An OPEN LETTER To All My Facebook Friends and Facebook

Have you ever been in Facebook jail? If you like most Conservatives or expose-Islam Counterjihadists, you have experienced Facebook (many say Fascistbook) jail in one form or another. When I complain about the unfair treatment on other Social Media platforms, I am often told to leave. For me leaving is the same as surrendering to the unjust. So I do my jail time and go at again. AND I will continue to do so until Fascistbook permanently bans me. Until then, I’ll continue to a pain in the Fascistbook algorithm.


Consider my thoughts an intro to Justin Smith anger about his most recent stint in Fascistbook jail which includes a call for Free Speech Patriots to rise up talk to your elected officials.


JRH 9/18/19

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An OPEN LETTER To All My Facebook Friends and Facebook


By Justin O. Smith

Sent Sun 9/15/2019 10:53 PM


I won’t be with You for the next thirty days, since the infamous Facebook Fascist Censors have seen fit to ban me, due to a perceived “violation” of their infamous and fraudulent “community standards” that deny all common sense and call fact based educated decisions and opinions “hate speech”, whenever those opinions illuminate the known and certain existential threat of Islam to any free people and their country.


Facebook banned me over a post I made concerning Islamic immigration, an issue I have been involved with for decades now. I made the following statement on a video entitled,

“Islamic caliphate of Londonistan  ☪️ ☪️ ☪️ Shia’s Muslim celebration of Ashura in UK creates Panic”.


As I noted that if we didn’t want the same troubles that Islam has brought to the UK and most of Europe, America must halt all Islamic immigration, close all mosques, and deport all non-citizen Muslims and all Muslims with any ties to terrorists or terrorist groups:


HALT ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION TO AMERICA — if You continue to allow Muslims into our nation, more and more, major cities in America will appear just as London now does, swarming with hordes of Muslim invaders who have no love of our Constitution or America. Halt all Muslim immigration, close the mosques, ban Islam in America and deport all non-citizen Muslims and all Muslims with any terrorist ties.”


This is FREE SPEECH expressing a commonsense idea, that is based upon the KNOWN HISTORICAL FACT that Muslims disrupt any non-Muslim nation, wherever they go, as their numbers in the host nation grow. History is replete with nations that have been conquered by Islam for a lack of acting properly and defensively, in the face of Islamic aggression.


Facebook would tell Americans that any such expression is “hate” and prevent us from even voicing REAL Concerns over the detrimental and often destructive consequences, due to violent Islamic terrorism, that are a part and parcel of Islam entering a nation. They would arbitrarily silence Us and squash OUR FREE SPEECH as We voice REAL concerns over Our Nation’s Security and Sovereignty.




However, Facebook’s position is contrary to every single virtue and fundamental founding principle and God Given Right ever known to man, as time and time again, they censor conservative Christians who love America and seek to defend Her as They Preserve Freedom and Liberty for All America’s Children.


Many have said that I should create an alternative account or use “code words” to fool the censors, but for me, that is too much like letting them win one more aspect of this war. I simply log each ban and make a note of it to Congress each time, since that now appears to be the only way we will ever be able to stop Facebook’s arbitrary and tyrannical abuse of our rights. [Blog Editor: President Trump launched a White House reporting tool to report Social Media censorship in May 2019, but that has been closed. Free Our Internet has a report censorship page but it appears more for venting than for action – And the last report when I checked was 11/25/18. If you go the write to Congress path that Justin Smith uses, it appears to me you have to contact YOUR Representative in your voting District or the Senators representing your State. Good luck if your Rep or Senator is a Dem. Such complaints (unless in huge numbers) probably will not move a Left-Wing Dem who supports shutting up Conservatives. Congress contact links:




I want to throw all the truth I can in their face, and when they ban me, to the point that Facebook either ceases or permanently closes my account themselves, exposing their true fascist selves even further; and, the people can judge for themselves and perhaps decide to leave Facebook and quit allowing it to profit from their presence, just as I plan on doing after the 2020 elections. Facebook deserves to be driven into the ground and made unprofitable and destroyed, either by ‘We the People’ or Congress, since an entity that respects neither the Constitution or Our God Given Rights and Freedom and Liberty cannot and must not ever be allowed to flourish in America.


