A Crown Jewel of Christendom Burns

Notre Dame Cathedral before 4/15/19 fire

On April 15 Notre Dame Cathedral was torched by accident or by arson. French officials lean to the former but the observation of a spate of French and European Church arsons lead to the valid speculation of arson. Many of the Church arsons have been linked to Islamic Supremacists who disdain the Christian faith. Could the Holy Week that includes Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday be a nefarious message to Christians?


Justin Smith sent his thoughts a couple of days ago trying to sift through fact, speculation and conspiracy over the Notre Dame Cathedral blaze.


JRH 4/19/19

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A Crown Jewel of Christendom Burns  

Notre Dame Cathedral Burns


Notre Dame Cathedral France billowing smoke & fire 4/15/19 — Reuters – Charles Platiau


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 4/17/2019 9:30 PM


Should that subduing talisman, the cross, be shattered the frenzied madness of the ancient warriors, that insane Berserk rage of which Nordic bards have spoken and sung so often, will once more burst into flame.” ~ Heinrich Heine 1834


Flames danced and leaped across the rooftop of Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15th 2019, and the world stood aghast and watched helplessly and somber from along the banks of the Seine River, singing hymns, weeping, embracing each other and praying. Onlookers gasped in horror, as they watched the fire ravage the 859 year old historic cathedral in catastrophic fashion, and they cried out as the 295 foot tall spire of this iconic symbol of Western Christendom plummeted and slid into the flames and centuries of history were burned to ash.


Nobody really knows what happened, although the major news sources were falling all over themselves to make certain not one single person was allowed to ask if there was an Islamic terrorism connection. Shepherd Smith and Neil Cavuto, Fox News hosts, both cut guests off for raising the question. They immediately called it “an accident” related to renovation work.


Well … as Notre Dame Cathedral burned, I couldn’t help but immediately think the Muslims had finally succeeded in bringing it down, especially since they have already tried so many times in the past, most recently in 2016. There was even an apparent Muslim seen on the scaffolding near where the fire started not long before it started. And that’s what makes Shepherd Smith’s refusal to even listen to one of his guest’s comments regarding the arson of hundreds of churches in France so maddening.


Phillipe Karsenty began, “For the past years, we’ve had churches desecrated each and every week all over France.”


Smith immediately reprimanded, “Sir, sir, sir, we’re not going to speculate of the cause of something that we don’t know! If You have observations or you know something, we would love to hear it.” When Karsenty tried to respond, Smith ended the entire interview.


Wasn’t Karsenty’s statement on the desecration of Christian churches in France an “observation” and a statement based on “[knowing] something”?


The scaffold was the first time in ages that any access was available to the roof area and its 5,000 oak timbers. I can’t say for sure it was a Muslim who committed arson, or even that it was arson, but to immediately dismiss arson and call it an accident before ANY investigation whatsoever has been fully conducted and completed is the height of sheer idiocy and weepy liberal foolery and cowardice.


To so casually dismiss any suggestion of Islamic terrorism, when April 15th is the date that Mohammed started compiling the Koran and coincides with many other Islamic historic events — not to mention the Boston Bombing — is a slap in the face of all Frenchmen and the entire Christian world, especially in light of the fact, that according to Raymond Ibrahim and Judith Friedman of the Gatestone Institute, 1,063 attacks on Christian churches, statues and crucifixes were registered in France in 2018, and 878 similar attacks were registered in 2017. Muslim terrorist attacks on Christians in France rose by 38 percent between 2015 and 2016, from 273 attacks to 376 attacks against churches and other places of worship.


On April 2nd, The Washington Post reported: “Among attacks on churches in February, a cross of human excrement was found in the southern city of Nimes, a statue of Mary was smashed in a Paris suburb and a statue of Jesus was decapitated …”.


On March 17th, Saint-Sulpice, the second largest church in France erupted in flames, and the police determined it was arson, no accident. The fire damaged doors and stained glass windows on Saint-Sulpice’s exterior. And St. Sulpice was just one of a dozen such desecrated churches over one seven day stretch in March, in egregious acts of anti-Christian vandalism and arson.


The cause of the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral may be found later, depending on how much effort the authorities actually exert; however, the significance of its eruption on the first day of Holy Week has not gone unnoticed. If this fire was purposefully set, the arsonist picked the perfect time. The results are devastating and will be long-lasting.


However, the leaders of France, especially President Macron, have become such cowards and so politically correct that they would prefer allowing the Islamic terrorists a few successes here and there, such as the scores of Muslim “no go zones” across France. The French government bends over at the waist to keep from pouring oil on the fire of Muslim rage, so the obvious truth regarding anti-Christian furor and its Islamic origin is permanently and intentionally obscured. The Muslim miscreants are not properly scrutinized, and yet those who dare to associate the desecration of Christian symbols to these Muslims are ostracized, de-platformed and accused of racism, hatred and hate speech.


[Of interest:





The Church and Christianity are under attack from every part of the Western secular humanist, atheistic and Islamic world one wants to mention. Far too many seek to maliciously portray Christianity as bigoted, close-minded and hard-hearted, but it is far from any such thing. Christianity has facilitated and inspired the most beautiful works of art in history, and it encouraged freedom and science, after the Reformation. Christianity has been the epitome of self-sacrifice, charity and love of man and God across the ages.


During a period when most people of France were illiterate the beautiful wall carvings and stained glass of Notre Dame Cathedral, now so badly damaged, taught the lessons of the Bible and reinforced the doctrines that are the foundations of the Christian faith. The craftsmanship and artistry of the Cathedral instructed the people and instilled them with a spirit-filled and holy awe and wonder.


Hot righteous anger coursed through my entire body, as I saw videos of men of Arabic ethnicity, obviously Muslims, smiling and laughing as Notre Dame burned. The Muslims lit up social media with comments like “Allah est Grand” and “It’s time to say good-bye to your oratory polytheism” — referencing Christian belief in the Trinity. Not one person nor millions of contrarians will ever convince me that Muslims want to assimilate and coexist with the people of Western Civilization. They hate us and they arrive as invaders, and that’s why they laugh, rejoice and celebrate at each tragedy that befalls us or each act of terror that one of their brethren — dastardly anti-American, anti- West, anti-Christian and Jew Sons of Allah successfully carry out; tell me again about all the “good” Muslims, and I’ll tell you there aren’t any and call “b*llsh*t”.


