers because the ad came to my inbox via a website called Our Friends of Freedom. If you click the link I just provided you will go suspiciously to a website that serves one purpose. And that purpose is to actually sign up to be on the third party ad email list. I have no idea how my name was added but it probably has something to do with my compulsive curiosity to check out the numerous ads marketed in the same way as Alec Deacon’s offer.


Now I actually downloaded the video because email hooks with the paranoia of “P.S. — From what I know the video will be taken down in 48 hours.” Since the video was downloadable I did so. Typically when I tried to “X” out of video webpage the usual pop-up offers “Leave Page or Remain Page”. If you click “Remain” you are moved to the text version of the Alec Deacon’s ad offer.


Below [Actually at SlantRight 2.0] is the rather lengthy text to the 38 minute video. I am not pushing you to buy anything; nonetheless the worst case scenario gloom and doom info is fascinating. Now I didn’t do this but you might find his aquaponics system fascinating as well. Barring the gloom and doom, if you are a thrifty person, an aquaponics system could save on the grocery bill.


JRH 4/20/13

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In Chaos Maybe Hide Assets and Bolster Privacy

Dollar Panic

John R. Houk

© February 21, 2013


Have you heard of Porter Stansberry or his company Stansberry and Associates? Stansberry is noted for giving financial information designed to beat a government reputed to be corrupt.


The thing is Stansberry has a bad reputation. He was convicted for fraud after a SEC investigation that spelled out that Stansberry provided false information in an investment newsletter that he sold at a thousand bucks a periodical. It didn’t help Stansberry that his so-called inside tipster denied providing info for the newsletter.


On the other hand Stansberry claims his conviction/judgment (btw $1.5 million) is government persecution that trampled his free speech rights under the First Amendment. I am guessing those deemed victims did not turn down the restitution of the Court judgment though.


So why am I providing this mini-profile on (Frank) Porter Stansberry? The reason is I have gone to gone to a few of the website ads offering a long report via video and text providing a credible Conspiracy Theory then offering a report or a subscription for you to use the information to formulate a financial strategy pertaining to the issue of the ad.


If you are a Conservative and aware of UN conspiracies surrounding Agenda 21 and the Eco-Marxism of Climate Change proponents, then you are a person who will be caught on the Stansberry hook to be reeled in. Basically Stansberry financial scenarios are alluding to economic collapse and government intrusion.


I found an ad on a pro-conservative website from Stansberry and Associates. The ad came with a typical warning such as ‘this video has been banned by such and such’ or ‘this video is a dire warning the government does not want you to know about’ of a similar nature. I am paraphrasing because I don’t remember the website I saw this particular ad; nonetheless nearly all Stansberry and Associates ads come with a Conspiracy Theory hook to get you to click. AND yes I am too often guilty of clicking. The curiosity is just too much for me. You will know if you have let your curiosity get you to a Stansberry ad because if you attempt to leave the web page a box pops up asking if you really wish to leave or continue on a non-video page. Most of the time a Stansberry non-video page is the text of the video followed with a link to purchase the product.


If you Google some of the hook factoids in the ad you will discover the information is verifiable or at least partially true which increases the hook value. And so because of Stanberry losing his legal battle with the government I personally would not buy anything from Stansberry and Associates; NONETHELESS I have taken to heart his conclusions. (Actually the text version of the video I watched is signed Dr. David Eifrig, Jr., MD, MBA. Stansberry used a pseudonym in previous Internet ads such as Jay McDaniel. Thus I am uncertain if the conspiracy solution I watched was Stansberry or an actual Eifrig.)


This particular Stansberry/Eifrig ad has an interesting premise:


#1. How to legally hide some of your money from the government, and how to generate some “invisible income,” which you don’t have to report to the government or anyone else.

#2. How to maintain as much privacy as possible in a world where privacy has essentially disappeared.

