Fighting the fascists at Temple University

Pam Geller 6

Pamela Geller wrote of her experience at Temple University where she, Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish and Simon Deng were part of a truth seminar about Islam. The seminar took place during Israel Apartheid Week. Needless to say the Israel-haters and Muslim Apologists came out to disrupt the truth with unruly protests. This kind of hatred expressed toward Israel is essentially cursing Israel rather than blessing Israel. To those of us that understand the spiritual nature of blessing and cursing, we know these kind of deceived folks are in danger of bringing curses upon them. And worse as anti-Israel-hate and as the love for Islamic terrorism is disseminated on college campuses, the greater the danger there is of swaying the USA toward a hate-Israel stand in open policy thus placing the USA to be cursed for cursing Israel.


So let’s read Geller’s account of the disruption of a truth about Islam seminar and how it failed in the disruption.


JRH 4/28/12

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The Evil of Sharia in American Courts

Pigman Breaks Sharia lg

John R. Houk

© March 18, 2011

I reside in the State of Oklahoma. The issue of the validity of foreign international and religious law utilized as a part of foreign nations’ legal code came to the fore on the general election of November 2, 2010. In Oklahoma a citizen’s Amendment was voted on that if passed would prevent State Courts from using International law and Sharia Law to be used as judicial precedent in decisions and rulings. The Oklahoma voters passed SQ 755 by over 70%.

This means at least 70% of Oklahoma’s voters comprehend the nefarious anti-constitutional nature of Sharia Law. In a political heartbeat the Oklahoma Chapter of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) filed a lawsuit to prevent the will of the people from making foreign legal law and foreign religious law illegal as judicial precedent in State Courts. Then CAIR-OK found a Federal Judge to stay the implementation of SQ 755 until an outcome resulted from the civil suit.

Since Oklahoma enacted their anti-Sharia law fourteen other States have gone on to do the same.

The inspiration for Oklahoma to prevent Sharia Law in their State is because a New Jersey Judge ruled that forced sex by a husband against a wife is not rape among practicing Muslims because Sharia Law allows for forced sex. That was heinous by that Judge. Fortunately the Judge was overruled on appeal.

NOW a Florida Judge has decided to allow Sharia Law to be the deciding factor among practicing Muslims in a civil property case. ACT for America has caught this story and has sent it to their email list.

JRH 3/18/11


Judge orders Muslims to follow sharia law!

 From: ACT for America

Sent: 3/18/2011 9:02 AM

The eyes and ears of ACT! for America are everywhere. Make sure you’re sitting down when you read what we became aware of this week!

In Tampa, Florida, a dispute arose over who controls the funds a mosque received in 2008 from an eminent domain proceeding.

Former trustees of the mosque are claiming in court they have the right to the funds. Current mosque leaders are disputing that claim.

The current mosque leaders want the case decided according to secular, Florida civil law, and their attorney has been vigorously arguing the case accordingly.

The former trustees of the mosque want the case decided according to sharia law.

Here’s the kicker.

The judge recently ruled “This case will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic law,” (sharia law), “pursuant to the Qur’an.”

You can read the judge’s ruling here.

Now it’s not unusual for a dispute to arise within a religious institution and for a court to order a mediation or arbitration, in order to resolve this without the court having to render its own judgment.

But what makes this case unusual, and highly troubling, is that a group of Muslim leaders—the CURRENT mosque leaders—who do NOT want to be subject to sharia law, are being compelled to do so by an American judge!

This is reminiscent of the 2009 New Jersey case, where a Muslim woman sought a restraining order, in civil court, against her Muslim husband, who was raping her several times a day. The judge denied the restraining order because, in his opinion, the husband did not commit a crime because he was following his Islamic beliefs.

In the New Jersey case, and now in this recent case in Tampa, Muslims found themselves being subjected to sharia law against their will.

Last October, ACT! for America aired a radio ad across Oklahoma in support of the referendum preventing Oklahoma judges from using sharia law in their decisions. The referendum won with 70% support.

The point we made then, which now bears repeating, is that such legislation protects non-Muslims AND Muslims alike from being subjected to sharia law.

When someone claims that opposition to sharia law in America is “anti-Muslim,” make sure you tell them about the New Jersey woman and the mosque leaders in Tampa.

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The Evil of Sharia in American Courts

John R. Houk

© March 18, 2011


Judge orders Muslims to follow sharia law!

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