A New Hope

I enjoyed this editorial outlook from Rick Joyner the head of MorningStar Ministries. I tend to lead toward Charismatic/Pentecostal/Word of Faith. If that invokes hate, we can pray for each other.


JRH 1/15/20

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A New Hope


By Rick Joyner

January 14, 2020



We live in a remarkable world in remarkable times. Advances in every field are coming at warp speed, except for one area: our sense of well-being. Depression and anxiety are increasing while happiness is decreasing. Why?


The increasing psychological instability is not the fault of technological advances as much as it is the powerful and systematic attack on our moral and cultural foundations. The fastest way to kill a plant is to cut it off from its roots, and the fastest way to destroy a nation is to cut it off from its history and its stabilizing traditions. For nearly a century, America has been the focus of an intentional and relentless strategy to do this using revisionist historians.


The goal of the revisionists is to rewrite our history, making the good look evil and the evil look good. Each new generation of these pseudo historians have gotten more extreme than the previous one. By this we are being cut off from our roots, as well as from the powerful vision and purpose for the future that fueled our growth and strength as a nation. When the historical and cultural foundations are shaken, people feel the instability, which results in anxiety. Anxiety leads to depression.


Medication has been the primary way to fight this rising anxiety and depression. While this can give some temporary relief, it does not solve the problem. Medication can dull the senses, making us feel secure in a condition in which we are increasingly vulnerable. That keeps us from addressing the source of the anxiety and depression, which can be a very real threat.


The Prophet Isaiah explained in the first chapters of his prophecy how turning good into evil and evil into good is an ultimate depravity to which a nation can fall. This leads to honoring the dishonorable and dishonoring the honorable. This twists and perverts the character of the nation, and thus its stability.


As Isaiah went on to declare, such perversion of a nation will bring the judgment of God upon it in increasingly severe measure. This judgment begins with making “capricious children its leaders.” Cannot anyone look at what is happening in our nation’s capital today and not see that we are well into this phase of judgment?


After this comes increasingly severe judgments, such as natural disasters and wars, until the ultimate destruction of the nation. What has been the experience of our country over the last few decades?


The implication is that these are self-inflicted consequences of removing the hedge of protection God places around the nations that obey Him. As Isaiah warned, such nations will be afflicted with increasingly severe natural disasters. Consider that just a couple of decades ago, it shocked the nation when we suffered $10 billion in damage from natural disasters in a year. We are now surpassing $300 billion in losses each year. How bad will it have to get to wake us up?


There is one thing we can do to turn the nation from the wicked ways that are leading to our destruction—obey the commandment to “Honor your fathers and mothers.” This is the only commandment God gave with a promise attached: that it would go well with us and we would dwell long in the land. It guarantees this because it reconnects us to the roots from which our life comes.


We honor our fathers and mothers by remembering them, studying them, and seeking to hear the wisdom they passed on to us. If we go back to the history written before the corruption of the revisionists, we will find our forefathers and mothers to have been some of the best, most courageous, good, and remarkable characters in all of history. They are deserving of honor, not the lies that are being written about them now.


None of our ancestors were perfect, and neither was the civilization they built. Some great advances were the result of evil motives, and there were many tragic mistakes along the way. We must study these as well, not to dishonor those who made them but to learn so that we don’t repeat them. Even so, we must always keep in mind that “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”(see James 4:6, I Peter 5:5 NKJV). Therefore, we must not fall to generational pride and think we are so much better and smarter now. Even if we are in some ways, it is because we have been given the grace to learn from them.


Proverbs 4:18 states, “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, that shines brighter and brighter until the full day.” Civilization has benefitted from ever increasing light. This came from the understanding of new generations being added to what was passed on to them. For this reason, it is not right or just to judge those in history by our times. Rather, they must be viewed in the light of their own times.


We also must keep in mind that we “see in part” and “know in part.” There is always more to the story. For example, revisionist historians have tried to paint American Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson as being evil because they were slaveowners. We concur that slavery is evil, but so did Washington and Jefferson. They both wrote and spoke out against it. They called it not just evil, but a plague and a curse. So why did they own slaves? They inherited their slaves. British, and then Virginia, law forbid the freeing of slaves. Both Washington and Jefferson freed their slaves at the time of their deaths, which at the time was the only way to do it.