#3. And how to get some of your money “off the financial grid,” so it is beyond the reach of Wall Street and big banks. (Quoted from the ad)


Eifrig then says his product will show you how to legally hide your money (I am guessing unless your intent to hide your money without the government detecting you hid your money). If you legally hide your money I presume the government will not know you have taxable monies. AND the product addresses the increasing capacity of the U.S. government and large powerful corporations to electronically monitor and/or spy on your personal business and private habits.


Again, I am not endorsing that you buy the Stansberry and Associates product. However, this long essay should inspire you to find credible and reputable methods to protect yourself from economic and/or government collapse as well as find ways to protect your privacy in things you believe is no one’s business either publicly or privately.


Below is the text of the video. The video and text are quite long so you can use the SlantRight blog to refer back to the info in the sales just for information’s sake if you choose not to buy the product. If you desire to watch the video separate from the Stansberry and Associates link I have copied it and will make it available upon risk for about a week (Let’s say March 1, 2013). You can send an email with the subject ‘Send the Video’ to If I don’t respond I’m afraid your email request went to my junk folder. You are welcome to give it another shot. If you actually want to buy the Eifrig product via Stansberry and Associates you will have to go to the ad link and purchase it there.


JRH 2/21/13

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Global Collapse: Should we Listen to Survivalists?

Surviving Disaster

John R. Houk

© January 16, 2013


Have you seen any web ads that have a hook that runs something like “banned by FEMA” or “banned by Google” or “Your govt. does not want you to know this”?


Yes, I admit to biting on the hook. These ads appeal to those who have doubts about the future of the U.S. economy. These doubts bring visions of economic depression, societal chaos, government oppression exercised because of a collapsing economy or National Security breakdowns or just a cessation of government authority in general.


I find it unfortunate that the Free Market I believe in so much allows fear-entrepreneurs to make money by the possible and/or probable threat to individuals’ and families’ livelihood. This fish bit the hook because I lean toward plausible possibility. I am still in denial a coming chaos will change America into an everyman for himself wild, wild West is inevitable. Possible yes, probable maybe, but inevitable – no.


Survivalists are somewhere between probable and inevitable. Nonetheless, if the chaos proceeds as the Survivalists believe, I want to be a friend with at least one of them.


And so I continue to check out the ads every once in awhile. What I find annoying is the commonality in all these ads. That commonality is the link taking you to the video page will not let you leave with one click of the “X”. On my browser it always asks if you want to leave or remain. If you click leave you are sent to another page that lays out the details for a purchase of a book, CD, DVD or so on. I have not succumbed to the fisherman yet by allowing the ad to reel me in. BUT because I am still in the possibility crowd I keep clicking them because of the curiosity.


The thing is I discover little nuggets of fascination when I listen to these videos. So instead of purchasing (in this case) “The Long-Term Family Survival Course,” I thought I would check out some Survivalist websites for a little more info.


I discovered that Survivalism is a pretty big subculture. One site I found has an enormous amount of text files to download to study the ideology and the how-to of Survivalism. If this tweaked your curiosity here is the link: Then I found a Website that purports to have a list of the founding fathers of the Survivalist Movement.


This is what I am going to do from here. I am going to cross post these posts at SlantRight 2.0:


§  The Founding Fathers Of Survivalism


§  The Survival Spot Challenge




The last is a part of the ad I watched. I have in the past placed a teaser of one of these videos. Unbelievably a complaint was filed with Youtube and I had to remove the video excerpt from the SlantRight Youtube Channel. The part I am cross posting is the page I was taken to after trying to leave the video ad portion.


If you are curious and want to read up on this kind of stuff you can Google Survivalism, read a few of the downloadable links from, maybe browse the Survival Spot blog or just buy the Family Survival Course.


JRH 1/16/13

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 The Founding Fathers Of Survivalism (Updated)


William Atkin – Survival Spot Owner

02 April 2010

Survival Spot


The modern survivalist movement has been influenced by a number of people. But a select group of influential authors and speakers have virtually shaped or perhaps created the modern survivalist movement. This article is dedicated those special people, those founding fathers of survivalism.


