Initial Thoughts on ‘Tea Party, Islam and Me’

John R. Houk

© May 29, 2011


I found a link entitled, “The Tea Party, Islam and Me” written by Kinana. It is rather long. Due to the length of article scanned through it rapidly. It is one of those posts that you may have to go back to a few times to gather the nuggets of understanding. Also in my quick glimpse I gathered the article is based on a radio interview or a radio talk.


In my quick visual scan two things stood out immediately.


One of which was Kinana’s defining a difference between a Muslim and Islam. A Muslim is a person and Islam is an alleged religion. I prefer to think of Islam as a theopolitical religious cult or precisely a religion with the trappings of socio-political rules that are ruthlessly applied to all situations religious, the social community and the rules of law. And when I say “the rules of law” I am not speaking of a foundation in which humanity writes laws based on their faith. The Islamic rule of law as directed by Sharia Law is encoded into the laws of humanity which means a coercive law, a racist law, a community law and so on; is an unchangeable law by the representative vote of the people.


The other thing that I saw in my initial perusal was the subject of the EDL. The EDL is a socio-political movement in the United Kingdom. The EDL’s primary platform today seems to be to end the multicultural acceptance of Islam as a separate entity under British rule of law which makes portions of Sharia Law a part of British rule of law even though Sharia breaks the British legal system in civil and criminal law. The EDL is enlightened that Islam run amok will Islamicize not only the UK but all of Europe. Hence there is the existence of the term Eurabia.


Now here is the knock on the EDL though: The English Defence League has had a history of racist roots. A significant amount of its members evolved from Nazi influenced Right Wing thinking which is something that is very anathema in the UK since Hitler tried to bomb Britain into submission as well as the race superiority doctrines espoused by Nazism.


If law makers in America do not catch onto the anti-immigrant Islamic vision, then will we may well face the Islamizing of America.


Below is the lengthy article by Kinana which I discovered at The author/speaker Kinana sent me a personal message to my 4 Freedoms Community page that is a kind of forward to the piece.


JRH 5/28/11


Who Rates an Arrest?

Hate mongering Islamofascists or Anti-Islamic EDL

John R. Houk

© November 18, 2010


The United Kingdom’s English Defence League (EDL) has had a reputation of being way on the Right and anti-Semitic. Now days the EDL are still on the Right yet have moved more to the center and have abandoned anti-Semitism. The EDL past is a concern and yet their primary emphasis today is an anti-Islam platform.


For Europeans which includes the Brits, even being anti-Islam still places EDL in the public view of racists.


With this information about the EDL I was pointed toward a snippet from a Michael Savage radio broadcast wondering why Muslims spewing out hate toward British soldiers and the government get a pass, while an EDL counter-protest get police harassment and arrests:


JRH 11/18/10 (Hat Tip: Occidental Soapbox)

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