There is almost always another side to the story that paints it in an entirely different color. Even so, we acknowledge that it was a grave mistake for any of the states to be allowed to pass such laws in basic conflict with the Constitution. It was done for political expedience, a motive that has continued to allow both unconstitutional and evil actions by our government. These have now led to untenable divisions in the nation, just as slavery did. Such compromises of our core values have cost the nation dearly, including the Civil War.


Every generation has had flaws, sinned, and made mistakes, but did they advance the light? Like the biblical history of Israel, some generations did well and some did not. Even so, we can find some things and people to honor in every generation, and we can learn important lessons from each one. For some, we should stand in awe at what they accomplished. As we look back, we will find in our national fathers and mothers some of the most interesting, courageous, and great souls to have walked the earth. Let this inspire us to pick up where they left off and keep advancing what is right, and true, and just.


I wish to see all unjust and unnecessary discriminations everywhere abolished, and that the time may come when all our inhabitants of every color and discrimination shall be free and equal partakers of our political liberties. 

– Founding Father John Jay


The welfare of America is intimately bound up with the happiness of humanity. She is going to become a cherished and safe refuge of virtue, of good character, of tolerance, of equality, and of a peaceful liberty.

 – French General Marquis de Lafayette


Blog Editor: Rather than capitulate to Facebook censorship by abandoning the platform, I choose to post and share until the Leftist censors ban me. Recently, the Facebook censorship tactic I’ve experienced is a couple of Group shares then jailed under the false accusation of posting too fast. So I ask those that read this, to combat censorship by sharing blog and Facebook posts with your friends or Groups you belong to.


© 2020 by Rick Joyner. All rights reserved.


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Rick Joyner’s Word for the Week


Take America Home to Better Days

Norman Rockwell

Christmas Homecoming by Norman Rockwell


If you are a Baby Boomer (or actually older), you’ll appreciate Justin Smith’s reminiscing of younger days. If you are from any generation of Americans that are post Baby Boomer born, you should read this as a Jeremiad warning of a possible (Justin might argue probable) American decent into a dark future.


JRH 7/21/19

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Take America Home to Better Days

[Before the] Destroying the [of] American Family


By Justin O. Smith

Sent 7/20/2019 7:08 PM


Older men, such as myself, surely must sit in amazement and incredulous dismay at the direction the “Women’s Liberation” movement has taken America, since the 1970s, as it is currently and regularly stated in many sectors of society, that men’s energy and sexuality must be “harnessed and directed”, while at the same time men and their masculinity are attacked, as something “toxic”. Women in all settings, especially the nuclear family, used to be the harnessing factor, but now, it seems they spew a hatred of men better than anything of socially redeeming worth.


It is important to recall that this movement emanated from the Communist Manifesto and the teachings of Marx and Engels, and it was aimed primarily at accelerating the destruction of the nuclear family.


And when one looks at the results, one finds it has succeeded better than could be imagined, as today, America sees large populations of angry young men, void of social mores, without any direction for their lives and largely unemployed or a perpetual student; they are men-boys without any interest in babies, who have grown up shiftless and violent.


Far too many of America’s young women exhibit the same ailments and social ills, as the young men, while even worse, they are neglectful of the children they have borne, they are unkempt and in many instances, they exhibit few of the finer feminine qualities and bear little resemblance to women. We can call them “female”, but as for “women” that remains questionable, for they are far from the strong women of yesteryear that helped strong men build an Exceptional and strong America.


Those embittered young men who are involuntarily celibate, “incels“, say that this condition is forced on them, because women simply will not have sex with them. Yet, they do nothing extra to help themselves appeal to any woman at all. Women, on the other hand, heap on an extra amount of abuse and do nothing to help them change, ridiculing them instead.


Women blame the “patriarchy” for their hostile attitudes to modern men, and yet women work, own property, vote, hold public office, drive, have credit in their own name, go to college, have sex whenever they want and they even murder their own babies at will, and they have done all of this for a very long time. So, I don’t know exactly what the patriarchy is doing to hold them back, but they’ve been pretty inept to this point.


