Killer Pseudo-Palestinian Terrorists as Human Rights Activists?

John R. Houk

© August 8, 2019


As a Christian Zionist I’ve never believed the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians should get 0ne inch of the Biblically Promised Land God gave to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; then God enabled the first Jewish possession under the leadership of Moses and Joshua.


I realize that is a minority opinion in this world’s geopolitics. And I believe my opinion is even vilified by Left-Wing Jews globally and in Israel, more concerned about their politics than their God-given heritage.


Saying that, there are MUSLIMS in Congress that are supporters of Arab-Islamic terrorists calling themselves Palestinians that these Muslim members of the U.S. Congress call the indiscriminate murder (oft times butchery) of Jewish men, women and children human rights activism. I’m telling you this terrorist focus against Jews by Arabs who call themselves Palestinians make themselves undeserving of political power ANYWHERE let alone in their own fake nation that might be called Palestine.


Clare Lopez illustrates the picture of these Arab-Islamic-Palestinian killers centering on Congress member Rashida Tlaib.


JRH 8/8/19

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Rashida Tlaib Glorifies Palestinian Terror While HAMAS, Iran & the PA Pay For It


Rashida Tlaib at her campaign headquarters in Detroit Michigan 8/7/18


By Clare M. Lopez

August 8, 2019

Center for Security Policy (CSP)


No, Representative Tlaib, when two Palestinian savages stabbed to death five members of the Jewish Fogel family in their home in 2011, including an 11-year-old, a 3-year-old, and a little baby only 3 months old, they were not “human rights activists.” That is called terrorism, even though the murderous Palestinian Authority (PA) will pay to the families of the two killers a monthly stipend of $3,200 each as long as they remain jailed in an Israeli prison.


What about the Palestinian savage who fatally stabbed Ari Fuld, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, father of four and grandson of a Holocaust survivor, one day in 2018 when he was out shopping? That savage, another Palestinian from a village near Hebron, was shot by the heroic Fuld before he himself collapsed, but his family will be receiving around $400 a month from the ever-generous Palestinian Authority while he spends the rest of his life in jail. Then there was Omar al-Abed, who stabbed a Jewish father and two of his children to death and seriously injured his wife in a July 2017 attack.  The PA will be paying his family $3,120/month as a reward for that depravity.


These payments are nothing less than incitement to murder and terror. Thankfully, the Taylor-Force Act passed the U.S. Congress in March 2018 and will halt U.S. funding to the PA until it stops paying Palestinian killers and their families for heinous acts of pure evil. But given the depth of the hatred spewed by Palestinian terrorists and their official HAMAS and PA enablers, who vow to continue the payments anyway, that may not be enough.


Unfortunately, it is the Iranian-regime-funded HAMAS, PA, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)—and those who insist upon funding them through the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and other programs—that poison the minds of young Palestinians from the earliest ages, teaching them that Islam holds  it  glorious to murder Jews because they are Jews, an act they are told will earn them Allah’s approval and eternal reward (on top of those payments to their families). That is called Islamic supremacy, Rep. Tlaib.


When a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated his shrapnel-laden explosives inside a Sbarro Pizza shop in 2001, killing mothers, fathers, and children, maybe that wasn’t terrorism either? Or when a HAMAS suicide bomber massacred 30 innocent people and injured 140 in the 2002 Passover attack at the Park Hotel in Netanya, he was just trying to promote human rights? No, the Palestinian savages responsible for those atrocities thought they were going to be shaheeds, rewarded with the 72 virgins in paradise that Islam promises to such monsters. They might even get to have a park, school, or street named after them, to inspire future generations to more such depravity.


Until the Palestinians, whether it’s HAMAS and PIJ in Gaza or the PA in Ramallah, stop running children’s summer camps and TV programming that teach young Palestinians genocidal Jew-hatred and provide the paramilitary training to act out that hatred, there will never be peace in the Middle East. But, although her parents were immigrants from Jerusalem and the West Bank, Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) herself was born and raised in the United States. She graduated from Detroit, Michigan public schools. We Americans obviously have some work to do right here at home: what kind of education at home, in madrassa, mosque, or public school turned out a graduate imbued with such hatred as Tlaib’s? Unless we root out the inculcation of such Jew-hatred and glorification of Islamic terror right here in the USA, there will be more like her, possibly even in the U.S. Congress.


