Netanyahu-Likud Solid Election Win

Even as Israel’s Left tries to take down Prime Minister Netanyahu with Trump-like fake crimes, Israel’s voters make the third time a charm giving Netanyahu a Parliamentary Conservative bloc to form a majority government.


Below are two news briefs on the Netanyahu-Likud election victory I found from Breaking Christian News (BCN) and World Israel News (WIN).


JRH 3/4/20

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‘This Was a Great Victory’: Netanyahu Promises ‘Strong, Stable Government,’ Vows to ‘Heal the Rifts’


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, address their supporters on Israeli election night at Likud Party headquarters in Tel Aviv, March 3, 2020. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90.


Posted by BCN News Staff

Picked up from

Mar 3, 2020

Breaking Christian News


“I intend to be the prime minister of every citizen of Israel, every right-wing voter, left-wing voter, Jews and non-Jews, every sector and every gender.” -PM Benjamin Netanyahu


[] In his address to supporters, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the initial results from Monday’s election, the results of which are poised to make the Likud Party the largest in the next Knesset and on the cusp of forming a new government. (Image: Olivier Fitoussi-Flash90 /via JNS)


“Tomorrow, after we’ve got some sleep, we will meet [with right-wing leaders] to form a strong, stable government, a good national government for Israel,” Netanyahu said to supporters at the Expo Tel Aviv, which served as the party’s election headquarters.


“This was a great victory for the right-wing camp, and first and foremost a victory for us Likudnikim,” he said following the third round of elections within the course of a year.


Vowing to avoid any more elections, he said that it is “time to heal the rifts.”


“I intend to be the prime minister of every citizen of Israel, every right-wing voter, left-wing voter, Jews and non-Jews, every sector and every gender,” he insisted.


Meanwhile, Blue and White Party leader Benny Gantz expressed his disappointment with the results to his supporters.


“I share your feelings of disappointment and pain,” he said at his party’s election headquarters in Tel Aviv, adding that he hoped for a “different result.”


Updated exit polls reduced Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc from 60 seats to 59, while giving Gantz’s left-wing and Arab party bloc 55 seats. Nevertheless, Netanyahu’s Likud remained firmly in the lead with 36 to 37 seats to Blue and White’s 32 to 33 seats, and close to being able to form a 61-seat coalition government.


[Reprinted with permission from (to BCN)]


Netanyahu: ‘They eulogized us – this is the biggest win of my life’


PM Benjamin Netanyahu addresses supporters on the night of the Israeli elections, at party headquarters in Tel Aviv, March 3, 2020. (Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90)


By World Israel News Staff

March 3, 2020

World Israel News


“The victory is even sweeter, because it was against all odds,” he [PM Netanyahu] said.


Calling it “the biggest win of my life,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a raucus crowd of the faithful at Likud election headquarters in Tel Aviv in a speech that began after 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.


“The victory is even sweeter, because it was against all odds,” he said.


“They already eulogized us. Our opponents said, ‘the Netanyahu era is over.’ But together we flipped the script. We turned lemons to lemonade,” the prime minister said.


Cheers of “Bibi, King of Israel” filled the packed hall.


Exit polls showed the Likud with as many as 37 seats. On Tuesday morning, with 90% of votes counted, the Likud held 36 seats to Blue and White’s 32.


The right-wing as a whole leads 59 seats to the center-left-Arab bloc’s 54.


Still in campaign mode, Netanyahu said on Monday evening, “We plowed the country from north to south. There is nothing like the citizens of Israel. Israeli citizens trust us because they know that we have brought about the best decade in Israeli history.”


He then vowed to form a “strong, national government.”


“Tomorrow, after we’ve got some sleep, we will meet [with right-wing leaders] to form a strong, stable government, a good national government for Israel,” he said.


“This was a great victory for the right-wing camp, and first and foremost a victory for us,” he added, referring to Likud party voters.


Netanyahu also struck a conciliatory note, reaching out to non-Likud voters.


“I want to say, I intend to be the prime minister of every citizen of Israel, every right-wing voter, left-wing voter, Jews and non-Jews, every sector and every gender,” said Netanyahu.


“We must avoid any more elections. It’s time to heal the rifts. It’s time for reconciliation.”


BLOG EDITOR (In Fascistbook jail since 1/20/20): I’ve apparently been placed in restricted Facebook Jail! The restriction was relegated after criticizing Democrats for supporting abortion in one post and criticizing Virginia Dems for gun-grabbing legislation and levying protester restrictions. Rather than capitulate to Facebook censorship by abandoning the platform, I choose to post and share until the Leftist censors ban me completely. Conservatives are a huge portion of Facebook. If more or all Conservatives are banned, it will affect the Facebook advertising revenue paradigm. SO FIGHT CENSORSHIP BY SHARE – SHARE – SHARE!!! Facebook notified me in pop-up on 1/20/20: “You’re temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups that you do not manage until April 18 at 7:04 PM.”


‘This Was a Great Victory’: Netanyahu Promises ‘Strong, Stable Government,’ Vows to ‘Heal the Rifts’


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Netanyahu: ‘They eulogized us – this is the biggest win of my life’


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Farewell to Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu 2011

By Ari Bussel

Editor: John R. Houk



Ari Bussel writes a bit of a eulogy for Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel. This is essay is less of a criticism of Netanyahu and more of a – Netanyahu’s time has gone full circle and it is inevitable for new Israeli leadership to take the reins of leadership to keep Israel a sovereign Jewish State.


If you have read any of the blog posts here in the past you know that I am a staunch Christian Zionist that supports the concept of a Jewish State embracing the full Biblical capacity of its borders. That means a one united Jerusalem with full sovereignty over the more correctly called Judea-Samaria labeled as the West Bank named as such after British-led Jordanian troops (then the Transjordan Arab Legion) vanquished the newly independent Israeli forces standing for Israel in 1948. Jordan’s King Abdullah annexed the area west of the Jordan River as part of a sovereign Jordan. Does anyone ever wonder why five or six invading Arab armies – including a contingent of pretend Palestinians – sought to destroy independent Israel in 1948 and yet Jordan annexes land west of the Jordan River rather than establishing an independent Jew-hating Arab State called Palestine?


The Israeli Right – Israel’s version of a religious Right – may not appreciate my Christian Zionist reasons for supporting Israel. My reasoning is centered on prophecy that Israel needs to exist as at least one condition for the return of Jesus Christ. Not a popular thought of either Jewish Left or Jewish Right. History has given Jews ample reasons to mistrust Christians via a millennium antisemitic dealings by Christian religious leaders and Christian Kings that have led to expulsions, forced conversions and violent pogroms.


In my own personal views, my take on Jews accepting Christ as their Messianic Deliverer depends more on Jesus’ return than any Christian evangelism. For me this is especially the case with Jews worldwide and in Israel being fractured religiously and secularly in their life outlook. Why mandate something that is in God’s hands. Does anyone have a clue for the reason Jews have remained a distinct people even after they were kicked out of their own land and have existed under persecuted circumstances from Christians, Muslims, Communists, and Nazis and probably even a longer list? The Jews are in God’s Hands as the People of Promise regardless to what any non-Jewish person believes in any kind of antisemitic stand.


Anyway … I really don’t want to take away from Ari Bussel’s essay with my Christian-Right-Zionist rants. Oops, I already did.


There a couple of people in Ari’s essay you should look up on your own.


If you are an American following Israel’s politics even a little bit you are probably aware of the Leftist leadership of Tzipi Livni. Livni has been the promoter of Israel’s ‘Peace in our Time’ appeasement to Arabs calling themselves Palestinians believe ‘Land for Peace’ will solve Israel’s Jew-hatred of Jews.


