Jizya Opposition to halal is irrational, is it?

Imposing jizya in Australia - Morning Mail photo

I am a member of the Facebook Group Stop Islam. Another member there found a Bret Harte article at the Facebook Group Australophobia. Just to be clear I am an American and not Australian; nonetheless there is a growing controversy in the Land Down Under that could creep its way into the USA. That Controversy is centered on legally forcing food packing or distribution companies to pay a fee to a certified Muslim who then gives the “halal” stamp of approval that notifies Muslims that the food is certified A-OK to consume according to Sharia. IN ESSENCE this would force various Aussie companies to pay the jizya tax for Muslim certification in which the fees would trickle into some Muslim theopolitical agenda (whether that be Mosque building, Muslim charity [Can you say terrorist funding?] and so on).


Australia’s controversy today will probably be America’s controversy tomorrow. I mean Radical Muslims are preaching in the National Cathedral in Washington DC.


My first inkling was to cross post this directly from Stop Islam; however it became apparent to me that the Facebook postings were without Mr. Harte’s links he included in his original post. So thanks to the old Google search engine I found a version at an Aussie location called Morning Mail dated 11/13/14. I included the original links from there. Take note that the Stop Islam version also has some of the Morning Mail comments at the end of the post. Those comments are currently longer than the Stop Islam version. I am not providing the comment links from the original. Also note the English grammar of the Aussies is similar to the British hence there are some spelling deviations from the grammar rules found in America.


JRH 11/20/14

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Jizya Opposition to halal is irrational, is it?
Bret Harte

Paula Wells shared Australophobia‘s post.

November 15 at 11:42pm

Stop Islam Closed Facebook Group


The craven halal-paying companies are striking back. Australians who oppose halal are prejudiced, ignorant, misinformed, extremists and inspired by hate, they say.

The Dairy Farmers Association talks of “irrational bullying campaigns” and urges members to go ahead and pay the halal levy.

So does South Australia’s Investment and Trade Minister, Martin Hamilton-Smith. He urged local exporters to “keep working” with the multi-million-dollar Middle Eastern market. “I encourage South Australian exporters to put enterprise and job opportunities ahead of the extreme views of a minority… prejudice has no place in Australia.”

And as for the cloth-head halal supporter, Darren Chester MP of the Nationals, he is more than a supporter of it, he is an apologist for it. In his own words, “The decision by a food company to meet halal requirements is a voluntary decision.” What? All these Australian companies suddenly voluntarily agreed to pay a religious tax? Chester is either pig-ignorant or is deliberately misinforming those who write to him.

So are Australians prejudiced, ignorant, misinformed, hate-inspired extremists?

Let’s start with the Jizya.

Muhammad very clearly established that people of other religions have to pay a tax – the jizya – to Muslims as a reminder of their inferior status.

It is specifically laid down in the Muslim Holy Book: “Fight those who believe not in Allah… until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” Qur’an (9:29)

This is not some out-of-date old notion from the 8th century. The jizya is commanded by Allah himself. It is an obligation on all Muslims. But it is an obligation which actually coins money for them and as such one which has been enthusiastically endorsed by them.

The extortion has been followed through the centuries and was a part of the brutal Ottoman rule over Christians, Jews and others. The Serbs of Europe often had to hand over their children to satisfy the collector of the jizya. The children were converted to Islam and trained in jihad as warriors (Janissaries [Link]). This was the Devşirme [Link and Link] system.

In India, well into the 17th century, Muslim jizya collectors would even take the wives and children of impoverished Hindus and sell them into slavery for the jizya requirement.

This is why Islamic purists such as Hamas and the Taliban wish to reinstate the jizya.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have it as part of their current policy that Christians must pay a jizya and an Egyptian cleric on al-Hafaz TV said in 2013 that America that Muslims should demand more money as jizya from the Americans so that, in his words, “we can leave them alone.”

The notorious British Muslim preacher, Anjem Choudary, points out that “the normal situation is for [Muslims] to take money from the kuffar” (kuffars are non-muslims and is a term of contempt.) This cookie, by the way has been associated with around 20% of all convicted terrorism cases in the UK over the past 10 years, says he wants a passport to join ISIS, according to The Times.

The first thing ISIS does right now is impose jizya. The rounding up of women and selling them in the markets is one way how they collect the jizya. It is sanctioned by the ISIS Mullahs. Hamas has the same idea.

So the obligation is current, and it is no grand leap to see the halal levy as one way the jizya is paid. Under a masquerade of the thinnest kind a certifier decides that no pig fat was used anywhere in the production. They even certify water!

Muslims make no bones about it. Halal certification is a gold mine. They use this very phrase – a gold mine – in the Indonesian Jakarta Post. [Click on this link for a detailed look at Muslim enforcement of halal]

Now, it really does not matter how the money collected is disbursed – the very fact that it is collected at all is Australian’s acceptance of an inferior status to Muslims. This is why it is collected – to make Australians feel subdued At present, in Australia, it supposedly goes to charity.