If this doesn’t convince the majority of Americans to halt all Muslim immigration into America, especially after 9/11, the Boston Bombing and all the evil Islam brings with it, I don’t know what will. Perhaps America too will fall the way of Europe.


The French, and most of Europe too, have allowed Islam, antithetical to Western principles, to infiltrate their culture, infrastructure and government, as they also destroy their own liberty through communism too, another ideology opposed to Western principles. Having long abandoned distinct Christian virtues to the immoral and intellectually dishonest multiculturalism nonsense, they assumed the Muslims too would embrace tolerance of others and a multicultural society, however, in their arrogance, oh how they were wrong. As I write this, the Islamists around the globe seek the end of France, Christianity and the West.


Notre Dame Cathedral is a world treasure and a crown jewel of Christianity that has been much loved and revered by millions, since its completion in 1345 A.D. It has served in countless celebrations and processions proclaiming the glory of God to all of France. It survived the French Revolution and attempts to melt its tower’s bells. It’s the site of Napoleon’s coronation as emperor. It survived two world wars with little damage, and it is where General Charles de Gaulle attended mass amid rifle fire to give thanks for the liberation of Paris in 1944.


Built over a pagan temple, Notre Dame Cathedral was the work of generations and spanned two hundred years, during which its craftsmen and laborers beat considerable architectural and logistic challenges. Thousands of tons of stone was cut by small armies of stone cutters and was transported from outside of Paris, one cart at a time, while its tall ceilings and walls were supported by the architectural innovations of the rib vault and flying buttress. [See Also National Geographic]


Communism, socialism, nihilism and Islam have all targeted Notre Dame Cathedral over the centuries, and what they couldn’t achieve, a yet to be explained brief moment brought much of it tumbling down, whether it was Islamic arson or the Hand of God Himself.


French President Emmanuel Macron exclaimed: “Notre Dame is aflame … Great emotion for the whole nation. Our thoughts go out to all Catholics and to the French people. Like my fellow citizens, I am sad to see this part of us burn tonight.”


Night fell in Paris and the fire roared on, moving the crowds of the Faithful to come together in their heartbreak and disbelief, raising their voices in a chorus of “Ave Maria”, that rose above the flames. The poignant images were shared millions of times across social media networks by that Monday evening, with many calling the scene in Paris both “powerful” and “moving”.


In less than nine hours, we saw fifty-two acres of oak timbers consumed by the flames, as Priests rushed to save the many pieces of priceless artwork and statues and the Cathedral’s treasury, and we saw nearly 500 firefighters fight to save the Two Towers and the stained glass windows that depicted stories from the Bible and the doctrinal truth associated with them. The flames did their work all too well; and in the process, the inferno took the heart of France and much of the world.


Fortunately, the relic of the Crown of Thorns was saved, and this alone is a mercy to celebrate, even as we weep for what has been lost.


Relic of the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus


By Justin O Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Source links and text embraced by brackets are by the Editor.

Earlier versions of this post do appear in other online publications and blogs. The title chosen is from various choices provided by Justin Smith yet selected by the Editor.


© Justin O. Smith


France Reaps Decades of Socialism and Open Borders

Brigitte Gabriel uses France’s current woes of Socialism, Islamic terrorism and Open Borders as an example of a warning to the United States of America.


JRH 12/15/18

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France Reaps Decades of Socialism and Open Borders


By Brigitte Gabriel

Posted: Dec 14, 2018 2:28 PM



Emmanuel Macron


As world leaders recently gathered in France to celebrate the centurion anniversary of the ending to World War I, French President Emmanuel Macron took it upon himself to attack President Trump, warning about the dangers of so-called “nationalism.”


The arrogance of a Western world leader using such a unifying event to attack the elected leader of one of his nation’s closest allies aside, Macron would’ve done well to keep his own house in order before lending advice.


Just weeks later, Paris was ablaze with violent mobs attacking police and vandalizing some of France’s most precious historical sites. The world-famous Arc de Triomphe was laced with graffiti by a generation poisoned and brainwashed with socialist ideology, never satisfied with what their government could give them.


France spent decades pushing the same anti-nationalist ideology on its citizens, glorifying the European Union and heavily taxing the wealthy to give to the poor. Combine this with France’s decades of open borders, reluctance to celebrate their own rich culture, Western values and contributions to the world, and you get an angry, self-loathing and even violent citizenry. Suddenly there’s no more wealth to tax, no more jobs to hand out and no more national identity.


Socialism has never worked in any part of the world in the entire history of civilization. Its consistent destruction of wealth, freedom and democracy has proven to be a recipe for national suicide. Combined with the open border policies that France embraced, you won’t just get poverty and civil unrest, but terrorism as well.


When I was a little girl, Beirut was dubbed “Paris of the Middle East.” Today, Paris is the Middle East of Europe and the “city of love,” has turned into the “city of chaos.” Decades of un-fettered immigration from the Middle East and North Africa has birthed sharia-ridden “no-go zones” and horrific terrorist attacks from the Charlie Hebdo massacre to the Paris bombings of 2015.


This type of radical transformation France has undergone is precisely what President Trump has been so desperately fighting against since his inauguration, with limited to no help from his own party.


As we march closer and closer toward a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, time is running out on our nation’s ability to reverse course and protect itself from becoming like France—a nation with no unity, no identity and no safety.


We need not look all the way across the Atlantic to see what the future holds for our nation if it refuses to seal its southern border, grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and continues to elect anti-American socialists to political positions of power. Just take a look at what unvetted immigration and socialism has done to the liberal haven of California over the past few decades.


Sanctuary cities such as San Francisco that provide safe haven for illegals such as Kate Steinle’s killer have become places of squalor, ridden with homelessness and filth. In fact, San Francisco’s streets are so filthy that an infectious disease expert recently placed it amongst some of the dirtiest cities in the entire world!


Recently, an investigative unit surveyed 153 blocks of San Francisco, in which it found countless mounds of trash and food lining the streets, at least 100 discarded needles, and wait for it, more than 300 piles of human feces.