You may not so aware of an emerging leader of the Jewish Religious Right known as Naftali Bennett. Bennett has an interesting One-State Solution involving the three sectors of Judea-Samaria (A, B and C) that guarantees a One Jerusalem and total Arab autonomy yet without national sovereignty. Ari Bussel suspects Bennett will eventually replace Benjamin Netanyahu as the leader of Israel’s Right and seems to indicate Bennett’s ideas will ensure Israel statehood more than Israel’s Leftist ideas.Naftali Bennett


I did a little digging on Naftali Bennett. Here is some suggested reading:


o   A New Plan for Peace in Palestine (WSJ 5/20/14)


o   Why Naftali Bennett Is So Unwelcome in Washington (Hint: Many Israelis Back Him) [Jewish Daily Forward 12/10/14]


o   Naftali Bennett’s annexation plan: A report card ( 12/25/14)

JRH 1/31/15

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Farewell to Netanyahu


By Ari Bussel

Sent: 1/30/2015 9:06 PM


The current Netanyahu government was not only the longest-serving but likely one of the strongest in recent memory.  But like all things, it is coming to an end, as it must.


Holding on to power is addictive, and those at the helm are thus reluctant to relinquish the power, explaining to one and all, and persuading themselves first and foremost, that they are the only viable alternative.  Except in life, I learned long ago in the military, everything is replaceable; everything has its time.


On March 17th, a new election will take place in Israel, and if I gauge the blowing winds correctly, President Rivlin will task the formation of the new coalition government on the “Zionist Camp” (a misleading term self-chosen by the centrist-left party).


Be warned, my faithful reader, I neither attempt to be a forecaster nor a prophet, for only fools will do that.  Quite on the contrary, I sense those very subtle vibrations under the surface, the whims and whispers no one expresses out loud but that can be felt radiating from Israel’s being.


In every election, there is a tipping point where one can feel the momentum gathering and a shift toward one side or another (or against all sides altogether, when there is very little interest in an election cycle).


Much can change in the next forty-some days, although the overall discontent with Netanyahu is palatable.  Is this surprising?  Not in the least.  The academia, media and judicial echelons have long shifted toward the left, and Netanyahu, for them, is an obstacle; a most formidable, thus requiring crushing.


In and of itself, this last statement is a great testament to the strength and true value of Netanyahu.  Like Israel – the only obstacle in the spread of radical Islam to establish a global Islamic Caliphate – Netanyahu is the only fort standing tough and stubborn against a majority of Israelis who befell to the nonsense of “peace”-by-sacrifice.  (No rational human being will enter into “peace” when the other side capitulates in advance, inviting – just hit me more, please, do as you please.)


Netanyahu is not very concerned, so it is felt, with the common person.  Thus, Israel has become a country of haves and have-nots, with the abyss between the two ever growing.  I feel it too, and I should not, for I am but a casual observer, a visitor.


As for the majority of Israelis – those who live very well, travel regularly overseas and generally enjoy life – Netanyahu’s realistic approach to life in this neighborhood is an affront to their delicate senses.


I am already preparing a clean handkerchief and feel the anger building up inside me:  How dare Netanyahu be the only obstacle to Peace in Our Lifetime (well, he and the “Settlers” of course)?!!


They – Israel’s majority – want peace.  They do not want to serve in the military or in reserves any more.  They want “two people, living side by side in peace,” and long ago they befell the euphoric mirage of “just give back the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and peace will imminently arrive.”  [There are not enough double quotes to correct the numerous fallacies in the previous sentence.  Each word shouts to be corrected, but let us leave them alone for a moment. (Blog Editor: Bold Text mine – not in original)]


Israelis are a very smart people, and yet they act in most irrational manners.  For them, Netanyahu is the obstacle to peace, as he stands safeguarding Israel’s security now and in the future.


Livni, for instance, the second in command of the so-called “Zionist Camp” has already admitted long ago to the need to divide Jerusalem.  She became belligerent when exposed but will not change her position.  So the battle lines are clear.  There is one true leader with his legs grounded in history, reality and the future, and across there is a leader who talks the same talk the enemy speaks in English to Western ears.


When push comes to shove, the two leaders will end up indistinguishable, acting to defend and ensure the survival of the Jewish state.  Except, one was complicit in bringing the day when drastic measures are necessary (and was busy blaming the other), while the other did everything possible to prevent that day from coming.


Israelis, exactly as happened in the USA six and two years ago, will most likely bring about a new government, and oust Netanyahu for good (for once out of the system, a new leadership will emerge, like a new life sprouting after a forest fire).


Democrats have lawfully elected and re-elected President Obama, issues of Mickey Mouse and some dead people voting or voting multiple times notwithstanding.  Thus, we – Republicans – cannot complain and have to respect the person sitting in the White House, or at the very least the Office of the President.  This said, we are praying constantly there will be a US of A to save once this ordeal is over, that the damage inflicted will leave us able to stand up and rise again.


What will be in Israel?  Israelis must learn a lesson, the hard way.  My father, Dr. Bussel, says that for education we pay.  The same will be true in Israel. 


A majority is convinced that the way for peace and prosperity is by relinquishing any right we have.  Judea (the root of the word Jewish) – needs to be given “back.”  Jerusalem (the very beating heart of our being) – is de facto to them “divided” (how quickly do these “Zionists” forget 1967 and 1948 and the forever United Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as they apparently oblivious to the two thousand year craving for Zion Jerusalem).


So strong is the urge to have the center-left rule, once again, that Israelis feel an urge and will stop at nothing to make it happen in the upcoming election.


The President then tasks the formation of a new government to the head of the party most likely to succeed in building a coalition of more than 60 members (more than half the 120 members of the Knesset).


What does the Future Hold / Is Israel doomed? [Bold Text Editor’s]

Unlike the USA during the last presidential election (and at the moment in the upcoming election), there is a viable alternative in Israel.  He is not a “one-timer,” candidate of the flavor-of-the-moment.  He has proven himself time and again.  He stands on a firm basis of ideals and values, and he is willing to try and fail.  What he lacks in experience, he gains in motivation and willingness to err and rise again.


His name is Naftali Bennett, and he heads a party The Jewish Home (Habait Hayehudi).  The party is likely the third largest at the moment, but in the high seas, as every wave threatens to swallow whole a tiny ship called Israel navigating the rough waters, it can turn to be the largest party and Bennett be assigned the task of forming the new government.


Bennett is made of the same matter true leaders are made.  Definitely Begin, Golda, even Ben Gurion.  But do not let this analysis or momentary comparison go to his head.


Politics, Everywhere


The United States, currently playing poker and politics all at once, must be ready.  On the one hand, the President refuses to meet with Netanyahu just weeks before the upcoming elections, on the other hand, a full contingency of his election advisors is here in Israel to make sure that “Bibi goes home.”  I will not be surprised if the American Embassy in Israel keeps meddling in Israeli political affairs as it has done continually in the service of the Commander in Chief.


It is indeed an end of an era; Netanyahu’s.  A new label was recently attached to Netanyahu, “the modern-day Churchill.”  But does Netanyahu really need to talk before another joint session of Congress?  Is it not up to us – Americans – to decide if we want a reconciliation and submission to the Iranians, a la President Obama, or standing firm, as do Russian and China?  Do we need a foreign leader, Netanyahu, to come and tell us the folly of our ways?  One must remember:  Many Americans still believe in our President, so we too will eventually pay a price.

In a very similar manner, Israelis will pay a dear price if Livni and her cohorts are to lead Israel after the elections.  Except, that in politics, contrary to all expectations, it may be neither Netanyahu nor the so-called “Zionist Camp.” 