Let’s assume it does.

What charity?

What are the objects of Muslim charity? Well, laid down as top of the list of charitable objects is building mosques. It is called Waqf.

Is that clear enough?

The money that Australian companies pays to Muslims as halal certification is used for the building of mosques.

And on the list of charitable objects is the support of jihad warriors.

Nowhere on the list is any non-Muslim objective, not one cent goes to the Royal Blind Society or the RSPCA or Vinnies [St. Vincent de Paul Society]. It is raised from Australian citizens to go to Muslim-only causes.

And in spite of all the poppycock talked about inspection by government authorities – there is none.

No Australian with an ounce of pride would pay the halal extortion.

But many Australian companies have no sense of national pride or honour; they are gutless appeasers of Islam following a buck. Literally they sell Australia’s soul for their profit.

And so too, do the ‘economic rationalists’ in Canberra.

* “During a roundtable discussion on U.S. and foreign aid to Egypt, an Islamic cleric, clearly of the Salafi bent—he had their trademark mustache-less-beard—insisted that the U.S. must be treated contemptuously, like a downtrodden dhimmi, or conquered infidel; that Egypt must make the U.S. conform to its own demands; and that, then, all the money the U.S. offers to Egypt in foreign aid can be taken as rightfully earned jizya.”


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One thing I do know is that we are not the minority. If we were, what we say would be gospel, that is how this country works now.



Ordinary real Australians are being sold out to Islam by ignorant politicians and arrogant un-Australian companies all in the name of a buck. Even though the Islamics themselves say of the ‘Zakat’ (tax):

6. “Fi sabi `Lillah. Those who are fighting in the Cause of Allah, e.g., the Mujahideen.”

(Support terrorism?)

7. “Ibn as’Sabil. The wayfarer; Muslim travelers who need assistance while on a journey.”

(Pay fares of those going to join ISIS in Iraq?)

Those running these companies aren’t able to programme their one brain cell to recognise that aiding and abetting Islamic terrorise is treason and apparently the government doesn’t want to know about it either.

This national disgrace is about more than just building jihadist training centres (Mosques). It is about supporting Sharia with plans to introduce it into Australia as soon as they have the numbers here to pull it off.

In the words of an leading Mullah, “At a meeting of the Islamic Global Halal Congress held in Pakistan, the former Grand Mufti of Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric called upon all Muslims to, “Conquer the world through the Halal movement, as Halal means pure and hygienic and the non-Muslim world will have no choice but to accept it.” He went on to say, “The Halal certification movement has the strength to lead Muslims to rule the global economy, as food and other services are the basic need of every human being”.

Wake up Australia and boycott halal products. Go to www.halalchoices.com.au and become informed about the realities of this Islamic extortion racket that you are paying for.


Edited by John R. Houk

Texts or links enclosed by brackets are by the Editor.


About Morning Mail’s author Bret Harte:


Morning Mail does not want your real name or personal details as pen-names are the standard. Content character, not personal character. For a pen-name pick a quality, dead, non-Australian author. Jack London, Lord Byron, Bret Harte, Mary Shelley, Charlotte Bronte or let MM pick one. This provides a consistent look, and gives a spurious air of intellectualism to Morning Mail. (Contributor’s Page; Morning Mail; 10/24/13)

Australia support dialogue with Taliban, says Peter Heyward

Peter Heyward, Australian High Commissioner in Islamabad

Shamim writes about Australian interest of investing in Pakistan natural resources. Shamim does not mention the scenario specifically but I am guessing his excitement is in the potential of Australian investment in providing better paying jobs for impoverished Christians under constant persecution in Pakistan. Although Australian investment would be good for the Pakistan economy I am not as optimistic as Shamim is that it would benefit the impoverished Christians that are viewed on the very low wrung of Pakistani society. Peter Heyward, Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan provides the hopeful scenario for Shamim in an interview. This is what Heyward is telling his fellow Australian when visiting home.
Just to give a little context about the Pakistan mentality: Shamim mentions the sport cricket in this article. You should be aware that the sport of cricket is very huge in Pakistan. Cricket stars are placed on a comparable high platform as perhaps NFL, NBA, MLB and so on are in the USA.
JRH 11/4/13