This is San Francisco we’re talking about, not Mumbai.


By the way, it’s worth pointing out that one of San Francisco’s congressional representatives happens to be none other than soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who is vehemently opposed to a wall. Good to know Ms. Pelosi has her priorities in order.


Taxes are through the roof in the “Golden State,” prompting many businesses to move to more free-market friendly locations such as Texas or Florida. As wealth continues to leave the state, the taxes will inevitably climb even higher, as lawmakers attempt to keep their constituents as well as illegals happy. Sooner or later, there won’t be enough wealth to tax, and the state will be bankrupt. The result of this will likely be violence, vandalism and chaos on a scale even larger than what we’re witnessing in Paris.


The solution to all of this? America first.


Wait, you mean, “nationalism?”


Let the leftist fools like Macron, who currently enjoys an approval rating of less than 20 percent in his own nation, call it whatever they want. It’s time to do what’s best for America and its people.


It’s time to build a wall to protect not only our citizens but our identity, and it’s time to call socialism what it is—an evil and destructive, anti-American ideology that has led to nothing but poverty and disaster wherever it raises its poisonous head.


America is and should always remain a capitalist nation that defends its borders and celebrates its national identity and Judeo-Christian values. As proven by France’s continued fall from grace, failure to do so will result in cultural, economic and political destruction.


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Standing Up or Kneeling to Islam?


Allah gives Mo Sword global domination


Dr. Gary Cass of DefendChristians.org has some words about the Muslim terrorism recently experienced in France. Dr. Cass gets it wrong on saying Charlie Hebdo was also killed. He probably mixed up the Charlie Hebdo publisher Stéphane Charbonnier with the name of the Liberal French publication. Since January 8 when Dr. Cass wrote this very valid editorial clearer information has come to light through today January 10.


Here’s a brief quote that should set the tone for the editorial:


France has tried to appease Muslims even allowing “no go zones” where Muslims could govern and police themselves under Sharia law. Did this accommodation win the hearts and minds of Jihadists? It will not and never can.


That’s right friends and Leftists. Multiculturalism in France and actually elsewhere in Western Europe has a failed policy for an ordered society.


JRH 1/10/15

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Standing Up or Knelling to Islam?


By Dr. Gary Cass

Sent: 1/8/2015 3:21 PM

Sent by DefendChristianity.org



Everybody’s reeling from the events that took place in Paris yesterday. Our hearts are broken for the families that lost loved ones. This is just another reminder of what is confronting us as a culture and it demands our thoughtful Christian response.


We didn’t ask for it and we didn’t start it. Mohammed declared war on you and yours and on Christian civilization fourteen hundred years ago. So what are we going to do about it?


Islam is entirely built on worldwide domination by the sword of Allah. Bifurcating Islam in to “radical Islam” and “moderate Islam” is a fiction. It always produces Jihad and Jihadists. Mohammed was a violent Jihadist and it’s foolish to expect the DNA of any religion to be anything other than that of its founder.  


Liberal France is experiencing the trauma of allowing Islam to operate within its borders. Twelve dead Frenchman, including Charlie Hebdo, the publisher of a satirical magazine that poked fun at Mohammed, is a shocking wake up call to some.


France has tried to appease Muslims even allowing “no go zones” where Muslims could govern and police themselves under Sharia law. Did this accommodation win the hearts and minds of Jihadists? It will not and never can.


Muslims aren’t content to govern themselves in the confines of their little communities. They are out to conquer the world for Allah and impose their benighted religion and culture on everybody.


In Sweden, another bastion of liberal tolerance, there has been a recent rash of firebombs directed at Mosques? Why? Could it be the epidemic of Muslims raping “infidel” Swedish women and the inability or unwillingness of the government to stop it?


Muslims will use any means necessary in their war on the world. Jihad can be a hot war, guerrilla war, terrorism or cultural sabotage. Vicious intimidation, deception or the manipulation of our laws are all means to the same end; The whole world, including you and yours, must either convert, submit or die. 


The murdered French publisher, Charlie Hebdo, was quoted as saying, “I’d rather die standing than live knelling.”  What about you? Are we still the land of the free and home of the brave and the Sons of Liberty under Jesus Christ? Or, will we cower as the slaves of Islam under anti-Christ?  As for me and my house we will serve the risen King of kings and triumphant Lord of lords. 


In Christ,


Dr. Gary Cass


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*Religion France 38 incidents* *France incidents…

France - Michael Lederman photo

Google+ friend Steven Corda forward some info compiled by Michael Lederman on Islam in France. The picture painted is such that Islam is in no way a moderate religion. The practice of Islam is exactly what claimed to be holy books tell its readers. Islam is all about submission and COMPELLING people to become Muslims or to admit that Islam is superior and be ready for the Islamic ordained consequences for insulting Islamic Supremacism.


Thanks to Muslim-American organizations such as CAIR, the non-Muslim American majority may soon face the same societal chaos of violence perpetrated by Islamic Supremacist thinking which is currently plaguing France.


JRH 4/23/14

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*Religion France 38 incidents* *France incidents…


Sent Privately via Steven Corda

Sent: April 22, 2014 12:35 AM




Michael Lederman originally shared:


Religion France 38 incidents

France incidents of Muslim on Non-Muslim incidents of violence and crime as reported by Major Media it is estimated that is this less than 1% of all incidents.