Facebook may not allow Us to speak freely, but in the end, what really matters is that we do not allow this sort of fascist mess to become common place and codified into our own judiciary and legal infrastructure in the manner it has been employed in places such as the United Kingdom and most of Europe, where Americans have recently witnessed good people, such as Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson, imprisoned for criticizing Sharia Law and Islam and speaking out against its spread in their own country. If You Free Born Americans do not push back against this sort of illiberal, intolerant fascist tyranny in America, Your own freedom will be non-existent soon.


Many say that my own intolerance of Islam is contrary to the Founding principles, To that, I will simply note that the Constitution is not a suicide pact, and no one should be intolerant of the violent, murderous ideology of Islam, that contains a supremacy clause and demands all free people everywhere to submit to Islam and Allah or be executed. Islam is every bit the existential threat that communism has been over the decades, and it should be countered even more aggressively than we tried to counter communism in the 1950s. To do less is to doom America, Our Republic and Our People.


[Blog Editor: Descriptions of Islamic Supremacism Americans should heed:


Islamic Supremacism; Posted by Citizen Warrior; 12/2008


What Islamic Supremacism Really Is; By Pamela Geller; Breitbart; 6/3/13


Islamic Supremacism: The True Source of Muslim ‘Grievances’; By Raymond Ibrahim;; 5/14/2015


Sharia and the Doctrine of Islamic Supremacism; Posted by ADMIN;; 4/26/15


A proposal regarding Islamic Supremacism and Islamic Supremacists; By ECAW;; 11/10/18


Christian Supremacism and Islamic Supremacism; By John R. Houk; SlantRight 2.0; 11/21/16]


In the meantime, I will hope and pray each day that Congress sticks a damned hard hit on Facebook’s stupid damn head and forces it to pay through the nose for all its violations of our civil and constitutional rights. Short of that, may an asteroid land on both of Facebook’s headquarters in California and North Carolina … Hell … I wouldn’t even be the least bit concerned, upset or sad if the next terrorist attack is aimed at those headquarters; I’d pop a beer and raise a cheer.




I will not be tolerant of the intolerant violent, prejudiced, hateful and murderous ideology of Islam — or those who support Islam and its Democratic Party allies, i.e. Facebook … EVER … and that is my final word.


God Bless You All and God Bless Our Beloved America. May He Keep Her Free For All Eternity and Damn Her Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic to the Hell They Have Earned and So Richly Deserve.


de Oppresso Liber ___ Deus Vult ___ In Liberty ~ Justin O Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Source links and text embraced by brackets are by the Editor.


© Justin O. Smith


J.O.S.-Facebook, Muslim Migration, USMCA & RedforED

Posted by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© August 25, 2019


Justin Smith is a frequent contributor to a Facebook Group I created with a humongous unwieldy name. I called the Group Social Media Jail Conversations for Conservatives & Counterjihadists. The Group’s title explains the reason I formed it. I was tired of always landing in Facebook jail for my Conservative and Counterjihad posts which rub the Leftist Facebook gods the wrong way. The Group is small so feel to join if for any reason, simply to protest censorship of Conservatives, Counterjihad exposés and Pro-Israel thoughts.

I still land in Facebook Jail and receive censorship for insane reasons. The last time for actually posting too fast to other Facebook Groups. The time before that, for supporting Tommy Robinson who is being persecuted in the UK for exposing Muslim rapists and pedophiles. I actually believe my Robinson FB Jail stint was because I commented to a Leftie Brit who believed Robinson’s jail sentence was justified due to UK Hate Speech laws that protect Muslim insanity. I told the Brit defending UK law that “13 Colonies left the United Kingdom over Free Speech and oppressive laws.” Or at least something similar to that. Then BOOM, I was in Facebook Jail.


Enough about my motives, back to Justin Smith.


Yesterday Justin posted some thoughts and pointing toward other writers’ thoughts that I felt should be disseminated to a wider audience. Today I noticed Justin was busy at as well, but I’m sharing yesterday’s Justin thoughts. Where a title may not be obvious I’ll arbitrarily make one and I’ll probably toss some editing in also.


JRH 8/25/19

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America’s Path, No Communist-No Islamic Path


Multiculturalist Un-Americanism


Justin O. Smith

8/24/19 1:36 PM


Although I am a strong advocate for Halting All Muslim Immigration, under the current state of our national politics and all the Muslim sympathizers and traitors to America in the Democratic Party, this won’t happen anytime soon, not soon enough. So, in the meantime, and if Conservatives take a majority in both houses of Congress in 2020, perhaps we can ensure that any future migrants from predominantly Muslim countries will be banned from becoming U.S. citizens.