*Note, this list is in no particular order


  1. Mel Tappan
  2. Howard Ruff
  3. Don Stephens
  4. Joel Skousen
  5. Cresson Kearny
  6. Ragnar Benson
  7. Bruce D. Clayton
  8. Jeff Cooper (colonel)
  9. Kurt Saxon
  10. James Wesley Rawles


1. Mel Tappan


Mel Tappan began his career collaborating with other members of the survivalist movement. Co-authoring a book and writing a small column for “Guns & Ammo” magazine in the 70s. He is best known for his book Survival Guns which is still in print today, 32 years later. However, despite his popularity we couldn’t manage to find a single image, video or audio clip of Mel. Mel encouraged his readers to relocate away from metropolitan areas as a part of their survival strategy. Mel was once quoted by the Associated Press as saying:


“The concept most fundamental to long term disaster preparedness, in retreating, is having a safe place to go to avoid the concentrated violence destined to erupt in the cities. When you have a growing apprehensive awareness that the time grows short for you to relocate away from areas of greatest danger, then choose [where you will live] carefully.”


Unfortunately Mel passed away in 1988 but his legacy will continue to live on with the admiration and weight his name currently carries. His wife, Nancy Mack was one of his biggest supporters and continued his work for a number of years.


Books written by Mel Tappan:





2. Howard Ruff


Howard Ruff is another one of the original Survivalists who entered the scene in the 1970s. Drawing on his experience in financial advising, he has written several books focusing on financial preparedness topics. He has been known to encourage investing in precious metals and food storage, rather than traditional stocks and bonds. Although he may not have a household name, Ruff has been fighting for sound economics for a lifetime. He recently appeared on MSNBC to speak about the fragility and possible threats to the current US economy in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Through his books, speaking and other engagements, Howard has become one of the foremost pioneers of sound economic principles as related to self sufficiency.


It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.”
Howard Ruff


Books written by Howard Ruff:





3. Don Stephens


Don Stephens entered the Survivalist scene in the 1960s with concerns about a possible financial collapse (which seemed to be the trend at the time). H A strong proponent of relocation, Don used the knowledge gained studying architecture at University of Idaho Don has written many great books on eco friendly, self sustaining home designs and living as well as contributing to many others works (including working with Mel Tappan). An influcencer, a thought leader and an innovator are just a few ways to describe Don Stephens.


Books written by Don Stephens:





4. Joel Skousen


Joel Skousen is a political commentator, former Marine and survivalist author. His non-fiction books mainly focus around homes, land and security. Joel has been a huge preparedness advocate since his early adulthood and he’s still fighting the good fight today, appearing on many major news stations.Joel tows the line between generations, helping spread wisdom from past generations to the newer generations.


Books Written By Joel Skousen:



VIDEO: Jeff Rense – Joel Skousen Interview




5. Cresson Kearny


Cresson was a popular survivalist author, writing most notably “Nuclear War Survival Skills”. Cresson server in military and government positions for his entire life, which gave him incredible expertise in military and technical aspects of survival. His works have been a staple of survivalist reading and have hugely impacted the education level of survivalists (especially with nuclear information). Sadly Cresson passed away in 2003. His daughter commented,


Throughout his life he believed in being prepared for trouble.”


Books written by Cresson Kearny:



VIDEO: Malaria and Other Hazards: the State of Our Defenses




6. Ragnar Benson


Ragnar Benson is actually the pen name of an author who has written some of the most dangerous books available. Ragnar was considered dangerous because of his exposing works on munitions, explosives, “mantrapping”, creating new identities and more. Despite the controversies associated with his work, his writings had a powerful impact in the survivalism movement. Much of his work is focused around living an independent life and escaping the trapping of modern government/society. If you don’t own at least one Ragnar book your survival library is incomplete!


To this day at age 72, Ragnar is still active in Survivalism, recently writing the book Long-Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age: Preparing to Live After Society Crumbles.


Books written by Ragnar Benson:



From One Of His Books


[SlantRight Editor: As of this post the Youtube link was deactivated.]