Full Report Here: http://goo.gl/Gg5M8Y



A public high school philosophy teacher [has] gone into hiding under police protection after receiving a series of death threats, including one diffused on a radical Islamist online forum

Muslims riot over a reading of a 265-year-old play by Voltaire. Youths set fire to car and garbage cans

Attackers Ram Burning Car Into Synagogue

Three Jewish Teens Attacked And Injured By Muslim Immigrants

Parisian Jew Kidnapped By Muslims, Savagely Tortured, Stabbed And Killed

French Muslims Wage ‘Intifada’ On Police, Injuring On Average 14 Officers Each Day

Anti-Semitic Attack On Teenage Girl In Paris

Gang that Tortured & Murdered Jew, Yell’s ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Victim’s Family

Police Once Again Under Attack By Firebomb Wielding North African Muslim Immigrants on Sunday

30 Muslim Youths set passenger bus alight in Paris & Stone Firefighters

Lebanese-born Canadian Arrested in Connection With Paris Synagogue Blast Which Killed 4

Jewish Woman Brutalized by Muslim Arabs in France

French Rabbi Attacked And Hospitalized

French Muslims Jailed for Kidnap, Torture & Murder of Young Jewish Man

Again, Muslims Riot For Third Consecutive Night;10 Cars & 7 Stores Set on Fire, Policemen & Firemen Attacked

French Jews Begin Exodus; 2 Thousand Jews to Leave For Israel in 2009

40 Muslim Youths Riot in Paris Suburb, Hurling Molotov Cocktails at Police & Firefighters, Torching Cars & Firing a Handgun

‘Immigrant’ Youths Riot in France

Jewish Women Called a “Dirty Jew” and Physically Assaulted by Two Muslim Teenagers for Eating During Ramadan

Muslims Throw Rocks at Church of Saint-Jacques During Mass, One Worshipper Hit And statue of Virgin Mary Damaged

Two men attack 21-year-old man with pellet gun after claiming he ‘looked Jewish.’ Victim sustains sever wounds

French magazine office burns and website hacked as Islam issue hits stands

Muslims rejoice over Molotov cocktail attack, and more death threats over cartoons force website to be closed

Muslim jailed for punching female nurse in the face because she tried to remove his wife’s burqa during childbirth

Jewish students pass themselves off as Muslims to avoid being physically and sexually attacked

Muslim murders Jews, including three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse to “avenge” the death of Palestinian children

12-year-old boy beaten outside his Jewish school in Paris by youths reciting anti-Semitic slogans

30 “pro-Palestinian” activists invade lobby of Israeli airline, cry “Death to Israel” “Death to the Jews”, terrorize, threaten, and intimidate passengers, preventing them from check-in

Three young Jews, including one girl, attacked by ten Muslims wielding a baseball bat and steel bar, two Jews hospitalized

Muslims stone Christians in church during Mass.

A Muslim woman, two men and a minor attack three police officers over face veil

Church in Chassieu vandalised on a Friday night with graffiti reading “Islam is growing in power” and “M. Merah”, town council quickly arranges for graffiti to be erased, hypocritical media ignores incident

Muslim student assaults teacher after a lecture on Islam, slapping, punching and head butting him, throwing around furniture and attacking another teacher who intervenes, hitting her in the shoulder and throwing things at her

4 people injured after two individuals dressed in black throw an explosive device inside a kosher supermarket, attack possibly a reaction to “Innocence of Muslims” video clip (Update: Muslim terrorists arrested)

Qur’an art exhibit pulled after a near riot, a young woman is slapped by a Muslim for putting her foot on a projected Qur’an verse

Increased security at Jewish religious sites after blank shots fired at a synagogue and police arrest 11 people on suspicion of being part of an jihadist cell

Muslims threaten wine sellers, butchers who sell pork, as well as vendors who sell “light clothing”, ban them from coming back to market on pain of death,
“Anti-Semitism previously came from the extreme right, expressed through words. Today’s anti-Semitism doesn’t end with words…” France admits violent antisemitism coming from Muslims.


#Islam   #islamic   #muslim   #terrorism



Comments as of this date:



4/22/14 4:42 PM


I don´t want to be a visionary but I think, this question of Islam in Europe will have a tragic end. The European Muslims´ traditional tactic of setting European media and public on Jews and Israel is backfiring.

Islam and real democracy are incompatible. But the too well paid and fat Eurocrats in Brussels don´t want to confront with the Islamic immigration because they want a pleasant and peaceful life and retirement without trouble even if they have to sell the future of European generations to the Ulema’s owners of petrol to achieve that goal.



Steven Corda

Responding to 1pen2books

4/22/14 4:49 PM


More and more people are getting fed up. Organizations have sprung up and people are getting involved in politics. People can choose to stand up to the tyranny Moslems bring and take back their countries. Otherwise Europe and its distinct nations along with their culture, traditions and history will be wiped out as Moslems outbreed them into extinction.


Edited by John R. Houk

Anything within brackets added by Editor. Spellcheck may have capitalized some words intentionally meant to be uncapitalized as a matter of diminishment.

Since this was sent as a private message by Steven Corda I am removing identity links for all except Michael Lederman.

Bright future for Bright Students from France

Phillippe Thiebaund & Shamim Masih 4

Shamim Masih and Phillippe Thiebaund

France and Pakistan have entered into the proffering of foreign scholarships in the hope of promoter better education among the poorer Pakistanis.


JRH 12/28/13

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Bright future for Bright Students from France

Interview with French Ambassador


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 12/26/2013 10:59 PM


ISLAMABAD: Based on the latest overseas news headlines, just about all Pakistani educational facilities are not on the top of global entries in higher education academics. Coping with Pakistan with [the nation’s] fiscal limitations, any Pakistani pupil can certainly dream to check throughout overseas [overseas education].


A couple of weeks ago, The French embassy reported its next round associated with scholarships or grants with 4 million Rs. [Rupees] intended for shining and deserving students through 10 Pakistani Colleges. With [the] cooperation of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), the French embassy honored around two hundred graduate and undergraduate learners in the Pakistan. Talking to media, Phillippe Thiebaund – French Ambassador in Pakistan – stated that our scholarship or grant method hopes for [Pakistan] to engender synergy [with] the learners [and] additionally using their families and fast communities. The Ambassador stated the particular scholarships or grants will certainly inspire equally male and female students and can encourage male/female category equilibrium and can [make] equally international locations more detailed.


Right after putting his signature on a great agreement with HEC performing chairperson, The French Ambassador Phillippe Thiebaund stated we realize the education method throughout Pakistan and we realize which learners [will] enroll in higher education from the daytime and operate from at night. The actual scholarship or grant will be given in the field of societal and standard sciences, structures, IT, telecom and organization current administration for that learners mastering throughout educational facilities like the universities including the Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, the COMSATS Institute of Technology Islamabad, the Lahore College for Women University Lahore, the Forman Christian College Lahore, the Institute of Business Administration Karachi, the University of Peshawar, the University of Haripur, the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women’s University Peshawar and Karakoram International University of Gilgit-Baltistan.