Due to Democratic Party Communist political correctness and the Islamic supremacist incursion into America through groups like the Council for American Islamic Relations [CAIR] and the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA] among others, even open discussions about the impact of Muslim migration is a non-starter. Such discussions are now judged as “Islamophobic” and have been driven underground and stifled in mainstream conversation.


America shouldn’t be required to extinguish, eradicate, its own culture and traditions by Her communists and the current hordes of Islamofascists, all a conglomeration of secularists, atheists and Sons of Allah who hate America, the Constitution, freedom and Christianity. We used to keep communists out of America, and our cessation of that practice has enabled those enemies of America to subvert Her. Islam is just one more segment associated with such subversive and destructive efforts aimed at ending this republic.


America has been besieged by Islamization problems in every major city in our country, from Minneapolis to New York, Dearborn to Boston and Nashville and Dallas and even smaller cities like Murfreesboro, TN and Fairfax, Virginia, including the undermining of its culture. “Inclusion” of any group of people should never mean the sacrifice and elimination of one’s own traditions, culture and America’s heritage.


Each person who values freedom must demand that our leaders halt all Muslim immigration now, or pass legislation that forbids Muslims U.S. citizenship and any voice in the path forward for our nation, since the Islamic path isn’t an American path.


~ Justin O Smith


Trump’s Promises Not Kept

Posted by Justin O. Smith

8/24/19 12:50 PM

Social Media Jail Conversations for Conservatives & Counterjihadists


[News With Views version

August 24th, 2019


Capitol Hill Outsider version (used here)

August 17, 2019]


By  J.W. Bryan


Before President Trump was elected, he made many disparaging remarks about NAFTA, and how disastrous it would be for Americans and would continue to be, and that if he was elected, he would renegotiate it to our benefit, or pull out of it.


United States, Mexico, Canada (USMCA)


Well…it has been renegotiated but certainly not to our benefit. It is far worse than NAFTA. Yet he is saying that it is a great deal, why? Well…let’s face it; it has to be that he is listening to his advisors; and practically all of them are either from the Swamp or they are connected with those who are. His current United States Trade Representative is Robert Lighthizer who is a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921 and massively funded by the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation in the 1930s.


Who Makes the Rules


In a recent article by John Fonte, entitled, Who Makes the ‘Rules’ in a ‘Rules Based’ Liberal Global Order, he explains the massive irrational and obsessive hatred of President Trump by the Democratic Socialists and many of the neo-con Trotskyite Republicans.  He explains, “The forces promoting global governance represent a serious actor, driver, or player in world politics. Transnationalism or globalism has an ideology and a social-material base. And, crucially, it has a strong American connection.” Transnationalism is the word now for globalism.

“The ideology is utopian, the age-old dream of worldwide peace and prosperity under a benevolent global regime. Further, the globalist project is bipartisan, in terms of both ideas and institutions.”


This is what President Trump is facing and there are countless numbers of these utopian dreamers who surround him. Just like the pitfalls of our President’s tax overhaul for American workers, written by the Director of the National Economic Council, globalist Gary Cohn, the USMCA contains massive perils to our sovereignty and is being promoted by CFR member Robert Lighthizer.  (Regarding Trump’s magnificent economic tax bill, we must never allow the Democratic socialists to regain the presidency or both houses of Congress.  If we do, the deductions we gave up will never come back, but our taxes will be raised.)


If the USMCA is ratified it will practically destroy everything that President Trump has accomplished. Not only will it bring in through the back door the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty, which was rejected by President Reagan and President Bush, it will open the gates for the United Nations to increase its domestic agenda through Agenda 2030. (The Law of the Sea Convention defines the rights and responsibilities of nations with respect to their use of the world’s oceans, establishing guidelines for businesses, the environment and the management of marine natural resources.)


The transnationalists were only too evident in NAFTA, and now again in the USMCA.


Big Pharma


“The next major priority for me, and for all of us, should be to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs,” the president said in his most recent State of the Union Address. “It is unacceptable that Americans pay vastly more than people in other countries for the exact same drugs, often made in the exact same place.”