Netanyahu has done tremendous things for Israel, but a new generation is about to take his place.  Bennett does not talk about being the next prime minister, making him the perfect candidate and the more serious of all.  Humility is a virtue, and a man displaying this and other traits inside, not as a peacock displaying his feathers, is indeed deserving to lead the country.


This is the latest in the series “Postcards from America – Postcards from Israel,” a collaboration between Zager and Bussel, a foreign correspondent reporting from Israel.


Ari Bussel and Norma Zager collaborate both in writing and on the air in a point-counter-point discussion of all things Israel-related.  Together, they have dedicated the past decade to promoting Israel.


© Israel Monitor, January, 2015


First Published January 30, 2015



The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave – or What?

Uncle Sam - Americans Resist Tyranny

John R. Houk

© April 9, 2014


… Considering the fact that this nation reelected a communist in spite of the undeniable damage that he has done, I must conclude that over fifty percent of our voting population are living in a state of total denial; bound and determined to remain that way.


The above paragraph is from Danny Jeffrey’s post “I…Conspiracy Theorist”. Until the post November election 2012 I was a dyed in the wool Republican. Being as such I supported Mitt Romney who tried to paint himself as a moderate with Conservative leanings. A cursory examination of Romney’s history as Governor of Massachusetts painted a closer picture of a RINO that was Left of center that socialized medicine in his State and showed a strain of social Liberalism in not denouncing homosexual marriage which was remarkable since Romney’s faith is as a Latter Day Saint (LDS aka Mormonism) which has shown itself as a socially conservative despite being a cult-like spin-off from the traditional Christian faith (yeah, I went there – get over it). I was under the losing paradigm of ‘anybody but Obama’.


That paradigm was and is a model for losing and Republicans LOST an election that they should have won if the Republican Establishment wanted to win more than try to push Conservative Tea Party supporters into insignificance. Romney failed to call out a debate moderator that openly lied supporting Obama’s Benghazi talking point. This made Barack Hussein Obama look like a man of truth when in fact BHO has been lying to Americans before his 2008 election and continued to do so throughout his First Term of Office (AND for that matter through to this very day).


It became obvious to me that as long as the Republican Establishment called the shots in the GOP, Conservative principles would rarely if ever see the light of day. It was at that point I also realized voters would believe any pile of trash supporting Obama’s Leftist transformation agenda to socialize America into a pseudo-Marxist nation. In case you didn’t realize it, Marxist principles of governing obliterates the Constitutional principles originally intended by the Founding Fathers which insured the American individual to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.


Marxist utopianism is a stateless and classless society which will never happen because of the nature of humankind to be selfish. Ergo the Marxist path to seek the unattainable utopia is a state which defines right, wrong, acceptable, and unacceptable even if it imposes on the free conscience of an individual. In essence the Marxist state is the Founding Fathers’ greatest fear after gaining independence from Great Britain – state despotism.


American voters believed Obama lies in 2008. American voters put their trust in Obama for his First Term. AND American voters believed the reelection lies that led to an Obama victory in November 2012.


If American voters persist in believing Obama and Dem Party lies the path to state despotism will be unavoidable. So let’s reprise Danny Jeffrey’s quote above:


… Considering the fact that this nation reelected a communist in spite of the undeniable damage that he has done, I must conclude that over fifty percent of our voting population are living in a state of total denial; bound and determined to remain that way.


As long as American voters believe the Obama lies, gullible voters will lead the Conservative Americans – probable minority at this point – to a Marxist-like state. It will be too late to reverse the course of state despotism that gullible voters will impose on American Conservatives.


You have to be asking, ‘Well, what is the solution?’ or if you are living in a state of blind denial you might ask contemptuously, ‘What is your solution to maintain the American principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?


I have to be honest. I am just a Joe American that recognizes the American experiment established by our Founding Fathers is slipping away. I am not a mover and shaker. But this one thing I do know. If you are an American that does not want to live under state despotism or you do not want your children and grandchildren to live under state despotism, YOU MUST begin to arm your minds with the concepts of American Liberty. Share those concepts boldly even in the face of ridicule of Leftist or brainwashed demagoguery that believes Obama’s transformation (aka change you can believe in) is what is making America good. Ask people to look around. Ask them what has Obama ‘change’ done that is good for the American way of life or the general welfare of what makes America good. Be armed with the answers to lies or brainwashed talking points that simply are wrong.


Boldly share that it is only in elections and voting that Liberty will be retained peacefully within our homeland. Don’t tell anyone to blindly vote for a Republican and definitely don’t vote for a Democrat. Make sure you are voting for a candidate that believes in constitutional Original Intent over the destructive paradigm of the so-called Living Constitution. Originalism is faithful to the Founding Fathers vision for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Living Constitutionalism is a warped Leftist ideology that molds the Constitution to be interpreted in the way that makes a Socialist-Marxist society acceptable leading to the termination of Liberty.


There are many sources to educate yourself and others in Founding Father Originalism. Some may cost money that Joe Americans living in Obama’s America may not readily afford in their budget. As long as the Internet remains free there are also many sources that are free. Danny Jeffrey has been constructing one of those sources. He calls it the Fix Bayonets Library. Click on that link and begin arming yourself to operate as a free American citizen before you might have to choose to live, support or operate a second American Revolution to throw the bond of despotism off your backs that you may or may not win in blood.


If you haven’t read Danny Jeffrey’s “I…Conspiracy Theorist” yet, I am cross posting it below. Danny does a more eloquent job than I in presenting his case to become an avid reader of the Fix Bayonets Library.



JRH 4/9/14

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By Danny Jeffrey

April 9, 2014 2:06 PM

Fix Bayonets


Recently I published an essay entitledCan You Handle The Truth?It was a compilation of some of the series of essays that I have written regarding current events and the agenda that guides them. Yes, to some I would indeed be regarded a conspiracy theorist, and indeed I do write of a vast conspiracy that is taking place around us. The primary difference between other conspiracy theorists and myself is that I do extensive research and have a most annoying habit of presenting links to verifiable facts, gleaned from reliable sources.

At the readers’ comment section of that article I had the dubious pleasure of being visited by one of our Internet trolls. This person boldly chose to identify himself/herself only as ‘Anonymous’ and left the following simple remark:

Anonymous March 9, 2014 at 8:10 AM

I am sorry that you are so afraid.


I never delete a critical comment unless the language passes the bounds of decency. Being a firm believer in the First Amendment I support the right of even a troll to speak his/her mind and make a fool of themselves anytime they so choose; but, needless to say, I just had to reply:

DANNY JEFFREY March 9, 2014 at 9:13 AM

Mr/Ms Anonymous, you need not concern yourself with my level of fear, as I firmly believe that fear is a natural reaction to being on a field of battle. Of course every battle does have those fearless foolhardy souls around who fear nothing; predicting their destiny becomes so easy. When the battle finally subsides I shall watch for your name on the casualty list, and when I find it I shall waste not my time feeling sorrow. Some things are just meant to be.

In all honesty I do think of America as a battle field, and many would pinpoint 911 as the beginning of that battle. I place the starting date as much earlier; during the Johnson and Carter years when Progressivism, i.e. The Left, was given such a big boost, and now, after these many years some of us begin to understand the machinations of the Progressives.

The true beginning naturally dates back to the Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson time frame but their goals were largely rejected by the American public. Later FDR hastened the rush to hell with his New Deal and the only thing that saved us from communism then was World War II. Truman, JFK, Nixon and Reagan all opposed the leftward tilt that was slowly overtaking this nation, but in realms beyond their control Progressivism advanced, one slow step at a time, and now for all intents and purposes they have won.