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Australia support dialogue with Taliban, says Peter Heyward
By Shamim Masih
Sent: 11/3/2013 3:05 PM
ISLAMABAD: Australia supports dialogue with the Taliban to keep peace in the country said Peter Heyward, Australian High Commissioner in Islamabad. Talking to Shamim Masih he said that Australia has offered to invest in the vast coal reserves of Pakistan. We are interested in the mining, energy and agriculture sector of Pakistan. The agriculture sectorShamim Masih, interviews Peter Heyward, Australian High Commissioner in Islamabad is one of the big contributors in Pakistan’s economy and our companies are interested to invest in this sector.  We support Pakistan in different sectors including energy. Coal is our specialty and Australian had been using coal for years, so we can Pakistan in this sector as well. Our experts are working in mines in Baluchistan. A terrorist attack on Sri Lankan cricket team has blocked doors of international cricketers in Pakistan. Pakistan and India should resolve their issues through dialogue including Kashmir dispute.
Peter Heyward, Australian High Commissioner visited Daily Khabrian & Channel – 5 in Islamabad. Heyward said that Pakistan is facing the destructive situation of terrorism in the country and Australia supports the dialogue process to resolve the issues. Although Australia is part of allied forces in Afghanistan but none of the Australian officials are engaged with the Taliban. He said many Australian troops left and the rest will leave by the end of 2014, while some of the US troops will remain there.
Heyward invited Pakistani business people to visit Australia to hold investment conferences and seminars for matchmaking of the investor communities of both sides. He said we are reluctant in providing visa to business men.
He affirmed the on-going bilateral treaties between Pakistan and Australia which are being proceeded to facilitate the investment and trade prospects. He briefly described about the investment possibilities in Pakistan and also mentioned the special economic zones which are an investor friendly incentive.
Peter Heyward said that he has presented a soft image of Pakistan to Australian business people and won [them] over to invest in Pakistan.  He has visited and met the business community of the country. Australian cows and sheep are popular in Pakistan and this breed is introduced. Australian companies are now engaged in Pakistan and are working in different sectors including energy, electronics etc. in Pakistan. Australian experts are now exploring gold, silver and other mines in Baluchistan, he added.
High commissioner said that Australia is a peaceful country and I feel proud to be here. Pakistan is full of natural resources; the government should pay full attention to explore these resources to bring prosperity in the country. If these resources are worked efficiently we can alleviate poverty [in Pakistan].  
Be Blessed,
Shamim Masih
Edited by John R. Houk
© Shamim Masih
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City after Apocalypse

Danny Jeffrey provides a convincing snapshot of the collapse of the world order as we know it today. I might be one of those that look for a silver lining in every moment of chaos. I just believe that good always triumphs over evil in God’s timing. I just pray the timing is shorter rather than longer.


JRH 10/15/12

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Do NOT Allow Sharia Courts Legal Sanction in America

No Sharia in America


John R. Houk

© August 4, 2011


Sharia Courts are legal in the United Kingdom. Sharia Courts are illegal in Australia however the lobbying in the Australian Parliament is aggressive enough to worry wise Australians that still enjoy Civil Liberties to worry. The worry is warranted since Sharia Courts have been operating illegally for years among Australia’s three hundred thousand plus Muslims.


I am guessing there is at least a modest secret world of Sharia Courts in America. If this is so it must be rooted out. Sharia Law is not compatible with the form of Democratic system our Republic has instituted successfully with the United States Constitution. Because Anders Breivik I have to add a disclaimer. When I say root out I do not mean search and destroy missions of people who have unwittingly embraced Islam. That would be just as evil as Sharia Law. The rooting out must be in strengthening Constitutional Rights. This will ensure that no religious faith that calls for the removal of Civil Rights or for the advancement of extralegal proceedings outside the rule of law of the American Constitution or the various States with Constitutions cannot occur.


ACT for America has sent out an email warning Americans not to accept the path of the United Kingdom or the Australian path of looking the other way (so far) as Sharia Courts administer extralegal punishments outside Australia’s rule of law.


JRH 8/4/11


Video: Sharia courts in action

Must-See Video: News report on sharia law in Australia


Sent by ACT for America

Sent: 08/02/2011 01:28 PM


As we have noted many times, naysayers intent on keeping their heads in the sand dismiss the threat radical Islam, jihad and sharia law pose to the United States.



A recent example of this was the July 10th article in The Tennessean newspaper, in which a university professor pooh-poohed concerns about sharia law.

These naysayers not only refuse to see how the threat of radical Islam is currently playing out in America. They also refuse to acknowledge how radical Islam and sharia have impacted Europe, the UK, and Australia—and what that means for us.

That’s why this eye-opening news report about sharia law in Australia is so pertinent to us. Rest assured, 15 years ago, when early concerns were being raised in Australia about the threat of radical Islam, there were plenty of naysayers who said such concerns were unfounded.

As you watch the video, keep in mind that eight years ago a Muslim organization did a survey of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, and found that 81% agreed that sharia law should be imposed in Muslim lands.

It’s a safe bet that most of those surveyed would also agree that sharia law should eventually be imposed in America.

One last point. Did you see the news story last week about Islamists in the UK posting notices of “sharia-controlled zones?”


Sharia Zone Pamphel


It’s  another safe bet that 15 years ago Brits would have never believed this was possible!


Do NOT Allow Sharia Courts Legal Sanction in America

John R. Houk

© August 4, 2011


Video: Sharia courts in action


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