Murder of innocent human beings just because they are Jews is not human rights activism, Representative Tlaib. It is a despicable crime against humanity called terrorism.


Killer Pseudo-Palestinian Terrorists as Human Rights Activists?

John R. Houk

© August 8, 2019


Rashida Tlaib Glorifies Palestinian Terror While HAMAS, Iran & the PA Pay For It


Clare M. Lopez is Vice President for Research & Analysis at the Center for Security Policy.  She previously was a Senior Fellow with the Center as well as with the London Center for Policy Research, member of Sen. Ted Cruz’ 2016 presidential campaign national security advisory team, Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee, and a career operations officer with the CIA. Read her complete bio here. Follow Lopez on Twitter @ClareMLopez


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The War for Israel’s Independence

Abbas Wants it All

Ari Bussel correctly rails on the concept of a U.N. General Assembly vote recognizing a sovereign Palestinian State perhaps in September 2011. Bussel is correct because there was and is no such thing as an Arab culture called Palestine. The existence of Arab-Palestinians purely exists because in 1948 five-plus invading Arab armies attempted to destroy Israel’s existence just after the Jewish State declared Independence. The massive Arab armies lost in their bid for a second Jewish Holocaust. Their loss created refugees who had fled the war thinking they would return not only to their left behind but to claim booty from the hopefully defeated Jews. That never happened and the Arab instigators refused to take in the Arab refugees created by losing invaders. Only Jordan entered a semblance of refuge; however those Arabs deemed as Palestinians became hated by the Hashemite governed Bedouins. Hence in Jordan the Arabs deemed as Palestinians have been discriminated against with even now Jordanian talk of stripping away citizenship and moving them to a U.N. created Palestinian State out of fear of an Arab-Palestinian take-over of Jordan and the expulsion of the Hashemite Monarchy and the relegating of Bedouins to second class citizens.


The Jordanian response to a Palestinian State is only the tip of the iceberg of the probable geopolitical maelstrom in the offing if the U.N. creates a sovereign Palestine.


JRH 4/21/11

The Lies of Palestinian Propaganda

Nazi Mohammed

John R. Houk

© March 27, 2011


I received a comment from the ever ubiquitous “anonymous”. Anonymous is usually but not always a complainer. In this case anonymous wrote a pro-Palestinian comment that was deleted as spam by blogger spam software or was deleted by anonymous. The comment was a response to “Palestinians Hate Jews.” Since I would like to respond to anonymous’ pro-Palestinian comment below is that person’s comment to read:

how do u know what it is in the page?? all the postes and the comments are in the Arabic languages. I can read arabic and there is no raciste or hate or terroriste in the Intifada page!
who is the real terrorist?? who kill the babies in Palestine?? and why?? I find it very ridiculous that the people survived a holocaust take it as an excuse to do another massacre. If one or two Israelis are killed that always becomes a big news. The inside story is Israel itself is killing and shooting number of Palestinians everyday, detaining thousands and that never becomes a news in the western media. What a two faced hypocrisy! Needless to say that IDF is a terrorist organization and settlement of Israel was the biggest mistake. If anyone has to compensate for so called holocaust, it should be Germany or anyone from Europe. Palestine must be free now. It’s been proved that Israel is the center of all global problem and chaos. Free Palestine, End the Zionist occupation of Palestinian land.

I will respond in the next comment. (As I was writing in the Blogger comment section I discovered I exceeded the character limit; thus is the reason for turning my comment into a post.)



Anonymous said:


“how do u know what it is in the page?? all the postes and the comments are in the Arabic languages. I can read arabic and there is no raciste or hate or terroriste in the Intifada page!”


You are correct; I do not speak a lick of Arabic. Nonetheless, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) is a reputable watch dog of the lies of Palestinian media which continuously calls Jews the children of apes and pigs and calls for the death of all Jews in no uncertain terms. You and I both know the translation is accurate. And yes you are correct to claim that there is no direct call for Palestinians to march and destroy Israel and kill Jews like the Fogel family (Father, Mother, infant baby girl and two young sonsM).


You do know that the so-called “intifada” are violent acts of rage that targets all Israelis and not just the Israeli police of military. You are correct there was no racist projection on this particular intifada page; however the call liberation implies a focus on Jews and the Jewish Homeland.