The death knell for America was finally sounded when elected members of the GOP became afraid to tell the truth to the public, and they too began leaning left in order to remain in office.

It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and I believe this to be factual. If you are unwilling to know it all then you are better off knowing nothing. Essentially we have three choices: Live with the fear born of knowing the truth no matter how horrid that truth is; live with the confusion of knowing just a little and be too frightened to delve further into the unknown; or go merrily along your way, totally oblivious to the reality that is about to descend on this nation.

The vast majority of the American public exist, to varying degrees, in the final two categories. Considering the fact that this nation reelected a communist in spite of the undeniable damage that he has done, I must conclude that over fifty percent of our voting population are living in a state of total denial; bound and determined to remain that way.

Then there is the group that is trying to ‘Wake Up America’. They are the ones with but a little knowledge and therefore they are dangerous. What they have in abundance is fear, and sadly, ignorance, and that ignorance is accompanied by a heaping helping of gullibility. They know full well that something is dreadfully amiss in our country and they go about trying to warn others, whilst not even beginning to comprehend the true danger themselves.

So very many still spread their posts across the Internet trying to rally others by announcing that Obama is incompetent. Anyone foolish enough to believe that probably is not going to be reading anything that I write so I need not concern myself about hurt feelings. These people are abject fools!

Even an incompetent politician is not going to release 68,000 convicted criminal aliens in one year. This act is not indicative of incompetence but points to a man with a plan.

From Frontpage Mag…
Obama Released 68,000 Convicted Criminal Aliens in 2013


I read an interesting thought many years ago: You only have to be right fifty one percent of the time to make progress. If you are right ninety eight percent of the time then you are phenomenal but at fifty one you can muddle along still slowly making headway. I am inclined to believe that 51 percenter is incompetent, but take a look at Obama’s record: Everything that he has done is counter productive. This is not incompetence. Yes, Obama is a 98 percenter in a downhill race, as destruction of America is his goal. And I might add that he is succeeding, with the compliance of the GOP.

Another interesting article from Frontpage Mag…
Obama Cancel Tomahawk Missile, Spends $400K on Camel Sculpture in Pakistan


Now I must ask you; is that behavior incompetence or is he intentionally wasting money that America does not have while crippling our military?

I do not like living in constant danger, but have no choice in the matter. Nor do I like living in ignorance, but there I do indeed have a choice. I have spent the last five years researching what is taking place around me and now I understand it, and that puts me into the category of a conspiracy theorist, and that label applies equally well to most of those who keep reading these essays. Any who deny that there is a conspiracy in place is either a total fool or is a liar, complicit in the ruin of this nation.

This past month has not seen much writing from me as I have been building an Internet library such as I do not believe you will find anywhere else. Since Obama has been in office I have sought answers to his agenda that seems so strange to many. It is Not strange. It is diabolical, and with data collected over these years I try to put the whole plan before you.

Glenn Beck, Trevor Louden, Daniel Greenfield, David Horowitz, Frank Gaffney, a host of others and I have long begged Americans to do their own research. Whether from being disinterested, lazy, or too fearful, few do. Well, I have made it easy for everyone who really want to know. I have done that research, stored my data across eight different websites, and have now compiled it into my Fix Bayonets Library. The list of topics is very long, but they are all interrelated and I have connected the dots.

All that I ask of you is to access that library, read what I have learned from so much research, and pass it on to your Internet friends. You want to wake up America? You will not succeed by passing along the ravings of the people who grow rich by duping the gullible of this nation. You will wake no one by spreading hoaxes and sensationalism.

The truth is out there. I have found it and put it into a presentation that anyone can comprehend if they but take the time to read the truth instead of the latest hoax that comes down the pike. The library is essentially finished, and yet will never be finished as it is a work in progress. I shall continually update it with current events and breaking news.

We are running out of time and many fear that we may soon lose the Internet. I cannot foresee that happening as our entire way of life is now linked to the Internet, even the harshest governments in the world use it, with censorship of course. Our economy, from Wall Street, to industry, to our banks, and our welfare recipients are all dependent upon the Internet. It will not go away, but what will is the freedom of speech. Horowitz, Gaffney, Glenn Beck and I must be silenced. Therefore if you believe that one day you might want to know what is happening, you had better learn it now, while you still have the right.

When I began this essay it was my plan to close with a link to the library that I have built. This is the link to Fix Bayonets Library, but I shall go one better: I shall print the directory of that library below and each of those links lead to still more links that in turn leads to my indisputable sourcesCW, by the way is my collected writing on that topic. Try clicking a half dozen of those links and you will get an idea of the wealth of information put before you, and you don’t even have to put up with all of the advertising you find on those sensationalist sites. They are just in it for the money.

Learn three percent of what I know and you will be better equipped to deal with tomorrow.


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The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave – or What?

John R. Houk

© April 9, 2014




Some see, few know, many choose to wander aimlessly in a fog, devoid of sunlight. I seek the light of day and leave the others to their chosen realm of ignorance. They are the ones who have brought this great nation down. I write only for the benefit of those who possess the courage required to restore our birthright. – Danny Jeffrey

Clinton Victim Kathleen Willey and her Hillary Benghazigate Report

B Clinton (no sex with woman lie) Hillary behind him

Bill Clinton: ‘I did not have sex with that woman’

John R. Houk

© March 24, 2014


Do you know who Kathleen Willey is? She is a Slick Willie Clinton victim that at first tried to help Hillary and Slick to cover-up the sex predator predilections.


The story she told was chilling. She had met Clinton over the years at political events and would get invited to come see him at the White House when she was in Washington on business. Clinton’s attention was “pretty flattering. . . . He’s very charming.” One day, about a year and a half before, she had gone by to see him and he had taken her into the hideaway office — the same one described in my article. They chatted. Clinton started getting physical, trying to kiss her, touching her breasts. The woman said she was stunned. She had no idea how to respond. “I’ve never had a man take advantage of me like that,” she said. “I haven’t felt that way since high school.”


As Clinton pressed himself on her, she said, she resisted — and finally pushed him away. What happened after that? I asked. Clinton turned away, she said. She hesitated, and she said softly and with apparent discomfort. “I think he finished the job himself.” The image lingered. The woman left the White House, humiliated and repulsed. Clinton acted as if nothing had happened. The woman told on one except her sister. Then Clinton started calling her at work. There would be a flurry of calls at strategic times — usually when there were developments in the Jones case. He called many times in January, around the time of his inauguration — just as the Jones case was being argued in the Supreme Court. The calls were embarrassing; she worried that her colleagues would start to wonder about them. There didn’t seem to be any point to Clinton’s calls. He just wanted to chart, to see how she was doing. (READ ENTIRETY In the Aftermath of the Kathleen Willey Story: from Michael Isikoff’s Uncovering Clinton, pp. 161-163; Weekly Standard – The Blog; 4/5/1999)


You should also read: The Kathleen Willey Interview (11/4/07) and Woman Sexually Harassed by Clinton says: “Hillary is the War on Women.” (2/17/14).


Hillary Clinton seems to be the Dem Party favorite to win the nomination for the Office of POTUS in the 2016 election cycle. Understandably Kathleen Willey has become outspoken in publicizing Hillary as nearly a bad a monster as Slick Willie for helping to cover-up sex predator escapades. I don’t know if she is a dedicated columnist but I found an article written by her posted on WorldNetDaily excoriating Hillary Clinton’s veracity pertaining to the Benghazigate Scandal.


