54 arrested (so far) outside White House in protests against HHS mandate

Pro-Life Protesters in Front of White House


Beware! Do not protest in the name of Jesus in front of the White House with a Democratic Party incumbent President. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED!


Check out this headline from LifeSiteNews: 54 arrested (so far) outside White House in protests against HHS mandate


This protest was not Leftists decrying the war or homosexuals demanding their abomination get equal treatment or Radical Muslims demanding Sharia Law (cancelled due to uncertainty of participants) be recognized in the USA. All three of those groups use disruption and violence when protesting in front of the White House.


The Christian protest involved prayers and signs and maybe a little preaching of the Word of God followed by arrests.


JRH 10/5/12 (Hat Tip: Justin O. Smith)

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Facebook shuts down pro-life message

Facebook Censorship

With my recent experience with censorship this article caught my attention. The WND article is about how Facebook allowed information about do-it-your-self abortion but censored a Pro-Life Pastor that countered with images of what abortion looks like after the life in a woman’s womb is murdered.


Censorship of Christian Morality is increasing in America.


JRH 2/19/12