Anonymous says,

who is the real terrorist?? who kill the babies in Palestine?? and why??


DUH! The real terrorists are the Arabs that claim to be Palestinians who DO KILL MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN (Hello! The Fogel family is only the most recent example). If Arab children living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria are killed it is the result of human shielding or the idiocy that a terrorist can hide within their family to avoid being hunted down like a dog participating or planning a Palestinian Terrorist act against Jews in their Home Land. In essence the Arabs are responsible for the death of their own children if they as collateral damage from Israel responding to a terrorist attack. The Palestinians hide behind the fallacy of “liberation” like cowards that murder in the darkness of evil and expect to be heroes of light for doing so.


Anonymous said,

“I find it very ridiculous that the people survived a holocaust take it as an excuse to do another massacre.”


There is NO excuse for a massacre because the Israeli government has not perpetrated one massacre! That is just a plain Palestinian propaganda lie! However a reading of Palestinian media both in print and in media will demonstrate the programming and the intention to execute a second Jewish Holocaust upon Israeli Jews.


Anonymous said,

“If one or two Israelis are killed that always becomes a big news. The inside story is Israel itself is killing and shooting number of Palestinians everyday, detaining thousands and that never becomes a news in the western media. What a two faced hypocrisy!”


If one or two Israelis are killed, REALLY!? That is a load of Palestinian crap, again! There have been more Israeli Jews and Muslims that have embraced a sovereign Israel killed by Palestinian terrorists than any Palestinian that has been killed as the result of collateral damage of being a human shield or endangering themselves by actively harboring terrorist murderers or cheering when an Islamic terrorist kills them self and the innocent men, women and children in an explosion. There is “NO KILLING LYING PALESTINIANS” every day. Now anonymous is correct that thousands are detained; however Arabs detained by Israel are either murdering Islamic terrorists or are part of the planning to murder Jewish men, women and children. These detained dogs are not innocent angels just because they call themselves Palestinians and wickedly play the victim when they are actually victimizers.


Anonymous says,

“Needless to say that IDF is a terrorist organization and settlement of Israel was the biggest mistake. If anyone has to compensate for so called holocaust, it should be Germany or anyone from Europe.”


And yet another load of crap that the IDF is a terrorist organization. If anything the IDF is the major element of protection from Arabs that call themselves Palestinians executing the second Jewish Holocaust. The Jews did not come from Germany and Europe! They received the boot from a European Roman government that did not like Jews governing themselves in their own Homeland. A significant amount of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians cannot trace a heritage to the Holy Land area of the Middle East past the late nineteenth century or early twentieth century. Why? Because Jews immigrating back to the land of their ancient heritage made an unworkable land into a productive land. The demands of production required labor. That is when Arabs began flowing in the land administered by Ottoman Turks from Damascus (present day Syria) and after WWI the British Mandate termed Palestine from other Arab locations looking for work. Which incidentally worked great symbiotically between Jews and Muslims until Muslims like Grand Mufti al-Husseini bought into the Muslim Brotherhood pan-Arab and pan-Islamic nationalism. This nationalism became racist Islamic Supremacism in which non-Muslims could not form a nation in a land once conquered by Islamic imperialism. Also al-Husseini had visions of carving a ruling niche over a significant amount of territory as other Arab tribes had been granted by the British and French. Since al-Husseini was a Jew-hating bigot he plugged into al Banna’s and Adolf Hitler’s concept of a final solution for Jews. This is the kind of sick nationalism that bread like cancer to a once symbiotic relationship between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land.


When Israel won their independence from Jew-hating 6 or 7 invading Muslim armies, Muslim nations defeated by a tinier Jewish army took vengeance on Jews living in the Middle East outside of the Holy Land. Did you know that Jewish refugees that had their land confiscated and Synagogues burnt to the ground and all their possessions confiscated numbered more than the Arabs that ran away from their homes expecting to return after a supposed butchery of Jews they hoped would lose the war in 1948? Anonymous the only hypocrisy here is from Arabs and gullible American-Europeans believing the lying propaganda of Palestinians.


Anonymous says,

“Palestine must be free now. It’s been proved that Israel is the center of all global problem and chaos. Free Palestine, End the Zionist occupation of Palestinian land.”


Anonymous you are correct, Palestine must be free. But not for Islamic Supremacist Arabs who have no real long term connection to the Land of Israel. Keep Israel free! Disseminate Arabs among Arabs and keep Israel for Jews, their God-given land.