JRH 3/24/14

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Exclusive: Kathleen Willey suggests Hillary ‘consider retreating from public life’


March 23, 2014



Indeed, Madam Secretary, Madam Senator, former first lady and FLOA, it makes a very big difference.

The last time we saw Hillary Clinton as our secretary of state, she was testifying before a congressional committee about Benghazi. During that meeting on Jan. 22, 2013, we heard her shriek, “What difference does it make?”


Earlier, right before one of the presidential debates, on Oct. 15, 2012, Hillary stated during a series of interviews that she, as secretary of state, was responsible for the security of the embassy staff. “The buck stops here.”


I remember being so surprised when I heard it, but I was immediately suspicious.


Nothing – absolutely nothing – is happenstance in the Clintons’ world. Everything they do or say is weighed, measured, practiced and tested. Taking responsibility for anything is rare for them, so I waited for follow-up, the next step. Of course, there was none. It was only a symbolic gesture as the head of her department. Saying it is easy. Doing something about it is a whole different matter. To make it stick, problems needed to be identified and corrected.


Did Hillary do any of that? Did she find the security lapses and beef up what should have been beefed up in the first place? Did she interview any of the staff? How about the members of their security force? Did she ask for and receive follow-up reports from witnesses who were in the embassy compound that night?


What difference does it make? It certainly makes a difference to the families and friends of the four men who died that night. When their bodies came home to Andrew Air Force Base, there was a grand display of solidarity and support for the families of the fallen, with Obama and Hillary leading the delegation of government and military officials. Looking oh-so distraught and sympathetic as she met with the families, she continued to blame the entire uprising on “that anti-Muslim video,” and she looked into the eyes of those families and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. Some may say that kind of follow-up should be in the hands of the “proper” authorities, not “hands on” by the secretary of state. Maybe. She made a promise. As a mother herself, she looked into the eyes of those mothers and promised results. So far, she’s done nothing but send up trial balloons about running for president. There are no committees, no valid reports, no interviews, nothing. Her word means nothing.


One has to wonder why the Benghazi attack happened at all. All of our embassies throughout the world are considered to be on American soil, and they are treated as such. They might as well be a government agency on Pennsylvania Avenue. Most of the people on staff are American citizens, and their safety is the responsibility of the State Department. In these troubled times and in the midst of terrorist threats, safety and security take priority.


Is there one amongst us who will never forget certain dates and events that helped shape our country? The assassinations of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King. Oklahoma City. The Boston Marathon. We suffered our worst terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001. Most of the players are government employees working in government agencies. They should be a lot more attuned to these very significant anniversaries than most. It boggles the mind that no one, from the secretary of state to even a single janitor, did not take note of the fact that the anniversary of the worst act of terrorism on American soil was fast approaching, and it might have been prudent to remind everyone in the complex of that.


We may never know what really happened in Benghazi, but we owe it to the victims’ families and our country to find the truth. Mrs. Clinton does know what happened and, so far, she has been able to avoid telling it. If it is revealed that she played a major part in the demise of our four patriots, as we suspect she did, she might want to consider retreating from public life once and for all and, together with her husband, play the role of senior stateswoman.


We have all become weary of the Clintons and their dysfunctional family drama. We deserve better.


Clinton Victim Kathleen Willey and her Hillary Benghazigate Report

John R. Houk

© March 24, 2014




WND about Willey


In 1992, then-Democratic activist Kathleen Willey helped send Bill and Hillary Clinton to the White House. While serving as a volunteer in the White House, Willey met with Bill Clinton in the Oval Office to request a paying position. Instead of offering assistance, she said he sexually assaulted her. Willey tells the shocking story in her book, “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

© Copyright 1997-2014. All Rights Reserved.

Cruz, Paul and Palin CPAC 2014 Speeches

Palin, Rand & Cruz

John R. Houk

© March 10, 2014


I listened to Senator Ted Cruz at CPAC via an email a few days ago. I THOUGHT I saved that email because it also had commentary text that I enjoyed as well. I was getting ready to construct a post of the CPAC speakers I was interested and to my dissatisfaction I somehow lost that email. So this is what I am going to do.


I found the Youtube versions to Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin. I am going to post Senator Cruz, Senator Paul and ending with Sarah Palin. In the Palin CPAC speech I going to include a WND article in which I originally viewed Sarah Palin’s CPAC appearance. The difficulty with WND is they use their own video format which most of my blogs do not accept; hence I am replacing the WND version with a Youtube version.




JRH 3/10/14

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VIDEO: CPAC 2014 – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)


Published by The ACU

Published: Mar 6, 2014



VIDEO: Rand Paul CPAC 2014 Speech (FULL) – Let Us All Stand Together In Liberty


Published by rtrumble

Published: Mar 7, 2014


Rand Paul, the proclaimed “Leader of the Pack” (Matt Drudge – Drudge Report) in the GOP Race for 2016 prospective Presidential candidates, delights the audience at CPAC 2014 with a rousing speech.

For more info on Rand Paul –

Recorded at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2014, March 7th, 2014 in Washington, D.C.





March 8, 2014



VIDEO: Sarah Palin • CPAC • 2014 •


Published by iizthatiiz

Published: Mar 8, 2014


NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – “I have never been more optimistic about the future. The best is yet to come.”


Sarah Palin ended on that soaring high note, bringing the crowd to its feet for the umpteenth time in a speech that radiated with hope and an optimism that the dawn of a new era of conservatism is here.


The former U.S. vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor also offered her own version of hope and change, assuring conservatives, “This is the stirring of a great awakening. The age of Obama is almost over. The end of an ‘error.’ He is the lamest of lame ducks.”


As the closing speaker at CPAC, the annual convention of conservatives just outside of Washington, “Mama grizzly” delivered some political red meat to her adoring cubs, offering a dazzling array of one-liners.


She explained how a catchy slogan became an alarming reality as “Yes, we can” became “No, you can’t.”


“No, you can’t log onto the Obamacare website. No, you can’t keep your health care. No, you can’t make a phone call without being spied upon.” And without Michelle Obama learning that you ordered a pizza for a third time in a week.


Palin said President Obama’s foreign policy had been reduced to dialing real fast with his phone and threatening to poke Russian President Vladimir Putin with his pen.


“But, I’m probably being too hard on the president,” she said before delivering a line that brought the house down: “After all, who could have seen this coming?”


That was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact she predicted in 2008, accurately, as it turned out, that Putin would feel free to invade Ukraine should Obama be elected, a statement that was widely ridiculed in the mainstream media.


She also observed that Obama’s policy of “leading from behind only leads to some very bad dudes gaining ground.”


When it came to the GOP’s so-called war on women, Palin claimed, on the contrary, Republicans “recognize the potential of every women so much that we’re the party that respects every sister, even the littlest ones in the womb.”


But Palin didn’t restrict her fire to Democrats; she also had some words of warning for Republican leaders.


“GOP beltway boys – you know the 2010 victory that swept the GOP into power – you didn’t build that, the tea party did it.”


She told the GOP elite if they want another sweep, “Grab a broom and join the party. There are not enough low-information voters to save the other side this time, if we don’t retreat.”


Palin’s immense optimism was laced with more warnings for Republicans.


“This is the stirring of a great awakening. I do feel the eyes of America are open. Unfortunately, some would want you to just hit the snooze button and roll back over. Like, ‘Hush America, go back to sleep little lamb, go back to sleep. Close those eyes.’ Some of these folks are in the GOP establishment.


She chided GOP leaders for thinking the smart thing was to “lay back, stay out of the way” while Obamacare crashed and the economy came to a stop.


“Some GOP experts say don’t interrupt the opposition while they are destroying themselves. But you do interrupt when they are destroying the country.”