Talking about the particular Religious persecution in Pakistan the [French] ambassador stated [the persecution] changes from event to event. We are touching strict businesses and try and supply maximum assistance as long as they look for it. The French ambassador [is] interested in small section legal rights in Pakistan. Most of us pray the particular peace and wealth [become a] win in Pakistan. The French embassy supplies help the nation’s businesses throughout advancement [of the] market at the same time.


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


Edited by John R. Houk

Brackets indicate editorial additions that hopefully bring greater context to the article.


© Shamim Masih

Special Correspondents

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Human Rights Activist


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What to do when the Muslim Minority Assaults Non-Muslim Majority?

Muslim Violence forecast France

John R. Houk

© August 26, 2013


My friend Justin Smith via Facebook sent a video of this blonde French gal railing on her French government for doing absolutely zero to protect French people from the racist hatred of Muslims in France being executed in violence against White French people.


She describes an email she received describing how a French family was accosted by Muslims. The six months pregnant wife was pelted with stones while working in her own garden. Eventually she lost that baby with the cause being stated as STRESS.


The French family’s home was ransacked several times including twice in one day. The blonde gal says the police would not respond to the crimes because this family lives in an “unsafe zone” within their own nation.


One of the largest concentration of Muslims in America is in the Detroit metropolitan area – specifically Dearborn. Can you imagine Muslims attacking non-Muslims in this once car making home just because of their Christian beliefs? Guess what. That has happened!


VIDEO: Arab Festival 2010: Dearborn Police Defending Islam against the Constitution


A Christian group makes annual visit to Dearborn exercising their First Amendment Right of Religious Freedom to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ during a community festival. In the past the Dearborn police actually illegally made the Christians leave. In one case the Christian group was actually attacked by Muslim by the pelting of bottles and cans. The police did not protect the Christians but rather informed them their presence was inciting violence. WHAT! The event was and is public! Is America under United Nations rule that we are prohibited to exercise our Religious Freedom if doing so is insulting to Muslims? THAT IS CRAZY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!


The below video is 22 minutes long but you get the idea of Sharia in America in just the first two or three minutes:


VIDEO: American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI (Original edit)


The Muslim violence epidemic affecting the French in their home within the framework of French Culture breeds fear for the French. The Dearborn example demonstrates that this plague in France is gaining a toe-hold in America. Do we want to allow this to happen in American because of the fallacy of Leftist Multiculturalism – protect the Muslim and persecute the Christian to make Muslims feel welcome? I say NO!


Clarity needs to be brought out that Religious Freedom does not mean violence against another religion is okay if the other religion is insulted. Of course that works both ways. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus or even atheists should not attack Muslims due to their religious beliefs. Oops … I have not heard of such action since the days of the Ku Klux Klan White Supremacists attacking Black Churches in the South. This is the 21st century and that does not occur anymore.


When minority Muslims in the West (like France, America, UK and other nations) can attack with impunity because their Islamic Supremacism tells them they have the right to attack non-Muslims disrespecting Islam and the police structure allows such violence to occur, then we have a problem. If the problem is not solved immediately eventually there will be religious strife that will take on the picture of racial violence as the inherent culture becomes weary of unhinged Muslim violence against non-Muslims. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that hot heads will gather a following of wronged people or families by Islamic Supremacism within the native culture.


The Law of the Land must step in now even if there is a time of violence by recalcitrant Muslims until barriers are established that violence due to any religious beliefs will not be tolerated.


Below is that Blonde French Gal that touches on these issues passionately. Even though she speaks in French it is worth it to read the subtitles and match it to the emotion she is displaying. And even though she rails on the French government she finishes with Vive le France. Typically I am not a fan of the French because of the portrayal of an anti-American attitude; however in this case her emotion moves me to join Blondie –Vive le France!


JRH 8/26/13 (Hat Tip: Justin Smith)

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Blonde of Youtube: “The time for talk is over”


Posted by Ban Koran

Published on Aug 23, 2013


Transcript via Gates of Vienna


“The Time for Talk is Over”

Posted August 23, 2013 10:38 PM

Posted by Baron Bodissey


“The Blonde” returns with a few choice words aimed at Interior Minister Manuel Valls, and an appalling story about the treatment meted out by culture-enrichers to a young “person of French background” in the north of France.


Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


[Editor: This where Gates of Vienna inserts their copy of the video.]






Firefighters, police attacked.



suburbs freedom of expression censored



anti-white racism. Socialist Justice.



Dhimmitude. Apology for Communism.



Replacement of our Population.



France and her flag insulted.



Don’t touch our freedom of expression. Don’t touch my national anthem.



Don’t stone firefighters. Stop religious riots.



Blonde of YouTube






Today a somewhat different video. Firstly,



apologies for the sound quality.



I’ll explain what’s going on.



Two weeks ago I received a worrying email asking me



for help, because he had big problems.



I responded, but



no more than that, as I get such messages



by the hundreds regularly.



So, the situation: this young man lives in the North



next to the city of Louches.



On hearing the name of this town



one feels like laughing, but knowing what is happening there,



it’s not funny.



So this young man moved there.



It started with anti-white insults;



it escalated. Three weeks ago his wife



was pelted with stones in her garden



while she was six months pregnant. His little brother



has also been violently attacked.



He intervened, and six of them jumped on him.



Result: both ended in the emergency room.



His house has been ransacked, twice



in two days. They destroyed everything, furniture,



baby things, crockery.



They returned that night to finish the job.



The police don’t come



because the district is too dangerous.



Social services and city hall know about it.



The police know about it.



But nobody does anything.



So he called me for help, because his wife,



with all this stress, just lost her baby






Labor was induced this morning.



Her baby was stillborn



because of all this stress



and the incapacity of our government.



I find this revolting,



because they have no idea of the situation



of these people. There are thousands of people like this,



but Mr. Valls [Manuel Valls, interior minister] fights Islamophobia instead.



I ask myself: what



if the wife of this man had been called “Fatima”?



You can imagine the huge reaction this would have caused



in all the (despicable) media.



We would have heard about it everywhere.



But as the victim was merely a little French whitey, no worries.



I am really outraged.