7. Bruce D. Clayton


Bruce D. Clayton, Ph.D., a black belt in the sixth degree, is a scientist, writer, and teacher who gained popularity with his book “Life After Doomsday” in the 1980s. He is the author of over a dozen books on survival and self-defense, including the revolutionary Shotokan’s Secret from Black Belt Books. Shotokan’s Secret has been called a,


manifesto for a modern revolution in the way martial arts are learned and taught.”


Books written by Bruce Clayton:





8. Jeff Cooper (colonel)


Colonel Cooper was an actual Colonel who pioneered many shooting techniques, especially for small arms. In his life Cooper was a gun advocate, helping teach others how to use guns and even creating the American Pistol Institute located in Arizona. Additionally, Cooper invented The Combat Color Code (mentioned here), a code based upon situational awareness.


The will to survive is not as important as the will to prevail… the answer to criminal aggression is retaliation. – Jeff Cooper


As of 2006 Cooper is no longer with us RIP.


Books written by Jeff Cooper:



VIDEO: AGI Interview with Jeff Cooper


VIDEO: How to use the Compressed Surprise Break




9. Kurt Saxon


Kurt Saxon is one of the first “survivalists”, so much so he claims to have invented the term “survivalist”. Gaining fame in the 1970s with his popular book “The Poor Man’s James Bond”, Kurt has had an impact on the modern survivalist movement in ways most of us don’t realize. Having grown up during the Great Depression, Kurt was somewhat of an expert on surviving on a budget. Many of his publications offer various tips and do-it-yourself guides on topics ranging from home medicines to homemade self-defense weapons. If you are interested in survival and preparedness, chances are you have most likely read something reflecting the views and knowledge of Kurt Saxon. Kurt was in many ways a philosopher, speaking loudly his ideals of societal structure and its inevitable failure. To really get a feel for who Kurt Saxon is, read A Philosophy For Survivalists.


Kurt is still active and teaching survivalism in Alpena, Arkansas.


Books written by Kurt Saxon:





VIDEO: Meet Kurt Saxon


**Disclaimer, We know that Rawles isn’t a “founding father” of survivalism and is instead a significant figure in the movement. However his impact cannot be ignored and deserves an honorable mention from us.


10. James Wesley Rawles


James Wesley Rawles is perhaps the most famous Survivalist of our time. He is the author and editor of, which has become a staple in the online survivalist community. His blog offers a plethora of information on survival topics from food storage and gardening to do-it-yourself survival shelters. He has set himself apart in the industry by offering a comprehensive guide on the best places to relocate to avoid disaster, and offering private retreat consulting by phone from his North Idaho home. His book “Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse” was one of my personal favorites and interestingly enough, some of the scenarios Rawles sets forward in his book are beginning to come to pass today. Many of us who currently know Rawles would say that he has become, in many ways, the modern archetype for survivalists. He has been one of the major players in the modern survivalist movement for the last several years, drawing fans and readers from varying backgrounds and demographics.


Books written by James Rawles:



VIDEO: How to Survive the End of the World as we Know it




The Survival Spot Challenge


William Atkin – Survival Spot Owner

21 May 2010

Survival Spot


Some might know who I am, some might not. My name is Will and I’m a prepper. I run this blog, the Survival Spot.  But much more important than who I am, is why I do what I do. I run this free blog for one reason and one reason alone.


To help others become more mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to take on any challenge this life may present.


The Awakening


Like many of you I had an “awakening” of sorts about preparedness. My reasons are as simple as anyone’s; I want to ensure a continued existence for myself and my family. More than that, I want to beyond “surviving”, I want to thrive in hard times. I don’t want my family to have to wait in the bread line. Isn’t that exactly what most us are preparing for? We’re not preparing for a single isolated incident as much as we’re preparing for the inevitable collapse of modern society. And with so many forces working against our modern system, it’s only a matter of time before our worst fear becomes a reality. We aren’t nuts or kooks, we are simply trying to be wise and realize the plain and simple truth that by being ready we aren’t at the complete mercy of someone or something else.