The crowd wasn’t satisfied to give that line just a standing ovation. They broke out in a chant of “Run Sarah, Run.”


Palin delivered a stunning response: “I should run.”


But then, she deadpanned, “I didn’t get to run this morning,” changing the crowd’s cheers to sudden laughter.


Taking the attention away from herself, she said, “We’ve got good guys” in Washington, mentioning Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Mike Lee, R-Utah and Rand Paul, R-Ky, all of whom she endorsed when they were underdogs.


But, she said, “It’s time we send them reinforcements.”


She credited Cruz with igniting what she called a great awakening in America when he filibustered to try to defund Obamacare, an effort in which Lee and Paul provided strong support.


Palin said the Cruz filibuster “worked in waking people up to the folly of the government taking over a sixth of the economy.”


She said it “told his colleagues it was time – time to stand up. Time to use the tools of the Constitution, the power of the purse, to fulfill their campaign promises and to stop Obamacare.”


The mother of five also congratulated Cruz on his use of Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” as a way to show he cared about the future of his own children and all the children in America.


Palin playfully offered her own, revised version of the story, that she said she now tells her son, Trig.


“I do not like this Uncle Sam,
I do not like his health care scam.
I do not like these dirty crooks
or how they lie and cook the books.
I do not like when Congress steals,
I do not like their crony deals.
I do not like this spying, man.
I do not like, ‘Oh, yes, we can.’
I do not like this spending spree,
we’re smart, we know nothing’s free.
I do not like reporters’ smug replies
when I complain about their lies.
I do not like this kind of hope
and we won’t take it, nope, nope, nope.”


Cruz, Paul and Palin CPAC 2014 Speeches

John R. Houk

© March 10, 2014




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Electoral Injustice- Minorities Waiting for Reformation

Albert David


Shamim Masih writes about the unjust representation of non-Muslims in Pakistan. Pakistan’s electoral system is set-up to favor the Islamic Supremacism of Sharia Law to the detriment of the political rights of Pakistani Non-Muslims and/or Pakistani Non-Sunni Muslims. The existence of this unjust political representation undoubtedly contributes to the Sunni Muslim majority to persecute Christians with impunity.


JRH 10/20/13

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Electoral Injustice- Minorities Waiting for Reformation


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 10/18/2013 2:34 PM


ISLAMABAD: Check out the biggest leftist hypocrisy in Pakistan, remarkably highlighted by Albert David Chairman Pakistan United Christian Movement [PUCM See Here].


In political terms the local governments are known as the nursery of politics where new entrants to politics get trained, gain experience and take bigger strides to play their role at the National level. However it appears that by introducing two different electoral systems for Non-Muslims in the upcoming local government elections they are being made victims of yet another political injustice.


All Four provinces have announced their own preferred local bodies systems and apparently it looks like they have opted for a joint electoral system where as non-Muslims will be given representation on reserved seats through indirect elections.


Let’s look at the Punjab Local Government Bill 2013.  The composition of a Union Council will include elected Chairman and Vice Chairman, five other directly elected members on the basis of adult franchise followed by three indirectly elected members, including one each representing the Non-Muslims, women and labor/peasants on reserved seats. The will be elected by the directly elected seven members. A similar prototype is to be followed for representation of Non-Muslims at the District Council and Urban local government levels.


Another concerning issue in the Bill that affects Non-Muslims is that only those Union Councils will have a Non-Muslim member where the number of registered Non-Muslim voters is 500 or more. This could lead into a situation where approx. 50% of Union Councils will have no Non-Muslim representation.


Though joint electoral system was introduced to bring Non-Muslims into the main stream of politics however we must admit that socially we are still in an evolution phase where it is acceptable to get the votes from Non-Muslims however voting for a Non-Muslim candidate will take years of political, social and cultural change or in other words development.


The electoral system imposed by dictator General Parvaiz Musharaf for Non-Muslims at the National and Provincial level is already keeping Non-Muslim politicians away from the race as the existing ones have the tools, contacts and resources to secure the confidence of their masters and secure access to the legislative institutions. It does not matter if they have any commitment or ever wish to access the masses they represent. These so called representatives never feel accountable to the ones they represent as they are not elected by them.


The proposed provincial LG electoral system is another step, the final nail in the coffin; politically the Non-Muslims are out, end of game, in Wimbledon term, game, set and match. Once again the same story will be repeated, people with resources and more importantly contacts with their masters will select their own people as the representatives at the grass root levels too. I see this as an attempt to make the Non-Muslims politically infertile.


However the interesting factor is that the elections in the 43 Cantonment Boards have been proposed on the “Separate” electorate system, where Non-Muslims voters will vote for Non-Muslim candidates as members/councilors. Isn’t this a political mockery, the provincial governments opting for a Joint electoral system and Federal Government (Cantonment Boards are governed by Federal Government) preferring a “Separate Electoral System”. But maintaining a Joint Electoral system at the national and provincial level.


The demand to elect their own representatives has been gaining momentum over the recent years and if the Provincial or Federal governments ever made an effort to explore the preferred electoral system, I am confident the majority of the minority (Non-Muslim Pakistanis) will opt for the separate electoral system. Separate elections is a popular demand among Non-Muslims however not sure if a priority for the law makers to look into this.


Whatever the conclusion may be Pakistan United Christian Movement rejects the proposed electoral system for the Non-Muslims in upcoming the local government elections and demands that Non-Muslim voters should be given the right to elect their own representatives by their own votes. I wish that the Federal Government goes ahead with the proposed separate electoral system for Cantonment boards


Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih


© Shamim Masih

Edited by John R. Houk


Snapshot of Human Rights Activism from 2011

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist 

Secretary General


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Leaders fear more violence against Christians

CLAAS panel at Lahore Press Club


Intro: Leaders fear more violence against Christians

John R. Houk

© June 4, 2013


Evidently the last election cycle in Pakistan has placed a government in place that will increase the yoke of bondage among Pakistani Christians. Christian leaders in Pakistan are so fearful of the situation that they are exploring possibilities for a Christian exodus to nations in which Christianity predominates. In my mind that means Western nations and probably the USA is at the top of that list.


The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) political party came to power after the recent 2013 elections in Pakistan. The Party leader Nawaz Sharif apparent Islamic religious views fall to the purist (i.e. Radical Islam) side of Islam. This means religious minorities in Pakistan can expect a rough ride because of this. Since Christians are often viewed as the lowest form of existence among Pakistani minorities that means Believers in the Resurrection and accompanying Salvation in Christ Jesus have a target for persecution and exploitation on their heads in Pakistan.


Check out this excerpt from Martin Barillas writing for Spero News about Pakistani Christians:


After the recent elections that brought to power the “Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz” (PML-N) party and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, many Christians are skeptical. In a recent conference held in Lahore, a group of Christian leaders said that Pakistani Christians are worried about the future.


Among their concerns is the prosection (sic) of Pakistan’s Muslim blasphemy laws, which are often used to persecute Christian minorities. Nadeem Anthony, a Christian lawyer, told the Fides news agency, “The majority of Christians do not have high hopes in Sharif’s future government because of his religious conservative approach and links with fundamentalist groups. Sharif was also in favor of the blasphemy law, which is a major cause of problems for Christians in Pakistan,” he recalls.



Christians note that perpetrators of anti-Christian violence apparently act with impunity in the majority Muslim country. Following the 2009 affray [SlantRight Editor: See this Christianity Today article to see what happened in 2009], only 17 people were charged with murder and another 113 charges with aiding in the massacre. All were released within a few months. “The witnesses were systematically intimidated and silenced,” said Peter Jacob of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan. (Read Entirety; 6/3/13)


Shamim Masih is a Pakistani Christian journalist in Pakistan. He shares the underlying fears growing among Pakistani Christians because the PML-N in the 2013 elections.