I am close to exploding, when I see Mr. Valls



call us Islamophobes:



stop the bulls***! What does Mr. Valls do for all these people



who live in and next to these cities,



who cannot go out in peace? What does he do for our police?



What does he do for our firefighters?



Nothing at all!



Except protect HIS police,



his political police, you know the ones I’m talking about.



I’m speaking of the “Antifa” [extreme left groups].They consider us



Fachos [Fascists].



“Fachos” because we love our country



as it used to be. We are called Fascists.



3/4 of us have no criminal record (as they do),



but it is we who are dangerous fascists.



It’s time to put things back into order



and DO something, because the time for talk is over.



Do something; send in the Army.



It’s not OK to let women live in fear,



let women lose their children because of stress.



It’s non-assistance to people in danger.



The government does not do its duty.



This has to stop.



If they don’t know, I can explain it to them, I get testimonies,



thousands of them, but



[Valls] couldn’t care less. He is in his beautiful big house, in security.



Mr. Valls is not worried,



nor are all the other clowns in our Government.



A solution must be found quickly. I appeal to lawyers.



I appeal to city hall, the Prefect,



ANYONE! Help this young couple



The young man, I spent more than two hours



on the phone with him. He was in a terrible state;



he was close to suicide. We were several patriots



trying to talk him out of it.



He was also close to going into the city to get himself killed



simply by provoking.



And no, nobody will do anything.



So, stop the bulls*** and do something



and clean up these cities. Stop the blah-blah. Talk fests are nice,



but there is never any action. As I said before:



The time for dialogue is finished.



Either they move, or we are the ones who will move you.



We cannot let people like this get attacked,



end up in hospital, their houses ransacked,



their cars burnt, and we remain silent,



while the police cannot even GO there.



My little sister called me three days ago to tell me



that she was grossly insulted, because she wears the same thing as I around the neck



We are FED UP!



I am angry, and we are all angry.



We try to calm people a little on the net,



but we will not be able to calm them



for ten years.



So, he [Valls] should stop questioning, let him get on the phone and send in the army.



He is not aware of the situation. All he does is…



yes… good… you are Islamophobes,



you don’t love Islam… yeah, that’s it.



Fed up, there are endless problems with Islam.



I am threatened, I am on the wall of the “Antifas”



the ones I call “THEIR” political police. Because their young men



are much more violent than we who are considered fascists.



Why? Because I defend the police, the firefighters



civilians, the army? But it’s YOUR work, not mine;



get your ideas in order



And so…



this crime must not go unpunished.



A baby is dead, a family is destroyed,



and it’s just ONE example among many



So: move! That’s all I have to say on



on this subject. And the next video



we will discuss [inaudible].



I wish you a good day, and Vive la France!




What to do when the Muslim Minority Assaults Non-Muslim Majority?

John R. Houk

© August 26, 2013


Ban Koran” is quite anonymous for obvious reasons relation to the – cough – Religion of Peace.


“The Time for Talk is Over”


Gates of Vienna Homepage

Russia, US Nearing Proxy War in Syria

Chaos-in-Syria map

At worst one has to wonder how much Communism is still an influence in the Russian government. At least one has to wonder if Russian expansionism in the increasing aiding of rogue nations or anti-American nations.


At any rate the civil war in Syria is beginning more and more to look like an old fashioned Cold War between the U.S. of A. and Russia. INN has the details.


JRH 6/15/12 (Hat Tip: Danny Jeffrey)

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Western Superiority

Muslim 5th Column America


John R. Houk

© March 30, 2012


If you do not fear political correctness allow me to put a question to you. But first let me set up the question.


Western society is roughly represented by European culture and its influence in North and South America. In the case of the evolution of Liberty and Freedom one can narrow the nations of Western Culture to the ones that have been the most successful in providing a strong representative government that employs some level of liberal (i.e. “liberal” in the classical sense rather than the Socialist/Marxist/Leftist sense) democracy for its citizens. In my estimation this is Western Europe, America and many other nations formerly of the once immense British Empire such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada to name a few. Of these nations I believe I can say that we can narrow this even further to the United Kingdom, America and France. These three nations have made huge contributions to the concepts of modern Liberty. And of course being the American Exceptionalist that I am, I can safely say one nation stand above all others in modern Western culture and that is the United States of America. All of the Western world pays homage to the historical contributions of Greek, Roman and Judeo-Christian influences in developing Liberty.


There is the Asian culture that is best represented by India, China and Japan in one way or the other. In modern times India and Japan have adopted many Western institutions of representative government that has blended in with their Asian culture. The Peoples Republic of China (commonly aka Red China or Communist China) has adopted the Western philosophy developed in Germany and Great Britain by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels into the ancient Chinese culture. Chinese Communism is a continuation of Chinese authoritarianism disguised as a peoples’ movement when it is still a top to bottom despotism.


Then there is a culture that can attribute its thinking to the theopolitical thinking established by the man known as Mohammed (or Muhammad or other variations). That religious cult is known as Islam. Unlike the West that merged Judeo-Christian principles with Greco-Roman principles, Islam’s Mohammed developed a society of monotheism in which culture is theologically and politically integrated that all society submit to the Allah created by Mohammed that all people must submit to under the guidance of religious-political leaders. Liberty as is known in the West is not comprehended because the whole goal of submission is to comply or die. The closest thing to Liberty in the Islamic world is freedom that does not insult or violate the Quran, Hadith, Sira and Sharia Law.


So here is the question: Which is the superior culture – Western or Islamic?


Are you brave enough to make an actual informed choice without being blinded by political correctness?


Okay, I am not afraid of political correctness. The superior culture is Western culture!


As much as you hear an Islamic apologist extol the bliss of the peace of Islam, a walk the news – even the Leftist oriented MSM that is in denial about Islam and peace can’t help but report the horrendous act of violence that occurs today in nations dominated by Islam. Of the MSM tries to sugarcoat Islamic violence by poverty and Western exploitation; however if you think about it that is a lame apologist load of crap. Poverty and exploitation occurred in Latin Americans at the hands of stronger Western nations. Today, do you see Latin Americans rioting in the streets and demanding the death of people that have turned from Christianity to Marxism or to crime? If anything it is Latin American Marxists and Crime Lords that are perpetuating violence in contrast to Judeo-Christian ethics.


