Needed Explanation: NeoConservativism No More

John R. Houk

© October 20, 2022

Well, I have returned from visiting relatives still residing in the Dem-Marxist dominated Washington State (where I grew up on the East side of the Cascades). I managed to squeak in one post during my six-day vacation.

In my return I have decided to share about my slow movement away from the ideology of Neoconservatism.

After the Reagan years and the rise of Muslims desiring to America for its Christian and Individual Liberty Constitutionalism which contradicts the Islamic Supremacism in revered Islamic writings of the Quran, Sira and Hadith; the Neoconservative concept of using American power abroad to promote American National Security at home made a lot of sense to me. Even if that meant spanking authoritarian dictatorships and ramming American Liberty down their throats believing a sane people would embrace Liberty over the restrictions of religious authoritarianism (i.e., Political ISLAM). After over 20-years of the War on Terror (whether the WOKE-Left likes it or not – actually a war on the belief systems of Political Islam) and seeing the revelation that people who practice Islam are so brainwashed by their Muslim tenets, they wouldn’t recognize the Freedom that American Liberty brings if it bit their arses.

I have come to the conclusion – grudgingly – as far as a foreign policy concept, the ideology of Neoconservatism was and is an utter failure.

I operate two blogs. Most readers gravitate to my SlantRight 2.0 blog which I have posted in various incarnations (hence “2.0”) for nearly 2-decades (give or take a few years without checking). I created the NeoConservative Christian Right about 2013. I created that Blog because the Blogger Platform which hosts my SlantRight blog has seen fit to occasionally censor posts (even before Woke-ism became a thing. Probably because the Left was and is denying the wickedness of Antisemitism, Anti-Christian and Anti-Liberty that is inherent in Islam).

I has been a long time coming, but since NeoConservative principles are proving more harmful than beneficial, I can’t really have a blog with “NeoConservative” in its name can I?

Ergo, for the readers of the old NCCR, there is a new name: Conservative-Patriot Christian Right (under as a domain). That leaves me with a new acronym abbreviation: CPCR.

So that is the gist of a name change at one Blog. SlantRight will keep plugging along. Both blogs will still have a Christian Worldview. Unless something changes again, the predominant theme will probably be Conservative-Patriotism. With an occasional Counterjihad thought or two.

JRH 10/20/22

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