JRH 6/4/13

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Leaders fear more violence against Christians

By Shamim Masih

Sent: 6/3/2013 2:03 PM


Lahore:  Joseph Francis, International Director, CLAAS, said in a press conference here today that Pakistani Christians are in great fear to face more violence and torture during the next government of PML-N.


In the press conference at Lahore Press Club, Joseph Francis said that “we are afraid that during the PML-N rule, Pakistani Christians will face more violence as they have faced similar situation in the past during PML-N government. Gojra, Korian and Joseph Colony incidents were being planned by the fanatics and supported by PML-N leadership”, he alleged.


Talking to the media, Martin Javed Michel blamed that Joseph Colony incident was backed by PML-N leaders Malik Riaz, Chaudhry Shehbaz, Dr. Asad Ashraf, Ghazali Saleem Butt and Mushtaq Mughal and it was reported to the police as well. “But unfortunately, Premier Mian Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif have not taken any notice against them and the same leaders are in the ruling elite and will create more problems for Christians“. He said, “we are Pakistanis since our forefathers and have been faithful to the country but unluckily, since partition, we are being treated as second class citizen“. “If the situation remains same as it seems, then Pakistani Christians will be forced to leave the country as Hindu community left for India in the recent past“, he feared.


Joseph Francis, working for the victims for the last two decades has requested the foreign countries like Australia, Canada, America and European Union to open their gates for Pakistani Christians. He demanded the Christian countries to provide shelter for the Pakistani Christians as they are not safe in Pakistan. India opened their gates for Hindu fellows why can’t Christian counties do the same for Christians, he demanded. He demanded Chief Justice of Pakistan to form a Commission for fact finding of the Joseph Colony incident and culprits should be punished.


Be Blessed,


Shamim Masih


Intro: Leaders fear more violence against Christians

John R. Houk

© June 4, 2013


Leaders fear more violence against Christians


Shamim Masih

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist 

Secretary General


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Pakistan Elections 2013

Nawaz Sharif - PM Pakistan 5-2013

Nawaz Sharif


John R. Houk

© May 14, 2013


Pakistan had its elections on May 11, 2013. Clearly the winning political party is Pakistan Muslim League – N (PML-N [The “N” stands for Nawaz]) meaning the new Prime Minister in Pakistan is Nawaz Sharif.


It appears that Nawaz favors a Free Market but is an adherent to purist Islamic ideology that makes up Radical Islam. The Pakistan Taliban believes democracy and voting are un-Islamic practices. Mohammed Hanif writing for The Guardian wrote this about Nawaz’s PML-N his cricket turned politician rival Imran Khan of Tehreek-e-Insaf Party (PTI or Movement for Justice Party)


The Taliban’s real success is that they bet on the winners. They promised not to attack Khan and Sharif’s parties. And these parties will be in power. But the Taliban have never contested an election before. And they are soon to find out that politicians never keep the promises they make during the heat of the campaign. (Pakistan elections: how Nawaz Sharif beat Imran Khan and what happens next; By Mohammed Hanif; The Guardian, 5/13/13 14:00 EDT)


Nawaz has said he desires better relations with the USA and arch-rival India. Imran has said he desires to dissolve all military cooperation with American led forces in Afghanistan and ALSO to end the Pakistan government’s war against the Pakistani Taliban.


It is my opinion not to trust a self-proclaimed Islamist like Nawaz and at least Imran is upfront about his hatred for the kafir (i.e. infidel or in this case Americans).


Shamim Masih – my source from Pakistan – is a Christian and I believe he supported the major loosing political party – Pakistan’s Peoples Party (PPP). Shamim has written favorably about at least one PPP candidate that appeared to demonstrate concern of the persecuted Christians in Pakistan.


JRH 5/14/13

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Election 2013


By Shamim Masih

Sent: 5/13/2013 2:39 PM


Christians congratulate the nation for the successful completion of parliamentary elections and would work with newly elected government for the prosperity of the country. Shamim Masih, President Reformation for Empowerment and Alleviation of Poverty – REAP and a journalist, while congratulating PML-N party’s victory in the general election 2013 has demanded the party head Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to protect minorities’ rights as he has committed during his election campaign.


Pakistani Christians religiously and historically have proven to be loyal to their land and always have been subservient to its governments. It’s every Christian’s religious obligation to be obedient to masters.


As it is written in the Bible; “Exhort servants to be obedient unto their own masters and to please them well in all things; not answering again”. Titus 2:9 It is further written “Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the forward”. 1-Peter 2:8


The previous government was busy in their luxurious life of being in Government and sidelined the religious minorities and I hope the PML-N government will restore the ministry of Minorities Affairs which was transformed into Ministry of National Harmony which was established in 2011.


The Social Rights activists’ organizations welcome the coming government, World Vision in Progress – WVIP representative said we hope that PML-N will stop the misuse of blasphemy laws and forced conversion.


Albert David, Chairman Pakistan United Christian Movement (PUCM) has launched its candidates in this election said that minority candidates are elected under proportional representation system, but minority voters cast votes for Muslim candidates running for national and provincial constituencies. PUCM chief demanded PML-N chief will ensure equal opportunities for members of minority communities.


Basharat Khokhar, a human rights activist said that our community is already living below the poverty line, and when someone forces them to join their rally by showing them a gun, they give in. He urged that successful minority candidates in the actively advance minority’s interest instead of towing their respective parties’ line.


Tariq Chaman, president Union of Minority Journalist of Islamabad/Rawalpindi congratulated the PML-N chief and he wants Christians to be given proper jobs in government departments and not that of a sweeper. He further vows that when Mian Sharif expressed his willingness to take all parties on board but stopped short from crediting minority voters’ contribution towards his party’s Muslim candidate success. He hoped that the history will not repeat during PML-N rule and minorities will live in peace.


Be Blessed,


Shamim Masih


Pakistan Elections 2013

John R. Houk

© May 14, 2013


Election 2013


Shamim Masih

Christian Rights Activist
Freelance Journalist 

Secretary General



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Wisconsin Still Faces Union and Leftist Irresponsibility

WI - Fire No Show Dems


John R. Houk

© August 11, 2011


The Wisconsin GOP won a victory for budget responsibility on Tuesday winning four out of six Recall Elections in the State’s Senate. This was a defeat for Unions which do more to harm the economy than they do to help the employed they purport to represent.


Unfortunately it appears the Dems are not done with stalling budget responsibility in Wisconsin. There is a RINO that is contemplating bolting the Republican Party and return to the Democratic Party. Yes you read that correctly – “return”.


The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama reports that Wisconsin State Senator Dale Shultz was once a Dem and is now considering a return to the Dems undoubtedly with the promise of political benefits for bolting. That definitely makes Shultz a Republican in Name Only. It is evident that Shultz is a career politician with center Left leanings that associates with a political party according to the best way to keep his political Office.


There is a solution to Shultz’s political mercinarism.


After the Dems used State laws to attempt to take back the Wisconsin Senate with Union backing, the GOP managed to get two Recall Elections against two of the Dem State Senators that fled to Illinois in an agenda to stall the majority GOP in the Wisconsin Senate.


Wisconsin Dem Senators Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch must face the music of their constituents for stalling fiscal responsibility.


The seats, held by Democratic incumbents Jim Holperin of Conover and Robert Wirch of Pleasant Prairie, are the last of the nine recall elections initiated by voters since the state and Senate became divided over Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to strip most collective bargaining rights from public workers.