However, big Pharma, according to reports, loves the “great deal” of NAFTA 2.0 (USMCA) which actually forbids the U.S. Congress from curtailing Big Pharma’s patent monopolies on some of the world’s most expensive drugs. In other words: Trump’s “America First” trade deal restricts U.S. sovereignty, for the sake of locking in high drug prices.


Job Outsourcing


In addition, corporations that have used NAFTA to outsource hundreds of thousands of jobs to Mexico are thrilled that the revised deal’s labor and environmental terms are too weak to stop more job outsourcing.  Both the U.S. and Canada say they want Mexican labor reform and no more sweat shops, that Mexico must equate its labor laws with those of the United States and Canada.




The USMCA would completely jeopardize our border security and sovereignty negotiated by Robert Lighthizer.  Among the many land mines in this 2,325-page treaty are provisions protecting migrant rights and prohibiting numerical quotas on certain foreign workers.  Imagine the havoc that U.S. federal judges or judges of USMCA tribunals or World Trade Organization tribunals could inflict with these provisions.




When President Trump spoke before the U.N. General Assembly, he really had the globalists worried when he said, “We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy. America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.


What a wonderful statement – but then he said, “The United States is committed to making the United Nations more effective.” This was an absolute antithesis of his prior statement.


Call on President Trump, your senators, and representatives to oppose the USMCA before this dangerous venture gains any more momentum.


Email the President –


Call the President
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

TTY/TTD (hearing impaired)
Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121


House and Senate

(202) 224-3121


Justin O. Smith (shared from his Facebook)

8/24/19 12:15 PM

Social Media Jail Conversations for Conservatives & Counterjihadists


As Unbelievable as it seems, there is an actual movement in America’s education system called “RedforED”. That explains quite a bit, doesn’t it? ~ JOS

The Useful Idiots Will Always Be With Us


By William Marshall

Posted: Aug 24, 2019 12:01 AM


Source: AP Photo/David Mercer


A recent pilgrimage by a “delegation” of three Chicago schoolteachers to Venezuela in a show of support for dictator Nicolas Maduro is a reminder that you truly cannot fix stupid.  A stubborn strain of obtuseness runs through humanity that apparently no real-world demonstration of socialism’s horrors can eliminate. The saddest aspect of this spectacle, perhaps, is that the chosen vocation of these pathetic diehards extolling Maduro’s madness is educating America’s youth.


Despite a century’s experience in the abject failure of socialism’s economic policies, the mass slaughter that invariably accompanies it, and the societal wreckage left in its wake; there always seem to be those who tirelessly and inexplicably cling to the utopian aspirations of socialist tyrants. And there can always be found those, like these Chicago teachers, Michael MooreSean Penn, and others who can be called upon to trek to socialist hells like Venezuela and Cuba and come back with glowing reports of their success.


The phrase often used for these dupes is “useful idiots,” a term usually attributed to the founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, although there exists some doubt over the term’s true provenance. It is apparently absent from Lenin’s writings. However, what’s not in doubt is that Lenin and his successor, Josef Stalin, did recognize the utility of these useful idiots in helping persuade others to believe that which is not so about the wonders of socialism/communism.


In fact, the trip by the Chicago schoolteachers is very reminiscent of a trip to the USSR organized by the Soviet government for a bunch of left-leaning American celebrity types (actors and writers) in the 1930s in order to fete them and show them the glories of Marxism-Leninism in action. They counted on these American rubes – think your 1930s equivalent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders – to speak and write favorably of what they would see in Mother Russia. They were to dispel nasty rumors about millions of people starving to death in Stalin’s collectivization of Ukrainian farmland, which turned the Breadbasket of Europe into the Wasteland of the Soviets, not unlike the once oil-rich Venezuela becoming the beggar of South America. Of course, the rumors of millions in Ukraine dying were true, with estimates of the dead ranging from three to ten million. But hey, if you’re going to make an omelet…


The Windy City teachers, who proudly belong to the #RedForEd movement (I am not making this up) apparently have a blog called Radical Educator Collective. They also loudly proclaimed their membership in the Chicago Teachers Union, wore CTU hats in their Venezuela excursion pics and pimped a document called “CTU Resolution to Oppose the Invasion of Venezuela.” The three teachers, Sarah Chambers, V. Voeta Vargas, and Fabiana Casas, were joined by Teamster-turned-CTU union organizer Richard Berg. CTU, you must be so proud.