Simply put – as much as anyone claims that Islam is peace – Islam is violent, murderous and completely lacking in Liberty and Civil Rights.


So does Western culture have something to protect? YES!


Does Western culture as a people and as nations desire to destroy Muslims to retain their heritage? NO!


Does Islamic culture as a people and as nations desire to destroy the people that stand with Western culture? YES!


A case in point is the recent burning of Qurans in Afghanistan. Did the coalition military led by America destroy Qurans to intentionally insult Islam and Muslims? You are an idiot if you believe this. The Qurans that were torched were first of all defaced by Islamic terrorists that used the Qurans to pass coded messages while imprisoned. When the Islamic terrorists were caught the Qurans were destroyed in the Islamic prescribed way because it is unholy to write in a Quran.


But it was the kafir that burned the Qurans. The Islamic terrorist propaganda spread the hatred and rioting among the populace proceeded and even American trained Afghan soldiers began shooting American soldiers because the Qurans were burnt by kafir. This is a mere example of the violence that erupts in Islamic society when Islam, Mohammed or Muslims feel insulted by non-Muslims. To get your fill of Islamic idiotic violence a good website to visit is TheReligionOfPeace.com.


Islam is the enemy of Western culture even if there are Left Wing Multiculturalists that are in denial of this fact. We have a Western culture to protect to protect! Shed off the chains of political correctness in the West and be sure that any part of Islam in the West that works to destroy the West must be dealt with. This is the case even if it goes against the grain of embedded religious tolerance in our minds.


David J. Rusin writes about the need for the West to gain pride in our Western Heritage. In regaining Western pride the Islam that is in our culture can be prevented from using our religious tolerance laws against the West to bring down the West.


JRH 3/30/12


Kim Clement: Words For England, France, Middle East and America

Kim Clement speaking under the Spirit of prophecy has a word for England, France, Middle East and America.


JRH 6/4/11


Kim Clement: Words For England, France, Middle East and America


By Kim Clement

Jun 4, 2011

The Elijah List


From the desk of Steve Shultz:


Kim Clement is an international prophet. He speaks over multiple lands and nations, such as his latest prophetic words below. He is a true and highly accurate prophet and a good friend of mine. I believe there is something for everyone to receive in this word… so receive!


Please remember us in your giving this year. We are a FOR-PROFIT organization, therefore, your contribution will NOT be tax-deductible. What you are doing is helping us take the prophetic word around the world. Simply go to: https://www.elijahlist.com/donations/donation.php and make a quick and easy donation today.




Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Words For England, France, Middle East and America


Kim Clement


Something is About to Be Born

Prophesied on May 10, 2011 from The Matrix:


The labor pains that you are feeling in America and all over the world are proof that something is about to be born. Something, I prophesy to you, is about to be born which will shake the earth – a move of the Spirit that will bring the Body of Christ to a place that it has never been before.


You are going to be a part of that, you and your house are going to be a part of that. Children who have gone astray are going to be a part of that; families that are broken up are going to be a part of that. Businesses that have fallen to pieces are going to be given back to you. But you’ve got to see it, and when you see it, open your mouth and say it, because the minute you say it, it is an embodiment of God’s word to you.


Watch England, France and the Middle East

Prophesied on May 21, 2011 from The Den:


I believe, and I’m saying this prophetically right now, that somehow God’s going to take somebody from England and from the United Kingdom and place them in that position. I don’t know who it is – it’s somebody high up that’s in a very powerful position. And so there’s a disruption in France right now because God wants to establish France with correct leadership, and He wants to do it in Europe.


Not only in the Middle East are leaders going to topple, but in Europe as well because there’s a lot of corruption that’s taking place in Europe as well. When God sends a prophetic word to France and to England and to these different places, you watch how leadership starts coming into line with it. That’s the power of this word.


“I’m Placing a Mantle Upon Your Children”

Prophesied on May 28, 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri:


Listen – the Spirit of the Lord says, “I’m laying a mantle upon your children. It is the mantle of the prophetic. I’m placing a mantle upon your children.” And even as I wrapped the mantle around a young man last night, so the Lord’s going to wrap the mantle around your children, and your grandchildren, and your great, great grandchildren, says the Lord. “I will wrap the mantle around your schools, I will wrap the mantle around your nation, I will wrap the mantle around your kids,” says the Holy One of Israel.


“I’m going to take this mantle and I’m going to cause it to go throughout the land and there will be liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. I’ll raise up Isaiah, I’ll raise up Jeremiah, I’ll raise up Ezekiel, I’ll raise up Daniel. I’ll raise them up,” says the Lord. “I’ll even put the Spirit of the Lord upon them like Samson. I’ll raise up strong men and young women that will prophesy. Your nation will be free again, your nation will be free again.”


The Lord clearly says that because of what has happened and because of the death, and the life that has been taken so easily, laws will change in this nation because of the states that were torn to pieces by the wind that blew.


For God says, “There is a funnel, literally, and in that funnel I am going to cause not to go up, but to come down. I have prepared something for this nation where certain laws will change. And they will say, ‘Can the President not veto this?'” God says, “There is no one greater than the Lord God Almighty. For the kings to trust in their horses and the strength of numbers is foolishness.”


But God says, “There is a remnant of people in this nation that have said, ‘We trust not in horses nor do we trust in chariots, but we remember the name of the Lord.’ A nation that forgets its history has no future. And it is you that I’ve called upon, oh Body of Christ, My people, to remind them of the past, to bring it back into existence. The law shall change in favor of the saints of the Most High God; laws will change in favor of the children of the Most High God, and the children of America, and the children of Asia, and the children of Europe.”


God says, “I will defend them,” says the Spirit of the Lord, “because this day, I promise you, that I shall stand and I will make the changes so the school systems suddenly will be enhanced and the educational system shall have a change,” says the Lord. “Have you believed Him before, then believe Him now. It’s not the end of your nation, it’s the beginning of the greatest breakthrough that you’ve ever seen. Therefore, let me hear the sound of rejoicing,” says the Lord. Rejoice!