Now, discontent over the fact that Holperin and Wirch joined their Democratic Senate colleagues in fleeing to Illinois in what turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt to block a vote on the collective bargaining bill may lead to a big first for tea party supporters in Wisconsin. (The Capital Times, August 11, 2011 – link above)


This means that Wisconsin will still be a snapshot of the upcoming national November 2012 elections. We Conservatives and Tea Party Movement supporters must continue to support the effort in Wisconsin to keep the Dems away from their status quo agenda of tax, spend and Union economic irresponsibility.


The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama is a good place to donate money for their effort to bring Tea Party principles to Wisconsin and defeat Obama-like politicians. There are other Tea Party organizations to look at, especially local Wisconsin affiliates so choose one and let’s keep Wisconsin fiscally responsible.


JRH 8/11/11


URGENT: Republican May Switch Party in Wisconsin RECALL Nightmare


From: Patriot Mary

Sent: 8/10/2011 5:38 PM

Sent by: The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama


Throughout today we’ve learned more details about the possibility that ‘moderate’ Republican Dale Schultz may bolt the GOP and join with the Democrats.  He is under intense pressure from Senate Democrats to switch sides – in fact Schultz once was a Democrat.  Schultz also was the ONLY Republican who voted against Gov. Walker’s budget reform bill and then publicly criticized Governor Walker for his efforts to bring fiscal sanity to Wisconsin.


We learned today that Schultz even went to the Democrat Leader in the Senate and offered himself as a vote for them in the Senate.


This would be disastrous and would mean Democrats would be able to block Gov. Walker’s agenda in Wisconsin.  We can’t let the Left win this way.


That’s why we are going all out to win in the 2 RECALL campaigns against Democrats that take place next Tuesday.  In fact, if we prevail in these two races the net gain for Democrats through this entire RECALL process will have been ZERO (0) seats.  They will have spent more than $30 MILLION for nothing!


So let’s go out and finish the win.  Let’s see those 2 Democrat Senators who abdicated their job duties and fled to Illinois lose their seats.  Let’s make the Left eat crow for ever starting these shameful RECALL campaigns to punish Republicans who actually DID do their jobs.  And let’s make sure the Democrats’ effort to “buy off” a Senator fails.


We are right now producing our first TV ad for next Tuesday’s RECALL elections.  We have only 1 week to raise the money to pay to produce these ads and buy the airtime to get these TV ads seen.  So please, make a contribution to our campaign effort.




You can contribute any amount from as little as $5 to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.   TV ads for the 2 RECALL districts are rather expensive.  One of the two RECALL campaigns takes place in the most expensive media market in the state of Wisconsin:  Milwaukee.


Thus, we’re going to need quite a few people who can contribute $100 or more to pitch in.  Our goal is to collect more than 500 contributions of $100 or more within the next 24 hours.  You can contribute online – HERE.


If you prefer you can also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:


Campaign To Defeat Obama

P.O. Box 601684

Sacramento, CA 95860-1684


Wisconsin Still Faces Union and Leftist Irresponsibility

John R. Houk

© August 11, 2011



URGENT: Republican May Switch Party in Wisconsin RECALL Nightmare


Paid for and authorized by The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Deciding Who Votes


John R. Houk

© November 11, 2010


Ann Coulter wrote a column in which she encourages the repeal of the 26th Amendment.


1. The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.


2. The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


I am not sure if Coulter is being her typical facetious political writing self, but if she is not this is an occasion I disagree with her. Her point is that military members stationed overseas are not provided the equal ability of an 18 year old to vote. Coulter is absolutely correct that the military vote is not counted because various States refuse to send out the proper documentation enabling the military vote to be counted by Election Day. That practice is indeed reprehensible! You have got to know this occurs because Democrats assume military voters will vote Republican. It is probably a correct assumption that most military voters do vote Republican; however I doubt that 100% of military voters are voting against the Dems. If my guess is correct then the Dems are also preventing military voters that would actually vote for the anti-military political Party.


In any case I was enabled to vote in my first Presidential election in 1976 at the age of 20 because of the 26th Amendment. I couldn’t vote on Election Day 1974 because my birthday came about three weeks later. I would have voted if I could have.


Coulter’s stings the Dem Party by admonishing Obamacare’s mandate that parents MUST leave their children on their insurance until age 26. The point being that Obama and the Dems must be saying that citizens are not mature enough to make political decisions and should not be able to vote until after age 26. The insinuation is a politicized college graduate is old enough to vote.


Truthfully I have to agree that in this day and age there are voters that are clueless; however I believe this has less to do with age and more to do with irresponsibility in becoming informed. Thus it is not an age issue. Being informed is a responsibility issue. Do we take away the ability to vote based on knowledge? Absolutely Not!


Measuring knowledgeability in voting enters the realm of despotism in the government deciding who can and cannot vote. That would be evil for the entire political spectrum from Left to Right. We have to decide then that the age to vote should be based on the unalienable right endowed by nature’s Creator as embodied by the rule of law’s age of consent.


The question then becomes: What is the age of consent? That question has a multifaceted answer in America. At age 18 you are by law considered a legal adult and thus are accountable for your actions as opposed to a minor whose accountability is limited by law in which parents may be held responsible for many of the actions of their minor children. And yet an 18 year old is still a minor in regard to consuming alcohol or experiencing prurient data such as strip clubs or X rated films (in some States). Also the age of consent may differ for a person aged 14 to 18 for sex depending on which State one lives. So if you can have sex at a certain age are you accountable to vote? Most people would offer a resounding NO.


Frankly age 18 is the perfect age for adult accountability. It is the age most graduate from High School and is eligible for College or a trade school or the military without the consent of a parent. Is an 18 year old mature enough to consume alcohol responsibly or to view live prurient interests? Most would say NO; however a voting 18 year old would probably vote yes.


Here is the thing. Eighteen year olds do not vote voluntarily. I mean if there is not a law forcing citizens to vote, an unfortunate majority of people do not vote at any age. Non-Presidential election years are consistently way below 50%. Most Presidential Elections are barely above 50%. (See National Voter Turnout in Federal Elections: 1960–2008)


I have to believe the percentage of the American electorate that does vote are indeed informed and vote for a purpose. The problem with the purpose is that America is currently polarized nation. The people who vote with purpose that are vocal are decidedly on the Left or the Right. Thus the voters with purpose, who do not associate themselves with a political spectrum but with what benefits their interests, are decidedly centrist. It is the centrist voters that empower the Left or the Right that hopefully brings political balance to America.


The media might in America is decidedly weighted to the Left. When television, Hollywood and the written media bombard the public for over a quarter century on Leftist principles, the centrists make a close voting decision based on the Leftist bombardment. The Right has FOX News, bloggers and a handful of Conservative written outlets. The only media balance that exists is the fortunate fact that FOX News has higher ratings than all their competitors on a massive scale. This Conservative creeping balance has really existed for about a decade. The Right has to find a way to win the centrists back to leaning toward the Right to offset the societal acceptance of homosexuality, exclusion of Christianity from public venues and the favorability to kill unborn babies in the name of birth control.


I am a Right Winger; however I am wise enough to comprehend that the Left keeps the Right from going too far. Going too far Right usually means abandoning Liberty in favor of Security. I am a pro-Security kind of guy; however I can that the abuse of Security focus can indeed infringe on an individual’s civil rights. The balance is Liberty with Security and not so much Liberty that the nation disintegrates from foreign multicultural influences changing the American way of life. This is merely an example. I am certain my readers or critics can find other unbalancing issues of the Left and the Right that ruins America’s political balance and threatens the existence of the American way of life.


JRH 11/11/10

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