If the teachers’ grammar is any reflection of the quality of education that Chicago kids are receiving from this luddite group, perhaps we’d be better off if they’d remained in Caracas. Ms. Chambers, most recently (as far as I can tell) employed by the Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy, an alleged “magnet school” for STEM kids, tweeted out this gem in response to a Twitter critic who took issue with her travel to Maduro’s paradise: “Have you visited Venezuela & spoke to 100s there? As a teacher, I teach my students to be critical thinkers, to get primary sources, listen to ppl’s stories & do research before just believing any news. I suggest you do the same.”


I hope she doesn’t teach English composition. In any event, it seems that Ms. Chambers may have been jettisoned by Maria Saucedo in 2017, so it’s not clear to me where she hangs her hammer and sickle right now. I haven’t readily been able to identify a more current employer.


As millions of people are fleeing Venezuela due to hyperinflation, starvation, disease, extrajudicial killings, and all the other joys of the Maduro regime, four never-say-die-to-socialism representatives of Chicago’s educator class headed into Venezuela in July, elbowing their way through the teeming hordes of Venezuelans fleeing in the opposite direction. Then they got their picture taken with Maduro apparatchiks, who must have wondered what was wrong in the head with these silly gringos.


In what sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch, the Chicago Tribune said the quartet “wrote admiringly of its [Venezuela’s] socialism, its communes and high literacy rates.” Never mind the masses of people eating from dumpsters, with the average Venezuelan losing 19 pounds a year due to food shortages. And to think I’ve been doing Weight Watchers. Maybe my own excursion to the Paradise of Hugo Chavez would hasten my diminution.


The useful idiots who returned to America from the Soviet sojourn spoke admiringly of the Soviet experience with Marxism-Leninism too. They were probably a bit more effective in their propagandizing for that odious regime, though. New York Times reporter Walter Duranty consistently lied about true conditions in the USSR and in the process convinced President Roosevelt to recognize the Soviet regime in 1933. Duranty, now believed to have been a paid Soviet agent, actually won a Pulitzer prize in 1932 for his phony reports on the USSR. The Pulitzer Board looked at the issue of revoking the prize for Duranty’s fake news reports on the successes of Soviet collectivization in 2003 but, gosh darn it, just couldn’t see fit to rescind it. However, it did “extend its sympathies” to the millions of dead from Stalin’s policies. I’m sure that was comforting to Ukrainians.


The Left Coast has its own version of the Chicago teachers in the form of a California middle school teacher named Yvette Felarca. She was a prominent figure in a Marxist Antifa group called By Any Means Necessary, who assaulted a right-wing protester for carrying a sign at a rally that she didn’t like. She eventually sued Judicial Watch to stop its efforts to obtain her communications and disciplinary records. She lost, with the judge calling her suit “entirely frivolous” and ordering her to pay $26,000 in legal fees and expenses.


While these individuals do not represent the entirety of the education profession, of course, their extremism does give pause for concern. If America’s youth are not taught the true history of the carnage wrought by 100 years of communist and socialist pathology, they may be doomed to repeat it under an Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or AOC.


William F. Marshall has been an intelligence analyst and investigator in the government, private, and non-profit sectors for more than 30 years. He is a senior investigator for Judicial Watch, Inc. and a regular contributor to Town Hall, American Thinker, and The Federalist. (The views expressed are the author’s alone, and not necessarily those of Judicial Watch.)


J.O.S.-Facebook, Muslim Migration, USMCA & RedforED


Posted by John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© August 25, 2019


© Justin O. Smith content


Editing by John R. Houk


© authors  J.W. Bryan & William


NoGuff Writes of Facebook Jail


John R. Houk

© November 15, 2017

NoGuff writes on Twitter: “… I’m in Facebook Jail for 30 days now. For what, I don’t know. They won’t tell me. Could you do me a flavor and post this on FB for me so people know? Thanks a lot.”


I am uncertain of the veracity of the message I received on my Twitter @SlantRight2). As you have probably surmised I am not exactly an expert with Twitter usage. I am guessing NoGuff sent the above “Facebook jail” notification because I can find no mention of it on his Twitter page.