Deny it all you wish, but this vicious cycle is a direct result of the immoral policies long advocated by the Democratic Party, in the name of “the people”, “freedom” and “the Constitution”, when the exact reverse was the only truth. It’s always been about power and control, and it’s a firm truth that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, which is the reason Democrats say, “it takes a village to raise a child” and advocate the lie that the State’s interest in the children of their domain supersedes the parents’ rights.


Currently, women similar to women of yesteryear, all the good and decent conservative Christian women of America today, are the natural caretakers of our children, and as such, they also double as the societal gatekeepers. Throughout history, women wielded more power than many admit, through their families and the social circles of the world.


When I was a young boy and we would attend family reunions or holiday gatherings, I recall the interactions between my numerous aunts and uncles, the great aunts and uncles especially, as the men were sent outside to drink their beer and spit their tobacco, with the hilarious rolling of the eyes from the women and their warnings to stay away from the kids and watch their mouths. These same rough and tough strong willed men would wash up and behave themselves at the table, when dinner was served, lest the wrath of the Aunts come down upon them like a ton of bricks, and then they rose on Monday and went to work, because they had families depending on them. However, today’s Aunts are right beside the men, drunk as skunks or high as a kite on meth or heroin or whatever the day’s drug of choice might be and encouraging this bad behavior to their children, on the record and fully displayed for all the world to see.


If a man wanted to be accepted in society and have any sort of decent home life, he stayed out of trouble, worked a steady job, stayed clean and took care of business in general, with most even attending a church of one denomination or another, never drinking, or at least drinking too much, and staying away from women who drank too much. Even being in the companionship of a divorced woman was frowned upon at one time, although I do agree this was probably taking things too far, for any time, since sometimes some people just shouldn’t be together; and, these were the men most sought after by women, in years gone by.


Women were more sophisticated, refined and decorous in those days, They were more kind and loving and took care of themselves and their families. One wouldn’t find any of them leaving their children alone, while they spent the entire night at a club, and their houses weren’t such messes that even a self-respecting badger or bear wouldn’t live there. And unlike so many of the women today, they didn’t treat their vaginas like a hostage situation was underway and the only way in or out was through a financial transaction of goods or hard cash, quite similar to the oldest profession.


We humans are supposed to be far above the animal world. We are supposedly better than the animals who mate and then go on their way without another thought other than surviving another day, yet more often we see our young acting not much better than the animal kingdom. Too many single parents are trying to raise children, on both sides of the genders, and it makes for a difficult situation and so often a less than desirable and suitable situation for any child, that brings suffering to all.


From and economic viewpoint, I don’t see us ever returning to a time where women didn’t work outside of the home, and not many would really want that, although I know many conservative women who actually prefer devoting all their energies to their family’s needs and obtaining them through the best of their abilities. However, with technology making life so much easier and no one having to spend a whole day doing laundry and such things, and with food easily accessed at the local grocery store, one would think it leaves much more time for men and women alike to attend the churches and synagogues and to get closer to those Judeo-Christian principles of Our Founding, to get better acquainted with the Western virtues of Our Founding [Blog Editor: A closer examination of Western virtues & America’s Founding in this essay entitled, “Liberty and Virtue in the American Founding”] and to counter the trends of immoral secularism aimed at destroying the foundation of our families, society and culture.


It’s all about personal freedom and choices.


Our youth are choosing to turn their backs on God and America’s Founding principles, because they have succumbed to the pretty Marxist lies and propaganda that glorify every vile and evil thing imaginable under the sun. They prefer the glitz and the supposed glamour that comes with the immoral lifestyles that are so prevalent today, the lifestyles that bring nothing but misery, sorrow and a hard death, with one’s conscience and soul blackened nearly beyond redemption. They will soon learn a hard lesson, and we can only pray and work towards the end that leads them back along the path of God’s Righteousness and a life well lived, with having lived it reward enough, the sweet kind and loving memories taking Us home to better days, and children held close as the treasure they are.


By Justin O. Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

Text enclosed by brackets and all source links are by the Editor.


© Justin O. Smith


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