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Critics Come out of Woodwork

John R. Houk

© August 17, 2011


I am beginning to inch toward Governor Perry as my favorite for the GOP nomination for President. The even handed thoughts on 17 criticisms of Rick Perry have helped with this inching move. I am still in the Rep. Michele Bachmann camp; however as I have said before it was a ways to go to the 2012 Primaries and Caucuses begin to pare down GOP candidates.


The thing I found interesting about Governor Rick Perry was his stuff stand against the Federal Reserve in printing more money to take pressure off America’s debt crisis. Perry is calling for the FED’s books to be transparent to ensure to the public and to Congress that nothing illegal or outside the realm of Congressional rules to make money policy in America. Perry emphasized his point by saying to the affect that the guy running the printing of more money is close to a treasonable act. Of course the guy running the Federal Reserve as its Chairman is Ben Bernanke.


Democrats immediately jumped on Perry for insinuating that Bernanke is close to committing treason. Perry also said Texans quite probably would treat Bernanke in an ugly way if he showed up in the Texas neck of the woods. Again the Dems interpreted this as a threat of violence toward Chairman Bernanke.


Remarkably establishment Republicans also criticized Governor Perry for his tough talk.


For myself I noted Perry’s remarks as tough colloquialism against the status quo that has driven America to the brink of bankruptcy. Does anyone really believe that a Perry as President would prosecute Ben Bernanke for treason? Does anyone believe that Perry would give his nod of approval if a Texas mob spotted Bernanke and treated him ugly by roughing him up a bit?


No friends neither consequence would happen to Chairman Bernanke.


The reality is that Perry has drawn the line in the sand against Leftist policies and Federal Reserve policies that have not helped America. The method of drawing the line was some good old fashioned Everything is Bigger in Texas vernacular.


I say if Perry continues delivering some Texas vernacular to shake up Leftists and Establishment Politicians and henchman, then more power to Governor Rick Perry.


Republicans who stand for less government need to be more openly abrasive toward the Federal Reserve. There is nearly zero oversight over the FED which operates outside the bounds of the Constitution.


Here is a 53 minute movie entitle, “FIAT EMPIRE: Why The Federal Reserve Violates The U.S. Constitution-Full Length”. It has a bit of an annoying sound track; nonetheless the theme supports Perry’s shoot from the hip remarks.


JRH 8/17/11

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