When Facebook jail is judged upon its users, I am also unsure if the Facebook incarcerated page disappears during the suspension. In case it doesn’t, I found three Facebook profiles with the name Facebook in it. The first is very active. The later two had nearly zero activity. For your examination here are the three:


  1. No Guff (NoGuff)


  1. NoGuff McGuff


  1. No Guff



Being both in Facebook jail and Google jail for various censorship ludicrous reasons I say, “SPREAD THE WORD!” It is very annoying to be in a Social Media jail when the only you have done is blog accurately without profanity are racist slurs.


JRH 11/15/17

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Facebook Censors His Conservative Posts, Retired Accountant Contends

As a blogger I take stands that Leftists deploy. Examples (but probably not limited to):


  • Conservative Memes


  • Counterjihad Memes


  • Pro-Israel Memes


  • Biblical Morality Memes


  • Plenty of Memes castigating the opposite of the above memes


Keeping this in mind, I have experienced my share of Google and Facebook jail. I received a Daily Signal email that highlights Conservative Allen Muench age 62 – tossed in Facebook jail an extremely unreasonable amount of times. I wonder if by posting this Facebook expose, I’ll be landing back in Facebook jail. If I do I also share on my Gab account. Unfortunately, is not anywhere close the Facebook platform and only a little better than Twitter (300-character limit). If someone comes up with a Facebook-similar platform, I’d sign up in a heartbeat.


Maybe you can relate with me and Muench. Here’s that story:


JRH 10/25/17

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Facebook Censors His Conservative Posts, Retired Accountant Contends


By Casey Ryan

October 23, 2017

Daily Signal



“Facebook seems to enforce their policy more on conservatives than liberals,” Allen Muench told The Daily Signal, citing suspensions and other apparent censorship by the media behemoth. (Photo: Philippe Wojazer/Reuters/Newscom)


A retired accountant says Facebook has suspended and otherwise censored him multiple times since the 2016 presidential campaign for posting certain conservative content.


Allen Muench, 62, a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, said he spends much of his time running a conservative Facebook page that often supports President Donald Trump and is critical of liberals.


After posting conservative memes or articles from websites such as Breitbart, he has seen Facebook limit or completely cut off his access, Muench told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.


“Our biggest challenge is Facebook’s political bias and their enforcement of their Community Standards policy,” Muench said. “Facebook seems to enforce their policy more on conservatives than liberals.”


He estimated that Facebook gave him five 30-day suspensions, six one-week suspensions, and six two-week suspensions in the past 12 months, as well as numerous shorter suspensions lasting from three hours to 72 hours.


“They have things like ‘You’re posting too fast,’ and then you seem to fall into like a few hours [of suspension],” Muench, who worked as an accountant for 35 years, said. “The next time you get six hours, then a day, then a week, then two weeks.”


Topics that get him suspended by the social media giant, he said, include Islam, homosexuality, Michelle Obama, and certain news outlets.


He started managing a Facebook page about the time Trump announced his campaign for president in June 2015, Muench said, and he believes Trump won the White House in part because of Facebook.


Muench’s Facebook page, called Health and Global News, has over 13,000 likes. He said he targets independents and people who usually don’t vote.


As examples of Facebook’s censorship of his page, Muench said the company suspended him for one week after he posted a Breitbart article titled “Two Afghans Arrested for Raping 16-Year-Old on German City Street,” and again after he posted an article from the Liberty Writers site titled “Minutes Into His Memorial Day Speech Today, Trump Paused and Revealed the Unthinkable.”


He said Facebook suspended him for two weeks for posting a video of the American flag, and also suspended him for posting memes about Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and former President Bill Clinton.


Facebook also sent him error notices, Muench said, for posting too much in a certain amount of time and when he tried unsuccessfully to post links to certain articles.


Here are some examples he provided to The Daily Signal:


Facebook suspended him for a week for “unusual” posting, Allen Muench told The Daily Signal. (Photos: Allen Muench)


The message “an error occurred” appeared when Muench tried to post some content.



Muench told The Daily Signal that although Facebook messaged him that he was “going too fast,” he actually posts slowly, like a “little old lady.”


He received one suspension by Facebook for posting too fast, Muench says.


Muench said he received a suspension because he was “doing a lot on Facebook.”


A friend tried to post a link to an article on his Facebook page and received an error message, Muench says.


Facebook suspended him for two weeks for posting a Jimmy Kimmel meme,  Muench says.


Facebook suspended him for two weeks for posting a Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein meme,  Muench told The Daily Signal.


The meme that Muench says got him suspended by Facebook for two weeks.