JRH 3/27/11

Partners in Peace?

Fogel Kids killed - Gaza Celebrates lg

Fogel kids murdered – Palestinians celebrate with candy & flowers


Norma Zager expresses her outrage with the government of Israel willing to negotiate peace and nationhood for a group of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians who live to butcher Jewish men, women, children and whole Jewish families of Father, Mother and children. Did I say children? I mean as small as infants being stabbed multiple times for just being Jewish.

To see that the Fogel children were not the only targets of Arabs that call themselves Palestinians CLICK HERE.

JRH 3/14/11

Non-entity Palestinians Murder Jews in Judea and Samaria

Lord Arthur Balfour


John R. Houk

© March 13, 2011


Judea and Samaria are the legitimate part of the Jewish heritage to the Promised Land. After Jordan (then Transjordan) conquered the Judea and Samaria portion of the British Mandate for Palestine which was created as a Mandate for Jews to reclaim their Homeland after WWI, Jordan renamed the area the West Bank because the old Transjordan encompassed the East Bank of the Jordan River. After British generals led Jordan’s Arab Legion to conquer Judea and Samaria and the Eastern portion of Jerusalem known as the Old City. “Old” meaning from the days of antiquity that goes back to King David under God’s inspiration; made Jerusalem the Capital of the United Kingdom of Hebrew Tribes known as Israel.


The British commanded Arab Legion under the suzerainty of the King of Jordan then permitted Muslims to desecrate Jewish Synagogues, graves and ancient tombs of revered people of Jewish heritage which heavily included the Jewish Quarter located in the Old City. Anything that had to do with Judaism was maliciously desecrated from Synagogues to grave stones. Jewish grave stones of revered Rabbis and sages were used by the Jordanian government as pavement for roads and as latrines for the Arab Legion. Ultimately the British betrayed the Jewish people by promising a Jewish Homeland in 1917 to doing everything possible behind the scenes preventing the establishment of a Jewish sovereign nation in 1948.


Today all the information about Jewish Israel and the Arabs who wish to be called Palestinians is streamed in the negative for Israel and the positive for the Islamic Arab terrorists determined to kill all Jews. The irony here is that those Arabs were always referred to as Arabs living in a land under the administration of Ottoman controlled Damascus and after WWI under the British Mandatory of Palestine. You see it was the same for the Jews that lived in the area. In the West when one read about Palestine prior to 1948, one thought of Jews and not Arabs as Palestinian.


The Muslim-Arab hatred of Jews began to intensify under the motivation of the Jew-hating Mufti Muhammed Amin al-Husseini who began inciting Muslim Arabs with nationalism combined with Jewish prejudice according to the Quran. It was no mistake that Yasser Arafat called this Nazi cooperating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem his uncle.

Fogel family Butchered by Islamic Terrorists 3-11-11 

This hatred is intensive today because Muslim Arabs residing in Gaza, Judea and Samaria are taught Jew-hatred from the cradle to the 72 virgins of paradise grave. Killing Jews or more specifically dying while killing Jews makes a Muslim a Shahid (or martyr) that goes directly to this paradise.


With this in mind it is not too surprising that one or more Islamic terrorists went to the home of Ruth and Udi Fogel and slaughtered them. Also found in the Fogel bedroom was their baby (depending in the source) who was one to three months old. Mother, Father and baby daughter were all stabbed multiple times. There were two boys in the house that were stabbed also but only lived long enough for the paramedics to arrive unable to save their lives. The only family survivor was the Fogel twelve year old daughter arrived to discover the slaughter.


Has the Western media reported effectively the grisly way in which this family was killed in the name of Islamic Supremacism? They reported the incident but blamed Jewish settlers residing in Judea and Samaria as the reason for the slaughter rather than the Jew-hatred imbedded into the minds of Islamic terrorists. Apparently the existence of Jews in the land of their heritage is a justified reason for Muslims to murder them in their homes.


These are the kind of people that President Barack Hussein Obama is pushing Israel to accept as neighbors on Jewish land in a sovereign State that will probably be called Palestine.


It is expletive deleted horrendous! When will the West wake-up to the violent nature of Muslims that especially reside in the Middle East?


JRH 3/13/11 (Hat Tip: ICJS Research)

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