The Reason


After several years of gathering supplies, learning new skills and changing my entire life to fit into the self reliant/survivalist mindset, I realized that there are overwhelming forces against us. I realized that no amount of preparation done by myself could overcome the tremendous odds we face in the future. It would certainly give me an advantage, but would I be able to be (sic) withstand all odds with my small family?  So finally, after much thought and consideration, I realized a plain and simple truth; strength in numbers. I realized that nobody can do it by themselves. As humans we have always relied on each for strength and support. So much so that before modern technology, if we didn’t have a tribe or a group to lean on we most likely died. Us as social creatures need to belong to a group for both emotional needs and basic survival needs. The only reason we aren’t as unified now as we once were is because of the abundance of convenience and technology. This technology allows someone to be and isolationist and survive. But in the end, being an isolationist will get you killed.


So that’s why I started this blog. I did it to help others learn to prepare. To help others learn to be self reliant. Ultimately, the more people who are prepared and self reliant, the less people there will be roaming the streets looking for food. The less people there will be willing to kill over some water or a can of food. In simpler terms, the more people who are prepared, the less we need to be.


In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.” – Mark twain


What this quote means to me is that the most difficult challenge we preppers face is not being prepared. It’s helping others learn about why they should be prepared and how to do it. And to those of you who think “well, there’s nothing I can do to change their minds”, I’ve been there and I’ve thought that. But there have been dozens people I’ve met in the last 5 years that I have turned onto preparedness in one way or another. At first most of them rejected of the idea and made fun of me for my extremism. But the seed that I planted in their heads that this world isn’t entirely safe, has grown and flourished into a preparedness mindset. People who’s minds I thought would never be changed have slowly started prepping, gathering supplies, planting gardens and being more aware.


The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke


Now What?


OK, so you know me and you know my reasons. Why does it matter? It matters for a reason that runs so deep none of us can hide from it or ignore it. And that simple reason is that there is strength in numbers. The great powers of this world are not rebellious against each other. The powers of this world utilize networking, organization and communication to make their organizations powerful and secure. Love them or hate them, they are powerful and secure. If we seek to survive the trials and tribulations of our future, we must unite together. At the very least we must spread truth, wisdom and knowledge to all that we know.


The Survival Spot Challenge


Here is my challenge to you readers.  I challenge you to convince at least one person that they should become prepared. Even if they only start with a simple kit or a little bit of extra food, get them thinking about the fragility of our lives.


Did you have an awakening moment? If so leave a comment and tell us what your awakening moment was. I want to hear what you think, so leave a comment and let your voice be heard.






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Jack Koll, passionate bushcraft since 1998


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cpl. Lance Rogerson


Mind – Blown. This survival course should have its own statue. It’s definitely one of a kind”

Grey Carson, survival trainer



“Before reading this, I used to sleep like a baby thinking I’m prepped to the teeth… Now I sleep like a baby because I AM prepped to the teeth!

Roger Keysen, author of survival blog



Global Collapse: Should we Listen to Survivalists?

John R. Houk

© January 16, 2013


The Founding Fathers Of Survivalism




The Survival Spot Challenge


About Survival Spot


Survival Spot Blog is dedicated entirely to the practice and philosophy of survival. We teach you not only the “hows” but also the “whys” of survival and emergency preparedness. Which is why we bring you regular updates on survival related news including natural and man-made disasters, economic troubles or anything that might require us to beef up our efforts as survivalists and make sure we’re never caught off guard. In addition to the latest survival news, you’ll also find a ton of resources on our site. We post lots of video how to’s, DIY (do it yourself) articles on everything from wilderness survival to homesteading. Be sure to check out our downloads section for a great collection of hand selected e-books, guides and tools all FREE courtesy of our amazing sponsors and supporters.


We believe in paying it forward. Every person we can help bring closer to the truth and become more prepared is one less person that will be in need when TSHTF.


READ MORE at About Page




SlantRight Editor – I am uncertain if this about page is connected to the ad I first viewed; nonetheless it is so similar I decided to use it: About Family Survival Course.


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