Last year, some conservatives accused Facebook of anti-conservative bias in its news feed. The company assured such critics that it provides a platform for sharing all ideas and invited a group of prominent conservatives to meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about the concerns.


Among other publicized cases, Facebook banned a conservative artist in Los Angeles for creating a poster attacking Zuckerberg. Facebook also shut down the Occupy Democrats Logic page for posting conservative memes.


Facebook’s published policies mention “hate speech” multiple times, including in its Statements of Rights and Responsibilities: “You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.”


Facebook’s Community Standards state that hate speech is what the company considers attacks against people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, serious diseases, or disabilities.


Hate speech directed toward public figures also will be removed, Facebook warns.


This could limit what Facebook members say, whether they are conservative or liberal, depending on how the company interprets its own rules, which it does not specify.


In some suspensions, Facebook may have applied the “religious affiliation” language for Muench’s posts related to Islam. It may have applied the language on hate speech and public figures to his posts about Obama, Warren, and Kimmel.


A Facebook spokeswoman said the company does not comment on individual cases to protect privacy, but that it did not suspend Muench for the topics of his posts.


She said Muench was posting a large amount, including to various Facebook groups, which the company’s system could identify as spam because he often posted almost identical content or content that some members of groups didn’t like.


Muench was not violating Facebook’s Community Standards, the spokeswoman said, and the error notices he saw when posting also could result from his posting too fast.


Casey Ryan is a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation.


The Daily Signal


About The Daily Signal


Does Facebook Support Terror?

I have been in both Facebook jail and G+ jail because someone objected to the truth of either Islam or the Biblical perspective on homosexuality.


I just found an email alert from the Clarion Project that the Facebook has shut down the page titled Counter Jihad Coalition (CJC). The embedded link I just provided was a Clarion Project source direction to Jihad Watch which posted an email from CJC owner of the suspected reasons for Facebook jail.


Here is the CJC story from the Clarion Project reporting that Facebook is shutting down free speech undoubtedly at the behest of Muslims wanting to stifle the truth about Islam.


JRH 7/19/17

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Does Facebook Support Terror?



July 18, 2017

Clarion Project


In a move that has become unfortunately typical of Facebook, the social media giant has shut the page of the Counter Jihad Coalition, a group that educates the public on political Islam and exposes the human rights abuses inherent in sharia law.


When the notification came that the group had violated the company’s “Community Standards,” they were told that the page would be taken down for just 24 hours. One week later, the page remains closed.


Facebook also recently restricted and then shut down the public pages of Ex-Muslim of North America and Atheist Republic, groups that both provide support to those who leave Islam and often face persecution because of it.


While Islamists most likely mobilized to get the pages shut down by getting their followers to “flag” pages for violation, it is ultimately up to Facebook to check the claims and make the decision.


Meaning, the buck stops with Facebook.


These moves have not been made in a vacuum. Just recently, a high-level executive at Facebook met with the interior minister of Pakistan over the Islamist country’s demands to get “blasphemous” content off the platform.


Pakistan was pleased with the results of the meeting.


Tests have been conducted, for example, to see if Facebook is wielding its enormous power in the cyber world to simply flag what they deem hate speech or a promote a political agenda.


Unfortunately, based on results of experiments, for example, where identical content that demonized Palestinians versus Israelis, we saw that (after it was flagged) Facebook only shut down the anti-Muslim pages but allowed site promoting vile slander against Israel to remain posted.


And despite the fact that the Facebook claims to block content that violates their “community standards,” a case was filed by 20,000 Israelis charging that Facebook allows Palestinian terrorists to incite violent attacks against Israelis and Jews.


Facebook can rightly claim that, as a private company, they are not subject to America’s laws which guarantee freedom of speech – laws which, not incidentally, also protect the right to engage in hate speech (with the exception of incitement to immediate violence).


Ideally, those with a political outlook who are being shut down by Facebook should form an alternative social media platform.


However, Facebook should not be fooled into thinking that they are “doing good in the world” by siding with Islamists who use the politically constructed cry of Islamophobia to further their goal of a worldwide implementation of sharia law.


Moreover, as it has been unequivocally demonstrated, Islamist ideology is almost always a precursor to its violent manifestation.


By shutting down the voices that challenge both the violent and non-violent displays of political Islam, Facebook is de facto supporting terrorism – which certainly goes against its “community standards.”


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