“I’m Going to Send You My Light”
(Prophetic Song)


“I’m going to send you My light, I’m going to send it in the night

I’m going to hear your prayer tonight, I’m going to hear your praise tonight

Just like Jehoshaphat, I’m going to take your enemies and turn them around

Just like Jehoshaphat, I’m going to take your enemies and turn them around

Turn them around, turn them around, turn them around, turn them around

Send your light, send your light”


“I Shall Begin My Work,” Says the Spirit of the Lord


[The spirits of darkness say], “Let us send wind, destructive wind, oh ancient spirits. Plan. But prophets are prophesying that in the Midwest there shall be open Heavens. Shall we go ahead, spirits of the ancient, and send destructive winds? Is this not the fulfillment of prophecy? Yes. Let us plan on wiping out towns; let us even break the arch and mock the gateway to the west. Let us snatch children away, ha.”


“But I listened to them,” says the Lord of Hosts. “If you [the spirits of darkness] would endeavor to move toward My cities, the states that I have set aside for the most wondrous spiritual rain, [and] if you do this thing,” says the Lord to the spirits of darkness, “I myself will multiply what I planned. If you would endeavor to take one life, I will multiply and take the anointing from this place and I will send arrows out to the ends of the earth.”


So the winds came and the Spirit of God watched. “It is over.” Now the Lord’s Spirit says, “I shall begin My work.”


“I’m Coming Like a Mighty Rushing Wind”
(Prophetic Song)


“I’ve walked the ground, I’ve seen the blood and I stood with you and cried

I’ve heard their cries and I have stood and seen a man,

One so strong, then so weak

I’ve seen them run, legs so strong, then I watched them as their age would come

They would no longer run

I’ve heard the wind, I’ve watched them cry

But now I stand as your supply



“And I will come like a mighty rushing wind

And I will come like a mighty rushing wind

Then you’ll hear the sound of triumph in the sound of My voice

And I will come like a mighty rushing wind

And I will come like a mighty rushing wind

And I will come like a mighty rushing wind

And you will hear the cries of those once in pain

Saying, ‘Lord I can feel your Holy Spirit’



“‘Won’t you come like a mighty rushing wind

Won’t you come like a mighty rushing wind

Come to us, come to us

Won’t you come like a mighty rushing wind

Won’t you come like a mighty rushing wind

We will see the heavens open up, the rain coming down

Won’t you come like a mighty rushing wind

We will see the heavens open up, the rain coming down

Won’t you come, won’t you come to us’



“And I will send a special wind

As I heard My Son pray

Standing at the right hand of the Father

I heard Him say

‘Father, Father, Father, won’t You, won’t You

Send, send a mighty rushing wind to America,

I heard My Son pray

My Son said, ‘Father, won’t You forgive them

America is crying out

Won’t You love them

The nations are watching Your nation

Or will they fall, or will they fall



“‘Father, I’m praying for America

Father, I’m praying for their future

Father, I’m praying for the children

Won’t You hear their cry

Won’t You send us a mighty rushing wind

Won’t You come like a mighty rushing wind

We can see the heavens open up, the rain coming down
Come to us'”


“It Will Begin in the Midwest”


It will begin in the Midwest. I stand as a prophet and I make a declaration. I can feel the wind of the Spirit. I can feel the presence of Almighty God. God will suddenly move in your schools, in your highways, in your byways, in your prisons, in your universities, in your colleges. God is about to come; Spirit come!


We need to take note of last night. I know that this pastor and his wife and the leadership of the cities and the churches from the surrounding regions will take the word and of course do major warfare over this word, because it is beginning tonight. That one minute that I stood behind the keyboard, I was taken to a whole brand new world. It seemed like I was standing all alone, nobody else with me, and suddenly I heard this wind roaring, coming in.


And it’s almost like the Lord was saying, “It’s not something that’s going to be expected by many – it’s suddenly just going to come, it’s going to be there. Churches crying out, saying things are happening that have never happened before, and unusual manifestations are going to begin to take place, unusual revelations, and specifically upon your young kids, your youngsters.”


So when I prophesied over her, I could feel a lot of you, and also you watching throughout the world, saying, “My God, I wish I could be in that building” – well, you know what? It’s in your house. It’s where you are right now. When God spoke to her, it applies to you as well. In other words, your children can go through the same thing. If you’re having problems with your children, or you have older ones that are rebellious, watch how this whole fresh new move of the Spirit is going to bring them in, and it’s not going to be a religious revival.


You asked me to pray for your child for autism and you said to me, “Kim, you have a gift for children that have autism.” Yes, I do. And I prophesy to those children that you are holding in your house right now, be made whole, be made whole, be made whole, not only by the power of the spoken word but by what God is bringing from the earth. Your child shall be healed. Autism shall be known as a sickness of the past. This is His word.


“Make no mistake,” says the Lord. “I am standing in the midst of your trial in America. I am standing in the midst of your economy, but there are so few that can see Me. But if they do see Me, they will be rescued. If they can see Me in the fire, if they can see Me in their problems – if you can see Me in your crisis,” God says, “I will deliver you just like I delivered Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,” says the Lord.


Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions
Email: hope@kimclement.com


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Imperative: America Look at Europe


John R. Houk

© October 21, 2010


America, take a look at Europe. There is unrest over budget crunches that have forced Leftist oriented governments to reduce their entitlement picture. In France they are rioting in the streets over adding two years to official age of retirement. Check it out: That retirement age is moving from sixty to sixty-two. Imagine if the French had a more capitalistic system like America. The current retirement age in America is 65. Soon the retirement age will be 67. If the French are rioting in the streets over a 62 year old retirement; dear God in Heaven, imagine what they would in the France if retirement was extended to 67!


Everywhere in Western Europe the presence of Islamic immigrants who are increasingly tapping into the Salafi-style of Islam is causing a culture clash. Unfortunately for Europe the immigrants have an incredibly higher birthrate than the Europeans. That means more and more success for Islamic culture to supersede Western Culture all because of the idiocy of placing a premium on multicultural diversity rather than a plurality with assimilation.


I just viewed an awesome blog post from Guy Milliere relating to the disintegration of European culture and how the American Left is opening the same door of cultural destruction in America.


JRH 10/21/10 (Hat Tip: Michael Anderson of the Facebook 1683 AD group)

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