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4 Reasons Drink Kangen

John R. Houk

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On Friday I shared that the editor of this blog – John R. Houk – had a financial need. I presented the need and then shared the business that my wife Diana Houk works as a salesperson from our home. That business is the selling of Kangen Water machines. I then proceeded the remarkable health benefits as sourced by the e-book “The Alkaline Body Balance” which is available for free from by simply filling out first and last name, email and phone number (the latter is optional) near the top of the page. I encourage you to get that free e-book because I had only posted an excerpt telling the remarkable health benefits Kangen Water has for the human body.


Below is a page from Diana’s website that tantalizes you with the business opportunity to join the Enagic Kangen Water sales team and work on your time according to your own goals from your home.


Our family need is still for our family especially to provide a Christian education according to our Christian faith for the Grandchildren in which we are the guardians. By buying and/or selling a machine, it will not only benefit you personally, it will also be a part of our sales commission. By joining the sales team you also can make a commission commensurate with the work you put into the sales opportunities. This is neither a get rich scheme or nor a something for nothing scheme. “Work” is involved; however you set your hours and your own goals. If your goals are lofty your commission checks will be lofty. If your goals are connected to a valid extra income situation say for Christmas shopping, saving for a car, saving for a vacation or whatever goal in mind – you will receive from the effort you place according to those goals. BUT regardless of joining the sales team, utilizing the water will tremendously bless you and your family.


Here is the business opportunity found on Diana’s website.


JRH 9/8/14

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9 Ways to Earn Income


From Enagic


Enagic® is a long-standing, privately held Japanese company. Ever since Hironari Oshiro founded the company in 1974, the company has focused on quality products and international expansion. In North America alone, there are offices in Los Angeles, Honolulu, New York, Chicago, and Dallas. Worldwide, there are branches in Nuevo Leon Mexico, Düsseldorf Germany, Vancouver BC, Hong Kong, and Japan!


Enagic’s dynamically designed compensation plan, which offers you 9 different ways of earning income, is truly exciting for distributors.


·         No sign-up fee


·         No monthly qualifications*


·         No stocking of inventory


·         No annual renewal


·         No time limits


·         Accumulative sales


·         International sponsoring


·         Pays daily


* No monthly qualifications! However, for the 6A+ awards, some qualifications apply.


The Basic 8-Point Commission Structure


Start building wealth with Enagic®!


There are 6 ranks (1A-6A), all ranks have 8 levels to pay.


In order for you to advance in rank, you and/or your team need to accumulate a specific number of sales. A distributor can advance directly from 1A (must have 2 direct sales) to any other rank when the accumulated sales volume meets the stated requirements.


For example:


You are 1A with two direct sales. You become 2A when you sell a 3rd unit. OR you can jump directly to 6A from a personal sale if the total amount of units sold in your team is at least 100.


The chart below will give you an idea on how you can rise in rank with the sale of SD501 units alone.


The Basic 8 Point Commission Structure pays through 8 points within 8 levels

Enagic compensation_graph_dark 


* $235 base + $50 (SP**) = $285
** SP: Special Point. Given when you have a direct sale within 90 days.

















How do I earn income?


Becoming 2A


Let’s say you start off with selling 2 units. You are now 1A! The people that bought your units, like it so much that they sell 2 units each.


Direct sales: 2 x $285 = $570


Indirect sales: 4 x $285 = $1,140


Total sales: 6


Total earnings: $1,710


Jumping from one rank to another


When you make an additional personal sale you become 2A and eligible for a higher commission!


Direct sales: 1 x $570 = $570


Indirect sales: 5 x $570 = $2,850


Total sales: previous 6 + new 6 = 12


Total earnings: $5,130



12 units sold means that you rise to 3A!


Fantastic compensation for 6A


When you have 100 or more total sales in your team, your next personal sale promotes you to the rank of 6A!


By helping other teams to reach 6A you become 6A2, 6A2-2 and so on…


This is a very exciting level of achievement because of the tremendous income you will earn in the way of awards! Not only do you continue earning from the 8 point commission structure, but you also become eligible for additional award streams!


Additional Income Streams


Educational Allowance

Paid daily. Available to all 6A distributors and higher. Earn $200 for each unit sold below the 8 points, without limitation of levels, down to but not including the next 6A distributor.


6A Step-up Award

This award is for existing 6A distributors. The award is paid to you if one of your downline becomes 6A. The amount calculated depends on how many new 6A’s had groups sales in beginning of the past month. The award will be discontinued once you become a 6A2. In other words, you will be paid for six months for the 1st new 6A in your downline, but the 2nd new 6A’s award pays you only one time because it makes you a 6A2.


6A Title Incentive

Once promoted to 6A, 6A2, and etc, you have 3 months to strive toward earning an additional Incentive.


·         1st Month requirement: 10 units sold


·         2nd Month requirement: 15 units sold


·         3rd Month requirement: 20 units sold


6A 8 Level Group Incentive (quarterly)

The incentive per 8 Level Group sale paid as follows:

A) Your quarterly total 8Pt sales are 3* or more
= $14 per unit.

*If you are 6A2, you need three quarterly total 8Pt sales. If you are 6A2-2, you need six quarterly total 8Pt sales.


6A Group Sale Award

Award amount calculated depends on how many total group sales your 6A group made, and also how many direct sales you made in each month. Paid monthly and quarterly.


Ukon® DD Commission


Ukon® DD customers sign up to receive an automated shipment of Kangen Ukon® every 4 months. Enagic® compensates 8 points for every Ukon® DD sale, providing distributors with long-term residual income. Each point is worth $40, and distributors must make 3 direct sales before they are eligible to receive their commission checks.


Your Representative

Diana Houk


Diana Houk
Ph: 918-814-6652

Enagic® Distributor ID #7192372


Abundant Blessings!


Soon you will be enjoying Kangen Water®! We wish you all the best and encourage you to make contact with any questions you might have!


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